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Best Way to Eat an Oreo?


I’m just curious: How do you think Oreos should be eaten?

I have definite ideas on this one.

FIRST OF ALL, Double Stuf Oreos are the best and only Oreos, as far as I’m concerned.

So once you’ve got a package of Double Stuf Oreos:

  • Pull it apart so that one side has none of the center (this does not involve twisting)
  • Eat the side with no center
  • Eat a little bit of the center (must use your teeth…the top teeth)
  • Then pop this other side of the Oreo (the one you just ate part of the center from) in your mouth.

Unless you freeze your Oreos, in which case you just have to bite into it.

Milk and Oreos? No.

Oreos and Pepsi? YES.

Here’s a poll, and then you can leave a comment if you’d like to expand on your ‘pinion.

[polldaddy poll=1214590]

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35 Responses to “Best Way to Eat an Oreo?”

  1. Ruth

    Are you my Oreo Twin? I’ve never met anyone else who eats Oreos the way I do, and you just explained my process perfectly.


  2. Ti

    My fave type of Oreo are the white chocolate covered ones that come out at Christmas time. If they are covered in white chocolate I will just eat all the parts together, but the regular ones, I will only eat the white part and not the cookie. To me the cookie is just too dry.


  3. Vasilly

    This is so funny! I don’t really eat cookies (I’m a chocolate girl,) but if you are going to eat an oreo, you have to twist the top off, eat the center, then the rest. With milk. hahaha


  4. Lezlie

    We must have been separated at birth. As far as I’m concerned, there *are* no other Oreos besides Double Stuff. 🙂



  5. softdrink

    No, it’s Oreos and Diet Pepsi. Otherwise, you’re right on. The trick is definitely to scrape the frosting off with the top teeth.


  6. Heather

    ok so I agree about the double stuff thing… but if I do eat oreos, which I don’t do too often, I like to take apart TWO double stuff oreos, put both halves with the cream filling together to make a double DOUBLE stuff (quadruple stuff?). then eat the two singular chocolate cookies, then finally indulge in the humungo double double stuff. 🙂

    I enjoy dipping them in milk, too, though. Oreos and pepsi? That’s just weird.


  7. Steph

    Well. I try not to have oreos in the house.
    They’re probably my favorite cookie.
    And they tend me make me fat.
    Because I tend to eat the entire bag once I start.
    SO. H’anyways.
    I have no one method.
    I’m all over the place. Sometimes I split the cookie in two, sommetimes I just go right ahead and eat the damn thing. Sometimes I dip in milk, sometimes I like a good pepsi or coke to go with it.
    BUT the one constant factor is that my oreos MUST BE COLD.
    If they are hot or warm, they are not edible.
    The same goes with the milk I drink (if I am indeed having milk), the milk must be ice cold and usually is because I always put ice cubes in my milk.


  8. Suey

    Milk. Definately milk.


  9. Dreamybee

    I used to LOVE Double Stuf Oreos, but I bought some recently (well…within the last year), and they tasted nasty. I don’t know if they’ve changed the recipe from when I was a kid, or if my tastes have changed. I still like regular Oreos, and I would think that the filling is the same in the regular ones as in the Double Stuf ones…anyone know?

    Anyway, sometimes I twist them apart and eat each half separately however it comes out-the regular ones don’t separate as cleanly as the Double Stuf ones-but if I get all the frosting on one side, I eat the plain cookie part first. Sometimes I just pop the whole thing in my mouth. Either way, ice-cold milk is a must!


  10. Beth F

    Funny you should post about Oreos. Am going to try a new Oreo recipe tonight. My friend tells me these are the best. She makes them with peanut butter Oreos, but I bought “regular” Oreos:

    Put 1 package Oreos, 1 block (8 oz) cream cheese, and 1 tablespoon vanilla in a food processor and process until smooth. Take the mixture and form into small balls. Put in refrigerator for a bit to firm up.

    Meanwhile, melt 3 (4 oz) bars of Hershey’s special dark chocolate (found in the bakery section). Dip each ball into the chocolate to coat. Put back in refrigerator to firm up.

    These sound fantastic to me. Will be making them tonight or tomorrow.


  11. Meghan

    I may be blaspheming here, but I don’t like Oreos. I do like cookies, just not chocolate ones. If I am given Oreos I’ll eat the cream inside and that’s it. =)


  12. bermudaonion

    I’m not perfectly skinny, but I don’t eat Oreos. 🙁


  13. Jeane

    Oreos belong with milk! Although if that’s not handy, I will split them and eat the cream first. (It’s been a long time since I ate an Oreo; mmm I want chocolate cookies now!)


