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Well Hello, Stranger.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! My birthday is today, December 7th. Always a rather sobering day. And who knew I’d ever turn 30? Certainly not me. But I’m sure it’s that way with every age, yes? Especially the big ones: 30, 40, 50, etc. When you’re young, you never think the day will come when you’ll be your parents’ age, your grandparents’ age.

Today I’ll be making homemade donuts in an attempt to find something for the holidays that become a tradition for us. My ex-boyfriend’s step-mom made cinnamon rolls, his step-sister was starting to make her family’s tradition be making monkey bread, and Dave’s mom makes dough cakes. All those are fine, but I’d like something that’s OURS. Know what I mean? If I had to choose right now, I’d choose dough cakes, but again, I’d like something that’s OURS. So I’m attempting the donuts this morning (since I can eat whatever I want on my birthday!), and then Dave and I will go out to dinner at my favorite restaurant. When I called to make reservations, the conversation went something like this:

(You should know that I know the menu changes every night…the chef goes to the farmer’s market and gets what she needs, then she goes back and hand writes the menu. About three years ago (probably longer) I had the best prawn cocktail, and when I mentioned this to a server recently, she said that next time I make my reservation, I should mention this prawn cocktail, because the chef would probably do it again.)

Me: Hi, I’d like to make reservations.

Restaurant Person: For how many people?

Me: Two.

RP: On what date?

Me: Sunday, December 7th.

RP: And what time?

Me: 6:00pm.

RP: And what name will this be under?

Me: Trish.

RP: Okay! We’ll see two of you here on Sunday, December 7th at 6:00pm.

Me: Great! And there’s just one more thing. A couple of years ago I had a shrimp (actually it was prawns, but whatever) cocktail there and it was sooo good, and I was wondering if you would ask the chef if she can do that again.

RP: Um, well, you know, the menu changes every night and I can’t guarantee the chef will put that on the menu.

Me: Oh, I know, but if you could just mention it to her. Because, see, it’s my birthday, and it’s also me and my husband’s six month anniversary, and we got engaged at your restaurant, so I’d really like it if you would just mention it to the chef. I know it may not be on the menu, but would you just mention it?

RP: OH! Well, sure, I can mention that. And either way I’ve got it down that it’s your birthday and anniversary.

Anyone want to take bets on whether the prawn cocktail will be on the menu? 😀


1. 30, 2. 30, 3. 30, 4. No. 30, 5. 30, 6. School of Art No.30, 7. 30, 8. the big 3 oh, 9. thirty, 10. home, 11. Thirty municipal, 12. 30 removed and white unders revealed – with nail., 13. three zero, 14. Not 30 yet, 15. no need to slow down…, 16. 30, 17. 30th Birthday Cookies, 18. 30/365, 19. Old Steam Locomotive. Detail, 20. 2008-02-10 Nicely decaying thirty, 21. 30 today!, 22. 30, 23. No 30, 24. 30/365… One month!!!, 25. 30th birthday with stars 

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30 Responses to “Well Hello, Stranger.”

  1. Dreamybee

    My grandpa’s birthday is today too! He’s 92.

    I will be optimistic and say that the prawns will be on the menu…(but don’t be disappointed if they’re not!).

    Happy (actual) birthday!


  2. monnibo


    Now I get what the 29-tribute was for yesterday. 🙂 Hope you have a FABULOUS birthday, and I’m sure once you’re in the restaurant, and committed to buying (and can’t just cancel your reservation…) they will TOTALLY make you anything oyu want. And if not, pull out the birthday/anniversary/engagement line!!


  3. Jeane

    That’s a cool mosaic. Happy birthday! I’m pretty sure you’ll get your prawns- do tell us how they taste!

    I remember once my family tried to make donuts at home during thanksgiving. What an adventure! They were really yummy, but I’ve always been a bit scared of deep-fat frying. Heat and oil and flying bits, you know.


  4. bermudaonion

    Happy Birthday, you young whippersnapper!


  5. Chris@bookarama

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 30’s!


  6. sharon

    Happy birthday! I’ll be in my 30’s in another year and 2 months. eek.


  7. sagustocox

    Happy birthday! Have a great time!

    I’ve posted a great post in remembrance of Pearl Harbor, which is a bit sobering, so read it tomorrow…

    Celebrate today!


  8. veens

    and of course 🙂 it will be there 🙂


  9. Ladytink_534

    Happy Birthday! Hope you get your shrimp cocktail on your special day!


  10. wordlily

    Happy birthday! I’m starting to think about the next milestone birthday, too — I’ve heard 31 is actually harder than 30 … and I’ve got less than 2 months. Eep!


  11. CB James

    Maybe having a new dish at your favorite restaurant should be your birthday tradition….

    Happy birthday.

    What is your favorite restaurant, anyway?


  12. Becky

    Happy Birthday, you sexy thang! I hear 30 is the new black.


  13. Jessica

    OH I hope they do it for you! What an amazing date- have FUN!


  14. Heather J.

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Trish …
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂


  15. mellymel

    Hope you have a lovely birthday & lots of doughnuts & prawn cocktail & whatever else your heart desires!


  16. Alyce

    Happy Birthday! I hope that you get everything you want today!


  17. Meghan

    Happy birthday! Hope you had a lovely day. =)


  18. Fyrefly

    I hope you’re having a lovely birthday! Did you get your shrimp?


  19. Literate Housewife

    Happy birthday! I’ve enjoyed my 30s more than the past decades. I hope you will, too!


  20. lisamm

    I hope you got your prawns, birthday girl!


  21. lisamm

    PS I remember my 30th birthday very well. My husband and I were out at a country bar, line dancing after having a fun dinner with friends (I’m not into country music but he was back then). My husband’s pager went off (this was before we had cell phones- I am WAY older than you)- it was my best friend calling from the hospital- she was in labor- so we went to the hospital to see her. I got so upset at the amount of pain she was in that I passed out!! The nurse brought smelling salts to revive me. Pretty funny!


  22. Darlene

    Happy Belated Birthday! I’d love to see the 30’s again. lol.


  23. Darlene

    Happy Belated Birthday! I’d love to see the 30’s again. lol.


  24. Dawn

    Happy Birthday, Trish, you youngster! I’m old enough to be … your older sister 🙂

    Give us an update – did you get the prawn cocktail?!


  25. Melody

    Happy belated birthday, Trish!! May all your dreams come true! 😀


  26. Kristina

    Happy belated birthday!! I’ll be 28 on the 30th of this month so I’m not too far behind you!


  27. bkclubcare

    Happy belated birthday, my dear.


  28. Nymeth

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you got the prawn cocktail!


  29. Nymeth

    Ooops, just saw that you didn’t. Well, I hope you had a lovely dinner all the same 🙂


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