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Video – Jessica and I Debate LibraryThing

In this video, Jessica, from Both Eyes Book Blog, and I debate what people should list in their LibraryThing. And I should say, that I don’t care anymore what people put in their LibraryThing. I did care at one point, but that’s just part of my personality and being obsessive compulsive and wanting everyone to follow the rules. I’ve ceased caring about what people put in their LibraryThing and have moved on to equally mundane obsessions.

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15 Responses to “Video – Jessica and I Debate LibraryThing”

  1. Literary Feline

    What a great video and topic. I’m one of those people you don’t understand. 🙂 I use LT to catalog all the books I own, be it books I’ve read and haven’t read. Yes, all of those TBR books –books I own but haven’t read. I don’t include wish list books at all. I actually have to physically own the book. I had a really hard time leaving books in my LT account that I gave away–mainly those Early Reviewer books. I feel like I’m breaking my own personal rule, but since those books and the reviews I write for them count towards my chance of getting future books, I had to compromise.

    I initially signed up for LT because of the catalog feature. I’d been wanting to catalog all of the books in the house for quite a while and LT was too good an opportunity to pass up. I know some people use it for insurance purposes, but that wasn’t really what I had in mind. It wasn’t until later that I discovered the social aspect of LT. I still don’t think of it much in that way, although I sometimes will participate in the group discussions.

    I tried Good Reads and Shelfari but felt that they really didn’t really fit my needs. Sometimes I think of trying Good Reads again, but do I really need another something to keep up with?


  2. bybee

    I can’t remember if I put stuff on Library Thing.
    Jessica gave me a good idea for my next US trip to the library…
    Cookbooks…OH YES


  3. booklogged

    I joined LT to keep track of the books I own, rather I’ve read them or not. Until watching your video I didn’t realize there was a social aspect to it or that anyone else would be that interested in my library. I don’t think I’ll investigate the social part, keeping up with my blog and blogging friends is enough for me.

    At one time I thought LT would be a great tool for keeping track of books recommended by other bloggers. You could add who recommended it in the tag or if it fit the bill for a certain challenge, etc. Obviously, I looked at LT as a tool to be used however I saw fit.

    You’ve certainly enlightened me with this video. It was fun watching you two discuss. Hope you’ll do more.


  4. booklogged

    I just changed my profile to private instead of public, so my LT is no longer a social issue. Now it will serve my purpose. I do see benefits of LT being a social network for discussing books and if I decide to take advantage of that I may delete all the books I haven’t read.


  5. I Heart Monster

    I really enjoyed your debate! I am planning to feature Librarything as an Operative Factors post over at my blog and was wondering if you would mind if I use your debate? I’ll of course link to both of your blogs. Let me know whatcha think.

    I happen to agree with Jessica about the cookbooks though. My twenty or so cookbooks are well-used and really really loved. They’re an integral part of me. I also agree that you should only list things that you have read. If you want to make a catalog of what you own, I would think that it would be easier to just use a spreadsheet.


  6. S, Krishna

    Great video! I use LT but have an account with Goodreads. I’ve been considering closing it because I haven’t updated it in like a year!


  7. Chris@bookarama

    Sorry Trish but I have a couple of very special cookbooks in my LT.

    I always thought LT was for cataloguing the books I own and then make comments on them as I read them. (I also don’t know what I have on my shelves because they are 2 books deep.)

    I have lost interest in LT though.

    Love the dog incident 😉


  8. Jeane

    What a fun video. I use LT to keep track of all the books I own- including ones I haven’t read- and I even made one for my kid, w/all her books (most of which used to belong to me). I never put the strictly reference books or cookbooks on there, though. It just didn’t occur to me. And I’ve never used it for social networking. Not sure how one goes about that.


  9. Kathy

    This was so much fun! If people put books in their library to impress me, they’re wasting their time – I generally don’t look at other people’s libraries. I’m glad your dogs made their required guest appearance.


  10. Jessica

    you are so much fun! I love when you guys do these video things!

    Oh and p.s.- totally NOT mundane!


  11. Care

    Always fun! I hope you two make this a regular feature. And I suggest you do your review of Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper using this interview idea.


  12. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    I use library thing for the books I’ve read and reviewed only. I use good reads for that purpose as well, though I also use it as a list of books I want to read because I don’t necessarily want to get those books right now, but at some point. Its a way for me to keep track of books I thought were interesting should I be at a loss for a new book to buy and so I won’t forget the titles and authors I want to keep eyes on. I guess I am one of those people you don’t understand.

    This was a great video debate.


  13. Lisa

    I only list books I’ve read in my LT account. However, my account expired a year ago and I haven’t had the money to renew it so I’m considering letting it go.


  14. Monica

    When I have a baby, I totally plan to keep a list of books I read with them!

    P.S. What about Shelfari??


  15. Susan Keeping

    I use Library Thing to catalog all the books I own. I haven’t read all of them, but I will eventually. Like someone else in the Early Reviewers group said here, I keep the books that I have reviewed and given away on my Library Thing. But those are the only ones I keep.

    And I do have a cookbook catalogued…The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook. But I haven’t put magazines in 🙂

    I don’t really use LT as a social network. I have had conversations with a couple of people but that is all.


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