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Review & GIVEAWAY – The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams


The Chosen One
by Carol Lynch Williams
213 pages
Published May 12, 2009
Fiction, young adult

I’m rarely left speechless after reading a book, but this book left me speechless. The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams is about Kyra, a 13-year-old girl who lives on a compound run by one prophet. This prophet (or I should say “The Prophet” with finger quotes) controls everything about these followers’ lives, including having made them burn all their books, because books carry the word of Satan (in case you didn’t know).

Kyra has one dad, three moms, and 19 brothers and sisters. She’s a precocious 13 year old, wandering outside of the fenced-in compound. One day when she’s walking on the road outside of the compound, a mobile library drives past her and the driver nods in acknowledgement. Kyra becomes obsessed with finding out when the mobile library will drive by again, and despite her going to the same place every day that she first saw the mobile library, it’s not until a week later that the mobile library drives by again. Kyra nods back in acknowledgement, but the van keeps driving. The third time Kyra sees the van, the van stops and offers her a library card. Despite being able to check out four books at a time, she only takes one book that the librarian recommends because books are banned on the compound and one book is easier to hide than four.

Kyra’s been doing other things that she shouldn’t, like secretly meeting with one of the boys on the compound for the last year. If they were caught, the consequences would be severe.

When The Prophet comes to visit Kyra’s family, Kyra’s dad thinks he’ll finally be appointed as an apostle. Apostles get to live in actual houses on the compound, as opposed to the rickety trailers that the followers live in. Kyra’s uncle is an apostle, so the family is practically giddy with the news they think The Prophet is bringing.

The Prophet, though, isn’t bringing news for Kyra’s dad. Instead, he visits the family to tell them he saw in a vision that Kyra was to marry her uncle, one of the apostles.

Who’s 60 years old.

And already has six wives.

Did I mention this guy is her uncle?

I guess she’d not only be mother to her children, but auntie as well. Reminds me of that song, “I’m my own grandpa.”

And this is where the books gets mind-blowingly good. What should Kyra do? It’s not as easy as just escaping from the compound. If she leaves, her dad could have his family taken away from him. Is one person’s freedom worth ruining the lives of 20+ people? But is Kyra obligated to stay in a situation where she’ll be married to her uncle and miserable, just for the sake of not only staying with their family, but so that her actions don’t affect them?

This book brings up a great moral dilemma: If your happiness and personal freedom meant ruining the lives of 20+ people, is it worth it? What if you were on the other end, and it was your life that was going to be ruined if someone made a particular choice? Would you hope the person would sacrifice for the greater good?

The Chosen One was well written, though there was one part in the end that didn’t ring true for me, and this part is what kept this book from getting a perfect rating from me. Other than this one little itty bitty piece, Carol Lynch Williams is a great storyteller, ratcheting up the suspense until my heart was beating wildly as I watched the story unfold. You must read this book!

Rating: 98 out of 100

Buy The Chosen One from Powell’s | Buy The Chosen One from Amazon

I’ve got a great contest for you! Thanks to St. Martin’s Press, I’ve got 10, TEN! copies of The Chosen One to give away. To be entered in the drawing, leave a comment telling me whether you think polygamy should be legalized (I blatantly stole this question from Maw Books, but it’s a great question!). If you don’t answer this question, you will be disqualified.

For an extra entry, you can:

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For each entry, please leave a separate comment. For the entries that give you 5 extra entries, I will tally those separately, all you need to do is leave one comment.

Contest is only open to US and Canada, and the contest will end June 17th at midnight, PST. Good luck!

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191 Responses to “Review & GIVEAWAY – The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams”

  1. Jen - Devourer of Books

    Since you blatantly stole the question, can I blatantly repeat my answer? I don’t really have a yes or no to this question (hopefully you’ll still count my answer!), but I think whichever would make it easier to prosecute them men who are basically raping underage girls. If it would be better to have polygamy legalized (which might also stop women who aren’t legally married in the eyes of the state from gaming welfare to support their polygamous family), more out in the open, and subject to age restrictions the great. If it is easier to prosecute them if the whole thing is illegal, then great.

  2. Jen - Devourer of Books

    I follow your blog, BTW.

  3. Jen - Devourer of Books


  4. Stephanie

    Me, Me, Me. (then close comments!)

    Hmmm..I think I already answered this question!

    This book sounds so good. I have a werid fascination about polygamy ever since I started watching Big Love.

    It’s hard for me to say it should be illegal when it is part of a religion…and one that I know little about. BUT from what I’ve read about most FLDS sects, I do have a serious problem with girls being married off at 14. There is nothing about children getting married to adults that should be legal. Older, consenting adults….maybe.

    Wishy-washy answer, I know!

  5. Kimmy

    Okay, this book sounds really interesting.

    As for polygamy, no it should not be legalized.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  6. Stephanie

    I tweeted too:

    RT @trishheylady I’m doing a big giveaway of THE CHOSEN ONE by Carol Lynch Williams, which I loved!

