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Review – The Secret of the Sacred Scarab


The Secret of the Sacred Scarab
by Fiona Ingram
257 pages
Published December 9, 2008
Middle grade fiction

The Secret of the Sacred Scarab  by Fiona Ingram is a middle grade fiction book that reminded me why I fell in love with reading in the first place.

When I was young, I read a lot of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. Those books feature teenagers (the Hardy boys and Nancy Drew, dur) invariably finding themselves engrossed in something mysterious. There’s pretty clear good guys and bad guys, with a surprise character not being bad or not being good, and usually some plot twists. They were so much fun!

The Secret of the Sacred Scarab  has so much fun in it! Justin and Adam, cousins, travel with their archaeologist aunt to Egypt to go site seeing. Trouble follows these boys around on their vacation, starting with when a street peddler surreptitiously slips a scarab into Adam’s pocket. Dr. Khalid, the evil guy who causes most of Adam and Justin’s trouble, knows Adam and Justin must have the scarab and he will stop at nothing to take it from them. The boys use various tricks and slipperiness to avoid Dr. Khalid, sometimes resulting in hilarious situations!

The author has a great writing style, and she has a great sense of humor that shines through her writing. I think it’s a great testament to an author’s writing when the interest can be held of readers outside of the targeted audience. Ms. Ingram held my attention and made me reminisce about books that I read many years ago.

If I had a child around age 9, up until age 13 or 14, I would thrust this book into their hands and encourage them to read it. It’s books like this that spark a love of reading.

Rating: 90 out of 100

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8 Responses to “Review – The Secret of the Sacred Scarab”

  1. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    Sounds like a great one! I’ll keep it in mind for the nieces. I loved Nancy Drew. sigh. She was my idol.


  2. Meghan

    I loved books like this when I was a kid, too. I loved fun adventure stories. I don’t have any youngsters around to recommend it to but I hope it does inspire kids to love reading. =)


  3. Julie P.

    Ooooh! Booking Daughter might really like this one! She reads books faster than I can bring them home!


  4. zibilee

    I think my friend’s son might like this book. He is seven and loved to be read to. Maybe I will get a copy and spend a little time with him and this book. Thanks for posting this, I am always looking for good recommendations for books of this type!


  5. Raych

    If I have bebes and they don’t grow up to be savvy readers and when I push books on them they scowl and sneak out the back door, can you come over and make me a martini?


  6. Jessica

    I am so glad that Tomas loves to read! I dont know what I would do if my kids werent readers!


  7. Beth F

    Sounds like a good one for my young nephews. Thanks. I loved Nancy Drew when I was a kid.


  8. shelburns

    I was a huge Nancy Drew fan too! May have to get this one for my classroom next year!


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