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Party Like It’s 2008 — Happy New Year!


Happy New Year my lovelys!

What did you do to ring in the new year?

Dave and I had to go to a wedding on New Year’s Eve in South Lake Tahoe. It was fun and low-key since it was his third marriage and her second. Eventually some of us left to check out the scene on the street as we’d heard there was supposedly 50,000 people who’d come to South Lake Tahoe for New Year’s Eve.

Holy craziness.

Our hotel was two blocks from from the casinos, so as we walked up, we could hear the crowd yelling and cheering. The closer we got, we saw that it wasn’t just a ton of people, it was people packed butt to crotch in the street in 20 degree weather. Beer was being shaken and sent spurting into the crowd. We even saw two fireworks thrown into the crowd as they were still going off.

We were standing on the outskirts on a side street near the port-o-potties, and some drunk guy got up on the handicapped port-o-potty and started jumping up and down. I think most of us would have been thrilled to see him fall through the roof of the port-o-potty (as long as he didn’t get hurt, of course).

A girl squatted and peed right behind my friend. Her boyfriend had to help her button up her pants, as even though she was able to control her bodily functions, she wasn’t sober enough to button her pants.

Dave and I ended up herding ourselves into the casino. As we were doing that, a guy was climbing a traffic light and had made it all the way to the top. I’m amazed he didn’t fall since the pole had to be icy. Dave and I held hands as we jumped into the crowd pushing into the casino against the crowd pushing out of the casino. You just had to keep pushing the person in front of you, keep the crowd moving, in order to get into the casino. We didn’t stay long, but it was amazing to see that many people in the casino.

Dave and I didn’t drink, and even though it was freezing, it was a blast watching that many drunk people. One guy was propelling a girl forward while she dry heaved. I wanted to wait and see if she’d yak, but Dave insisted we keep moving.

This was hands down the most exciting New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had. I think I’ve been to three New Year’s Eve parties in my life, including this one. Next year will probably find me back into my normal routine: staying home.

So what’d you do this New Year’s Eve? Or what’s the best New Year’s Eve you’ve ever had?


16 Responses to “Party Like It’s 2008 — Happy New Year!”

  1. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    Wow, sounds totally awful to me. I do not like crowds, especially the rowdy kind.


  2. J.C. Montgomery

    Being that I don’t live that far from where you were, I’ve learned that staying home and planning an evening celebrating and remembering at home is the way to go.

    Plus, it’s my special loved one’s birthday (New Year’s Eve) — so we are pretty much doing what I mentioned above anyway.

    Once he leaves for work, I snuggle up with a good book or play the Wii and wait for the appointed hour.

    Not that this is boring. This year my new neighbors, college kids, held a party which lead to the inevitable fisticuffs which they were kind enough to have out in the court for all of us to, ahem, enjoy. Why go downtown or Tahoe for that when I can get the experience of drunken revelry right at home? LOL

    Glad you made it through safe and sound!


  3. Lu

    I’ve been going to the same New Year’s party for 3 years now, but none have been as interesting as this year. Around 9 the electricity went out and was out until around 1 am. So we went around the house and found all the candles we could, and blankets because it was going to start getting cold in the house! We played Scattergories by candlelight until we had our own midnight countdown with sparklers and a makeshift ball we dropped from the front porch. It was almost disappointing when the lights came back on.

    Sounds like you had a blast!
    – Lu


  4. Joanne

    Holy crap that sounds awesome! I love watching how stupid drunk people can be 🙂

    My New Year’s was spent at home playing PS3, hubs worked an overnight and we had a Blizzard – not just a little flurry either, it was like the frikkin’ Ice Age!

    Happy 2009!


  5. Teddy

    What an experience! I’m not crazy about drunk crowds. Bill and I went to a concert and there was a lot of rowdy drinkers there. We loved the band though! They were The Unknown Soldiers, a Doors tribute band.

    Happy New Year


  6. Marg

    We had a good night! My friend and I took our two sons into the city, along with at least a couple of hundred thousand other people, and watched the family fireworks. We then had to deal with the public transport crush to get out of the city, and got home just in time to watch the fireworks at midnight! After that we opened a bottle of champagne, played Singstar and Buzz on PS2, drank more champagne. The adults crashed at 4.30am, but apparently the kids kept going. It was a great night!

    Happy New Year.


  7. brideofthebookgod

    Happy New Year, Trish. Every year I say we should go inot central London and every year I chicken out because of the weather, the crowds and the standing around for hours waiting for things to start. We stayed at home and had a quiet evening with glass of (really good) single malt and watched the fireworks from our window.


  8. Bonnie

    Happy New Year Trish! What a wild and crazy new years…it’s amazing what people do at New years!! We had a quiet NYE at home…boring compared to your entertainment,LOL!


  9. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    We usually have a very low-key NYE, having discovered that 99% of New Year’s parties are completely disappointing and overrated. We went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and continued a tradition of going out for fries and a cherry coke after midnight (this started with Steak ‘n Shake in St. Louis several years ago and now takes place at a diner in Richmond). My best friend visited to share the evening with us…all in all, it was a quiet, relaxing celebration.

    Sounds like you had quite a night!


  10. bermudaonion

    Our New Year’s Eve is low key too. Happy New Year to you!


  11. Alyce

    I’m glad you had fun, but that sounds like a nightmare to me. I don’t like large pushy crowds, and adding drunkeness in would be awful. But like I said, I’m glad you had fun.

    We stay home every year. My dad and I used to be the only ones who would stay up, and so we’d watch westerns (his choice) until the ball dropped. Since I’ve been married (11 years) my husband and I do pretty much the same thing, except we hardly ever watch westerns.

    This year we watched “If Lucy Fell,” which was the movie we watched on our first date almost 13 years ago. It was the first time we have seen it since that date, and it was funny (in a weird suicide-pact, predictable comedy way).


  12. Jessica

    OH. MY. GOD. Sounds like Mardi Gras! WE did nothing. Tomas had a friend over, so we spent it with the kids, watching them get excited over new years. It was fun and I loved it!


  13. stephanie

    Sounds like fun!! When the Illini were playing in the Cotton Bowl in 2002, my husband and I went to New Orleans for New Years. Since I was 5 months pregnant, I think I was the lone sober person in the entire city. Scary. It sounded a lot like where you were. A drunk threw up on my shoes. Then we had roman candles shot at us. Finally, we ended up walking 16 blocks in the rain….and heels!! Dang. It was interesting…..

    Happy New Year, Trish!


  14. Staci

    OMG…how did you get my picture?

    I can’t believe people were just free styling peeing in the streets!! pure craziness!!!


  15. Samantha

    LOL! Sounds like an interesting way to welcome 2009.


  16. serena

    Ok when you have no control over your own bodily functions, I think its time to pack it in and go to sleep.


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