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Quasi-Review – Twilight By Stephanie Meyer

So, I don’t think that everyone needs another review of Twilight. If you don’t know what Twilight is, let me know which rock you live under and I’ll send you the book.

BUT, I do want to discuss it, because while I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it. I wasn’t slobbering over it like I thought I would. And I totally had some issues with it.

FIRST OF ALL, I get that Edward is a god. He’s beautiful, he’s divine, he’s gorgeous, Bella will NEVER meet another speciman like Edward. I get it. In fact, I got it the first hundred times Meyer mentions it, and after that I was just irritated. Anyone else notice this?

Second, if Bella is all “I’m saving myself for marriage” what THE EFF is she doing alone with Edward. Admittedly, I’m not religious anymore, but I used to be. Not Mormon, but a similarly restrictive religion. I’m going to assume that most people  who save themselves for marriage are religious. And anyone who is trying to save themselves for marriage does not put themselves in the position of being alone all the time with someone they’re attracted to. SO WHAT THE EFF IS SHE DOING ALONE WITH EDWARD?? Practicing Mormons, would you please back me on this? Please?

Third, assuming Bella IS religious (which I know the first book doesn’t really state whether she is or isn’t, and I don’t know if the other books touch on this), then I assume she has a relationship with God. Typically, vampires are eternally damned. Why does she want to be a vampire if she’s basically guaranteed to fall out of God’s graces if she becomes a vampire? Did Stephanie get around this by making them non-human-sucking-vampires? Because I’m not buying that argument.

FINALLY, um, hello, why is nobody asking why a 17 year old is saying she loves someone when SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HIM? Bella and Edward are in lust, they’re in heat, they’re not in love. Love comes when you’ve seen someone’s character, when you’ve grown to respect and admire WHO THEY ARE, not what they look like. Seriously, I can’t even believe that after talking for, oh, less than 10 times, they’re all “I love you!” “I love you too!” *kissy kissy* *mm mm mm*

Actually, that’s not all. Stephanie Meyer’s writing is okaaaay, but I think more than anything she has a good story to tell, rather than killer writing.

The story was okay, and I’ll totally read the next three, but I have issues. Is it just me, or am I getting old?? “In m-my da-a-y…”

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48 Responses to “Quasi-Review – Twilight By Stephanie Meyer”

  1. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I agree. Honestly, it felt a little at times like the sort of crap you daydream about at that age…the gorgeous guy that suddenly says, after two days of knowing you….”You are my life now”

    I suspected the relationship was a bit unhealthy and when I posted my review everyone confirmed it gets worse…so..uh, yeah.

    I thought the writing was just okay too. I love a good vampire story but this didn’t jump to the top of my favorites list. 😉


  2. Meghan

    I haven’t read it, but it sounds like Meyer is catering to the typical teenage fantasy. I don’t know about anyone else, but a look was enough for me to declare I was in love when I was 14 or so. Obviously this is ridiculous nonsense, but it is definitely a feature of being a teenager.


  3. Marg

    Couldn’t agree more Meghan. At 17 it didn’t take much to fall in love, and so whilst it is overblown to read as an adult, it’s probably a fair representation of a high school relationship.

    My question has always been, what the heck is Edward doing with Bella?


  4. Jennifer

    I felt pretty much the same way, especially about how quickly they fell in ‘true love.’ Easy and fun to read, but… I got really sick of descriptions of Edward’s eyes. Y’know how once you notice something like that you can’t stop noticing it? Yup. It seems to have really struck a chord with teenagers so I’m thinking it is partly an age thing. =)


  5. mellymel

    hee hee. i really did like the first one 🙂 must be the latent fifteen year old in me. and in its defense, my 13 year old niece is now a reading fiend – and this series got her on a roll.


  6. Joanne

    I fall into the small group of people that thought the series was okay but I still don’t understand how these books created the fanbase of “the-world-will-end-if-I-don’t-get-the-next-book-asap” readers.
    The pure and true love that Bella has for Edward came off as teen lust to me, but maybe for young adult readers and the more romantically inclined this is the perfect sort of fantasy. Personally I tend to scoff at love-at-first-sight, I want to hear of relationships based upon more substantial things.


