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An Office in the Arctic

I’m sorry if this post describes you. If it does, I’m sure your co-workers don’t mind you doing this at all and I’m just a whiny bitch.

I work in a fairly small corner of the building. There’s only four of us girls back here, and, lucky us, we have our own thermostat!ย I’m pretty sure holy wars have been fought over what temperature an office should be.

I would like to point out one strange thing that I’ve noticed: the people who keep the thermostat at FIFTY BELOW FREEZING wear…long sleeve shirts. And probably thermal underwear, though I haven’t checked. Me? I’m bundled up with my sweater, space heater, pants, and extra thick socks. Now, if the “hot” people wore short sleeved shirts, a skirt, and/or sandals, I would give credence to their assertion it’s hot in our area. But when they’re bundled up and I’m bundled up, I can’t help but wonderย who’s making more of an effort here.

Oh, and the temperature inside DOES NOT NEED TO BE INDIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to the temperature outside. If it’s 90 degrees outside, it can still be 70 degrees inside. We don’t need to turn the thermostat down to 65 degrees.

Anybody else have thermostat issues at work?

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23 Responses to “An Office in the Arctic”

  1. Fyrefly

    I don’t think I’m particularly a “hot” or “cold” person, but I used to share a thermostat with a very, very “hot” person. I’d come into work in the middle of the winter and she’d be sitting there with the air conditioning on, stripped down to a sports bra and running shorts… as I’m stomping the snow off my boots.


  2. softdrink

    Yeah. Except in a building of 200 people we have no control over the thermostat. It’s usually arctic during the summer, since the mysterious thermstat tsar cranks the a/c.

    I’m usually cold and I actually have a doctor’s note that allows me to have my own little space heater (and how sad is it that I have to have a note). I’ll have my heater on, and everyone else will have their fans on (although you don’t need a doctor’s note for those…hmmmph).


  3. Jill

    We fight, and we fight, and we fight over this at work. The men are burning up, and the women are freezing. What’s up with that? I work in a small office, and when one person makes a move to that thermostat, the whole place comes unglued!


  4. Joanne

    I think I would like to work just to escape the heater issues at home! We have electric heat with separate thermostats in each room. My oldest son and my hubs like it to be sauna-like. My youngest son and I both like no heat with windows wide open all year long (even when it’s snowing). It’s ok when we are scattered through the house but get us all together, in say, the dining room or TV room and it turns into a madhouse ๐Ÿ˜›


  5. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    I’ve never had this problem at work (and I’m one of those who people who is always hot and would happily keep the thermostat at 65 year-round), but I firmly believe that temperature compatibility is integral to a successful relationship, working or otherwise. Actually, it’s more important for a romantic one. Hubs and I both loved sleeping with the window cracked through cold Chicago winters. We love burrowing under the covers in cold weather and turning the A/C as cold as it will go in hot weather. I’m a proponent of the idea that the hotter it is outside, the colder my house should be. I don’t know what I’d do if I’d fallen in love with someone who loved hot weather or wanted the thermostat any higher than 68 in winter. It would not be pretty.


  6. Ti

    I have a co-worker that brings a heater with her wherever she goes. She has moss growing in her office…no kidding. It is so hot and humid.

    The temp thing may be an age thing. I am 40 and I’ve noticed that I need to be cooler than I used to be. I wouldn’t call it hot flashes but my thermostat is truly off.

    I work for the state though so they control the thermostats. Always a few degrees warmer than it should be.


  7. Florinda

    My office shares a thermostat with my boss’ – and I’m not sure he knows how it works. My office is cold for about 6-1/2 hours of our 8-hour day. If I didn’t have my space heater I would be a human icicle – even in August. It drives me nuts!


  8. janelle

    So at work…I teach in a very old building…let’s just say this…if it’s hot outside, it’ hot inside. If it’s cold outside it’s blazing hot or freezing cold inside. NO HAPPY MEDIUM.

    At home…hubs would turn the a/c down to 60 in the summer if I let him. I’m ok with 75 inside. I freeze in the winter because we keep the heat at 68 to save money. I wear slippers and a sweater and have a blankee on the couch.

    It’s a lost cause. Good luck.


  9. bybee

    Ours is broken, so we’re muddling along with two space heaters.


  10. bermudaonion

    Well, that stinks. I’d be like you, because I’m always cold. I wear long johns and a sweatsuit around our house and everyone else is in short sleeves.


  11. Meghan

    I’m always cold too. I’m happy that my heat isn’t regulated and I have my own radiator this year, so I can make it as warm as I like. Last year, when I lived in an apartment with some friends, we did have to pay the gas bill and I was always freezing. My classes are in 600 year old buildings, though, and they don’t hold heat as much as I’d like!


