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What Are You Doing Here? Part 2

This is a fun thing to do…check the search terms that brings people to your blog. I used to call it How Did You Get Here, but then I changed it to What Are You Doing Here, because, frankly, I don’t know what the heck many of my visitors are doing at my blog.

horseiding hats for big headsI do have a big head, but it’s not as big as a horse. At least that’s what I think  you mean.

what happens to little kids who use foul – …language? Is that what you mean? What happens to little kids who use foul language? Well, that’s all up to the parents, but I think we should all walk around with a bar of soap so we can wash their mouths out as necessary. Better yet! We should kick them off the bus!

why dont kids like foods touching each oBECAUSE THEY’RE SMARTER THAN ADULTS, THAT’S WHY. Don’t be silly.

does costco have all stephenie meyer boo – Costco has everything. In fact, I’m sure Costco will have all four books in a set ready for you to give as a gift for the holidays.

where can i get my hair crimped? – DON’T DO IT. Unless you want to look like me, which is basically someone who looks like they’re stuck in the ’80s. In that case, then go to your hairdresser and have her perm your hair with the smallest rods. Worked for me. Though it might be cheaper if you just stick your finger in an electical socket.

people who can’t eat food that touches – YES! That’s me! And apparently there’s a whole slew of us, but we rarely meet in real life. We just endure the agony of being teased by other people.

i’m so lameMe too. Let’s be friends.

review about a place – WHAT place?

i do poop with my wife in public – No. words.

+ebook whack to the side of the head – Huh? I only recommend a “whack to the side of the head” to people who really deserve it. But I’d suggest you use something other than an e-book, as I have a feeling that won’t make much of an impression.

fat randy grannies – AH HA HA HA HA HA!!! Wait, what was the question?

hey sweet lady….whatcha thinking about – Well, I’m thinking about all the books I have and how I never seem to have enough time to read them, that I should shower tonight so I can flat iron this unruly hair, and what I’ll be making for dinner. What are you thinking about?

hey lady – *waving* Hi!

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