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Jessica and I discuss the Twilight series…on video

My friend Jessica from Both Eyes Book Blog and I thought it would be fun to finish the Twilight series around the same time (we both needed to read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) and then discuss it on video, as opposed to typing up our thoughts. So we did!

Please please please understand this is our first attempt at doing this. We hope to do this again, and hopefully it’ll get better and your eyes won’t bleed when you watch it.

Also, there was one thing that we talked about that didn’t get recorded. And that was why we read the Twilight series in the first place, since neither one of us thought the books were very good. As avid readers, we feel an obligation to read certain books because they become a part of our culture. People who don’t read very much will read those books, and it gives us (the avid readers) a common ground in which to talk about reading with non-readers.

Well, I guess I can’t stall any longer. The video’s kinda long. It’s just over 15 minutes.

[vimeo 2892341]

And we had one outtake. Sure is fun having dogs when you’re trying to record a video.

[vimeo 2892378]


25 Responses to “Jessica and I discuss the Twilight series…on video”

  1. Chris@bookarama

    Very good! lol My eyes didn’t bleed. I don’t know if I’d read Twilight or not.


  2. ammo

    Great video – And I for one would not read Twilight – Just not my type of reading. Thanks for the heads up!


  3. Eva

    I enjoyed watching your discussion (even though I only read Twilight, lol-so I had to look some things up to know what you were talking about!), and as a long-time vegetarian, I TOTALLY agree re: ‘vegetarian vampires.’ Since I haven’t read Breaking Dawn, I haven’t read the s*x scene, but from what y’all mentioned it sounds incredibly disturbing. Anyway, this was fun and you should do it again! 🙂


  4. Liz

    This was fun! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who read through these books. And Breaking Dawn? Still not sure what happened there.


  5. Care

    Very fun to SEE and HEAR you! I have yet to read Twilight and I really don’t want to but I agree with your point about it being a part of today’s ‘scene’. So I probably will read it eventually (considering my neighbor just forced it into my house, what’s a reader to do?)


  6. sagustocox

    Great video discussion you guys!

    I agree about the vegetarian aspect of the novel…last time I checked, vampires that went vegan or vegetarian only eat synthetic or blood bank blood…

    While I can see an aspect of Meyer’s reasoning in creating this world that is different from other vampire novels, she tends to stray too far from the legends and historical “facts.”

    I have woken up with bruises and not felt them, but the extent of Bella’s bruising would have been painful to say the least..excruciating for sure. I cannot believe the name Bella chose for her child, though it makes sense given Bella’s lack of conviction and weak character.

    I liked the escape of these novels, but in terms of providing girls with role models…no way.


  7. sagustocox

    oops, sorry. Fingers were too quick again. As for shapeshifting, that goes back to the greek myths when the gods would change shape.

    otherwise, werewolves, etc. are virus transmitted according to legends, though there are inherited shapeshifting genes and magical shapeshifting transformations, etc.


  8. Heather J.

    Good job girls! This was lots of fun – hope to see another one sometime.

    As far as the books go, I have to say that I’m on the other side of the fence … I totally got sucked into these books and I loved reading them. I agree that the writing was not great by any means, but that didn’t make me want to stop reading.

    A few thoughts in response to the video:

    • Definitely agree that young girls should NOT be reading this, unless they are reading w/ mom and discussing how this is NOT the way to behave

    • Renesmee?! Horrible, horrible name. *blech*

    • I didn’t have an issue with the way Meyer broke w/ vampire and werewolf traditions, but then I’m not a vamp/were genre fan. I do agree that the “sparkly” was a bit odd though.

    • The whole sex scene was odd for another reason. You touched on the bruising thing, but what about the fact that she was a virgin and if the rest of her body was bruised, her lady bits would be a bit sore as well. But all she focuses on is how wonderful it was and how she just wants to do it over and over again. Hmm.

    This was a great discussion – way to go!

    (If you want to read my ranting and raving about the whole Twilight series, all the links are here.)


