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No thanks, I don’t want your junk.

Tell me: Are you a junk collector or a junk tosser?

I’m a junk tosser, to the nth degree. I’ve been known to donate/throw away/give away something, only to find a couple months later that I could totally use that thing now. Apparently, though, I don’t exude this attitude, as I get offered people’s junk ALL THE TIME.

I have a very nice co-worker who is always trying to hoist her crap on me! And when I tell her that I don’t want it, she seems lost, like she doesn’t know what to do with the thing. Most recently she offered me her old Gourmet magazines. And I was like, Um, no, I have NO PLACE in my less-than-1,000-square-foot-house for old magazines I’ll probably never look at. So thanks but no thanks. (I was a lot nicer, I swear)

Sometimes, SOMETIMES, if I can’t get the junk hoister off my back, I’ll take their crap, and throw it away as soon as a little time has passed.

Did I just type that?

It’s not that my house doesn’t have stuff or junk, it’s just that if something comes in, most likely something needs to go out. And I can only do that if what’s coming in is valuable to me in some way. Old Gourmet magazines are not valuable to me in any way.

So I’m curious: Are you someone who trys to assuage your guilt in getting rid of something by giving it to someone else? Are you a junk collector or a junk tosser?

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21 Responses to “No thanks, I don’t want your junk.”

  1. mellymel

    Depends on the item. I’m ruthless when it comes to clothes, shoes, decorations…but I hoard paper – stationary, books, magazines. Once a year I clean out the stacks and make room for more.


  2. Alison

    I do a combination of that… I will gladly take someone’s junk in the hope that I will have use for it (and collect my own for the same reason), and then one day I’ll look at everything and say, “Why on EARTH do I have all this stuff?” Gone. A week later… “Where’s that incredibly useful thing I had sitting right… crap.”


  3. softdrink

    Goodwill loves me. I probably could have made a small fortune on ebay from all the stuff I’ve donated over the years…but I can’t be bothered.

    I’ve had to play dumb to Mitch a few times after I’ve gotten rid of something he hasn’t used in ten years.


  4. serena

    I would love to get rid of tons of stuff, but my hubby brings home more and more stuff…he collects it…the more I throw out the more he brings in. I figure that once we are out of apartment living, he can collect his junk in the basement. The rest of the place will be mine…muhahaha! LOL


  5. bermudaonion

    I used to have a neighbor just like that. She would try to give me worn out junk!


  6. bkclubcare

    I’m mostly a junk tosser. Except for crafty stuff – I have a ton of projects I’ll get to ‘someday’. I toss most stuff my mother-in-law gives me which she would be horrified to know…


  7. Literate Housewife

    I’m a junk hoarder, but I do go through phases where I give things away. Coming from a family of garage salers, we have a “garage sale gift” tradition. This is gifting something that could come from your own stash of crap or something you find cheap at a garage sale. This can either be something appropriate to the person or a gag gift.


  8. Ti

    I’m a tosser. I detest clutter and junk and go through drawers and closets at least once a week. The flip side to that though, is that I like to shop too so there is always new stuff, probably stuff I don’t really need, coming into the house.

    I just push my junk off on anyone though. I toss it into El Garbage.


  9. curlywurlygurly

    i’m a tosser and i foister–i try to give stuff away because it’s GOOD stuff! actually, for a few years back in the early part of the decade i was tossing my tax returns–i had no idea i was supposed to keep them. oopsie.

    hey, trish…i’m getting rid of some books…are you interested?! lolz


  10. curlywurlygurly

    i’m a tosser and a foister–i try to give stuff away because it’s GOOD stuff! actually, for a few years back in the early part of the decade i was tossing my tax returns–i had no idea i was supposed to keep them. oopsie.

    hey, trish…i’m getting rid of some books…are you interested?! lolz


  11. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I have a lot of junk and yes, I first try to give it away or sell it before throwing it out. It’s all about freecycle baby! I”m amazed at the junk I can unload through it!


  12. Memory

    I toss the junk… but unfortunately, I live with two people who are complete pack rats, and their stuff tends to spill over into mine. Blah.


  13. gentle reader

    I’m a junk tosser but not a foister, and I live among a bunch of junk collectors. It’s a problem! I’m drowning in my family’s clutter, and I can’t toss fast enough…


  14. Dreamybee

    HAHA-Allison and I seem to have the same M.O. I hate throwing stuff away “because I might need it/use it/read it/wear it/reference it/wish I hadn’t thrown it away someday.” Then I get overwhelmed and decide I am getting rid of all the crap and organizing the good stuff. And then I can’t find anything I want.


  15. veens

    Lucky me.. I am neither 🙂
    And I have no one that does to me either!


  16. feener

    junk tosser but hubby is a junk keeper….problems


  17. S. Krishna

    I was a collector (though I never tried to foist my junk on anyone) until my husband and I had to consolidate our stuff plus make room for wedding presents in our 1400 square foot condo with minimal storage space. So I am now officially a tosser because I have gotten rid of some things that I now think I could use.


  18. Becky

    I’m a total junk tosser and I have the same problem: I often toss crap I shouldn’t have. Whoopsie.

    And it depends on what the stuff is. Most stuff I donate to Salvation Army, but I wish I had someone to actually give it to. Sadly, no one wants my crap.


  19. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    I can’t bear to throw away anything that I think still has a useful life, so I do a lot of donating. But, I’m still out of room in my house. I take on used books, all the time. Other junk? Not so much, unless you count the trinkets I brought home from my mother’s house. I didn’t have much time to decide, since my sister (the executor of my mother’s estate — and not very nice about it) decided she was in a Big Freaking Hurry to put my mother’s house on the market and then . . . didn’t. Still isn’t on the market, three months after she made me drive up with a moving van to remove things hastily.


  20. Kim L

    Oh good god I’m a tosser… clutter makes me nervous. Remarkably, that doesn’t make my apartment spotless… i just have random purges where I toss everything out. I love dropping my stuff off at Goodwill!


  21. Carrie K


    im so late to this but i just HAD to respond.

    im a junk collector. i collect my junk, other peoples junk, random junk, free junk….omg…its endless! i would rather take something home “just in case i need it” then to see someone throw it away

    really…i cant throw stuff away. i think i need medication!!!


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