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How to Bug Me

I hate it when I say to a co-worker, Oh, you cut your hair! and the co-worker says to me, Well, actually, the hairdresser cut my hair.

Mm HM. And did you purposefully WANT to shut down all conversation? Because congratulations, you did! I have absolutely nothing to say to that.

Oh, and since we’re on the topic of noticing someone cut their hair, why oh WHY do people go back to the old joke, I cut all my hair, not just one.

Okay, go ahead, your turn. How can I bug you today?

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30 Responses to “How to Bug Me”

  1. bermudaonion

    I think I need to get out more, both of those comebacks are new to me.


  2. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    I’ve never heard that “my hairdresser cut my hair” one, but “no, I cut all of my hairs,” is just so tired. I actually groaned out loud reading it.

    This is more of a grammatical thing, but it drives me nuts when I ask people how they’re doing and they say, “good.” No, you are doing well. You might be feeling good, or if I ask how your day has been, you could say it’s been good, but you are doing well. Come on, people, it’s not a difficult distinction to learn.


  3. fyreflybooks

    “No, actually, three inches of hair just spontaneously fell off.”


  4. Alyce

    That made me smile! My mom used to be a hairdresser, so I’ve definitely heard those before. 🙂


  5. Jill

    I have never heard that…but my biggest pet peeve is when you say, “Hey, how are you?” and the person says, “Fine.”

    Period. Fine.

    Not, “Fine, how are you?”

    That kills me for some reason.


  6. Kim L

    This is more of a grammatical thing, but it drives me nuts when I ask people how they’re doing and they say, “good.” No, you are doing well. You might be feeling good, or if I ask how your day has been, you could say it’s been good, but you are doing well. Come on, people, it’s not a difficult distinction to learn.

    My husband’s rebuttal to this: “No, Superman does good. You’re doing well. He cracks me up.


  7. dew

    I hate talking to those people who repeat themselves for no apparent reason. Example:

    Repeater: And then, I swear, he just cut me off, no blinker, nothing!

    Me: Grr, that’s annoying.

    Repeater: Seriously! I mean, no blinker! He just swerved in and cut me off!

    Me: Uh huh.

    Repeater: I hate that so much, when people just cut you off. Like this guy. No blinker at all!

    Me: Hey, did this guy use his blinker?


  8. veens

    u can bug me with
    correcting my pronunciation when i angry/frustrate/ iriitated 😐

    i hate hate it!

    I have not heard abt these jokes 😀


  9. Jeane

    I never heard those two before.


  10. Amy

    A simple yes would work just fine!


  11. Susan B. Evans

    Ugh! I once stayed with my ex-husband’s family for a long weekend. At the end of my stay I said to his Aunt, “Well, thanks for having us, we had a great time.” She said, “I didn’t actucally have you.” Why can’t people just be gracious and kind?


  12. S. Krishna

    Ha, I know exactly what you mean. How annoying!


  13. writemeg

    I agree with Jill above — when I say, “Good morning, how are you doing?” and the response I get back is “good” or “fine,” without a follow-up question about how I’M doing, I get incredibly irked! I feel like shouting back, “Nevermind, I didn’t REALLY care how you’re doing!” I usually reply to their “fine” with “Well, that’s good. I’m doing great, too,” just to (slightly) get my point across. They’re probably too rude to even care about that, though.


  14. Callista

    With regards to the “fine” answer I don’t like that answer at all. What’s the point of asking if you are just going to say fine. I want to know how you are REALLY doing, I”m not asking just because it’s polite.

    The first thing that came to mind though was people who use the same comeback/joke OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER. For example my dh Frank will say “do you want some of these chips?” and I’ll say “no thanks.” and he’ll say jokingly “fine! I wasn’t going to share with you anyway.” It gets annoying when that’s his answer EVERYTIME I say no thanks.


  15. Shelly Burns

    What bugs me is when you compliment someone and they give an excuse or explain themselves. For instance, “Cute shirt you have on today.” They answer, “Really, I don’t think so.” They could just say “thank you,” and leave it at that. It just bothers me when people can’t seem to accept a compliment.


