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What Do You Think of This?

I have a confession: I hate writing the posts about who won my giveaways.



Are you still here? You haven’t gone off to some other blogger who DOES like writing those posts?

If you’re still with me, what would you think of this: Instead of writing a post everytime someone wins something from me, would it be okay with you if I just edit the original post and email the winner? Or do you really really tap your fingers and let dust settle on your keyboard while you wait for me to post the winner of a giveaway. Do you even READ those posts if you’re not the winner?

And why do I hate writing those posts? Because I have SO MUCH TO SAY and only so much time to type. So the drawing-a-winner-thinking-up-a-fun-way-to-announce-it-and-then-writing-the-post-and-emailing-the-winner just makes me cringe. But if you love it, I’ll humor you.

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22 Responses to “What Do You Think of This?”

  1. Bonnie

    I admit that I do read them! I know what you mean about the extra work but could you just make it a short and sweet post and leave it at that? I’ll be interested in hearing what others say as I just started my blog a few months ago.


  2. Ti

    I think an email would be great as long as it is stated up front that that is how it will be announced. However, if you are into tracking hits then having them come back to check often, increases your stats.


  3. serena

    I don’t mind writing or reading these posts. But it’s up to you. Do what you like; I am fine with whatever you decide.


  4. Carolsue

    I would much prefer an e-mail. I don’t get back to check every day — I get busy, I forget, etc. and then I miss out if I did win! Plus I am finding it hard to even locate the winner’s posts on some blogs–I get frustrated searching all over the place for it.
    Both a post and an e-mail are fine, but if it’s one or the other, I vote for the e-mail notification!


  5. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    I’ve always just edited my original posts. I make them sticky and then they automatically unstick after the day of the drawing, complete with the new content.


  6. Debbie

    I say make it easy on yourself. Put it in either on the original post or a little blurb elsewhere.


  7. softdrink

    Better yet, just announce that I will be the future winner of all giveaways. That would save you having to announce the contest, announce the winner, and send an email. All you’d have to do is go to the post office.

    Seriously…do what’s easiest for you. I can totally relate to the creativity thing. Somedays those “you’ve just won…” posts take eons to write, because I feel like I’m repeating myself and I keep hitting the backspace key.


  8. Marg

    I prefer a separate post, simply because so many people read blogs through feeds these days, and if you edit an existing post no new post registers in the feed reader.


  9. pussreboots

    I don’t like writing them either. I just edit the top line where I list all my current contests with the newest winner info.


  10. Corinne

    I think email is easiest. Even though I don’t mind reading giveaway posts, sometimes I forget where I’ve entered 🙂


  11. Ladytink_534

    Of course we read all of your posts!!!


  12. Rebecca

    I say do what works for you….I usually put my giveaways in a widget on the sidebar, so when I have the winner, I change the widget from a giveaway announcement to a winner announcement and leave it up for a few days. You’ll know you won because I email you. It seems to work, and I don’t have to spend time writing winner posts.


  13. Becky

    I totally don’t read ’em. Which is why I rarely post about awards and stuff.

    Maybe you could just announce IN another post that someone won something, if you hate writing them.


  14. Kristina

    I like what Becky said, or the email is just fine. I usually don’t check in to everyone’s blog’s everyday.


  15. Lisa

    I confess, I don’t read them. I scan it to see if I won and move on. I’d say, in the contest announcement say winners will be announced via email and move on.


  16. mellymel

    Trish, this is such a good idea, i may steal it. I vote for email notification. 🙂


  17. Swapna

    Doesn’t bother me, I hate writing these posts too!


  18. Sandy

    why not have a winners list you edit and add to…I think its waste of finger useage too


  19. chartroose

    I’m with softdrink! You can alternate awarding all prizes between the two of us–Jill then Char, then Jill then Char…
    That way you don’t have to do anything except send packages to either Surf City or Colorado Springs. I think it’s a great plan!


  20. CB James

    You know, sending an email is a terrific idea. I also like the widget in the sidebar idea.

    I also host many giveaways myself, so I think I’ll try the widget idea.

    The only problem is that I have had some problems tracking down email addresses a couple of times.


  21. Monica

    I read them… and I’m subscribed by RSS.
    Um…. but…. it’s your blog! So if you don’t wanna, then don’t!


  22. Elizabeth

    It doesn’t matter to me but if it’s easier for you to edit the previous posts, so be it.


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