  7. Kimmy

    I absolutely follow your blog;-)

  8. Jessica

    Ok- ever since you told me about this book I have been on a hunt for it. I do not know much about Polygamy, aside from Big Love! Best show ever! Makes me want to have sister wives! So I say, in my little HBO world- go for it! (as long as there are age restrictions and it is not forced, obv)

  9. Jessica

    pfffft- you know I follow you! cuz I loves ya

  10. Jessica

    tweet tweet

  11. Kimmy

    Tweeted here!

  12. Jessica

    I emailed my reader friends.

  13. Carol

    Pick me – and no way, polygamy should NOT be legal.

  14. Chris

    I’d love to be entered for this one! And no, I don’t think polygamy should be legal. I just feel that marriage should be between two people, not something shared with also affects children from the marriages, I’m sure. But then again, I see Stephs point…it is part of a religion and who am I to say that something shouldn’t be legal. I understand that not all LDS practice polygamy and that it’s the more fundamentalist LDS, but it’s still part of their religion. Ok, so I just totally contradicted myself here, lol. Guess I’d have to think on this one some more!

  15. Chris

    And I already follow your blog Trish!

  16. amersmiller

    Yeah! Another chance to win this book, I am happy!

    Well, I don’t think Polygamy should be legalized. I answered this question on Maw Books, but over there I said it was because it would give these creepy old guys the right to marry young girls. Then I thought about it, and figured if it were legal there would probably be some stipulation with the ages. However, parental consent would probably still allow the old creepy guys to marry the young girls. I just don’t think society could handle polygamy. Look how things are currently being handled with gay marriage rights. Although, in all fairness, if full marriage rights are allowed to gays, then I say its only right to allow full marriage rights to polygamists.
    Some people would probably argue against that logic, but I really don’t see a difference. At any rate, if it were my choice I would say no, it shouldn’t be legalized.

  17. amersmiller

    I tweeted from @amersmiller

  18. Florinda

    I already entered Natasha’s giveaway with this answer:

    Here in California, we’re still fighting over the legal definition of “marriage” as “one man, one woman” – with the emphasis on the genders. Polygamy would seem to be a similar issue, but with the emphasis on the numbers instead. So if I support granting gays the legal right to marry – which I do – must I support granting the legal right to have multiple spouses at the same time? Wouldn’t that be consistent reasoning?

    Well, then I’m inconsistent. I don’t think that healthy families thrive in polygamous households (while they can in homes with same-sex parents), and think that the state would be wrong to permit such households to exist legally.

  19. Florinda

    And I’ve been following/subscribing to your blog for EVER, Trish :-).

  20. Icedream

    No, polygamy should not be legalized. My reasoning is that too many extremists use it to exploit young girls. I have LDS friends and they do not support the FLDS logic to continue the practice.

    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance! 😀

  21. Icedream

    I’ve been a follower! 😀

  22. Icedream

    I put your giveaway on my blog at:

  23. Joyce K.

    I don’t think Polygamy should be legalized. Our society has enough issues about who should be able to marry without adding a complexity of multiple marriage partners. Logistically it would be a nightmare, programs would have to take into consideration a family with multiple spouses, computer programs would have to be re-written to support multiple spouses, child custodial issues could be more complex if there are multiple parents/guardians. And that is just from an objective point of view, not interjecting my emotional response.

  24. Kathy

    Don’t enter me – I have the book and I’m really looking forward to reading it after that review.

  25. Amanda

    This one looks so good. I suppose I might as well enter the contest. 🙂

    I don’t think polygamy should be legalized. For one, it’s too one-sided. Why should men be able to get married to multiple women but not the same in reverse? For two, if we allowed both sexes to marry as many people as we wanted, we’d start ending up with very complicated families that eventually would boil down to a smaller gene pool, I imagine. If you had 20+ siblings and half siblings, and each one of your aunts/uncles were involved in families like that, how could you ever keep track of who is too close in your bloodline to marry? For three, if people could get marraige tax and health benefits from the government for multiple partners, I imagine there’d be a lot of people taking advantage of the system.

    That’s not to say I mind if a religion is going to accept non-governmental polygamy, as long as they aren’t breaking other laws. I just don’t think government should sanction polygamy. It’d be too easy to lose track of things.

    amandagignac [at] gmail [dot] com

  26. avisannschild

    On Natasha’s blog, I answered that I thought polygamy should remain illegal, but now that I’ve read Jen’s answer above, I think I agree with her: whatever makes it easier to prosecute men who marry underage girls is what I would support. I’m all for live and let live, but I draw the line at hurting other people and it’s pretty clear that this brand of polygamy (at least) hurts women and children.

  27. avisannschild

    I’m definitely a follower and have been for some time!

  28. Jenny

    Oh, I so want to read this! As far as my own beliefs go, I don’t mind one way or another about polygamy myself, but I don’t think it’s viable economically. And, of course, it always seems like most of the people who want to do it are creepy cult members…

  29. Jenny

    Oh, and I follow your blog! I am always pleased when Google Reader tells me you have posted. 🙂

  30. Meghan

    I don’t think polygamy should be legalized. As I said on Natasha’s blog, it’s certainly true that we should have freedom of religion, but I have never heard of a society in which polygamy was not damaging to children and families and in that respect I can’t condone it.

  31. Meghan

    I have been following your blog for a long, long time now!

