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6:02am – First Hour Complete

The first hour is complete! One down, 23 to go.

What I ate: two bowls of cheerios

What I read: 40 pages in Twilight

What I did besides read: fed the dogs

How I’m feeling: My eyes are already starting to lose focus, something that happens if I start reading too much too early in the day. I’ll definitely be trying to take short little breaks, anywhere from one minute to five minutes, times when I’m not reading so my eyes can re-focus.

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2 Responses to “6:02am – First Hour Complete”

  1. Jessi

    The Twilight series is so addictive…I hope you have all 4 and a half books standing by. Happy reading! 🙂


  2. softdrink

    Mmmm…cheer-eee-ooo-eee-os. Are you old enough to remember that commercial?

    Happy reading!


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