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Enough With the Fireflies! (or, The Great Book Cover Compare)

The other night I was at a knitting group at Borders and looked over at some books and saw this:

And I was like all, hmm…that cover looks awfully familiar. But what I was thinking of was this:

AND THEN, I was looking over some old posts and came across THIS cover:

Okay, so maybe the first cover doesn’t have fireflies…but they kinda look like fireflies.

I dunno. These all just looked so stinkin’ similar. Thought I’d share.

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11 Responses to “Enough With the Fireflies! (or, The Great Book Cover Compare)”

  1. Stephanie

    It’s amazing to see all the very similar book covers out there (although the first one is by far my favorite)!


  2. Ti

    They are so much alike but amazingly I still like them all.


  3. fyreflybooks

    Hey! Should I be offended?


  4. Trixie

    Tag! You’re it.

    I like the cover comparison. Have you read the first book – The Godmother? I have it, but I haven’t read it yet. I see your first commenter liked it.


  5. bybee

    I noticed there’s a lot of lookalikes of Suite Francaise right now and also there’s some novel cover that looks a little like The Secret Life Of Bees. I wish they’d knock that off, although I do like the mason jar in the moonlight thing.


  6. Jeane

    I’ve noticed this happening a lot lately- even books with covers that used the exact same stock photos. I know there’s blog posts about just that, but can’t locate them right now.


  7. veens

    I actually like all the covers 🙂 and the 1st one is fav!


  8. avisannschild

    Love this type of post and I agree, these three book covers look very similar!


  9. donstuff

    A “knitting group at Borders”? I must not get out much, since I’ve never heard of this. Is this common?


  10. bookroomreviews

    good catch!


  11. Alea

    Hey good one!


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