  7. Rebecca

    Amen, Trish! I feel so validated that I’m no longer (seemingly) the only one who had major issues with this book. And I had to read the whole series for work. If you think you’re tired of hearing about how beautiful and wonderful and perfect Edward is, just wait. I’m totally with you on the WTF-ness of their dynamic…it doesn’t really bother me that they’re alone together, but what is up with him sneaking into her room at night and staying there while she sleeps? Hello, SO not appropriate for a teenager who still lives at home, and especially not appropriate for one who is trying not to have sex. But that will change too—eventually, the books become all about Bella begging Edward to sleep with her and him gallantly denying her in order to protect her virtue. It’s an interesting flip on the stereotypical teenage relationship where the boy does all the begging, but I’m not buying it.

    And yes, their relationship is completely ridiculous and plays into all of those teenage cliched ideals about love. If I had a teenage daughter, I definitely wouldn’t want her to read this book if it meant she would think that’s how love and relationships really work.


  8. Devourer of Books

    If you got really annoyed by Twilight, you might as well stop the series now. I found Twilight mildly annoying and not very well written, but an engaging storyline, in a soap opera sort of way. The books get progressively more absurd as the series goes on (although there is a portion of New Moon where Edward has left that is perhaps the most ridiculous of the whole thing).


  9. Amy

    I thought Twilight was fun but I love vampire fiction. New Moon and Eclipse were much less fun.

    My 14 yo daughter got disgusted with the over-the-top love and constant descriptions of Bella and Edward and found the last one ridiculous so I haven’t bothered to read Breaking Dawn.
    Maybe sometime but probably not. 😉



  10. Alison

    I felt pretty much the same way about the book. A lot of it was super overblown, especially that whole “I love youuuuuu” thing. Barf. I decided I couldn’t stand reading the next three books and had a friend who loves the series just tell me how it goes… and I’m darn glad I did. It just gets worse from here.


  11. lisamm

    Ok, you’ve all sealed it for me. My daughter turns 11 next week and the ONLY thing she wants for her birthday is Twilight, because a couple of her friends read it and told her it was the best book they’d ever read (we’re talking about 6th graders here). I was waffling but not anymore. Two words= NO WAY.


  12. lisamm

    PS So many people have told me I have to read this book. My response is “No, I don’t!”


  13. Will Entrekin

    “Second, if Bella is all “I’m saving myself for marriage” what THE EFF is she doing alone with Edward. Admittedly, I’m not religious anymore, but I used to be. Not Mormon, but a similarly restrictive religion. I’m going to assume that most people who save themselves for marriage are religious. And anyone who is trying to save themselves for marriage does not put themselves in the position of being alone all the time with someone they’re attracted to. SO WHAT THE EFF IS SHE DOING ALONE WITH EDWARD?? Practicing Mormons, would you please back me on this? Please?”

    Did someone suddenly make “doing alone” synonymous with something decidedly naughtier while I wasn’t looking?


  14. Jill

    I have to agree with Will, who’s comment left me giggling. I don’t remember Bella or her family ever being described as religious, or even saying that she was saving herself for marriage. Maybe I just blocked this part out?


  15. fyreflybooks

    Oh! Oh! A chance to rant about the Twilight series! Count me in!

    While I think most people who are annoyed by the series are mainly annoyed by Bella, but think Edward’s okay, whereas I’m the exact opposite. Yes, Bella’s annoying, and I wouldn’t really want to hang out with her or anything, but Edward’s such a smug, arrogant, self-satisfied little stalker! But it’s okay if he behaves like an emotionally-abusive jerk, because he’s so *dreamy*! Ugh. I actually liked New Moon better than Twilight, just because Edward’s absent for most of it. I see and hear young girls talking about how Edward’s so wonderful, and a large part of me wants to go over and shake them and be like “No! Edward is not a role model! You do not ever let a boy behave like that towards you, even if he is dreamy! NOT OKAY!”

    But I don’t, because then I’d be the crazy lady who gets overexcited and yells at strangers about a piece of teen fluff, and no one wants that.


  16. Lisa

    I didn’t love it. I got a lot of rude comments on my blog post about it:

    (On my other blog)

    I was really annoyed by the plot mechanism of her clumsiness.


