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What Do You Think of This?

I have a confession: I hate writing the posts about who won my giveaways.



Are you still here? You haven’t gone off to some other blogger who DOES like writing those posts?

If you’re still with me, what would you think of this: Instead of writing a post everytime someone wins something from me, would it be okay with you if I just edit the original post and email the winner? Or do you really really tap your fingers and let dust settle on your keyboard while you wait for me to post the winner of a giveaway. Do you even READ those posts if you’re not the winner?

And why do I hate writing those posts? Because I have SO MUCH TO SAY and only so much time to type. So the drawing-a-winner-thinking-up-a-fun-way-to-announce-it-and-then-writing-the-post-and-emailing-the-winner just makes me cringe. But if you love it, I’ll humor you.

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