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Would you let your kid read these books?

Or, rather, would you read these books to your kid?

The Story of Little Mole Searching for Whodunit


From Amazon: Since its first publication in 1993, this book has charmed readers young and old with its unconditionally candid tale that raises bathroom humor to new heights. Splendidly straightforward and comic, it is at first unbelievable and then irresistible.

When Little Mole looks out of his hole one morning—PLOP!—something lands on his head. Whodunit? Now a new generation of readers will enjoy this one-of-a-kind, stinky, and delightful story for the first time.

This book talks about the different kinds of…whodunits…that animals make. Apparently, kids love it.

Walter the Farting Dog


From Amazon: We hold this truth to be self-evident: farting makes kids laugh. Walter, an apologetic-looking dog adopted from the pound, passes gas morning, noon, and night, no matter what he eats, whether it’s a 25-pound bag of low-fart dog biscuits, cat food, or fried chicken. On the bright side, “If Uncle Irv let one slip, he just went and stood near Walter.” When Father reaches the limit of his patience with Walter’s flatulence, he decides the pooch is once again pound-bound, despite Betty and Billy’s pleading. Poor Walter knows his days are numbered and “He resolved to hold in his farts forever.” That very night, two burglars break into Walter’s family’s house, and (you can see where this is going) Walter gasses the burglars with a “hideous cloud” that forces them to drop their loot and run into the clutches of the police officers, “choking and gasping for air.” The next morning Father and Mother discover Walter has saved the day–or at least their silverware and VCR. “And so the family learned to live with Walter, the hero dog. And that is the end of our tail.” (Or is it? Fans will be pleased to discover the next book Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble at the Yard Sale.) Audrey Colman’s highly stylized illustrations, imbued with a surreal, Monty Pythonesque collage look, are as absurdly comical as this silly story that is purely powered by natural gas. (Ages 5 to 8) –Karin Snelson

I don’t think I could read this book to my child without guffawing like an 8-year-old boy. It’s my dad’s fault that I think farting is funny.

Ten Stinky Babies

PUBB cover Fpp.indd

The first line:

One had his diaper changed
And then there were nine!

Somehow, poopy diapers isn’t as funny as a farting dog, or even a mole searching for who defecated on him. But maybe it’s just me?

No! That’s Wrong!


No! That’s Wrong! is about a rabbit who fortuitously finds some red lacy panties when they blow off a laundry line and thinks they belong on his head. I think it would be totally hilarious, but again, I think farting is funny. And kids think it’s hilarious when you put things where they don’t belong. Like underpants on your head.

So what do you think? Would you read these books to your kid?

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32 Responses to “Would you let your kid read these books?”

  1. Kathy

    I would have to read them first, because I think I’d be like you and get a case of the giggles. Of course, that’s not a bad thing – there’s nothing better than share a good belly laugh with a child.


  2. Kiki

    Believe it or not, we actually sell not only the Walter books at the bookstore I work at, but a farting Walter stuffed animal to go along with it–it was quite popular at Xmas–not my cup of tea, but if it engages some child who would be otherwise uninterested–I say go for it!


  3. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    Oh yeah I would! These are hilarious. I’ve been trying to get someone to agree to do Walter the Farting Dog for a storytime at my store forever, but no one has the nerve. They’re great. You might also like Chicken Cheeks, which is all about animal bottoms.


  4. Devourer of Books

    One of the favorites of the kids in my class when I was teaching was “Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis,” about a dog with terrible breath. It basically had the same storyline as “Walter,” I’m not sure which one ripped the other off, but it was great.


  5. Literary Feline

    Those sound hilarious!


  6. morninglightmama

    I fully admit to having the sense of humor of an 8 year old boy, so I probably would love these books. Except, the “Walter” book– I remember reading this a while ago, and not enjoying it at all, but I’m not sure I remember why.


  7. Chris@bookarama

    Definitely. Another one is Good Families Don’t by Robert Munsch about a giant purple fart! My favorite line, “Good Canadians don’t. What would the Americans think?”


  8. Monica

    I remember the mole book from when I was a kid. And there was another one, I think it’s called Everybody Poops. And it shows different animals poop.


  9. sherry

    The art in the “Walter the Farting Dog” books is wonderful! The expressions on Walter’s face alone make it a fun book. When I owned a bookstore, I had more than a few customers who bought these books for their adult friends. Walter goes to the beach…to a garage sale…on a cruise! Something for everyone.


  10. Jennifer

    I love the Little Mole! I know it as ‘The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it was None of his Business’ though. I think one of my primary school teachers read it to my class. I’d definitely read them all to my kids. In fact, they’d be compulsory. 🙂


  11. Natasha @ Maw Books

    It’s hard for me to judge just by those short descriptions, but it I took a look at them and they weren’t that bad, then why not?! And I guess I say that because I have boys.