  17. amy

    I read them all and I agree, I was underwhelmed. Although I’m pretty sure the books say at some point that Bella is not religous. But I also don’t think Edward is that great to begin with. And I think that it’s a little over the top that Bella wants to become a vampire, or basically die for him. I would never do that, it is crazy. But I guess that is what the teenagers are wanting these days. I feel old.:)


  18. Darby Lohrding

    Your review cracked me up! Love the honesty!!! I don’t think you are alone in your questions and feelings towards the writing…..I think I’ll be skipping these books…..think of all the pages I can read elsewhere!!
    Was everyone just entranced by how large the books were or what?????
    Now I do have to admit that I did enjoy her adult novel “Host”, yet many of the same issues run there that I have seen posted about the Twlight series…..strength of writing, lengthness, etc.
    Thanks for your review,
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com


  19. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    I liked the book, but I didn’t love it. I’ve never felt compelled to continue the series.


  20. monnibo

    I agree on ALL of your points… and have said so myself at some point or another. DEFINITELY lust! I enjoyed the story, it was definitely unique, and she was a good writer, but the editor went far too hands off after the success of the first one.

    P.S. nothing comes up about God ever.


  21. Diana Dang

    Can I say I hate it? There are so many flaws in the books! Adding more to what you have. Their relationship is abusive if you think of it…

    She has okay writing but I don’t like the story at all. The characters have barely any emotion. Bella is whiny and clingy, Edward is stoic and like “I’m dangerous, STAY AWAY!” all the time, so how do the work out? Bella is simply going for the looks. She how badly she bashes the other three guys that approached her? Sad…


  22. Dr. Bad Ass

    I just finished the first two books and thought of it as a romance for teenagers with a bit of vampirism thrown in. My take on why Bella didn’t want to have sex with Edward was because it was quite likely he would have sex with her and kill her to boot! I teach a course in literature for young adults and I will definitely NOT be including this one on my course list, though I imagine many students will choose it for one of their choice reading books. Hmph. I didn’t really like romance novels when I was a teen, and I’m not impressed at all in my 40s.


  23. Kiki

    Teenagers are rather stupid–their brains are not fully formed (for real, they have actual holes up there!) and I am a parent of 2 teenage girls–so believe me–I know!

    My three girls did read it–the oldest, about to be 18 loved it a few years ago–of course, her behavior is similar (and about as stupid) as Bella’s.

    My second one just turned 13–she thought it was okay, but she happens to be a really smart cookies and reals a lot of really good stuff. She recently finished Gone With The Wind and really enjoyed it–and got it–we ad some really good conversations regarding the book and many of the topics while she was reading it (one of my faves).

    The 11 year old (almost 12) truly lost interest in the last book (thank goodness). None of it got her. She didn’t care.

    I read Twilight. Needless to say, I won’t be continuing with the series. To paraphrase a friend of mine–why do girls love it that Bella dates her stalker? Creepy, and not because he’s a vampire! He’s just a creep–and yes, I was sickened after hearing how beautiful Edwards was fifty thousand times!! Gag.


  24. Kate

    Im compelled to agree with Jill and Will about this:

    As I remember the book, and I’ve recently re-read it, Bella was saving herself for Edward, not mariage. And the first book did not go into the sexual aspect (or lack there-of) of their relationship as much as the other books, because their relationship was still relatively young.

    And as for the constant reminder of how God-like Edward is, if you had a very, very beautiul boy in your class at school I’m willing to bet that you would notice his beauty quite often. Does it get tedious? Oh yes.

    I did read all of the books, and I enjoyed them. Maybe its just a matter of how you look at it…?


  25. Carrie K

    If you think its annoying now…PLEASE dont get to book 4 its out of control…lol

    trust me!!

    The first book was actually the best…i got swept up in the hype and then by the time i was at the end i was like…WHY am i reading this??

    thanks for throwing some “hate” out there…lol


  26. Erica

    I’m SOOOO glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! I read all four books and the pdf of Midnight Sun on the Twilight Website and I have to say – Stephenie Meyer is not a great writer.

    She repeats herself WAY to much. For example: chuckle and murmur. In the 264 page pdf of Midnight Sun, there are 17 chuckles and 29 murmurs. Can’t someone giggle or whisper?

    Like Carrie K said, by the end I was also wondering WHY I was reading this. At least it only took 6 days to read all 4 books, so not too much of my life was wasted.

    I think I’ll go see the movie, but I’m not expecting much. From the trailers some of it looks super cheesy.


  27. Discussion - New Moon by Stephenie Meyer « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

    […] sure you’re wondering why I’m continuing with the Twilight series when I didn’t like Twilight all that much. Well, my friend had a fun idea for how we could review the third book, and I figured suffering […]

  28. Anny

    I agree with you all.

