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Who Would You Like To Be Your Friend?

While writing another post, it occurred to me that I’m probably not the only one who looks longingly at some people and thinks, We could totally be friends, if only I could meet this person! I try not to be too gushy when I meet some people, but I can’t seem to help myself. So here’s a list of people who, if we ever met in person, over dinner or something, I hope would like me as much as I already like them.

I know the person might not live up to your expectations, or your personalities may end up clashing where you thought they would mesh, but this is all just hypothetical so don’t get too weird on me. Thanks.

Dooce. I wait with baited breath for all her posts. I think she has a great sense of humor, we have vaguely similar family situations, and we have a similar temperament. I think I would have her babies if I could. Though I would be sure to steer clear of her chin.

Daniel Negreanu. A professional poker player. It doesn’t hurt that I think he’s pretty cute. He’s married, I’m married…couldn’t we just be friends? We’d totally get along.

Jennifer Harmon. Another professional poker player. I love her. Another girl crush of mine. But how can you not like someone who’s super cute and is a bad ass poker player? I only mention that she’s cute because the women poker players I play with are HAGGARD.

Wally Lamb. He wrote one of my all-time favorite books, I Know This Much Is True. With the recent release of his new book, The Hour I First Believed, I got online to see what he’s up to and found this video. Most of my favorite writers seem to write the way he says he does, and I think that’s pretty telling about why I like those types of writers so much.

Carol Fitzgerald. Co-Founder/President of The Book Report Network. She runs seven sites, two of which are Bookreporter and ReadingGroupGuides. She’s funny, smart, sassy, and brilliant. I like to think that if we were friends her brilliant-ness would rub off on me. If only she knew what good friends we could be…

Diana Spechler. She was at Book Group Expo, and we had a brief discussion about turning 30 and how people in general don’t seem to remember what a milestone turning 30 is and they take pleasure in not feeling any sympathy for those of us reaching this decade. I don’t know about Diana, but for me, turning 30 is HUGE. When I was a kid, 30 might as well have been 80, because there was no way I’d ever make it to age 30. And I’m finally here, ready for those two digits to change. And it’s such a weird experience, to be on the cusp of an age that seemed unreachable not so long ago. I can’t say whether this will happen with 40 or 50 or 60, but right now I’m just trying to figure out what it means to be 30.

Andre Dubus III. He was also at Book Group Expo. Lots of people thought he came off as arrogant, I just thought he came across as well read. I would love to listen to him talk and talk and talk. Okay, maybe that relationship would be one sided, so hopefully he doesn’t mind.

Garth Stein. Again, another author at Book Group Expo. And I know! He’s married, but that’s okay, because I am, too, and we could just be friends. We could hang out and talk over coffee or something.

Michelle Gagnon. Another author at Book Group Expo. But she has this awesome laugh and we totally connected over Tana French. I think we could be friends.

Lauren John. She was at Book Group Expo and was one of the moderators. She’s a librarian and leads quite a few book groups. Her enthusiasm was amazing and I just thought it’d be so fun to sit down and talk books.

And I keep thinking, my list should have movie stars! Or singers! But, while I like movie stars and musicians, there’s no one I’ve thought I would necessarily connect with. I did become friends with this one guy 10 years ago, but that’s a story for another time.

Who’s on your list?

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19 Responses to “Who Would You Like To Be Your Friend?”

  1. Michele

    I’ve never thought about a list like this one before. I have another list for famous people but that one only affects my hubby. LOL I’ll have to think on this.

    I do think that about people in my circle – like if I had time, I’d love to get to know some more of the ladies in my church. The ones who are about 10-15 years older. Cause I want to be like a few of them and think I’d love them as a mentor type friend. But then life is too busy and I am too scared to walk up and say – wanna be my friend? LOL


  2. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    Oh, this is a good one. The first person that comes to mind is Mary-Louise Parker. I *heart* her in Weeds and think we’d get along swimmingly. Also, Marisa de los Santos. I didn’t care for the surprise twists at the ends of her books, but I loved her writing and think we’d click.

    I also think I’d love Jeremy Piven and David Duchovny, at least if they were anything like their characters on Entourage and Californication, respectively. I’ll be thinking about this one for the rest of the day.


  3. sherry

    Sue Miller. I met her when she was touring for her latest novel “The Senator’s Wife” and she was very friendly, intelligent and down-to-earth. “The Senator’s Wife” is about a friendship between a much older woman and a woman in her thirties who is just recently married and pregnant with first child. It’s a good book.


