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Happy April Fool’s, 2009!

I love watching the jokes roll out on April Fool’s. Here’s a few that caught my eye:

GalleyCat lists some of this year’s literary April Fool’s, but my favorite one was this:

HarperStudio announced a Twitter review policy, granting readers who tweet fifty times about a HarperStudio book lunch with Seth Godin or Chris Anderson.

Whole Foods Market, a grocer that sells natural and organic food, changed their website today. In case they take it down before you look at it, here’s what they did:


Google had a great April Fool’s today. They announced the development of CADIE, Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity. This program, when used in conjuction with Gmail, allows you to “adjust tone, typo propensity, and preferred punctuation from the Autopilot tab under Settings.” The best part was their sample responses:




I had some other ones open as tabs in my browser, but my browser crashed before I had a chance to save the urls. 🙁

Did you have fun this April Fool’s, either playing a joke, having one played on you, or watching a joke play out?

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6 Responses to “Happy April Fool’s, 2009!”

  1. Jackie (Farm Lane Books)

    Thank you – I love reading about April Fool jokes. I didn’t see any yesterday, as I was out all morning – it’s a shame as there are normally some great ones on the news.


  2. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    I noticed the google april fool’s joke this morning…I couldn’t help but laugh!


  3. Kathy

    I tried to play a trick on our son, but he didn’t fall for it.


  4. debbie

    That Whole Foods ad is a scream! How funny.


  5. Natasha @ Maw Books

    I loved YouTube – everything was upside down. Also, loved the whole Gaiman is going to be stripped of his Newbery article. I’m pretty sure my husband and I unwillingly participated in an April Fool’s joke by calling about a free Wii that was listed in the classified ads. Those people did not sound happy.


  6. Jeanne

    These are great–thanks for sharing! I played and received too many April Fool’s jokes to enumerate them all. One of the best was that I put what I thought was a half a bottle of spaghetti sauce over some pasta and served it to my son. It was actually half a bottle of chipotle salsa, and he doesn’t like spicy food. But he could tell from my face that it was a cosmic April Fool’s joke, rather than an intentional one!


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