  32. Meghan

    And I tweeted about your giveaway!

  33. Sheri

    Hey, Trish!

    No need to enter me.

    I agree with you and thought that this was a REALLY good book. I gave it a 10/10 and my “Guaranteed Good Read” seal. I also reviewed it, in case you are interested in checking out my review:

    Hope all is well.

    I’m so jealous that you won a Kindle! Lucky girl!


  34. Emily

    My first instinct-gut reaction to this question is NO WAY should it be legal!! But then I think about it, and if I believe that anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or whatever, should be able to be legally married and have the right to visit their significant other in the hospital, make medical decisions, etc. then why shouldn’t someone be able to have more than one spouse if they would like? Also, if polygamy is legalized, maybe it would be easier to keep the younger girls from being forced into marriage. I don’t think it would EVER happen but sure, I would support it being legalized. Just because I personally don’t believe that it’s right doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t be able to do it!

  35. Emily

    PS I already follow your blog. 🙂

  36. Alicia

    I have an odd fascination with polygamy, I read the books because the lifestyle fascinates me (not in a good way). After reading some of the stories of incest and abuse, I would say that polygamy should not be legal!

  37. rhapsodyinbooks

    I believe those in favor of polygamy bestowed upon it the imprimatur of a divine command to legitimize the exploitation of young girls. However it can best be stopped, I am in favor of stopping it.

    nbmars AT yahoo DOT com

  38. Chris@bookarama

    Hey Trish! 1) I have you in my Reader, 2) I will Stumble 3) I will tweet.

    Ok, so my answer is that it should not be legal (although what country are we talking about, I won’t tell you guys what to do ;), so I’ll say here in Canada). It always seems to be icky old guys marrying young girls who don’t know their own minds. There is just too much potential for exploitation.

  39. Chris@bookarama

    Oops! Must read instructions. I Stumbled.

  40. Chris@bookarama

    I tweeted:

  41. Chris@bookarama

    And I follow in Google Reader.

  42. mindy

    while i personally do not believe in it i do feel people should have the right to choose thanks for the giveaway

  43. Jeanne

    My first reaction to the polygamy question is that I thought it was settled years ago when the practice was outlawed in the U.S. Why go backwards? But like Florinda, I wonder if my thinking is consistent. Usually I think we should keep our laws off of however consenting adults want to define their relationships.

    I think we’d be better off as a country if we separated the civil part of unions from the church part. The civil part is the essential part, for many Americans.

    That said, the good of the whole vs the good of the one question is less interesting for me when the whole includes folks who would consider marrying a girl that young to an uncle that old. That you were interested probably testifies to the strength of the characterization. Because the plot sounds horrific.

  44. Memory

    This sounds amazing.

    As far as polygamy goes: I think it should be legal provided that each spouse is a consenting adult. If it’s a choice, I’m all for it. To each their own. If it’s a forced marriage of any sort, (polygamous or not), I’m against it.

  45. Memory

    And I subscribe through Google reader. 🙂

  46. Suzana

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    About poligamy… I don’t like it, not in the civilized world, where people wants to be “one and only”- everything else sounds like an abuse to me. I can’t apply this to those areas where people are raised in poligamy and find it normal… it’s their way and their (not always though) choice.

  47. Lesly Orf

    I am not sure about polygamy. I think if it is consenting adults, I would be okay with it if it works for that family. I know it wouldn’t work in mine. Haha. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  48. Kerry S.

    Very interesting book. My gut reaction to the question is, no, polygamy shouldn’t be legal. However, I’ve read a different take on polygamy in David Weber’s Honor Harrington series (epic sci-fi) and that certainly gave me some food for thought. I can’t say that it’s absolutely impossible for my opinion on this issue to change, with (of course) the condition that everyone involved would have to be a consenting adult.
    For now, my answer remains no.

  49. Kirsten

    So glad I found your blog when I did; this sounds like an incredible book!
    I think polygamy, like other decisions that do not affect those who are not directly involved, should be a legal option for consenting adults. I believe that laws about marriage are tied directly to religious beliefs, freedom from which was supposed to be the foundation of the country. The more the government regulates our personal lives, the further we are from the initial intent behind life in America.

  50. Kirsten

    Just added your RSS feed to my reader; I’m a follower! 🙂

  51. Kirsten

    Aaaaaaand tweeted!

  52. Marie

    I don’t think it should be legalized but honestly I’m saying that and then doubting myself because it’s a religious issue and I’m sure there are many sides to the question.

    This looks like a great book though — I feel sure about that 🙂

  53. Tracy W.

    Provided ALL parties involved are fully informed, in agreement, and of legal age (major requirement!), I don’t think that others’ beliefs or governmental restrictions should limit their personal freedoms.

  54. MJ



    no, it should not be legalized- to me then its giving men a permission a way to legally rape those underage. I do believe those who are caught raping underage women should automatically have their privates cut off and a big mark on their forehead and hands as a warning but thats just me

  56. Lori L

    Polygamy should not be legalized and the men who practice it should be prosecuted and creatively neutered.

  57. brenda helgeson

    no. i think it’s so belittling to women. if you notice it’s men who have many wives, hardly ever the other way around, because we know how hard it is to train just one.