  12. curlywurlygurly

    hmmm…guess you don’t want to visit my house where we keep it 62 year round (in NJ). we get frost on the INSIDE of our windows and i believe last winter had a mini-snow squall in the living room.

    we despise heat and being hot. at work i keep my office and classroom FAH-REEZING and my students know to bring sweaters and jackets to my class. hahahaha.

    this is why we don’t live in florida…but sometimes i do like to visit just to thaw out a bit.


  13. writemeg

    You’re completely right — holy wars HAVE been fought over this! At my office we have an incredibly efficient method of keeping the thermostat where we all want it individually — we just wait around until no one is looking, sneak up to the little controls (which happen to be outside of my old office door, so I’m usually the first one over there!) and quickly make our adjustments. Then we turn and run!

    I’m constantly freezing at work, especially in the summer. Someone felt it necessary to keep nudging the thermostat down to 50 degrees when it was 95 outside. Pneumonia much?


  14. Katherine

    I have the opposite problem–it’s too hot where I work! When we get in at 8:30, it’s practically a steam room because they leave the heat on in the building ALL NIGHT LONG! Then they turn it off, and it becomes a freezer by lunchtime. Yikes.


  15. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    I haven’t had this problem in a long time because I haven’t had a job in years, but . . . yeah. And, I had another problem, at the time. I wanted it cold because I was hopping up and down all the time, but also because smoking was allowed in the office back then. We’re talking dinosaur years ago, but I had a constant battle with the fellow behind me. I’d periodically open the vent, as much to keep the air cool as to keep the smoke from killing me (it’s a migraine trigger, unfortunately) and he’d slap it closed the moment I turned my back. We both had to use a ruler to reach the vent switch. It was kind of funny, but in an insane way. The job was a summer internship, thank goodness. I’d never have survived year-round with that annoying little nerd.


  16. veens

    the freaking AC/Fan is on my head ๐Ÿ™ and I steal the remote to it and switch it OFF ๐Ÿ˜€
    Yes I do that, it is COLD, damn it.. I dnt need it running over my head …


  17. Kim L

    OMG yes! My boss wears short sleeves year round, while I am freezing year round. Plus everyone else in the office comes by our area because they are all convinced our thermostat controls their area. I, myself, am doubtful.


  18. Jo

    Hi there. Followed a link from a comment on Love your blog!

    My office is always freezing. It’s in a basement and in the summer, the AC was turned up so high that I had to wear a heavy sweater. You’d think that would translate to the heat being too high, but no. It’s still cold. I wear sweaters, scarves and fingerless gloves (I have to type) and am still freezing all the time.


  19. Dreamybee

    Politics, religion, and the “proper” room temperature…all things for which people will happily go to war! The last place I worked, I and all my female coworkers were always freezing, and all the men were always burning up. Of course, whose desks do you think were right below the a/c vents?

    Curlywurlygurly…I don’t even know what to say! I understand not wanting to be hot-uncomfortable is uncomfortable-but 62 degrees??? Wow. Being that cold for any extended period of time just makes me angry. Unfortunately, not angry enough to warm up! It’s one thing to be outside and be cold, but to be indoors, where someone has the ability to make you comfortable and won’t… argh! BTW, this is not a personal assault on you, I’m just marveling at how different people are! ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    we don’t have an individual thermostat in the office here, but we’ve noticed that the whole system is screwed up because the other side of the office is toasty in the winter months and we are still freezing…now in the summer, its still warm over that side, but its still freezing here! We have no temp change at all its consistently like 40 degrees below zero in our office…people wonder why my hands are cold when they shake them or why beneath my fingernails are purple!


  21. Amber

    At home hubby and I usually keep the thermostat between 70 and 75 most of the year.

    At my current job there are no numbers on the thermostat. Only Cold, A line, and Warm. We have an individual who works at 3pm who turns the thermostat down to the CO in Cold. Me and the two others who sit near me like it at the WA in Warm. When I get to work I freeze and it takes a few hours to warm up the temperature again. Then after it’s been comfortable for a few hours the guy is back and he turns it down again.

    We closed all of the air vents but the force of the air was so strong it sounded like a jet engine was in the room. So a few were opened and now we all try to avoid his desk area unless we want to be supermodels. Ever seen the photo shoots or pictures of the hair blowing in the wind? That’s what my hair does when I stand by his desk. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t know of a way to fix it other than the continual up and down of the thermostat that we play throughout the day. It was so cold in here this summer I could not eat lunch anywhere air conditioned because I would get so cold!


  22. Enos

    My Coworker in the cube next to me has the thermastat for our entire floor in her office. She complains everyday that it is too cold (in Texas we always run the A/C), and she runs a space heater to keep her warm. The problem is that the space heater is directly under the AC thermostat that is in her office.

    I’ve told her countless times that the space heater is affecting the reading on the thermastat, but despite every arguement I can make, she has yet to understand the concept. I’m ok. I don’t worry about the temperature that much, but what drives me crazy is that she is too stuborn to even comprehend the fact that her space heater is heating the thermostat, which is why it’s so damn cold in here!


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