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Allow me to brag…

I know you probably read about my adventures at the Book Group Expo. I certainly wasn’t as detailed as Wendy (second and third) or Jill, and I’ll be telling you more, I promise! But here’s a little to tide you over.

After the Expo, Garth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain (stay tuned for my review and a giveaway of his book (signed!) which I loved), wrote a guest post over at Book Club Girl about the Expo. And GUESS WHO HE MENTIONED! AND GUESS WHAT HE SAID!!

Go read it here. You can’t miss me.

How cool is that?

AND THEN, I got an email from the Book Group Expo saying what a wonderful event it had been and how they’re already working on next year. They included pictures, and I clicked on one because, who knows, maybe I could see the back of my head, and GUESS WHOSE FACE I SAW?? ME! Okay, so go HERE and you’ll see in the collage of pictures a picture in the lower left corner. Click on it to enlarge it, and the person standing in front of the audience is me.

Just in case your clicker finger is broken, here’s the picture:

The moderator had asked how many people are in book groups, to which the majority of us raised our hands. She then asked if anyone wanted to share their experience of being in a book group, the people in your group, etc. No one raised their hand, and I was sitting in the front row, so my hand tentatively went up. She called on me and I started talking to her and the other panel members when she said, “Turn around and talk to the audience.” I practically staggered backward when I saw how many people were in the audience, but I went ahead and told my experience of trying to start a book group and failing FOUR TIMES.

So this is me bragging that Garth Stein mentioned me on a blog post and a picture on the front page of the Book Group Expo has me talking to the audience. I try not to brag because I don’t think it’s polite, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Oh, and by the way, I look *ahem* heavier in the picture than I am in real life. But I’m not complaining. 😀

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14 Responses to “Allow me to brag…”

  1. Lezlie

    Nice! Well worth the brag! 🙂


  2. bethany canfield

    yeah, you all are driving me nuts with all your fun posts about how amazing it was!! Maybe next year I will beg to take a roadtrip down….too bad there is nothing like that in Oregon…

    I am jealous, but so glad you guys got to have a great time!


  3. Alyce

    That is so cool!


  4. Lauren John

    Hello Trish:
    Lauren John here! I was the moderator of the panel and I thank you so much for adding to it. You were great and yes you are even thinner and more gorgeous than in the picture above. I am now a fan and regular reader of your blog.
    Here’s mine:

    Rock on
    Lauren John


  5. bermudaonion

    Awesome. I wish I could have been there!


  6. softdrink

    And hey! That’s my face Trish is about to poke in the picture! 😀

    What Trish didn’t say was how people kept coming up to her and telling her what great questions and stories she had during the salons. She’s famous!


  7. Ladytink_534 (Jen)

    Wow that’s really cool! I don’t care how far away it is, I’ve got to go to this next year!!!


  8. avisannschild

    Congrats, Trish! That sounds like so much fun!


  9. serena

    that’s what you get for tentatively raising your hand…lol


  10. Jeane

    Very, very cool.


  11. donstuff

    It would have been polite for them to offer you a nice wingback chair or sofa of your own…


  12. Wendy

    Woo hoo!!! Very awesome 🙂 And I noticed this morning that Josh Henkin also posted to that same site…and mentioned you, Jill and me *grin* and suggested that the Book Group Expo do something for book bloggers next year!


  13. Darby Lohrding

    Hey Trish,
    I can’t help yet Awesomely Cool…to the comment, the picture, your blog and you as a person!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing,
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com


  14. Natasha @ Maw Books

    Cool! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about Book Group Expo, sounds like something that I would have loved to be at!


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