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Me Geeking Out Over the Festival of Books

Sorry about the poor lighting in this next video. I just wanted to get it done and couldn’t wait for a time when I would have good light. So you get me in all my…pinkness.

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20 Responses to “Me Geeking Out Over the Festival of Books”

  1. Meghan

    It’s awesome that you had such a wonderful time! I have to say though, I’m a little jealous!


  2. Chris@bookarama

    It’s terrible but all I can remember of Wil Wheaton is that when I was a teen I had a poster of him on my wall because I thought he was cute!


  3. debnance

    I’ve tried every year to make it to LA for this festival, and it has never happened. Next year….


  4. Jenn

    I love your enthusiasm!! I’m so glad you had such an amazing time!


  5. Kathy

    Your videos are fantastic in all of their geekiness. I’m so impressed at how comfortable you seem in front of the camera. I always feel like a total goof.


  6. S, Krishna

    LOVED these – you are so cute!


  7. Natasha @ Maw Books

    You were high as a kite after you attended those panels! I’m glad you are able to share your experiences w/ us as it’s impossible to go to everything.


  8. Suey

    It all sounds like so much fun. I think talking their ear off is better than what I’d do, which is totally clam up and forget how to talk entirely.


  9. Heather J.

    I’d have been just as excited as you after the Festival. How can a person possibly type enough to explain all that fun?! These vlogs are the perfect solution and I’m quite enjoying them.


  10. Pam

    Next year I will be ready for this festival. I appreciate you vlogging for us and all the tweeting you did to keep us all updated, and yay for Wil Wheaton. Also on the second video my eye line kept focusing on your cute dog, she sat so still I was trying to figure out if she was real or a stuffed animal haha.


  11. avisannschild

    Me too I’m feeling a little jealous. Sounds like you all had an awesome time. Thanks for the videos, Trish!


  12. Lisamm

    Hello Geeky Girl!! I purposely didn’t post the pic I took of you and Wil in case you wanted to use it here.. I also have that pic of you ‘high as a kite’ after you made Katherine Dunn’s day!!

    I’ve told you several times already, but I just loved meeting you and spending time with everybody!


  13. Ti

    OMG are so darn cute. I love these vlogs. Your enthusiam is so contagious that you have me sqealing over here!! I love what Katherine wrote in your book too.


  14. Dawn - She Is Too Fond Of Books

    I appreciate that you show yourself as YOU — “open mouth, insert foot”. Don’t you wish we had a rewind button on what we say sometimes?!


  15. Lori Barnes

    Loved your video


  16. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    you sound like you had a great time. I’m so glad that you did these vlogs.


  17. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    Hmmm. are you sure you can’t come to BEA? It won’t be the same without you.

    I’m so glad you had fun! Great recaps!


  18. Barbara

    Somehow I’ve never heard of the Festival of Books! I am going to have to plan to go next year! 🙂 Thanks for the fun video. It’s cool to see who the person is behind the words.


  19. gentle reader

    Hey, lady! I am so happy I got to meet you at the FOB. I wish I had gone to the Publishing 3.0 panel–you made it sound awesome! And I really debated about going to the one moderated by Michael Silverblatt. His show Bookworm is one of the smartest book shows I’ve ever heard (KCRW is the station, if you want to find the podcasts), though he’s slightly pretentious, he always gets authors to really, really talk about their books. Also I’ve always been intrigued by Pico Iyer, so I really should have gone to that one! So glad you had such a great time, and I’m definitely coming to dinner next year 🙂


  20. Lorin

    Great videos! I look forward to hearing more.

    How was Kevin J. Anderson? He’s one of the nicest authors I’ve had contact with through my blog.


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