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Some Knitting and Crochet Projects

I started knitting in July 2008. I was going to visit some relatives and had decided now was a good time to start knitting. My friend had gifted me with some lovely knitting needles for my birthday, I had a magazine with instructions in the back that I’d picked up somewhere, and I had yarn from when I’d used some Knifty Knitters.

My first project was this blanket:



I started it that same weekend at my relatives’ house. I had my aunt take me to a craft store where I bought the circular needles and yarn I needed. My aunt helped me with the problem of knitting on the wrong side (oops!), and after that I was off! It took me four or five months to complete this afghan, but I love it. It’s warm, it’s stretchy, it’s pretty, and it’s perfect (until I point out all the imperfections 😉 ).

I completed at least one scarf after that blanket, but then found out in January that my friend was pregnant. I can’t tell you how many baby showers I’ve been to where someone made something for the baby and I was so completely envious that someone could create something with their hands. Obvs, the first thing I thought of when my friend said she was pregnant was, “What can I make for the baby?!”

I go to a knitting group on the first and third Wednesdays, and I told them about the upcoming baby and how I wanted to make something. They gave me some great ideas, and I showed them this hat and how I wished I could make it but it was crocheted and I can’t crochet. One of the ladies awesomely offered to show me how to crochet since the hat uses very basic crochet stitches, so one night she showed me how to double crochet (I already knew how to chain), triple crochet, and how to crochet into a loop, and I was off! This was the hat I crocheted:



If you look on the left side of the hat, there’ s a little flower that was also crocheted and attached on to the hat. I gave that hat to another friend who had just had a baby.

Unfortunately, it turns out my friend is having a BOY (which I didn’t know when I started crocheting these very girly hats), so this bright pink hat will be going to another friend who I KNOW is having a girl:



This is a different yarn than the light pink one. This one is a baby cashmerino. It ruffled up better than the light pink one. The light pink one is a cotton, and while it looks really cute, the ruffle wasn’t as pronounced as I was hoping it would be.

Below is a scarf I knitted that I think is super cute. It’s my favorite scarf right now. It has ruffles on the bottom. RUFFLES!



I’m currently working on two projects, both of them most likely for my friend who’s having the boy: a toy giraffe that I’m crocheting (that’s coming out super cute!) and a blanket that I’m knitting in the feather and fan stitch. I’ll be sure to post pictures when they’re completed!

Do you do anything crafty? What are you working on right now?

Edited to add: My Ravelry username is trishc, if anyone is also on Ravelry!

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42 Responses to “Some Knitting and Crochet Projects”

  1. rantsandreads

    What cute projects! I love that baby hat!! I’ve been knitting/crocheting for about 5 years now. I even teach an into to knitting/crochet at my library. Have you joined Ravelry yet? Its a great community for knitters/crocheters. Great access to projects, yarn, and forums with lots of great tips and tricks.


  2. Melody

    Trish, you’re not only good in writing reviews but you’re good in crocheting too! I wish I’ve the talent! 😉


  3. Meghan

    Those are so adorable! I’ve only crocheted blankets and not at all lately. Nothing exciting. I’m on ravelry, but haven’t done anything with it yet, although I have found a couple of crocheting projects I’d like to start soon. When I do, I will add you!


  4. Chris@bookarama

    Very nice! I’m knitting impaired. I just can’t do it. I’ll stick to crochet.


  5. mari

    The hat is adorable. 🙂
    You can find me on Ravelry.
    Username: mariknits


  6. Julie P.

    I love the hats! You are definitely one crafty girl! 🙂


  7. Christine

    I crochet and do some hand-sewing/embroidery. My current project is refashioning a purse of mine. The lining and zipper went kaput, so I’ve relined it with some vintage fabric, and the next step is to re-do the handle and top end. I’m going to switch from a zipper to buttons, so that the purse will be reversible.


  8. bermudaonion

    You are very talented! I love the hats!


  9. madeleine

    wow, this is some very nice knitting! Love the baby hat and the bkue scarf.
    You have a tallent for knitting and crochet


  10. Fyrefly

    I love the yarn on that scarf… so pretty!

    I’ve knit… hold on, let me count… seven grown-up blankets and two baby blankets, and crocheted one blanket, plus innumerable scarfs and hats of both crafty types. I’m currently working on a wavy-rib scarf using some nice variegated wool yarn that I got for Christmas, and a blanket for one of my friends.


  11. Devourer of Books

    My then-boyfriend’s mom taught me how to knit during college, so I’ve been knitting for 5 or 6 years. I have a throw blanket I’m making with really nice yarn from a kit my mom gave us in Christmas of 2007 (yes, I’ve been working on it on and off since then, I need to just get back to it). I’m also working on a nice little round pinwheel blanket that I can put on the floor and put my baby when he comes in June. I started before I knew he was a he, so the blanket is two shades of green that look nice with our living room, since that is where we’ll use it.

    I used to sort of know how to crochet, back in late elementary school. I may have to relearn just so I can steal your pattern and make that little giraffe. What a sweet toy!


