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Discussion – New Moon by Stephenie Meyer


New Moon
by Stephanie Meyer
Published September 2006
563 pages

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m continuing with the Twilight series when I didn’t like Twilight all that much. Well, my friend had a fun idea for how we could review the third book, and I figured suffering through a so-so book was worth it.

So since most of you have read this book, let’s just talk about it. **There’s spoilers below, so you may not want to continue if you haven’t read this book.

Did anyone else notice that Bella must have all men in her life all the time? I mean, she wants Edward AND Jacob. Even when Jacob’s like, ‘Yeah, I can’t hang with you right now,’ Bella still insists they be friends, even though she knows Jacob has feelings for her.  Bella is totally leading Jacob on and I think it’s cruel.

Did anyone else notice that Bella is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Edward? Like, in an unhealthy way? And I know that people are prone to that behavior at Bella’s age (17/18), but still. It’s ridiculous. She totally drops her friends when Edward’s around, which is WRONG and a red flag.

And that whole clutching her heart business? What a drama queen.

And then when Edward makes the completely reasonable offer of marrying her before she becomes a vampire, she’s all ‘Oh, I don’t know.’ And all this time she’s begging anyone who will listen to make her into a vampire. And she can’t imagine loving anyone but Edward, can’t imagine being with anyone but Edward, she wants to become a vampire so she can be with Edward for all eternity, and yet she gets weird when he proposes. I KNOW her parents are divorced and that’s affected her blah blah blah. I think her ambivalence towards marrying Edward was completely out of character.

Those are my major complaints. Let me know what you think about any of these topics (or any others that have been bothering you!) and we’ll discuss.

(I know I haven’t read books 3 and 4, but this is my visceral reaction to book 2. Feel free to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about since I haven’t read the 3rd and 4th books.)

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22 Responses to “Discussion – New Moon by Stephenie Meyer”

  1. rantsandreads

    I enjoyed book one, Twilight, but I think you are right on the dot about Bella in book two. I’m afraid to say she only gets worse in books 3 and 4, but that seems to be the main consensus with anyone whose read the book, fans or not.


  2. curlywurlygurly

    i’ve read all 4 books and the only things i will say are: i’m happy that my students (most of them are very reluctant readers) have found books they WILL read. if this series can help them on their way to becoming readers, then yipee! secondly…i work with teenagers every day and they can be very dramatic and obsessive people…so bella fits right in.

    is the series great literature? no. are there holes in the plot? yes. do the characters behave irrationally at times? yes. but at least these books aren’t as insane and morally bankrupt as the gossip girl series…


  3. Laza

    Bella’s character is one of the reasons why I can’t fall 100% in love with this series. (I still have to read Breaking Dawn) It is a good fantasy romance but I just can’t get over how pathetic Bella is sometimes.

    I guess I see a little of myself in Bella when I was that age—that desire to be so deeply in love you don’t know what you’d do without it, so I don’t think Meyer is completely off the mark with her reaction to Edward, but I guess I wish Bella could love Edward without being SO typical.

    If it helps, I liked Eclipse the most out of the first three.


  4. S. Krishna

    I had the same reaction to Bella’s aversion to getting married – I thought it was stupid and a plot device and really ineffective and unconvincing.

    And I hated how Bella treated Jacob! She was way too needy.


  5. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    I’ve ranted about these enough in my reviews of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, so I’ll just say that I’m 100% with you—Bella is not a strong female character, and that just drove me up the walls. Her expectations and her relationship with Edward perpetuate unrealistic romantic ideals and encourage teenagers to have the wrong idea about what love and marriage really are….UGH!


  6. sagustocox

    I have to point out that I agree that bella is obsessed with edward in an unhealthy way…as a teenager…what I found odd is that she thinks of marriage as forever and she can’t wrap her head around that, but she can wrap her head around becoming a vampire which is forever! LOL


  7. Susan B. Evans

    I am just finishing up Eclipse. I agree with your review of New Moon. I found it almost painful to read – even though I can remember feeling that way when I was about 17. Ugh.

    So far Eclipse is better, but Bella’s really the same.


  8. Michele

    I always had “issues” with Bella’s co-dependency issues. I know I wouldn’t want my daughter to think that being so completely dependent on men to make her happy is okay. I didn’t care for New Moon. It was the Bella/Edward thing that made me like Twilight (but then, I’m an adult and can read co-dependent characters and not be influenced, unlike an impressionable young girl). When Edward pretty much disappears in New Moon, the whole book bored me. Eclipse gets a bit better. And I’m not even going to go there when it comes to Breaking Dawn. Suffice it to say that I’m waiting for your reaction. 🙂


  9. Carrie K

    YES…EXACTLY what you said…lol

    hurry up with the others lady…haahaahaa

    im totally team jacob…id rather have HOT than COLD…lol


  10. Stephanie

    First, Bella does get a backbone in book 4 and not quite as annoying. Also, you are right about the proposal – there was absolutely no reason why she would say no to him!


  11. smoothpebble

    Well, I did enjoy the books. But you most certainly nailed all Bella! She sure seems to like being the center of attention and constantly “rescued”. Annoying, annoying, annoying.
    I’m with Carrie K, go team Jacob!!