  9. bermudaonion

    Great, fun video. I’m going to skip the Twilight series – it just doesn’t interest me – but my husband’s 85 year old great-uncle read it just “to see what all the fuss was about.”


  10. Staci

    I agree that the books were that well written but every kid at my middle school wants to read them!! I don’t have high speed so I can’t watch your video but I’m going to try to watch it at work tomorrow!! I think this is a cool idea!!!


  11. Staci

    I agree that the books were not that well written but every kid at my middle school wants to read them!! I don’t have high speed so I can’t watch your video but I’m going to try to watch it at work tomorrow!! I think this is a cool idea!!!


  12. Joanne

    Great job guys! I really enjoyed following your discussion about the series. I’ve read the books and still cannot believe the popularity of them. All the points you made were very well thought-out. I had two major complaints about the series as a whole and it was fascinating to hear you both talk about them:

    1. The class distinctions between groups. For me it seemed like vamps were rich upper class, people were normal and the were’s were trailer-trash. Not cool at all.

    2. The vegetarian vamps. Although my problem wasn’t so much that they were eating animals, it was the fact that if this were happening it would cause major problems in the ecological system. Less large forest creatures would mean an overload of the rodents, bugs, birds which they would have fed on.


  13. Stephanie

    Very cool idea!! I think it’s funny….I just started reading this series myself. Yah! for the late bloomer. Actually, I had never planned on reading it….but finally gave in to the peer pressure. One of my biggest negative comments was how I thought it wasn’t the right kind of relationship for a young girl to be reading about. It seemed kind of a dangerous thing to be pushing. And I thought maybe I was being really prudish about this….but I guess I’m not the only one!


  14. alirambles

    Great discussion, and I agreed with a lot of your thoughts, especially about the inappropriateness of Bella/Edward as role models for young teens. I hadn’t caught the class issues (I only read Twilight and that was enough for me, it may have been more obvious had I read the rest of the series), but now that you mention it, good point.


  15. bybee

    I wasn’t at all interested in this book, this series until you two talked about it. Way to go…I don’t know whether to applaud you or what!


  16. lisamm

    That was so fun to watch! I’ve only read Twilight and that was enough for me- I won’t be reading the rest of the series- so I didn’t get everything you were referring to (Renesmee? Really? blech!), but I agree with a lot of what you said about the characters.

    Trish, I’m surprised (and a little disturbed- jk) at your wealth of information about were-animals, LOL.


  17. Suey

    Very fun to watch you guys discuss! I do hope you do it again.

    My only comment… I’ve never thought of Edward as an abuser. What a disturbing thought.


  18. S. Krishna

    Nice video! I agree with your points on Twilight and I’m looking forward to more of these!


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  20. msmazzola

    First of all, it was very nice to put a face and voice with your blog. Secondly, Trish, I agree with you about Bella. I read all of these books because I teach high school English and my students insisted that I give them a chance. It makes me shudder to think that teenage girls are reading these books and their “role model” is a whiny, weak female lead who constantly needs rescuing. How many times does she almost pass out, get dizzy, or fall into Edward’s arms? And in swoops Edward to pick her up. Grr….I want them to read about a girl who CAN live without a man, not one who needs two men in her life to make her complete. Yet, like you, I felt the need to read these books and be able to talk to those non-readers about them and sadly, yes, I did read the whole series.


  21. avisannschild

    What a great idea! Like other posters here, I didn’t get past the first book, so I was a bit surprised by some of the plot developments from the other books. (Bella becomes a vampire? Really?) In general I agree with your assessment of the series (though, again, I only read the first book). The whole vegetarian vampire thing really bugs me too (but then I’m an actual vegetarian!).


  22. Kristen

    I have to say that I really agreed with most of what this video said. However I am from the southwest, Arizona, and there is are many Spanish Americans or people with Hispanic background.


  23. Lisa

    That was very interesting. I agree with everything. I didn’t love Twilight and was able to resist the sequels. I think that I can keep up pretty well just from reading the internets.


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