  58. Sandra K321

    Your description of the book makes it sound very interesting. Do I believe in polygamy? No. How can you have a family unit to bring up children in when the father is being shared among many wives and who knows how many children? This makes women only something to collect and show off, not to love and honor.

  59. Kirsten

    Oh, and to clarify my point – by legalizing polygamy, I mean legalizing it for everyone: adult men and women alike could have multiple spouses if they so chose, not solely men.

  60. scottsgal

    I don’t think it should be legalized – the young age that girls marry bothers me – not emotionally and even physically ready at 13 or 14 years old.
    I really want to read this one!

  61. Lu

    I have such a hard time answering this question. On the one hand, I think that consenting adults can pretty much do what they want, as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else. Of course, no children under 18 should be involved. I don’t think children under 18 should be allowed to marry no matter what. Even with parental consent. If you want to get married that bad, you can wait. But then you have to think of families, and the way it impacts families. I do think there are plenty of people who probably make plural marriage work. But what about the others? Is legalizing it the way to protect people from being put into dangerous situations by illegal polygamous families? I do not know, I do not know.

  62. Lu

    +1 for being a follower!

  63. Lu

    +1 for tweeting! lulu_bella


    Absolutely not! Polygamy should not be legalized. It is a horror for young girls who are forced to marry while they are still children. Who do they marry? Many times the marriages are to members of their own family who are much, much older (and many times married). So very sad.

  65. Lu

    +1 stumbled!

  66. Heather

    So I just got this book from the library and read it in one sitting – it was SO GOOD!! don’t bother entering me, I don’t need to own the book. But I have a question, I want to know what part of the book you didn’t like/agree with. Just email me because I am curious. thanks 🙂

  67. natalie @ book, line, and sinker

    i’m going to read this book even if i don’t win it!! your review is sooooo tantalizing that i wish you would have suggested it for my ‘off the deep end’ challenge!

    and now, on to the matter at hand: personally, i disagree with polygamy, or as is the case in this book, polygyny, if a female is not of legal age or is forced into the marriage without her consent.

    if consenting adults want to partake in this practice for religious reasons, what does my opinon matter? that said, i don’t condone the practice and think that religious zealots are frightening! 🙂

  68. Nicole

    My knee jerk response is no. I haven’t read up yet on the Mormons- Under The Banner of Heaven and The 19th Wife are still waiting to be read. But I did read Mother of the Believers by Kamran Pasha, which heavily figured both polygamy and religion, and I really didn’t see much benefit there for the women and of course a whole lot of benefit for the men.

  69. Nicole

    I am a subscriber through google reader.

  70. Carol M

    Polygamy should not be legalized. Marriage is a special relationship between two willing adults who truly love each other. Young girls should not be forced into this kind of life. I don’t think there is anything religious about this. It’s just a way for a man to control and enjoy a lot of women and young girls. They would never allow a woman to have more than one husband!
    Carol M
    mittens0831 AT

  71. Nicole

    I stumbled.

  72. Carol M

    I follow your blog.
    Carol M
    mittens0831 AT

  73. Nicole


  74. Carol M

    I tweeted – CarolAnnM

  75. Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)


    It’s SO amazing how much your blog has grown since just last year! I loved it then and I love it now…along with the *blogger* herself! I do watch BIG LOVE…like everyone else.

    But, as for it being legal. I say NO. 13 and 14 year old CHILDREN being married off and then having children of their own. ICK! I say NO NO NO!!

    Love ya,

  76. Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

    And of course I absolutely DO follow your blog! : )

    xoxo Amy

  77. S. Krishna

    No need to enter me (but I don’t think polygamy should be legalized). I enjoyed this book as well (though I don’t know if enjoy is the right word). It really blew me away.

  78. Helen

    Thank you for the opportunity to win The Chosen One. I do not think polygamy should be legal as very young girls are exploited. They have no say in how their lives will unfold.

  79. Helen

    I have recently started following your blog. And love it! You inspired me to read GEEK LOVE which has been sitting on my (very big) unread book(s) shelf for a few years. I loved it! I’m bringing it to my book club summer read book swap this week. Thank you!

  80. Crystal P

    I cannot judge other people for the lives they live. I cannot pretend to understand their belief structure, we all have our rights. Its difficult for me to even get upset over the 13 – 14 year old thing. It used to be common to marry young, although times are different now. Although, at the same time we don’t tend to mature in our minds until MUCH later than 13 – 14.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is it is too gray of an area for me and I prefer not to have an opinion and to just live my humble love and nurture what needs nurturing 🙂

  81. Heather M

    Goodness no… I don’t think it should be legalized. I’m only 19, but am old fashioned in saying that marriage is for 2 people to share and only 2 people! I think it’s about love and that you have the will power to remain with 1 person the rest of your life! I think Polygamy is VERY wrong!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  82. Natasha @ Maw Books

    Of course, don’t enter me. I have yet to divulge me feelings about this on my own post, which I probably will do in the comments there, but it seems to me that it seems that most are confusing polygamy with simply the marriage of underage girls (which yes, is a very sick side effect). Say marriage of underage girls is somehow kept under control (um, yes, totally easier said than done) as well as marriage to family members and the marriage would be only between adults, would that change a lot of peoples answers?