  14. Chris@bookarama

    Pepsi and Oreos? Yuck! I only eat them with tea or coffee.

    IMO, double stuffed are just the original Oreos of our youth. They’ve cheaped out on the middle stuff over the years.

    Is it Oreos or Oreoes?


  15. wordlily

    Oreos are best enjoyed with milk, but they need not be dunked.

    And Pepsi? Wow.


  16. Christina

    I’m almost it the same way. I eat the side without the center, and then pop the whole thing in my mouth.


  17. S. Krishna

    I’ll take an Oreo any way I can get it, but you’re totally right about Double Stuf being the only way to go!


  18. curlywurlygurly

    i would rather eat rat poison…seriously! i’ve always hated oreos–my sister eats them by the handful. so, the only way to eat an oreo is with your mouth closed so it doesn’t sneak inside.


  19. alirambles

    Not a big Oreo fan. Neither Oreos or Tootsie Rolls taste like real chocolate to me. I like my filling in moderation, so the Double Stuffs, I won’t eat at all. Bleh.
    So, IF not double-stuff, and IF no other dessert can be found, and IF I haven’t had an Oreo in a few weeks:
    1. Twist off.
    2. Eat chocolate-only part because it’s not very good.
    3. Eat filling-topped chocolate.
    4. Eat a potato chip or something.


  20. Staci

    You take them apart and use the one without the topping to dip into the other one!! With milk 🙂


  21. Wendy

    Double Stuffed. Is there another kind?
    Take a part. Of course, they are put together for the packaging!
    Eat the empty half first. Dispose of the evidence.
    Dig out the frosting with front teeth. Best beaver impression.
    Lay the last cookie part on your tongue and let it dissolve. Like the wafer at church. Take awhile but slows the process of inhaling the rest of the package.
    STS – Smile to self:)


  22. Christine

    Heather at #6 is totally right! That is the only way to indulge in proper oreofaction.


  23. donstuff

    I generally just inhale the Oreos.
    Here’s a site you might like:


  24. serena

    How many of us are there! I totally agree. Though I add one step, which you won’t like…after eating some of the center with the top teeth, i will dip that cookie in milk and then eat it, but only on occasion.

    The norm is the way you outlined. Yipee…I am not alone.


  25. Jo

    Step 1: Twist
    Step 2: Eat filling
    Step 3: Put cookie halves back together
    Step 4: Dip in milk (or in my case, since I don’t drink milk, “Very Vanilla” flavored Silk soymilk).


  26. Lisa

    I don’t like Oreos, so you are incorrect. I don’t even like the crushed oreo ice cream topping.


  27. Literary Feline

    I actually eat them exactly the way you’ve described! Haha! I thought I was the only one. 🙂


  28. callista83

    I don’t like oreos although it looks like I’m the only one. Couldn’t get the poll to let me vote though 🙁


  29. belleofthebooks

    Oreos with peanut butter spread on the top! Not too much or you can’t swallow any of it but its definitely the best way to eat oreos! My family was doing this way before Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap!
    Or if you’re willing to put in the extra time and effort… make chocolate covered oreos and decorate them…


  30. ammo

    SHH my secret Oreo life –

    double stuff only
    open eat center
    get rid of outside …..

    IF others are around – eat as one cookie 🙂


  31. J.

    I just want to know who the three are that chose “I don’t eat cookies because I am a perfectly skinny bitch”! Why I outta…


  32. Megan

    I won’t lie — I definitely twist it apart and eat each side separately. If all of the icing goes only on one part of the cookie, so much the better!


  33. terri

    OK, here’s the deal. Hydrox cookies were much better than Oreos, back in my cookie eating day. The stuffing tasted better and the cookie did too, and they were crisper. I don’t even know if they still make them.

    Here’s how it’s done:

    1. Twist the Hydrox cookie apart
    2. Lick out all the stuffing
    3. THEN and ONLY THEN dunk each Hydrox cookie half in milk and eat it when it just begins to get soft – it should have no crunch left to it but shouldn’t be so soggy it falls apart.
    4. OMG I’m snowed in and can’t get to 7-11 for Hydrox!!! My mouth is watering.
    5. I’ll settle for graham crackers and milk. Such comfort food.


  34. terri

    Now everyone is off having Oreogasms.


  35. veronica

    It’s all about frozen oreos and peanut butter!


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