  12. sahar009

    Yes, Bella is selfish and self-absorbed, but think about it – isn’t the best way to make a teen realize that he or she is like that to just give her the book and then reflect with her on it? I have a little sibling who is 16; she and her friend read the entire saga and are OBSESSED about it. But they realized how self-absorbed they could be when I pointed out how Bella was self-absorbed, and I have noticed how the two of them are making efforts not to be like that anymore.
    Curlywurlygurly & others: I totally agree – the gossip girl series is absolutely terrible. I work with teens and some of them read it, so I gave one a try and almost fainted.
    While Twilight isn’t the best literature out there, it still boasts pretty high moral standards (vegetarian vampires, lol!). And maybe this will whet the appetites of young people who have never tasted the joy of curling up with a book by the fireplace. Has anyone told them about the hot chocolate with marshmallows?
    Sagustocox: LOVE it! I never thought about how marriage = forever bothers Bella, but vampirism = forever doesn’t! Lol!


  13. mary

    i think thats stupid of you to make her look bad cuz i do like the book i think every time this kind of thing happes you would wana know more and then you wolud get into it and buy the 3rd book


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  15. Kate

    Im shocked! No comment about Bella’s reckless cliff-diving to hear voices in her head? Not a word about how the whole plot of the book could have been changed if Edward had asked ONE LITTLE QUESTION (Who’s funeral)?
    And absolutly nothing related to Edward’s suicidal tendencies? Gasp!

    In all honesty, I didnt like New Moon very much. Yes, I am single handedly defending the series here, but I just… didnt like New Moon. Most of the time I thought Bella could’ve just sucked it up and tried to love Jacob. He was perfectly good for her, and plus, Charlie approved!

    Alice. I always love Alice. Her brief interaction with Jasper added (for me) a little more depth in their relationship. Overall, the supporting characters outplayed the main ones in this book, for me.

    I would have enjoyed a more lengthy post from you, but the shorter one gets the point across just fine. I prefered Eclipse to New Moon most definatly, and Im eager to hear your thoughts on it!


  16. allison



  17. annata

    I thought that meyer did a really good job in describing love at that age! Also it’s a fantasy book so i accept that there is real love!Love that really last forever!If there are Vampires and Werewolves, it’s not so hard to accept that there is also love ,without you can’t live! With this premise, i totally understood Bella and how she tried to cope with the loss!

    What else could she do? Shrug it off and go on with her life?
    Even before she knew Edward, she was never a person, that socialized easily or fit into society!Her bonds with every other person except her parents were superficial at best, also something i can understand!There are people who do not fit into an average human life! Human realtionships are fleeting!Live changes all the time nothing is forever, but the love between Edward and Bella is! So what is more important?

    Also getting married is a human concept and i prefer being immortal over getting married any day!

    See if you don’t apply your human standards to her behavior and see it from the standpoint, that love could really last forever, her behavior isn’t so cruel and selfish anymore!


  18. annata

    Ps: Real love isn’t about compromise! Romeo and Juliet isn’t such a great love story, because their protagonists where so good at compromising!
    Could she have lived an happy live with Jacob?sure! But would it have been the real deal? No!


  19. sahar009

    Hey annata! It makes me sad that you think that ‘real love’ isn’t about compromise. Because if two people love each other that much, they are both going to be so eager to make the other happy that they can’t do anything *but* compromise! Compromise is all about sacrifice, which is something people in a world with vampires and werewolves should also do. However, the reason for the sacrifice and compromise shouldn’t be a feeling of inadequacy such at the one Bella feels throughout most of the series, until she is able to prove to herself that she is just as good as the other vampires – and as Edward.

    And, just to let you know, I liked the story!

    It comes down to this: when put in the context of real-life, some of the themes in these books become downright scary, and the blind adulation of young women in their tweens, teens and early twenties to this type of romance is frightening.


  20. annata

    i didn’t mean the compromises you make for each other!i meant the compromises you would have to make to make everyone happy, which would lead to disaster! If you really want something, someone else is bound to get hurt!Jacob in this case! She did what she had to do in order to go on with her life, i can understand that!That’s what i meant with compromising!Sometimes an innocent bystander gets crushed, that’s life! Ofcourse if you try to apply those themes to real life, it doesn’t send a good message!But to be honest books that only send good messages are boring and i wouldn’t read them!

    You can only learn so much from books and the rest you have to discover for yourself, so i may be ignorant but my relationships were mostly formed through my experience with former realtionships and not through books!
    But i’m old and i wasn’t into romantic books in my teens!

    If i had a chance to find that one person, without i could not live, i imagine being able to do crazy stuff myself*g*


  21. Ishy

    I read Twilight and i loved it. I then started to read New Moon, and couldnt put it down. I just sat in my room for 3 hours just reading it. I think it was very effective how it showed how much time passed and i loved reading how Bella put her life back together. I didnt like how Mike liked her but didnt do basically anything about it. I still love Twilight though but i wish Edward didnt leave.


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