  4. Elizabeth

    My husband has crushes on Daniel Negreanu and Jennifer Harmon, too. I think it’s cute. I can’t really comment on them, because when he starts watching poker I pull out my book, but anyway…

    I have a huge list of book bloggers I want to be best friends with, but that could get embarrasing, so I won’t post them.

    I think I would be friends with Gail Simmons from Top Chef. And Coral, from The Real World. And Bonnie Hunt.


  5. Christine

    There’s a writer named Lauren Winner, and I just re-read one of her books for about the fourth time, and she’s top of the list right now in terms of strangers with whom I’d like to be friends.


  6. Diana Spechler

    Trish, you’re on my list, too. Sigh.


  7. Ti

    I always thought Meg Ryan would make a good friend and Jon Cryer. I never got over how Andie in Pretty in Pink dumped Duckie.


  8. Stephanie

    I think Kate from that TLC program John and Kate Plus Eight is my long lost sister. We both aregerm-phobic and have a good sense of humor and sarcastic personalities!


  9. mellymel

    What a great question. Christine’s comment reminded me that i too would like to hang out with Lauren Winner, probably at Mudhouse Coffee. Which means I’d get along well with Christine too. 🙂 And author Amy Krouse Rosenthal seems like she’d be fun & inspiring.
    One more… would be Jennifer Garner – she seems fairly normal and loves Martha Stewart so we could craft & cook.
    There are tons of bloggers I think I’d get along well with, but I’d also just like to hang out and observe them in their daily living.


  10. mellymel

    What a great question. Christine’s comment reminded me that i too would like to hang out with Lauren Winner, probably at Mudhouse Coffee. Which means I’d get along well with Christine too. 🙂 And author Amy Krouse Rosenthal seems like she’d be fun & inspiring.
    One more… would be Jennifer Garner – she seems fairly normal and loves Martha Stewart so we could craft & cook.
    There are tons of bloggers I think I’d get along well with, but I’d also just like to hang out and observe them in their daily lives.


  11. alirambles

    I want Caprial Pence to be my friend and cook me dinner just for fun. (Though I’d be totally intimidated to reciprocate so maybe that wouldn’t work).

    Turning 30 was a piece of cake for me. 39 sucked, though. And I’ve repeated 39 two additional times because I decided to just not ever turn 40.



  12. Michelle Gagnon

    Aw, I’d love to be your friend, Trish! And my list includes Karin Slaughter (love her work, and her newsletter is hilarious) and our favorite, Tana French.


  13. jennysbooks

    I’ve been thinking for ages I’d have gotten along gorgeously with Alexander Pope. Every time I read anything he’s written, I think we would have just been the best of friends.


  14. Carrie K

    Can I put YOU on my list? we could have TORE UP the book expo…

    and Mellymel…we would be bff’s

    i have lots of other blog friends that i would love to be REAL LIFE friends with…

    im sure there are famous people i would like to be friends with but im socially inept when it comes to talking to strangers…lol


  15. Lisa

    I haven’t really thought about this about authors, but I have about other bloggers. I have also thought this about some of the people I do loans for (I am a loan officer in my real life). But how do I ask someone who I know all their financial details if they want to be my friend?


  16. veens

    I might be the most boring commenter on your blog — but i totally think you sense of humor is awesome.. i could read on and on you bragging abt things, I have not heard off. It helps you know, I am from a different part of the world LOL! 🙂

    So I wouls really like to meet you, Bethany, Soft Drink, Trish, Jessi ….ummM! Serena ..ummm! Well it is a long list of course!


  17. Lauren John

    Hello Trish:
    If you live within striking distance of the SF Bay Area/Silicon Valley, we could meet and talk books. Most of the people in my book groups are older than 30–I am 51–so it would be great to hear the perspective of a younger person.
    Maybe you could even explain to me how to use social networking for my book groups!
    Lauren John


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    […] In fact, as a sidenote, I met so many cool authors at the Book Group Expo, authors who I  thought I’d totally be friends with if only they knew how truly geeky I really am…Diana Spechler, Michelle Gagnon, Garth Stein, Carol Fitzgerald (not an author but totally cool!), Lauren John (again, not an author but really cool!), Andre Dubus III (lots of people thought he came across as arrogant, I thought he came across as well read. I would LOVE to take a class from him (he’s currently on the adjunct faculty at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where he teaches general writing, fiction, and directed study courses)), Rabih Alameddine…and those are only the authors I had a chance to talk to! (This paragraph was the inspiration for this post.) […]

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    […] I wish I could be friends with some people. […]

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