  12. Staci

    Yep, I would’ve read them to my boys when they were little, after all, I’m the one who ordered all of the Captain Underpants books for them!!!


  13. nikki

    I can’t wait to read these books to my son. He’s only 2 right now, but he already thinks farts and burps are hilarious. Hell, I’m 32 and I think farts and burps and poo are hilarious!
    @Monica- my sister and her roommates bought Everybody Poops, cut out the pictures and framed them and hung them up in their bathroom. It was surprisingly a cute bathroom theme. 😉


  14. Lisa

    If you had asked before I had kids I would have said “Absolutely not! I am not teaching my children that farts are funny!” but now that I actually HAVE a 3 year old? Heck yeah. In fact, the 10 Stinky Babies ones might be the first I buy, the Pirate finds it HI-LAR-EE-OUS when the Bug is stinky.


  15. Kristi

    My son and I just checked Walter the Farting Dog out from the library – We have yet to read it though!


  16. Stephanie

    Yeah…I’d read them with my kids. I think the Farting Dog is funny as hell!!


  17. Joanne

    I would totally read these to my kids if they were younger. I’ve given Walter the Farting Dog to kids in our extended family and they’ve loved it.

    At a certain age, I’ve found that most toddlers go through a stage where poop/fart related things are like gold – so if the books make them happy and keep them interested in reading – I say go for it!


  18. jennifermorrill

    Let’s face it…fart jokes are funny. I giggled the first time I read Walter the Farting Dog. I’ve also read the Dog Breath book and Everybody Poops.

    I don’t hold back with my kids. Well I should rephrase that, my kids aren’t overly exposed to swearing and violence, but they know it exists. They know certain things are inappropriate because I have taught them.

    I guess it comes from being a teacher as well…I’ve had a kid accidentally ‘pass gas’ audibly in class and become extremely embarassed. I just shrug it off and tell them, “just say excuse me” and remind the rest of the class that every single one of them has ‘passed gas’ before.

    Sometimes I think books like these help kids realize that bodily functions are no big deal.


  19. Dreamybee

    I have a hard time with Walter the Farting Dog on principle. When I was growing up, fart was kind of a bad word, not as bad as the other four-letter words, but it was…a word you didn’t say. In our house, people passed gas, tooted, or fluffed. I’m not sure where that last one came from, but that’s what we called it. I guess if you look at the fluffy cloud of gas behind Walter, that seems kind of appropriate. Actively encouraging kids to talk about farting just seems like lowering our standards. Not that I wouldn’t find it hilarious, I just don’t know if I would read it to a kid.


  20. lisamm

    Kids love potty humor so yes, we would read these in our house!


  21. ammo

    Here are my views:
    Mole – No
    Dog – Yes
    Babies – No
    Panties -Yes

    and there you go 😉


  22. The Social Frog

    Of course I would, why do we always have to be serious about everything!


  23. Elizabeth

    I would!


  24. Raych

    Yes, right after I read them ‘Good Families Don’t’ and ‘I Have to Go!’


  25. Jeanne

    My kids were precocious readers, and those are the kind of books that they would pick out and ask me to read a few times until they could read it themselves, all the way up to Captain Underpants, which inspired my son to wear his underpants on his head for the first day of preschool when he was five.


  26. Kristina

    I would definitely read those to my son!! He’s almost 15 months old and thinks that when he farts it’s the most hilarious thing in the world, of course we laugh too so that doesn’t help. My husband has, since birth, thought it was ok to fart…loudly…..and then laugh about it. I just pray that everytime we go out in public, it doesn’t happen this time because apparently everyone does it so it’s ok to do it in front of everyone LOL. These are so cute!!


  27. smoothpebble

    I live with three boys and a husband so farting is a constant source of amusement around here. But really I did not enjoy Walter the Farting Dog. Maybe it’s the pictures that turned me off – they just seemed so, so, so greasy or something – repulsive. But a good fart, body function book with great illustrations – I’m all for it!


  28. Dorte H

    I would certainly read them if my children had still been young enough!
    One of our favourite activities when our three children were young was the bedtime story. Today we are all great readers so a happy weekend in this home is people sitting around with each their book, and when someone laughs out loud, everybody else wants to know what was so funny. And two minutes later someone else laughs and here we go again. Some people think we are anti-social, but that is their problem 🙂


  29. Weekly Link Round-Up « Bermudaonion’s Weblog

    […] of Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? had a great post about children’s books that are on topics that are not usually discussed.  […]

  30. Lenore

    The Mole book is VERY popular in Germany.


  31. Marta

    OMG those are too funny!

    And I would have read those to my boys who would have loved them! Now I’ll just have to add them to the list of books to read to grandbabies 😉



  32. Paula Krapf

    One of our current titles is The Moose With Loose Poops – and while we’ve gotten some laughs over the title, reviews so far are great! The series is written by a doctor and meant to inform parents and kids about various illnesses and ailments. Here’s what Shelly at Write for A Reader had to say:


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