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Love Me Some Blankets

Dana over at Old Red Barn Company is doing a quilt giveaway! She’s made three quilts and you can win ONE. Don’t be a piggy, now.

Which one would you like? I’m pretty undecided.  


If you want to enter, one of the ways you can get like a million entries is to do a funny video. I did one…and because I have no shame, but also because I DON’T KNOW YOU PEOPLE, I’ll share it here. It’s silly, but I didn’t want to try again and again to get it just right. I did a few limericks about the quilt giveaway. If you watch the video, you should know that “Reina” is Spanish for queen. And yes, I do crack myself up.


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12 Responses to “Love Me Some Blankets”

  1. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    Trish, it’s official, you are my favorite person.


  2. Heather

    LOL you are funny. I enjoyed these immensely. And you should know that I was watching this in the dark so I couldn’t see the volume on my laptop to turn it down so you were BLASTING through my house… my husband was so confused. 🙂


  3. Trish

    How funny! I actually just posted a video of myself the other day–it was rather frightening, partly because I don’t know many of the people who read my blog, but also because I’ve become friends on certain levels with many of them. One of those weird things, you know? Loved your limericks and hope you win the quilt!


  4. Kim L

    HAHAHA. You just made my morning!


  5. veens

    AWESOME Trish 🙂 The video thing is the flavor of book blogging i guess:) and i love love it! 🙂

    those Limmericks were cute :))


  6. Heather J.

    you GO girl! good luck in the contest. 🙂


  7. writemeg

    Those were great. I hope you win! 🙂


  8. avisannschild

    Argh, Trish, for some reason I can’t seem to watch your video! I’ll keep trying.

    Just wanted to let you know I gave you an award / tagged you here.


  9. avisannschild

    I managed to watch your video! You rock! I hope you win. Glad to hear my tagging you was appreciated even though you’d already done the meme!


  10. Gwendolyn B.

    You are awesome!
    Good luck!


  11. chartroose

    God, those limericks were so bad they were good! The last one was pretty insane-a, I must say! I hope you win.


  12. serena

    That video was priceless. Good luck in the giveaway. I want to win the quilt too, but I’m too embarrassed to be videotaped!


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