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The (almost every) Weekly Link Round-Up


Every week I try to do an interesting round up of links I’ve found in the blogosphere, but switching my blog to self-hosting was more traumatizing than I thought it would be, so I let some things slide. But never fear! I’m back for another link round-up, even if it is rather late (it’s supposed to appear on Saturday). 🙁

Random Fun Stuff:


I found this t-shirt that I thought was so awesomely geekly, that the picture’s going to go in my sidebar for a while. Unfortunately, since I’m poor, I won’t be buying the t-shirt, but I’ll get plenty of joy out of looking at that picture.

Bookish People:

Swapna Krishna has already read 100 books. I think she’s hiding a superpower. That’s 100 books in less than 100 days. She’s read more than Jessica at this point, who read 409 books last year. A little friendly competition, ladies?

Bookish Stuff That Isn’t Reviews:

Holly from Book Binge did a fantastic post about what makes an author website great. AUTHORS, GO READ THIS POST RIGHT NOW. Thank you.

Biblibio had an interesting post about why we review books.

Lori from she treads softly featured Michelle Kerns, Book Examiner for, who wrote an article entitled: The Top 20 Most Annoying Book Reviewer Cliches and How to Use Them All in One Meaningless Review. I’m now a fan of Michelle Kerns, too.

Apparently, March 20th was the 40th birthday of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Jen’s even doing her nursery in that theme. How cute is that?

Chris from Stuff as Dreams Are Made On has moved to a new domain…make sure you change your feed!

Amy found a local bookstore called The One Dollar Bookstore. I think I need to move to where she lives. Er, no, wait, that would mean hauling all the books I already have. Nevermind.

Marta is giving away two freshwater pearl bracelets to encourage people to participate in  Cheerios raising awareness for heart disease: “Now through January 31, 2010, for every code entered at Cheerios will donate $1, up to $200,000, to raise awareness for heart disease and provide free cholesterol screenings for women in need, through its partnership with WomenHeart. Codes will be featured inside specially marked boxes of Cheerios cereal.”

Carrie talks about I’ve heard audiobooks are great when you’re knitting/crocheting…hmm…

Eva from A Striped Armchair has reached 100,000 visitors! Yay!

Book Reviews

Beth reviewed Zig-Zagging…but that’s not why this review is cool. It’s cool because she got a personalized, autograph cartoon of Ziggy. I’m so stinkin’ jealous!

Wendy reviewed Everyone is Beautiful. If you like chick-lit, it sounds like you’ll like this book!

Best Line in a Book Review:

“I’m pretty sure this is the first book I have ever read that has made me want to punch a character who is deceased.” From Alyce at At Home With Books while reviewing The Only True Genius in the Family, which sounds fantastic.

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16 Responses to “The (almost every) Weekly Link Round-Up”

  1. Jen Forbus

    That is an awesome line from a book review! I love it!


  2. nat @ book, line, and sinker

    i’m sorry…someone has already read 100 books THIS YEAR!? i thought i was so cool because i’ve polished off about 15…hmph. 🙂


  3. Lisa

    Oooh the challenge is ON!


  4. Vasilly

    Trish, you have the best links! So now instead of doing homework, I’ll be surfing the web! =)


  5. Chris

    Hey Trish! Thanks for linking to the new site 🙂 Much appreciated!


  6. Staci

    All the links you listed sound like so much fun, I’ve got to bookmark this post so that I can come back and finish reading them all!!


  7. Raych

    ‘and then Buffy staked Edward’

    *dies laughing*

    This is not a euphemism for lol’ing. I actually died, and then came back from the grave to comment on this post.


  8. S, Krishna

    Ha! I love the idea of some friendly competition! Thanks for including me in your link round-up 🙂


  9. Jeanne

    I loved the book reviewer cliches, and even added one. Thanks for finding this!


  10. jennygirl

    I am so stealing that T-shirt pic. Great find.
    I gave you an award on my blog, so stop when you have a chance. Have a good one!


  11. Lori L

    Michelle Kerns has had more great articles, including “30 famous authors whose works were rejected” and “What is the purpose of a book review? And are book reviewers writing anything useful?” I have to force myself to not repeatedly link to her.


  12. Kim L

    Once again, thank you for the entertaining links. I especially enjoyed the analysis of author websites. I guess I don’t frequent author websites much, but the same principles apply for plenty of other websites. I HATE websites that have lots of Flash because they slow down my computer. And at work I can’t see flash, so yeah, pretty worthless.


  13. Jessica

    As a matter of fact, I’ve read 102 books in 90 days so far this year. I’d be stoked to have a competitor, though, because so far everyone I’ve challenged has backed down. 🙁


  14. Jessica

    Hmm. I guess she IS ahead of me. Drat.
    But only by 9!


  15. S, Krishna

    Ha! It’s a book reading challenge throwdown…I’m off to the Food Network kitchens…(hopefully some other people get this reference)

    And I’m currently at 116…


  16. Alyce

    Ok, I am SO very behind in reading posts because of my spring break vacation from the computer. Thanks for quoting from my review! I saw the heading “Best Line in a Book Review” and thought “Cool – I love reading funny stuff!” I was totally shocked to see myself quoted. 🙂

    I’d love to say something witty here, but my two kids are both chanting “mom” at me, so I’ve got to cut this comment short. Thanks for the mention.


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