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How Many Books Have You Read in 2008?

So I was browsing around in my Google Reader today (which I haven’t done near enough of lately) and came across Chartroose’s contest. I was too late, as I usually am for contests (a day late and a dollar short…the story of my life), but I had a rip roaring good time reading about how many books people have read so far this year. You had to have read the most books this year to win the contest. There’s no contest here, I just want to know how much you’ve read!

I’ll go first. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I keep track of the books I’ve read. I haven’t read much compared to many of my blogging buddies, but I did get married this year, a time suck like no other, and for the first four months I was working two jobs. So while my reading this year might be a poor showing, I’m hoping that next year I’ll easily surpass 100 books, which is not as much as some, but is a lot considering all I’ve got going on (don’t tell me husbands don’t take up lots of time – they do!).

I guess I haven’t told you how many books I’ve read, have I? Okay, well, it’s 44. *blush*

Now it’s your turn! And because I love polls, I’ve set one up. And after you’ve voted in the poll, feel free to leave a comment explaining your vote. Or not.

Oh, and to make sure you’re not inflating your numbers, there’s rules. I’m copying Char’s rules directly:

Addendum:  Many of you have questions about what counts and what doesn’t, so I’ll try to explain this a bit more.  I’ve always considered novellas to be little books of less than 150 pages, so I’m going to keep thinking about them that way.  I don’t think there are many novellas out there, so I don’t think we have to worry about them anyway.

Any other books except for poetry collections and graphic novels (since they are much easier to whiz through) will be counted, and this includes non-fiction and short story anthologies (unless those books are less than 150 pages in length).

I realize that some books are harder to read than others.  I don’t think there are many people who read tons of teen books entering this contest, so I don’t believe I’ll have to face the dilemma of  whether or not to pick someone who has read the Harry Potter series twelve times this year over someone who reads Joyce and Tolstoy.

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37 Responses to “How Many Books Have You Read in 2008?”

  1. softdrink

    75. And a half. I’ve been stalled halfway through The Heretic’s Daughter for the last week.

    And I’m totally using that excuse the next time someone asks me why Mitch and I aren’t married…planning a wedding would interfere with my reading! And my book buying budget.


  2. Alyce

    I’ve read 64 so far this year. My list includes a graphic novel, but I finished reading a book today that I haven’t added to my list yet, so 64 it is.

    This year I was hoping to surpass my total of 72 from last year (the first year I kept count). I don’t think I will have any problem going over 72.

    Of course next year I don’t think it will bother me if I read fewer books, as long as what I’m reading is keeping me thinking and entertained.


  3. Monica

    I’m not sure the exact number… and to be honest I’m much too tired to go check out my blog-post-count for book-category … haha but I guestimate around 35…


  4. bybee

    I count everything that has been published in book form. For example, I read a picture book this year that was around 30-40 pages long.


  5. Jen Forbus

    Hey Trish,

    Nice poll! This is the first year I’ve kept accurate track of how much I’ve read. I’m up to 93 with 3 in the wings, but that includes all my audio books as well. I am in the throws of working on Christmas gifts, so I usually have an audio book going while I do that. I’m getting to the point where if I’m not physically reading a book, I need to have someone reading one TO me! LOL


  6. Meghan

    Um. I’m a bit embarrassed to post this now actually, but I’m up to 148. I guess that number is better explained by the fact that I had no social life for 5 months this year and reading is pretty much my only leisure activity!

    I’m hoping to hit 175 but now that I’ve started grad school I’m not sure it’ll happen.


  7. bkclubcare

    “I only read stop signs.” ha! Well, if that’s the ONLY thing you read, this is a good choice, I guess.

    I’ve read over 50 and this if BY FAR the best year since I was in high school. I used to set a goal of a book a month. And then… I discovered book blogs.


  8. Mrs S

    70 – and a half – so it looks like I’m going to reach by new target of 75 without too much trouble 🙂 It’s the first year I’ve ever kept track but I’m pretty sure its the most I’ve ever read in a year!


  9. Christine

    I only started keeping track in March, but since then I’ve gone through 145. Probably the actual number since the beginning of 2008 is around 200; I tend to read about twenty books a month, give or take a few.


  10. mari

    I have read 73 books so far.
    I am attempting 100 for the year.
    I think it will be the last time I try that. On average, I usually read about 50-60 a year. 🙂


  11. mellymel

    Yep, I’m over 100. And I took the month of May off. I dont’ know what’s happening and how I read that many (I’m usually just shy of 100 every year). I do know that my house is a DISASTER. Reading is all about sacrifice.


  12. Rebecca

    I always knew I read a lot, but I never kept track of my numbers until I started blogging in July. Since then, I’ve read 10 books each month, so assuming I keep that pace and end up with 60 between July and December, I think I can safely extrapolate that to mean somewhere between 100 and 120 total for the year. That’s a lot of books! No wonder my credit card statements scare my husband….and yes, husbands do take up a lot of time.