  83. Lazygal

    Legalizing polygamy would give FLDS and Muslims the opportunity to be open about their lives – and possibly stop the practice of having old men marry young (as in, underage, just-barely-in-their-teens) girls.

    Of course, I’d only support it if it went both ways: men with multiple wives and women with multiple husbands… or perhaps I should amend that to read “multiple partners” to include homosexual relationships. The President of NOW had a husband and a lesbian lover. Why not allow her to marry both?

  84. Christine

    I believe that it should be legal — which is not the same as my being in favour of it. But legal precedents have been set, and I don’t think that the government has any choice but to (eventually) more to legalization. In fact, there’s a case in the BC Supreme Court right now that will basically decide on this issue, and then set precedent for the rest of Canada.

    I don’t like the idea of polygamy, but legalization would get it out from under the table and, I hope, make it a more liveable situation for those involved. Polygamous communities tend to have a number of social problems built right in: underage marriages, for one, and a sort of “lost boys” effect where young men can’t find partners because they’ve all been married by older men already. A legal polygamous union could be limited to a set number of adults, something that’s not really enforceable/monitorable right now, since polygamous marriages/communities tend to be sequestered and/or secret.

  85. Karen

    I only recently stumbled upon your blog but am thoroughly enjoying it.

    Polygamy is an archaeic way of keeping women as chattel and is demeaning and degrading to the female gender. The only thing good I can see about it would be getting your bed to yourself several nights of the week, thus, enjoying a good night’s sleep! (One might not appreciate this bonus unless they’d been with one mate for awhile who snores incessantly 🙂

    Having said that, I still find various religious practices and lifestyles fascinating and will read this book.

  86. Pam

    I’m fascinated yet repulsed by polygamy at the same time. A few of the books on my “want to read” list are about the very subject. I guess I have issues with laws banning acts that 2 (or more) consenting adults wish to do that do not harm others. I have issues as well, though, with sects that force young girls to marry older men at such a young age in the name of religion. Again, I believe in free choice so I may also have a problem with adult women being forced to marry. So my answer is: if you are an adult and choose polygamy than who am I to judge but it’s wrong to force people into it, especially young girls.

  87. Pam

    Following your blog through google reader.

  88. Allykatt

    Very tough one way or the other to say yes or no. On my maternal granny’s side there were polygamists who quit that lifestyle 3 generations before I was born. I would say people should be able to do as they please if they are willing–who are we to legislate? I believe in freedom of choice but kids unwillingly raised that way is another issue.
    Anyway, book looks great so thanks for the chance.

    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

  89. Allykatt

    I follow your blog on Google Reader (rubymoonstone at gmail)

    contact email
    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

  90. Angela

    I don’t think it should be legalized.

  91. Riva

    Folks who force underaged girls to marry should be buried under the jail. However, if consenting adults want to contractually create any kind of family they find appealing, that’s a different story.

    I’ve been intrigued by this book since I first saw it announced and am glad for the chance to win a copy.

  92. Riva

    And – I follow your blog on Google Reader.

  93. Jenners

    Wow — 98 out of 100! who can pass that up! I would definitely like to be entered in the giveaway and shall try to gain as many entries as I can. And I will say that I do NOT think polygamy should be legalized. Monogamy is complicated as it is and I think legal multiple marriages would just result in all kinds of headaches re: property, children, etc. I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

  94. Jenners

    I am a follower of your blog and I will tweet about this. But as a new Tweeter, I can’t figure out how to copy my Tweet posts into these comments so I guess you are just going to have to trust me on this! : )

  95. Kathryn

    Polygomy between consenting adults is one thing. Forced polygomy between a minor and an adult? Not cool. Why does polygomy need to be legalized? Why not just live polygomisly, if that’s what you want? I don’t have an answer that doesn’t sound wishy-washy. But I would absolutely love to read this book! Please enter me 🙂

  96. Rick

    Great book, great review, thought-provoking comments. A couple points of clarification.

    The LDS Church banned polygamy in the 19th century and excommunicates those who engage in it. Some polygamous groups are offshoots of the LDS Church, many are not. Their practices vary widely. Some are as painted in The Chosen One. Some are more open and give their children choices. LDS beliefs and practices are quite different from those of polygamous groups. The author is LDS and obviously is opposed to polygamy.

    Legal? For young teens, absolutely not. Coercion? Fraud? No. Consenting adults? Up to the courts. Wouldn’t bother me either way. Legalization, as some here have suggested, might bring people out of hiding and make it easier to monitor.

    Don’t enter me, I’ve read the book.

    Again, great post.

  97. Bonnie

    This sounds like an amazing book. I haven’t read many, if any, books on polygamy and this one definitely interests me. I would have to say that I don’t think that polygamy should be legal. I believe in monogamy, how can one person whether it be a man or wife have such a huge harem and then live all together with children. I would think that each woman and child would have such identity and self esteem issues. Wouldn’t everyone want to be considered a favorite? Most likely, it would be the youngest most beautiful wife. The age issue as well is a concern with polygamy as it seems the men prefer the young child like brides. It seems cultish to me with the husband being the one in charge of everyone and the wives not having much say so.