    Bella is a silly fool of a girl who basically wants to give away her identity, family and whole life just because of a boy with “dreamy”looks.


    Don’t people tell us not to change for boys and to be ourselves, to KEEP OUR IDENTITIES. Bella is FREAKING retarded for wanting to become a vampire!!! She is totally not a good role model for young girls. This stupid damsel-in-distress- I-need-Edward-now-thing is pissing me off right now.

    Also what is with Steph Meyers writing. She has a great story but once again stop telling us how great looking Edward is. Its like every page, Bella almost collapses from his beauty. GAHHHHHH!!! i hate it.

    I suppose I shall have to suffer quietly as all of my nutty friends are obsessed with the the ‘perfect’ edward’. CURSE YOU TWILIGHT!!!!


  29. Hello

    Twilight is okay… if you read it quickly and don’t think what you’re reading, you are dazzled (because you are Bella).
    Re-reading was the problem for me. For some reason I remembered the book being a lot better. And to really like the book, you have to insert yourself in Bella. It’s a requirement.

    My main problem is the lack of plot, the book’s lenght and the complete fantasy that is the B/E love. I can’t get past the Edward/Bella scenes, they are painful to read. It almost sounds as if Meyer remembered her impossible crush in high school and her dream of being with that crush came true by them (B/E).
    Also, lack of chemistry, much?
    I just wish Bella was 14 rather than a supposedly mature 17 year old *sigh*.
    There are many things to criticize, but I don’t it’s worth that much, lol.


  30. Jasmine & Kayla

    i think your just getting old. you obviously have no idea what your talking about when it comes to religion since your not religious you shouldnt even comment about what a religion’s principles are about. if you cant be alone with someone and not have sex with them then you dont have any self control. MORMAN isnt the only religion so why would you only ask just a morman to get back to you.
    Saving yourself for marriage=not having sex last time i checked
    & i believe once you get to the last novel you know that they are married when they do it. i bet you didnt know that fools.
    If you were ever a teenager that fell in love or “lust” you would understand the freaking book. Its a book for freaking teenagers to enjoy not adults in their thirties.
    Its a fantasy novel about what if something like this happened and its a very intriguing story.
    You guys are all close minded.

    As for good writers do any of you have books published that are making millions of dollars or movies made or anything like that??
    uhh nooo i didnt think so.


    Carrie Reply:

    I’m guessing that you are teenagers. A “good” book should cross age lines, not just be for teenagers or adults (within reason of course – there are some book younger kids shouldn’t read that are brilliant). I can think of several good and great YA series that are better written. (Vampire Academy, House of Night series, Ink Exchange, Vampire Diaries, etc) Twilight is okay from a writing standpoint, but not brilliant. The relationship between Bella and Edward is unhealthy. Bella, in New Moon, actually cannot function because of Edward leaving her. How in the world is that okay?
    As for the religious aspects – I think what the post was trying to say is that smart people don’t put themselves in a situation of being alone with someone they are attracted to if they are trying to abstain from sex. And asking about Mormon beliefs has to do with Stephenie Meyer who is a Mormon.


    Jasmine & Kayla Reply:

    Ok you just contradicted yourself “i can think of several great books that teenagers shouldnt read” right?
    I’m saying the exact thing but opposite twilight is a great book for teenagers to read and not adults because you guys are thinking too realistic and this book is about a fantasy situation. Your thinking too much about it.
    Regardless the person who wrote the stuff about morman is an idiot because in the book Bella is never regarded to religion so any religious principles have nothing to do with. If you want to save yourself for marriage, you dont need a religious principle to do it. That was my point that religion has absolutely nothing to do with the novel. And Stephenie Meyer’s religious background has nothing to do with the novel either.
    It is just a story to enjoy its not okay for Bella to be down and out when Edward leaves but thats just like every other situation divorce, break-ups, death. Shes in a super depressed state maybe she took it to another level but there are people out there like that.
    So thats realistic…
    All I’m saying is that people tend to over analyze everything and thats annoying. Its a good story with a great idea and to me it seems most adults just think its dumb because its not “realistic” enough for them.


  31. Beth F

    I kind of liked Twilight, despite Bella’s willingness to hand control over to Edward. I was mad at the middle third of the second book. What was she thinking and where were the adults in her life? But I read all four and I have the movie in my NetFlix queue.


