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Blogging Cartoons

 Both of these are Pearls Before Swine:



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5 Responses to “Blogging Cartoons”

  1. donstuff

    My life story. Thanks.


  2. Veens

    i have read that first one 😉
    it still makes me laugh 😉


  3. softdrink

    “interventions for stupidity”…I love it! That’s worthy of hanging in the cubicle at work.


  4. Jen Forbus

    Too funny! I love it! I’m with softdrink, “interventions for stupidity” does deserve to be hung up in the cubicle….speaking of which, I’m with you on the thermostat. It isn’t bad at my new office, but my last one was ridiculous. The MEN seem to have an internal thermostat higher than the women, I think. They must be cold-blooded animals…all of them! 😉


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