  13. Michele

    Thank goodness for Library Thing or else I would have NO idea. This is why I started using LT last year. Anyway, I’ve read 87 books so far this year. My goal is 100. Last year I read 95 so I’d better beat that one! 🙂


  14. writemeg

    I think I’ve probably read about 15, but that’s just an oddball number I drew from thinking about the stacks on my bookshelf at the moment. I, too, was working two jobs until last week — now I got a promotion and can fixate my extra time on not embarrassing myself with that low number! 🙂


  15. Alea

    I would have no idea how to figure this out! I read a lot of graphic novels and I think I count them, some take 10 minutes other giant ones a lot longer. I keep a list for myself of books read, I can’t even remember what I put on there! I guess sometimes it’s more of, have I actually read it… oh yes it says here i read that comic in 2005. I have a very messy system!


  16. Susan B. Evans

    I’m at 46 so far, but I’m hoping to make it at least to 50 by the end of the year. I’ve never kept track of my “stats” before this year, but I know that 46 is about average for me.


  17. S. Krishna

    I’ve read a lot. I keep track on my blog, but I think I just passed 200.


  18. Ti

    I am going to keep better track of this in 2009 but if you count allllll the children’s books that I read to the kids, I am guessing somewhere close to 100.


  19. Katherine

    I just hit the hundred mark last week. On LibraryThing I have a tag called “read in 2008,” and I’ve got 103 books tagged with it. My goal for this year is 120, though I’m guessing I’ll go over that.


  20. Jessica

    I’ve read 62 qualifying books so far this year (+ 3 graphic novels, +1 poetry collection, and a few picture books). My goal is to get to 75 by the end of the year. I think I’ll easily manage that. Next year I’ll try to break 100.

    Has anyone else noticed their reading increase since discovering book blogs? Shouldn’t the number go down because of the time I spend blogging?


  21. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    i’ve read about 47 books!


  22. veens

    i m not answering this one swooryy! i just started remembering; i have not read much 🙁

    wait nxt yr this time..mebbe LOL!


  23. Bonnie

    I had a reading slump this year so my count is really low…39!
    I read 50 books around this time last year. I’m impressed by those who have read over 100!!


  24. Lisa

    Gotta come back to read the comments later, but 34, I think. My list on my blog isn’t completely up to date (it’s on my to do list!)

    This is possibly my worst year EVER. The two kids thing really blows your record. I’ll be back later confirm!


  25. Devourer of Books

    I only started keeping track at the very end of February/beginning of March. Since then I’ve read, oh, about 114 or so books? I’m not totally sure, I’d have to check my spreadsheet, but I don’t feel like accessing my thumb drive right now.

    Evidently I hit a wall, though, ’cause I’m in the middle of a bit of a reading slump at the moment.


  26. Jessica

    292, if you subtract everything under 150 pages, all graphic novels, and anything by Lemony Snicket. Though in the back of my mind I still think a 350-page graphic novel counts as a book!

    I live alone, though I’ve given my boyfriend the reading virus. Last night I passed out at 9:45 after one chapter, and he stayed up reading Michael Crichton until midnight!


  27. Marg

    I’ve just read my 150th book for the year. I don’t think I will make it to 200 but I will be closed.


  28. Carrie K.

    I’ve read 85. It took me awhile to figure it out, after skipping graphic novels, poetry, and some children’s novels that were less than 150 pages.


  29. Kimberly

    Alright Trish – I’m in! I voted and put myself down for 31.

    But holy smokes! Who are these people that have read over 100 books this year!!???

    I’m still pretty proud of myself, last year I only read 10, but since i’ve started book blogging and reading recommendations, I’m consuming books whenever I can!

    Congrats on 44 – that’s awesome!


  30. Memory

    I’m at 185 so far in 2008, but 33 of those were graphic novels and two were poetry, sooo…. 150 even.


  31. Jessica

    Yikes! I have NO idea….I am definitely going to start keeping a log though! How exciting.


  32. fyreflybooks

    I’m at 131 by my own reckoning system; probably about 120 if you take out the graphic novels and short books.

    I’m also going to pimp my reading tracking spreadsheet, where you enter the dates you finish books (and your goal for the year, if you have one) and it makes graphs and gives you lots of fun stats – I blogged about it here.


  33. Christine

    @Jessica (#20) — I think that my reading has also increased since I got involved with book blogging. I’m just so much more aware of all the good books that are out there, now!


  34. Ruth

    I’m somewhere between 70 and 80 right now. I can’t remember the exact number without looking it up. (It’s changed so frequently this month I’ve stopped trying to count. Great reading month for me.)


  35. Maree

    I’ve read 57. Not bad for working fulltime and having a toddler (yay for being a night owl!). I got to 50 and slowed down a bit. I’d like to aim for 100 next year, but that might be a bit ambitious.


  36. Lenore

    Funny you should ask this because I just finished book 101!


  37. callista83

    I’m at just over 100 so far not counting picture books or the cartoon book I read.


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