  32. John Baird

    All I know for sure is, Twilight tapped into something. It’s not just teen girls reading and watching. There are a lot of 20-40-something women too. How Meyer did it, I don’t know, but I respect the fact that she charged ahead and was successful.


  33. Justin

    Stephanie Meyer is a mormon. I do agree woth one point you made. I don’t see what their love is based on. The reason Edward liked Bella in the first place was that he liked her blood. Bella liked Edward because he posed mystery. And it did mention somewere in some book that Bella does follow a religion, but is not particularly religious.


  34. A Hazra

    Hey, I agree with your review in most parts. I’m not too aware about the religion thing, but when Bella goes on and on about Edward’s good looks, I wanted to scream too. I agree with the comment further up that the book read a lot like a soap opera. I may read the rest of the series, not for the quality of writing, but just to know how Bella ends up. Anyways, I reviewed the book here.


  35. lexi

    i’m a twilight fan, but, i think twilight is the worst book in the series. and it’s funny because i read twilight more for the characters that aren’t edward or bella. occasionally i like bella, but often she’s an idiot. but i’m not going to dislike an entire book simply because i don’t like a character.
    but edward’s a stalker, we never hear about much of bella’s personality, and she all-too conveniently has no ties (friends) other than her mother back in pheonix after she movies.
    but i like jacob, and i like the family. the baseball scene in the movie was good, but the action scenes in this book were a little lacking. this book would have been much better written from someone else’s point of view, such as alice, jasper, jacob, or mike. even edward’s point of view was interesting, only because we got to hear everyone else’s thoughts.
    oh yeah, and bella isn’t saving herself for marraige – in book 3 it’s Edward (fag) that’s saving himself for marraige.
    the book had its funny moments, but maybe if she had’ve made edward NEVER ‘watch her sleeping’ before she knew about it, gave them a few more conversations, a few more likes and dislikes (edward had some: cars and music, but we never hear much about it, do we?). maybe the beautiful talk should have been cut down. like, when i see a hot guy i don’t go on about it endlessly like that. yeesh.
    new moon, and particularly eclipse were better. breaking dawn was okay – the part from jacob’s point of view was best.
    for those people who hadn’t read breaking dawn, please do. jacob’s writing is much better.


  36. Asha

    OK i don’t see your problem seriously if you’ve got so many problems with the books don’t read them. They inspire heaps of people and show that having an imagination is worth something where as you just prattle on about the so called “problems” i mean i like being alone with boys but i don’t do anything and if your so religious you should know it is easy to avoid the temptation and hello love doesn’t have an age or time limit does or did i somehow miss the parliamentary bill on that one? I totally agree with Will on his point of view and who are you to say she’s an ‘okay’ writer i don’t see you name famous and hundreds of screaming fans or are you totally delusional? Get a life! i mean girls all over the world are now striving for something. Either to be a writer or to be just like Bell a and go after what she wants or to fall in love. I mean love is great and who died and made you high priest of the church of love? Why shouldn’t people of seventeen years old experience that,huh? Your review is seriously funny you know cause let me think about the problems with your writing…..
    FIRST your reviewing a serious that you haven’t even finished reading
    SECOND when was religion ever mentioned? The only mention of it was by Edward (the VAMPRIE if you don’t know) who was getting all religious about not forcing her into eternal damnation and hell. Explain that!
    Third your complaining about how Edward is so perfect. Do you not realise that Stephanie makes him point out his flaws. Like how he’s a monster, a killer, overprotective and let me think….he tried to kill himself! Oh wait you don’t know that cause you didn’t read the second book.
    Finally…your writing and pathetic and immature. Who are you to say that people can’t feel the way they feel. Oh and its a story (a narrative ,made up) so stop getting all this isn’t right or this can’t happen. Vampires don’t even exist so how can you know how it would be if they did and what religion they would be. Stephanie Meyer has just tried to portray that for young and old to give them a little adventure, romance and fantasy in their lives.The excite their mind which your writing doesn’t it just kills the imagination.
    When you can explain the meaning of life you may be just as famous but until then keep your remarks to yourself this isn’t your story so write your own and see how easy it is OK….


  37. Asha

    Oh and one other thing hello they saved it for the honeymoon! So there goes your religious beliefs…


  38. izzi

    well, i totally agree with asha


  39. Cats

    …and don’t you just hate how she is so ”depressed” when Edward leaves her in the second book.


