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What You Eat At Granny’s

Dave and I went to visit my grandma and aunt this past weekend. My grandma’s 91, so I’m making every effort to visit her about twice a month. She lives over four hours away, otherwise I’d see her much more often.

Being 91, she says the darndest things. And now I have proof she eats the darndest things.

When Dave and I woke up on Saturday morning, my grandma and aunt were drinking their coffee and we were offered cereal and/or toast for breakfast. I decided I’ve have a piece of toast, because my grandma was having a piece and it looked so yummy! I trot over to the fridge, which is where they keep the bread, and grab the bag with the bread. I do a double take because there’s only a few pieces left, but there’s mold on EVERY PIECE. And not just the white mold, either. We’re talkin’ green mold that covers enough of the bread that Dave could see it across the room.

I quickly change my mind and decide to eat an apple, but not before my grandma wonders why I won’t eat a piece…after all, she had one.

I know my grandma grew up in the Depression, but please. She’s not THAT poor.

What’s the worst food you’ve been offered?

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16 Responses to “What You Eat At Granny’s”

  1. softdrink

    Pickled pigs feet…my granny is a big fan.


  2. serena

    I have no weird food offerings, but I’m wondering is your grandmother’s eyesight ok?


  3. feener

    ick !!!

    oh i am sure there has been ice cream with frozen chips on top and one time at my IN laws both my hubby and his bro got sick b/c they drank beer – only to find out it was about 10 years old


  4. Rebecca

    I think I’ve shared about my crazy grandparents on here before, and luckily, they don’t offer horrible food at home…they just take us to restaurants with the word “pit” in the title, and that really bugs me.

    My father-in-law, who is the pickiest eater I’ve ever met (if his mother didn’t make it for him when he was a kid, he’s never going to try it), makes hash a few times a year. It involves boiled ground beef. That’s all I need to know. He’s jokingly offered it to me, but he’s taken so much flack from everyone that he now realizes it’s pretty disgusting and he should never offer it to anyone.


  5. Natasha @ Maw Books

    Okay, this totally sounds 100% like my husband’s grandmother who passed away about six months ago. She had also gone through the depression and at 90 would eat anything, no matter what it’s stage of edibility was like. We seriously would have to throw things out of the fridge behind her back. She always would say, just scrape that part off. The food that comes to mind the most was a homemade jar of applesauce that came from her “fruit room” that was labeled as being about 10-15 years old. I can’t remember exactly what. She refused to have us throw it out and almost was in tears over it. She won that battle and we can’t believe that she ate the whole thing. I loved her dearly!


  6. Devourer of Books

    Did your aunt just let her eat that, or did she get there after the toast was made?

    That makes me glad that my grandparents we’re closer to and my husband’s grandma aren’t old enough to really remember that much about the depression. I don’t know what I’d do if they served me moldy toast.


  7. Ladytink_534 (Jen)

    Ew! And I thought my Meme with her soda crackers in her coffee was bad! I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that could even compare…


  8. Jessica

    Years ago I was cleaning out the fridge, and my live-in boyfriend came in as I was emptying half a jar of moldy marinara sauce down the sink. He said, “What are you doing??” I told him. An argument ensued in which he told me to tell him next time before I “wasted perfectly good food,” because he thought it was still perfectly good and he would have eaten it. He definitely didn’t live through the Depression, as he was born in 1973.


  9. Steph

    Isn’t that dangerous!?
    I mean, she must be immune to it or something because I always though mold was… bad for you lol
    I wonder if she KNOWS there’s mold, did you ask her?

    My mom always tells me it’s okay to eat expired yogurt. I disagree. She insists that if it doesn’t smell funky it’s fine to eat. There’s definitely a lot of WAY expired foodstuffs in our household. I’d really really like to chuck it all, but I’m not in for a discovery of nastyness right at this moment.


  10. Ti

    It’s possible that she did not know about the bread, right? Did you toss the bread after you saw it? Or did she make some comment about it being perfectly good?

    At granny’s house, there were two items that were questionable:

    1) the year old jar of bacon grease that she continued to add to. This is what she made her biscuits out of.

    2) the stick of butter that was always in the cabinet…not the fridge! She never stored butter in the fridge. EVER! I am a butter girl when I have bread but I never got sick from it. Go figure.


  11. Elizabeth

    Butterscotch pudding… for breakfast. Bleck.


  12. Lisa

    An elderly woman at our church used to offer us food all the time, but she’d leave things like sour cream and cottage cheese on the table all day, so I was always scared to eat it. She also like to freeze Twizzler and use them as straws!


  13. Care

    This sort-of reminds me of something fun I heard the other day… A friend’s great aunt was celebrating her 100 birthday and when asked the secret to her longevity, she answered, ‘Martinis and cabbage.”

    gotta love it!


  14. Becky

    I just threw up in my mouth.

    And I can’t think of anything super weird, but I’m incredibly picky, so most things gross me out.


  15. bybee

    Worst food/biggest shock:

    I was doing a short term class here in Korea at an elementary school on Saturday mornings. Already grumpy about having every other Saturday taken away, I was nonetheless looking forward to the usual cup of coffee the principal usually offered me. Ten minutes passed, and no offer of coffee as usual. Finally, the secretary brings me half of a Dixie cup of what looks like apple juice. I took a drink…it was vinegar! I completely forgot to be culturally sensitive. Glowering, I said, “What’s that?” My student worker explained that it was apple vinegar “for your health”. I was so thirsty and disappointed I couldn’t rearrange my expression. For the rest of the classes, I got coffee upon arrival!


  16. Lenore

    My grandmother FORCED my husband to eat a yogurt which was 2 months past its consume by date, insisting the whole time that IT WAS STILL GOOD! Then she drove us around the city recklessly, but that is another story.


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