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Do You Crack Yourself Up?

Well, do you? Do you crack yourself up?

I do. I find myself highly entertaining. I go back and read what I’ve written on some posts, and I get myself giggling so much that I can’t even tell Dave what I’m laughing about.

And don’t even get me started if I record myself doing anything. I will watch that over and over and laugh and laugh.

I crack myself up.

Do you?

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32 Responses to “Do You Crack Yourself Up?”

  1. Confetti Dreams

    Oh most definitely! There will be times when I say something I think is hilarious, start laughing until my ribs break- even if no one laughs with me!


  2. morninglight mama

    Sadly, yes I do… not sure if anyone else is laughing, but I do quite a bit. 🙂


  3. feener

    yea, sad but true. i do.


  4. Kristi

    I definitely am my biggest fan! I have a joke from last summer (as we were driving through a wild animal safari park – and it appeared that the reindeer were playing tag) I just had to crack a joke about reindeer games… – My daughter still doesn’t think it is funny, but I laugh every time!


  5. Maree

    No. Weirdly, other people find me funny. The world is a strange and scary place …


  6. Dana

    Oh yeah — I’ll read some of my stuff and old LJ posts and find them hilarious.


  7. Otto Mann

    you crack me up more than life itself.


  8. Memory

    All the time.


  9. The Social Frog

    Hey Trish 🙂
    Sometimes I do, not often but when I do it’s silly!


  10. Literary Feline

    Oh, yes, I do it all the time. I have a lot of inside jokes with myself. I’m not sure it’s healthy, but it’s the truth.


  11. Jena

    I find myself to be a charming and hilarious person. So does my husband (find himself to be). We’re either charming and hilarious people, or we’re completely delusional. Either way, we’re very happy.


  12. Lenore

    Well, I am highly amusing. I especially like reading my diary from high school – a laugh a minute!


  13. bermudaonion

    I don’t crack myself up, but you sure crack me up!


  14. Christine

    Only when I’m super-exhausted, and at that point *anything* will crack me up — right up to the point where I start sobbing and get put to bed.


  15. S. Krishna

    I amuse myself by making faces at myself in the mirror – I do the BEST alien face, I freak my husband out!


  16. Lezlie

    Oh, hell, yeah! I tell my hubby all the time how funny I am! 🙂



  17. Katie

    too often!


  18. donstuff

    I do. As long as it’s funny to me, it’s worth saying or doing – even if nobody else is laughing.


  19. Staci

    unfortunately I do but not everyone thinks it’s funny!!

    I hope you enjoy…Life as We Knew It!

    I had a nightmare as I was reading this!!


  20. Kim L

    Well you crack me up too 🙂

    I laugh at myself all the time. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who finds my clever comments funny, but at least I laugh!


  21. Megan

    Glad I’m not the only one. I crack myself up rather frequently – actually it’s usually a good thing because it happens most when I’m in a good frame of mind. Then I laugh at even the things that I’m thinking which I suppose isn’t always good especially when other people are around who maybe won’t get why I think I’m so funny or why I’m laughing for no apparent reason…and maybe just think I’m insane. But hey, I have to live with my thoughts all day, I might as well enjoy them, no? 😀


  22. ammo

    OH all the time! I even do dump stuff that is so funny that I have to tell others just to give them the laugh too. Now my hubby tells me that these dumb, funny and even embarrassing things that I do, NO ONE would ever know if I did not tell anyone. Yet I find myself telling others because they are sooo funny!


  23. Joanne

    Yup – all the time I find myself saying things that with a seconds thought make me laugh at myself. But the very worst is that I’ve been making a concentrated effort to not just blurt out random things lately, as a consequence my inner dialogue often makes me lol – I probably appear insane to people who don’t know me well 🙂


  24. Dreamybee

    I’m so glad everyone else finds themselves as funny as I find myself! Can you imagine if we all got together? It’d be a laugh a minute! Either that or we’d all stand around thinking how weird everyone else is.


  25. Becky


    Only constantly. Seriously.


  26. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    Sometimes my own posts make me snicker, but most of the time I don’t realize I’ve written something funny until people make the typical comment about almost snorting their coffee onto the keyboard. Still, yes, now and then I’ll read my own posts and find that I’m very entertaining (at times).

    You’re definitely a funny chick.


  27. Jessica

    yes I do! and my husband always catching me laughing at myself, by myself. I think he thinks I am crazy sometimes!


  28. lisamm

    I crack myself up constantly!!


  29. Megan

    No one could possibly find me as funny as I find myself! Well, except for my sister. When she was around five, she told me that I should become “a comedy person.” I hope I never stop making her laugh!


  30. kaye

    Sometimes I do when I think up silly captions for my penguins. But then, penguins are amusing in and of themselves…so I guess they really don’t NEED for me to speak for them, but I do anyway.


  31. sagustocox

    I crack myself up when I listen to my recorded voice or video of myself…not so much what I write…but then again I’m not that funny of a writer.


  32. Elizabeth



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