  40. Stephanie

    Yay! Other people who think Twilight isn’t good! (in nice words)

    I’m still (barely) a teenager, since I’m 18, yet I despised this book. People say Meyer has talent? She didn’t bother to research the locations and got everything (or nearly everything) about those locations wrong. -_- I like traditions in legends/myths, and she disregarded nearly every single mythological aspect of vampires, including the fact that (as some have pointed out, including the original poster) they are fated to eternal damnation.
    The ‘plot’ mostly consisted of Meyer (in Bella’s p.o.v.) telling the reader how wonderful Edward was, and it bored me as well as irritated me. But apparently younger girls love it. And saying “I love you” after barely knowing each other for a few days? That’s not love. It’s infatuation/lust. >.< I'm young yet even I know the difference. I also know that it's NOT romantic in any way for someone to stalk their crush. -_-
    There were so many typos in it that it was ridiculous. I kept wondering if an 8th grader edited it or if Meyer was so rushed in finishing it that she didn't care about the grammar errors and the typos.
    Nearly all of the characters are "flat" characters. (This means they aren't very well developed and have only one noticeable trait… or none at all.) In the book it was like "everyone loves Bella because she's so perfect" when she's clingy, abusive (badgering Edward to turn her into a vampire and it seems like she's forcing him to be with her), and is only attracted to Edward because of his looks and not because of his qualities like real love is. (after all, love doesn't see ugliness or beauty. Love sees the person for who that person is yet you love that person anyway, despite the flaws.) The actual plot (minus the "Edward=God" parts that make up a huge chunk of the book) had potential, but that's all I can say. ._.
    I've been writing since the 2nd grade and am now an aspiring author who has quite a gift of writing, and I could've written this better as my 13 year old self.


  41. Kia

    I heard one of the fans say “it doesnt need to be realistic because its fantasy”.
    Well kid even in a fantasy novel you have to be a little realistic!! Just because its “fantasy” doesn’t mean you put in absolute nonsense and expect people to find it sane. As far as it goes for the fantasy part, its fine, but the rest of it is utter crap. How would people react if they saw this kind of a scenario in Lord of the Rings?? They would be aghast, friend, AGHAST.


  42. UT

    Ok, I really don’t care about the religious or sexual aspects of twilight, I never really considered the whole, I love you stuff cause I only saw the movie and I thought, obviously they need to fall in love at some point in the nxt 2 hrs, seeing the post and its responses, I don’t even want to read the books anymore, BUT, I do have something to say about “THE VAMPIRE ASPECT” of the movie, I myself am a vampire fanatic since I was 10, I’ve seen it all, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Interview With A Vampire, Queen Of The Damned, Blade and a lot more others, each was just as good as the other except for this one, Twilight is fake, vampires are supposed to be harsh blood thirsty sexy beasts, not animal eating vegans, vampires have an incuurable blood lust, that thirst is inquencheble, they do not glitter in the sun, they burn up, but that’s not the point, the “HOT” factor lies in the fact that they come out at night and stay indoors during the day, they are “CREATURES OF THE NIGHT” not creatures if the day, that’s not sexy, not hot, “LAME”, they especially do not play sports, the only thing a vampire would use a baseball bat for is to bash someone’s skull in, and seriously, they are a family of vampires in a family baseball leauge, it dosen’t get DISNIER that that, “TWILIGHT IS AN INSULT TO ALL VAMPIRE MOVIES, COMICS AND TV SHOWS EVER MADE, ITS SIMPLY A JOKE “, Hanna Montana, The Jonas Brothers And High School Musical have a new partner, another one to add to the stockpile of garbage shown in the world today.


  43. UT

    From my count, twilight sucks as a story, the relationship within it sucks and so does the vampire part, and the author isn’t even an auothor she’s jusyt someone who had a dream about a vampire and the author’s never read a single piece of vampire litreture in her life


  44. MrsB

    I know this is an older review, but it always pleases me so to find a review of Twilight that is so realistic.

    I read the entire series, and though I didn’t hate it, I certainly don’t get the huge response to it. Edward is basically a stalker, and Bella is a clingy, needy, weak character.

    The vampire/werewolf love triangle is not a new concept and has been done before – and way better – by Laurell K. Hamilton and others.

    The comparison this series gets to the Harry Potter series makes my brain bleed.


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