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Another Award That Highlights My Lameness

Melody over at Melody’s Reading Corner has been nice enough to bestow upon me the Super Commenter Award. Yay!

I’m surprised she would give this to me the day after I left her off my list of bloggers who deserve an award from me. Therefore, I present myself with my SECOND I’m So Lame award.

Lucky me, two awards in one day.

See, that freaking post took me like two hours. Or more. Seriously, by the time I finished it, I was like Frack this. I might be lame but my brain is FRIED. So I totally missed a section of my Google Reader that has OTHER bloggers I like. But, instead of listing everyone I love (which is a lot, really), in order to award this to other bloggers, and in the interests of actually being able to publish this post someday, I’ll only do 7. Maybe 8. We’ll see.

A Striped Armchair
B&b ex libris
Bold. Blue. Adventure.
Books ‘n Border Collies
Breaking the Spine
Dog Ear Diary
Jen’s Book Thoughts
Melody’s Reading Corner (I tink she know ah ruv her since ah’ve menshioned her before)

Okay, so I always feel bad with these lists, ’cause I’m like, But these aren’t ALL the people I love! Look at my google reader…THOSE are all the people I ruv! Anyone else have this problem? Anyone?


11 Responses to “Another Award That Highlights My Lameness”

  1. Eva

    I have the same problem! I hate ‘bestowing’ awards, lol.


  2. softdrink

    I’ve got a consolation prize for you over at my blog.


  3. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I always feel guilty because I love so many blogs!


  4. Jen Forbus

    Wow! Thanks for the recognition, Trish! I enjoy reading your blog, too!!


  5. jill

    What nice Saturday morning news! Thanks so much! You know the love runs both ways…!


  6. Lezlie

    Thank you so much, Trish! And I agree with Eva and Amy. It’s hard to pass on awards, because we really want to give them to everyone we love to read. They sure are nice to get though! 🙂

    Thanks again!
    Books ‘N Border Collies


  7. lisamm

    Yeah, that’s why I never do those award post thingys. I’m so afraid I’ll leave out someone really special.


  8. Kim L

    I really like the button you created for yourself for your award 🙂

    Thanks for the award!


  9. Jeane

    Thanks so much! I appreciate the recognition. It’s always so hard to think of who to pass these awards on to.


  10. Melody

    LOL! Trish, you know I love reading your blog… and I like your personality! Anyway, the award is well deserved!!! 😉


  11. Lisa

    I don’t usually pass on the awards either, because I don’t want anyone to be left out. I DO pass on the memes (7 odd things about me! or whatever) because that isn’t the same as picking favorites, I don’t think.


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