  98. Bonnie

    I’m a follower!

  99. Bonnie

    I tweeted but don’t know how to capture the link!

  100. Bonnie

    I blogged about this in my sidebar for Other Blog Giveaways!

  101. zibilee

    I would love a chance to win this book, and no I absolutely don’t think polygamy should be made legal. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  102. zibilee

    I am also a follower of this blog.

  103. zibilee

    I tweeted this giveaway as well.

  104. susan

    no I do not beleive that Polygamy should be legal.. It is just wrong to pur kids through that!

  105. Kristi

    Cool – 10 books! And Polygamy should absolutely NOT be legalized – ewww!

    kherbrand at comcast dot net

  106. Kristi

    I follow your blog.

    kherbrand at comcast dot net

  107. Melissa - Shhh I'm Reading

    I’ve heard great things about this one and would love to win a copy!

    As for polygamy, I’m kind of torn…If ADULTS want to marry more than one person and they are all ok with it, whatever. My issue is that a lot of the polygamous marriages involve very young girls and that is just wrong!

  108. Melissa - Shhh I'm Reading

    I also follow

  109. Meghan


    I am totally interested in this book! I have read some true stories of polygamy but no fiction yet…Escape and Stolen, both were fantastic. Also, thanks so much for such an awesome blog. I am really enjoying reading your reviews!

    I think that the problem with polygamy is not the act of plural marriages – many cultures have plural marriages and they work fine, but it is a problem with the FLDS religion, which belives that marrying women at a young age is ok, and that believes in all powerful and future seeing leader. However, I do not think that you can legalize polygamy because of the religious group that encourages it. I agree that the government should not have the power to legalize or make illegal religion, so I think that by ensuring that polygamy remains illegal, the government can make the act of plural merriages more difficult for this group.

    Thanks again,


  110. Meghan

    I also follow, daily!

  111. nikki

    I want to enter! And I’m already a follower.
    Yes, I think polygamy should be legal. My personal belief is that the government should not be responsible for defining marriage. Marriage is personal institution, not a governmental one! The fact that many young girls are trapped in polygamous marriages is actually not about the polygamy. Child molestation and polygamy are two different things!
    I am going to blog about this contest, but I’m a little pressed for time at the moment.

  112. Barbara LH

    polygamy…should not be legal; power structure destructive to females

    and I follow your blog

    and really should write something about your Kindle win. You and I met at Book Group Expo in San Jose and I was one of the only women with a Kindle. Now that Kindle 2 has come out, I feel like a starter wife, a discarded mistress. Everything is now geared to the newer version…but I still carry mine, love it, and it got me through a year of small-scale traveling (more books with me than I could pack!)

  113. Lisamm

    No I do not think polygamy should be legalized. Greedy bastards. One spouse to a customer and that is all.

    And I also follow your blog.

  114. Paula H

    Part of me think that it should be legal if all parties are consenting adults. On the other hand, by it not being legal, it gives authorites an excuse if they think something hinky is going on with underage girls. I also wonder how it would affect things like health insurance and divorce laws if it were to be legal.

  115. Michelle

    I do not have a problem with polygamy per se, and I think that perhaps it should be legalized. In some ways I see how the lifestyle of polygamists could actually be enviable. However, I think that laws against incest and statutory rape need to remain stringent, and cases should be prosecuted to the strongest letter of the law, whether polygamy is legalized or not.

  116. Michelle


  117. Dona

    The book sounds very interesting I would buy it… I do not beleive in polygamy weither it was allowed or not… One man to one woman is plenty…

  118. Diane LaRue (bookchickdi)

    I am a big fan of HBO’s Big Love, so I would love to read this book. Your review intrigues me even more!
    Polygamy is a difficult topic. It is fraught with difficulties, but it is hard to tell someone that their religious beliefs are wrong. That being said, forcing a child to marry an adult is child abuse, and against the law, not a question of religious tolerance.

  119. Diane LaRue (bookchickdi)

    I tweeted too!

  120. Diane LaRue (bookchickdi)

    I’m a follower!

  121. Diane LaRue (bookchickdi)

    I also blogged about the contest here.

    Thanks for the chances to win!

  122. ErinW

    I think polygamy is creepy, so I’m gonna say no to legalization. I just can’t quite wrap my brain around the whole concept… but I’ll admit I don’t know much about it either. I think ignorance might be bliss in this case! lol

  123. ErinW

    Oh, and I’m a faithful follower! 🙂

  124. Cindy V

    I do Not think it should be legalized! I think they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when it involves 14 or 15 year olds marrying and becoming a baby factory. It’s criminal!

    Whew, I came off a little strong there, but come on. If they were of legal age etc., it might be different story.


  125. Cindy V

    I subscribe by e-mail and by RSS feed.


  126. lilly

    I would love to win this book.
    I do not think that polygamy should be legalized. I am in no way a prude but I think that we have to draw a line somewhere and polygamy is just one of these ‘somewheres’. And since we’re on the subject, I wonder if it had been legalized, would it be only a husband allowed to have more than one wife or would women be considered having more than one husband?

  127. lilly

    oh, and I also subscribe to your RSS 🙂

  128. Lorin

    Good review!