  16. Michele

    What bugs me is someone saying the same things that I’ve heard a million times already (like the ‘all my hairs’ thing) and then getting frustrated/mad when I don’t find them hilariously funny. Hello? Be original. Or don’t try to be funny all the time.


  17. Jessica Coleman

    My pet peeve is pretty stupid. I hate it when people ask to use my “restroom” at my house. It makes me think of a highway rest area. At my house, it’s a bathroom because I bathe there. Dumb, huh?


  18. Becky

    Come and tell me that there is a mess somewhere in my house. Then proceed to leave, the obvious implication being that I need to take care of it.


  19. gentle reader

    How about when someone comments on your hair, and says something like, “it’s different.” Why say anything if you’re just going to go for a thinly veiled insult?


  20. Tammy

    My pet peeve is when I’m expressing my displeasure over something and someone (i.e., a man) will tell me to calm down, always in a patronizing manner. And it’s always from someone who doesn’t think twice about venting his displeasure. They act like a negative opinion is automatically going to lead to screaming and crying and throwing dishes. My coworker has done that to me several times and I have nicely asked him to stop — the next time he does it, I’m going to say, “You think that was not calm?” and then I’m aiming something at his head.

    Oh, and my DH says the I-got-all-my-hairs cut EVERY SINGLE TIME. Drives me up the bloody wall.


  21. Bo

    Whenever a person says “Bo Knows” to me (and the frequency has fallen off some since NINETEEN FREAKIN’ NINETY, but not as much as you’d think), that person is absolutely convinced that s/he is the very first person to ever say it to me.

    I just try not to say anything I think anyone’s heard before.


  22. monnibo

    Eating carrots in the office DURING a meeting.

    Talking to yourself while typing at your computer… ALL DAY… whispers whispers from across the office… DRIVE ME BATTY!


  23. donstuff

    Actually, I really do cut my own hair and have for years.

    My pet peeve as a teacher was when students would ask, “Can I use the restroom?” – My general response was “I don’t know – I’m assuming you’ve previously been successful.”


  24. bybee

    OK….I’ve finally got one, courtesy of my annoying coworker:

    Me: Happy Birthday, “Jason”!

    Jason: (squinting) Oh…is today my birthday? I just thought it was another day. I don’t keep track anymore, it’s not important.

    (10 minutes later, he announces that he’s having a birthday dinner at Outback next weekend and we’re welcome to come if we want)

    Later in the day:

    Me: So, which birthday is this? 35, 36, 37?

    Jason: I’ve stopped counting.

    Whatever happened to “Thank you” and a simple answer that either gives his age or puts in in the general ballpark? I find his behavior extremely prickly(….as in “prickly pear”…I promise!)


  25. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    I do cut my own hair, but I seldom say so. It frightens people. Not the hair — the idea that someone would cut their own.


  26. Alea

    Agh! Yes when people say stuff like that I fake laugh like, aren’t they HILARIOUS! I especially hate it when you are trying to order something to eat and say “Can I get blah blah blah?” and the person says back “I don’t know, can you?”


  27. mellymel

    I’ve never heard those either, clearly I don’t get out much and when I do, I don’t talk to anyone. I’m not a fan of snide.
    People always ask me if I got a new haircut and I usually have to admit, nope but I did wash it today. TMI?


  28. Jena

    I’m really tired of hearing, “No price tag? It must be free!” And I haven’t even worked in retail in nearly 10 years…


  29. Juliette

    I have heard both. I hate both because they’re both so freakin’ stupid. Another is when someone says, “Did you want your hair to look that way or are you going to let it grow?”

    and…drumroll…what I really hate…

    “You look so tired.” Now what are you supposed to say to that…”No. I am just aging?” Usually I just wait a few days until that person is looking their best … and return the comment…to watch their face drop…

    I guess..I get annoyed easily.


  30. Arial

    Just found your blog – you are a hoot! I couldn’t pass up the chance to comment on this post.

    I can’t stand it when people ask you a yes-or-no question and then repeat your answer, as if they can’t believe they heard correctly, or you’re crazy or something:

    Are you going to Jane’s party?
    Okay, yes, I’m really going. NO!


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