  12. sarahjean77

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime, but I’ve never commented before. You do a fantastic job of reviewing books and I often add books to my TBR pile after reading about them on your blog. I only recently started knitting as well so I had to stop lurking and say hi, add you to my ravelry friends and tell you how much I enjoy reading what you write about.


  13. melanie

    Add me to the list of jealous people who wishes they could make cute knitting things… those lil hats are adorable!


  14. The Social Frog

    All those things are just lovely Trish 🙂 It is always nice to make handmade items for people.


  15. Jen Forbus

    Very nice work…I can’t believe you only started in July, girl! Woo hoo! I’ll have to look and see if I have pictures of any of my projects. I give pretty much everything away. I mostly crochet. I learned how in high school. I learned to knit a little about five years ago. Everyone laughs at me knitting though because I hold my knitting needles funny…I want to control them the same way I do my crochet hook! It actually is a knitting style, just not the preferred style in America. I think someone told me it is used in Germany…whatever, it works for me, but I haven’t done anything beyond a scarf or a golf club head cover.

    My present project is called the “use the scraps” project. I have all this yarn that isn’t enough for a full project but also not small enough to justify throwing away. And I’m sick of it taking up space in my attic. So, I’m crocheting all kinds of granny squares which I will then crochet into afghans of many colors. If they turn out o.k., I’ll give them away…if not, they will be donated to the homeless animals at the shelter who won’t care what they look like!

    And the best part about these projects…I do them while listening to audio books! Multi-tasking.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your projects, Trish!


  16. Michelle

    The projects look great! You are so talented, and that baby is so cute! Love your blog…


  17. Veronica

    Very cute! My sister crochets and my mother is a huge knitter. I have never been able to take the time to learn either of those skills, though I do like to cross stitch. Not quite as useful a needlework craft, but still fun!


  18. Beth F

    Thanks for sharing your projects! Good job!!!


  19. Diane

    What wonderful projects! You should feel so proud.

    My daughter is a self taught knitter who has had some creations published. I, on the other hand, have no creative talents whatsoever.


  20. S. Krishna

    Those hats are sooooo cute!


  21. LynnS/AAR

    Those are great! I love the texture of that first project. Such pretty colors!


  22. Staci

    I’m blown away by your skills!! I love that little pink hat!! I wish I could find a knitting group around here. That sounds like a wonderful way to get out, meet people, and to create something with your hands. I love giving homemade presents…they mean so much more!!


  23. Dawn

    Beautiful! all of it – the blankets, the ruffle scarf, those hats (and the adorable baby!!)


  24. Angela

    Hi! I just found your blog a few days ago because I love to read…. and you knit, too!? Well, now I think you’re super cool of course 😉 LOL Those baby hats are so cute. I wish I had more time to knit. And to read. And, and…


  25. natalie

    stop!!! you’re too crafty for me. i have about 2,184 unfinished scarves. i think if i knit them together i’ll have a lovely SLANKET. ahem.


  26. Monica

    If anyone else is on Ravelry… HA like you need to ask!!!! Ravelry is knitter’s CRACK!

    Too bad your blog isn’t called “hey lady whatcha DOING”! then you could blog about your crafts more often!!

    p.s. I’m monnibo over there!


  27. bethany (B&b ex libris)

    I am on Ravelry! I need to log in and add you. I don’t know how to crochet though, I am a knitter. It is soooo fun 🙂

    ps. I am bungareeknits @ ravelry


  28. Dreamybee

    Did you mostly teach yourself or did you have others show you how to knit? With all the knitting I keep seeing on the internets, I am tempted to try it myself, but I don’t know anyone who knits, so I am thinking I might have to self teach. Any tips?


  29. Amber

    I’m always impressed when others can knit. It’s something I might take up at some point but I just haven’t gone about it yet. (My project right now is cooking!)


  30. Jessica

    Trish- you and our Twitter convo the other night has inspired me. I am going to knit something for this baby BEFORE he/she gets here. I figured it would be a good way to pass my maternity leave. So now we can play an awesome round of scrabble with intermittent knitting breaks! Score!


  31. Jessica

    we are so cool.


  32. alirambles

    I knit, off and on, and just learned how to crochet. Right now I’m knitting a felted bag, and crocheting a….pillow? Probably it will be a pillow. Or maybe it’ll be a thing-I-made-when-learning-to-crochet, if I don’t finish it.


  33. jennygirl

    Those crochet hats are adorable and practical too for the summer.
    I knit and have a blog with my girlfriend from work

    I am also on Ravelry as Jennygirl. Feel free to friend me, although you’ll find I’m not very updated over there. I have knit a feather and fan blanket for my friend. tiresome, but the look on her face was priceless. I am going to make a little elephant toy for another friend of mine. I’ll let you know how it goes. good look on all your projects.


  34. Featured Fellow Blogger Extraordinaire: Hey Lady! « State of Denmark

    […] 3. She can knit and crochet. […]

  35. Anna

    Love the hats! I’ve been knitting for a few years, but I’d love to learn to crochet. I’m franna724 on ravelry.


  36. Teddy

    Wow, wonderful job on all the projects! I especially like the afghan. It looks so cozy!

    I’m just finished sewing a sweater together that I knitt and am working on a shawl. I will be posting them soom on my blog.


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