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I’m Blogging This…Nightmare

A while ago I ran across this shirt. You have to see this shirt to understand my nightmare, but I know not everyone will click on the link, so here is what I’m referring to:


I totally want this shirt (*cough*I wear a medium*cough*). I’m poor and can’t buy the shirt (I think being a newleywed and being poor go hand-in-hand), but I think about it ALL THE TIME. No, I don’t obsess much, but thanks for asking.

So last night I had this dream (most of my dreams are more like nightmares, often they’re just plain ol’ nightTERRORS), and I was in a Macy’s-type place, in the makeup area. And I REALLY HAD TO GET TO THIS ONE PLACE, but this lady somehow got ahead of me and placed her very large stroller right in the middle of the walkway so I couldn’t get around. The only other way to get around was to go around the small makeup counter, which was just like a tall round table, and rather small.

I ask her if I can get by and she doesn’t let me. She’s insistent that I go around or wait for her to finish, and I get so angry that I finally just go around the makeup counter, but before I do I tell her, “I’m blogging this.” And she says, “Good! I’d love to read what you say about this.” And I think, great, she’s going to read my blog and everyone will side with HER. Even though they should side with ME. So I go around and THE OTHER SIDE IS BLOCKED TOO. I’m so frustrated I can hardly see straight. I say more about how I’m definitely blogging about this NOW, and somehow I get through the baracade.

So when I woke up and thought about the dream, I thought, I’m (totally) blogging this.

Have you had any nightmares lately? Do you get many nightmares?

I’d say on average I get one a night, but they usually cluster into 2 or 3 a night, nightmares that wake me up. There was a time I even thought about trying to get my doctor to give me something to help me sleep at night so I wouldn’t get nightmares so often, but after being summarily dismissed by my doctor, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

My tagline used to be, Welcome to my nightmares…, but I’ve since changed it to Reading is sexy. Isn’t that cute?

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18 Responses to “I’m Blogging This…Nightmare”

  1. chartroose

    What size do you wear?

    I have great dreams. Usually, my recurring ones involve roller coasters (which I love), swimming (which I love) or driving really fast (which I love too).

    A friend of mine has night terrors. She takes klonopin, and it helps her, although she still has them sometimes. Also, she puts the same movie (The Princess Bride) on repeat every night and falls asleep to it. If she wakes up in a bad way, the familiarity of the movie sometimes helps her get back on track.


  2. bethany canfield

    I have nightmares…not super scary ones, ones like yours though for sure. Or the other night since I am reading Immortal and it is heavy on the plague I dreamed that some of my chickens got the plague and I was going crazy trying to figure out how to quarantine them!!!! hahha…silly.

    Oh, and I think I am going t make this shirt. I love making shirts, I just buy the shirt at the craft store, or a blank tee that I like somewhere and make the design I want and paint it on 🙂 this works well for the kids, since I so hate silly shirts!

    Here is the link to my first shirts:


  3. Ti

    Last time I checked, you have to be asleep to have nightmares. With my youngest almost 5, I am still not even close to getting a good night’s rest. So…nope. I do not have nightmares.

    Cute shirt though.


  4. smoothpebble

    Just found you via Blue Yonder. This blog could be like crack to a crack fiend only books to a book fiend. I’ll probably have a nightmare about that tonight. Gotta get one of those shirts!


  5. Heather J.

    I always wondered about that old tag line …


  6. Debbie

    I do like the new tagline. And yes, that shirt is fabulous. Do you have the woman’s name? We could all blog about her. Wouldn’t that be great. And we are SO on your side.


  7. Ladytink_534

    The last nightmare I had was really freaky and it was about zombies but I haven’t had one in awhile (great, now that I’ve said that I’ll have a really bad one tonight). I don’t think I’ve ever thought about blogging in my dreams before!


  8. Kim L

    Haha, that’s hilarious that you had a nightmare… involving a blogging-themed shirt.

    The WORST nightmare I have is occasionally between alarms, I half wake up then fall asleep again and dream that I’ve gotten out of bed and gotten ready… only to really wake up ten minutes later and realize I have to start all over.


  9. brandi

    How funny!! Glad you blogged it!

    I have nightmares allll the time!


  10. Corinne

    I love that you are dreaming about blogging. I bet that’s a sign of something 🙂


  11. Natasha @ Maw Books

    Thank goodness I don’t get nightmares! Love the shirt!


  12. softdrink

    I’d side with you.


  13. ammo

    Well I used to have bad dreams all the time, mostly about my hubby cheating on me…He NEVER would, (he is my eagle..they mate for life), but when I realized/understood it was my insecurities, the dreams slowly went away. I think that dreams could be the way our brain (subconsciously) tries to help us figure out stuff in our day to day lives that we can not consciously figure out or get stressed over.
    SO, I put it to the test and started to recall my dreams and try to figure out what they might mean, as in what was happening that week in my life….and then once I did this – it help me to understand the reasons or “feelings” and the bad dreams would stop…Not sure if that will work for anyone else. But if you tried it please blog it here and Trish will let me know….Just my thoughts


  14. Chris@bookarama

    I love the dream threat “I’m blogging this.”

    I have weird dreams like that all the time. I usually end up yelling at a stranger in them too. I think they are stress related. You can’t really take out your anger IRL like that so you do it in your dreams. That’s what I think anyway.

    I had a dream I was living in a story from a book last night but I can’t remember it now.


  15. The University Princess

    I only have nightmares when the weather changes quickly (eg wild temperature flucuations common in the spring), in which case I also tend to sleepwalk.

    I wonder if sleeping next to someone else could quell nightmares?


  16. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    No nightmares, other than the daily one at work when I write about the current financial market mess.


  17. Trixie

    Great blog Trish. And I love the shirt. Funny story about your nightmare too. That’s the kind of thoughts that have been going through my head – oh, I need to blog about this!


  18. Monica

    Love the shirt.

    Sounds like you need a new doctor. When your doctor dismisses your problems, you need a new one. Perhaps even one that will recommend you to a sleep specialist.


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