    In a perfect world, I think polygamy should be legal – I wouldn’t want to do it, but I try to mind my business where adults are concerned. But we don’t live in a perfect world and its not just an adults’ concern, so, no, I don’t think it should be legal.

    I subscribe to your blog.

  129. Lorin

    I’m so bad at paying attention to rules! And yet I get annoyed when other people do that. Sigh…

    I subscribe to your blog.

  130. Esme

    Thanks for the giveaway-as long as you are an adult and not hurting anyone, marry who ever you want is my thought.

  131. Marie B

    No to the legalization, I think it does not fit with today society, to bring children up in this way is detrimental to our future. Marieburton2004 at yahoo . Com

  132. Belinda

    Polygamy should not be legalized.

  133. Kay

    Please enter me!

    My first reaction to the legalisation of polygamy would be “no”. But then again, it’s a quick judgement on what’s right or wrong, and there are always many sides to a story. As long as every party involved is willing and that rights are equal for both women and men, I guess it’s not my business! I know I wouldn’t do it, but who am I to judge others’ choices?

    I also follow you through Google Reader 🙂

    Thanks for that great contest, this has ben on my TBR list for a few weeks! Fingers crossed!

  134. Carrie K

    Thanks for the great review! its on my list now…

    i dont think it should be legalized as it allows for exploitation of women and especially young girls.

  135. Carrie K

    PS Im a loyal follower of yours…just a rare commenter 🙂

  136. wendy wallach

    I think that polygamy should absolutely be legalized.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  137. Mary D

    Not an easy question to answer! I hate to say yes or no either way, but in the best possible interest of children I believe I’d go with NO!

    This sounds like an interesting book, and I’d love to read it – thank you so very much for the opportunity to win 🙂

  138. Christina Brunetti

    I would love to read this. I definately think it should be legalized. What people what to do with their private lives is their business not mine.



  139. Bree

    Polygamy is usually thought of to be one man with many women (some of which are underage). What if polygamy was one woman with multiple men? Lets try that for a change. How about a novel about multiple husbands waiting on one woman. As for making polygamy legal, probably not because of the complications polygamy already involved would worsen.

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  141. Nicole C.

    No, I don’t think polygamy should be legalized. While I think that adults should make their own decisions regarding things like this, it just affects too many children. They are being brought up in a life they did not choose and probably would not have chosen for themselves!! But, they are made to believe that this is the only way!!

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  143. Julie

    I adamantly believe that polygamy should NOT be legalized. It is a backwards and corrupt practice that has contribted to the subjugation and abuse of women and children for generations. While its true that what educated and aware adults do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business, when young, defenseless children and teens become involved it is time for intervention.

    Thanks for such a thought provoking giveaway!

  144. Julie

    I’m a follower!

  145. Carrie K.

    If we lived in a perfect world where polygamy wasn’t used to exploit young girls, then I would say yes, it should be legalized, because it’s a religious issue, and I believe in religious freedom. But because we don’t live in a perfect world, and I don’t know how they would regulate it, I don’t think it should be legal.

    nnjmom at yahoo dot com

  146. Carrie K.

    I stumbled this – my stumble user name is nnjmom.

  147. Carrie K.

    I’m a follower!

  148. Carrie K.

    I blogged about your giveaway in this post:

  149. Popin

    I think polygamy. There is a difference between the polygamy, where kids get hurt in the process and one where it’s between consenting adults. If someone is using this as a way to go after underage girls, then something needs to be dealt with. But I don’t think you can use that bad example and then say that polygamy is an evil act. If consenting women decide to marry a consenting man, then who are we to judge really? Also, if it’s legal then you can watch over who gets married and keep on the sick men who go after the girls a lot easier.

    ~ Popin

  150. Allison

    I do not think that polygamy should be legalized. It dictates that men may have multiple wives, and the woman must be submissive to their husband. Woman are not allowed to have multiple husbands, not to mention the fact I that simply think people should only marry ONE person at a time. But I do adore HBO’s Big Love! haha.

    Please enter me to win!

  151. Anne Taylor

    Polygamy; I can’t anwer that with a yes or a no. I think it may work for some people but not for others! Honestly, I just don’t know lol

    Hope that answer will suffice!


  152. Anne Taylor

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  159. Tokemise

    I’m a follower.
    No, Polygamy should never be legal.
    thanks for the entry.

  160. Review: The Chosen One « Book Addiction

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  161. Anita Yancey

    I do not think polygamy should be legalized. Would really like to read this book. Please enter me.

  162. Anita Yancey

    I am a follower!

  163. Christine Womack

    I do not think that polygamy should be legalized. This book sounds like it would be just awesome to read. Please include me into the drawing.

    Thank you,


  164. Christine Womack

    I am also a follower.

    Thank you,


  165. Christine Womack

    I sent an email to five friends about this giveaway with a CC to you.

    Thank you,


  166. Raelena

    Polygamy should never be legal.

  167. ikkinlala

    I can see how polygamy could be a nightmare for the legal system, but I don’t think it’s wrong for consenting adults to have a relationship that involves more than two people. I would support the legalization of polygamy with a few conditions (for example, that polyandry would also be legalized and that forced marriages would be prevented).

  168. Kimberly

    Holy crap, 167 entries already?! Sheesh, I need to get on the ball, oh well it is a drawing after all. Anyway, please throw my name in the hat!! Thanks girl!

  169. ShootingStarsMag

    I would love to be entered. This book sounds amazing and you have another great review of the novel.

    As for the question, I don’t think it should be legal. I do believe that if you are going to marry someone, it should only be that one person.

    I’m a subscriber to your email now. 🙂

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  170. veedee

    I subscribe through google reader!
    delilah0180 AT yahoo DOT com

  171. kim v

    I don’t really have strong feelings either way, so I guess I would say yes that it should be legalized.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  172. kim v

    Blogged about it on my blog under current giveaways. here

  173. Beth

    No! I do not think polygamy should be legalized. Thanks for the chance to win.

  174. Sharon A

    I believe that adults can do whatever they want as long as no one is being hurt. However, I do not believe that extends to children or minors.

  175. Dreamybee

    Interesting that many people seem to automatically think that polygamy=child abuse. I understand why people’s minds jump to that, given what we see in the news and all, but the question, “Should consenting adults be allowed to have more than one spouse?” is very different than, “Should adult males be able to marry anyone they want regardless of age?” Legally, I think people should be able to marry anyone they want, assuming everyone involved is of age and consents…to a point. I mean, for practical purposes there would have to be some kind of parameters put in place.

    To help avoid exploitation, perhaps age limits could be imposed for plural marriages that raise the age of consent for someone entering into a plural marriage. Just like we won’t let a 21-year old run our country, maybe we don’t let anyone under the age of ___ enter into a plural marriage for reasons of experience and maturity.

    Logistically this would be a nightmare, but that’s another discussion!
    .-= Dreamybee´s last blog ..Happiness A-Z: K =-.

  176. Dreamybee

    I follow you in my Google Reader!
    .-= Dreamybee´s last blog ..Happiness A-Z: K =-.

  177. Jennifer Blanton

    I don’t think polygamy should be legalized, it is so wrong that old men want to marry young girls that should not be subjected to the awful things that these men want to do to them and men should not be able to have more than one wife at a time. Just my opinion
    .-= Jennifer Blanton´s last blog ..One of my favorite songs =-.

  178. Jennifer Blanton

    I blogged about this great giveaway- its on my sidebar under “look what you can win”
    .-= Jennifer Blanton´s last blog ..One of my favorite songs =-.

  179. Patti

    I would love to be entered to win this.

    Like others have posted Big Love started my interest in polygamy. I guess I really don’t have a problem with it as long as it involves consenting adults. If it involves underage girls or uncles/or close relatives then yes I am against it.

  180. Sarah Z

    My first thought is no it shouldn’t but then I am being a hypocrite because I believe that gay marriages should be legal. If it doesn’t harm anyone who are we and the government to say people can’t do something if it makes them happy?

  181. Mishia

    I think it should be illegal, plain and simple.

  182. Ellie W

    No, polygamy should not be legal. There is too much room for abuse if it were legalized.
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  183. kerri

    No, I definately do not think that polygamy should be legalized, although I’ve read some interesting comments here.
    .-= kerri´s last blog ..Booking Through Thursday – Niche =-.

  184. kerri

    I’m a follower.
    .-= kerri´s last blog ..Booking Through Thursday – Niche =-.

  185. BrookeReviews

    I don’t think it should be legalized. I don’t get why people would want to share. ha

    I’m already a follower in google reader. 🙂
    .-= BrookeReviews´s last blog ..Favorites Contest! =-.

  186. Megan

    Like lots of others, I don’t believe polygamy should be legalized, either. Marriage is a pact between two people — whether we’re talking a man and a woman, two women, two men, whatever. Bringing more than one person into the pact is way too complicated for my mind to absorb!

    But, like others have also said, I agree that to some extent the government shouldn’t be allowed to tell people how to conduct their relationships. Still… it icks me out, so I’m going to say no! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  187. Megan

    I tweeted about the giveaway, too. I’m on twitter @writemeg, and I directed it to you!

  188. MissM

    I tweeted about this giveaway!

    Sounds like an excellent book. If I don’t win it, I’ll pick it up.

    As for polygamy, I’ve rarely seen an instance of polygamy in which it is carried out in the way it is intended, and that is for a man to spread his seed and be a support to more than one woman. It seems to me t be heavily beneficial to the man– and of course, since he financially and emotionally supports multiple families, I can see how he might think he deserves that– but relationships are about a give and take. From what I’ve seen about Polygamy and understandably that is limited, it seems the women and children give and give– freedom and a sense of normalcy and a one one one father-child relationship– and I just don’t see them getting much back. I don’t see how it benefits the woman in the relationship, most especially if the relationship or marriage is based on spiritual reasons. There are a lot of unfair things in this world, and not saying they should be made illegal, but I don’t think Polygamy does much for Women’s Rights in the first, and civil rights in the 2nd. On that basis, I think polygamy should remain illegal.

  189. Alexa

    I don’t think polygamy should be legalized because I don’t think it’s right for a man to have more than one wife at a time.

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