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Vacation OCD (and a poll!)

Dave and I are leaving for Vegas tomorrow, which means I’m frantically trying to do everything that MUST BE DONE before I go on vacation. Here’s my list:

  • Clean the kitchen (includes sweeping, doing dishes, putting away dishes, wiping down counters, clearing off the kitchen table, and probably cleaning the top of the stove)
  • Vacuum
  • Change the bed sheets (I just did this a few days ago, so my OCD doesn’t dictate that I have to do it yet again (thank goodness!))
  • Sweep the back patio
  • Fill the fish pond
  • Balance checkbook/pay bills
  • Clean off desk
  • Clean the car (wash, vacuum, and make sure there’s gas)

I know I won’t be able to do all this when we have kids unless I want my house to be a total stress box…which I don’t. Want my house to be a total stress box, that is. But since I don’t have kids, I allow myself the pleasure of indulging in my OCD, and while it’s stressful before the vacation, coming home from vacation is always a pleasure.

And because I love polls like I love cookie dough…

Do you have vacation OCD?

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32 Responses to “Vacation OCD (and a poll!)”

  1. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I”m always stressed out before vacation, but no, I never manage to get it all done.


  2. Kathy

    I hope you have a fantastic trip!


  3. Icedream

    I hope your vacation is fabulous.
    I never get to go on vacation but my Mother has vacation OCD just like you do. I think it’s pretty common.


  4. Staci

    Have fun in Vegas…sounds delightful!!!


  5. Nicole

    Have a great time. Vegas is a lot of fun.


  6. Cathy

    Have a wonderful time! Denis and I are about to leave on a trip of our own, and I’ve been sitting here making a mental list of what I should be doing…instead of going through the new posts in my reader!


  7. Kathleen

    Have fun on your trip! I am always stressed before leaving on vacation and am rushing around packing and cleaning the house so your list sounds pretty familiar to me!


  8. Sheri

    I totally piss off my kids when we are leaving for vacation because they just want to go and I am doing every stitch of laundry and making sure the entire house is clean.

    But, Trish…. sheets again after 3 days? That’s OCD!




  9. Molly

    Vegas is one of the top 10 places I want to visit. Have a great time – and I look forward to reading all about it!

    I do have vacation OCD. I stress myself and everyone else prior to leaving – but there is nothing like coming home to a nice, clean house 🙂


  10. Ti

    I always take the day off before a vacation just so that I can finish what needs to be done. I have kids, but packing with them in the house is impossible so once they hit school, I tackle the packing, the cleaning, all of it. It’s worth it though because when I come home I don’t want to have to do anything except maybe a couple loads of laundry.

    BTW..have a wonderful trip. Vegas can be a fun town.


  11. rhapsodyinbooks

    I stress out too so in case anything happens everyone won’t talk about me and what a dirty house I kept! I always feel like leaving a note: In case I die, I was JUST ABOUT to clean those countertops!!!!


  12. claire

    I have kids but always need to do what needs to be done because I’m really obsessive about going home to a neat, clean home after a vacation. Coming home to a big mess is a sure way of turning a relaxing vacation into a stressful one instead! Lol.


  13. Yvette Kelly

    The whole reason I get so OCD is because when I come back I want to enter my clean house and be happy to be home.Despite enjoying going on vacation I dread flying so when I get home I need to sleep from the stress of surviving the plane trip and would never manage to clean up as well!!


  14. Cindy V

    I am always stressed before leaving for vacation. But I am like you, I like to come home to clean sheets! And a clean house.
    Have a great time. Is this your first trip to Vegas?


  15. Beth F

    My biggest stress is catching up or getting ahead with work (two self-employed people = no paid vacations).

    Enjoy your trip.


  16. Jennsbookshelf

    I totally have vacation OCD. House has to be clean, laundry has to be finished because I don’t want to deal with it all when we get back. And I do it and have kids, too. Everyone knows by now what my expectations are and overall the essential things are completed by the time we head out the door.


  17. Diane

    Have a great time in Vegas, just got a call yesterday, that a friend was there getting married LOL


  18. Raych

    Dude, it’s totally vurth it, because nothing is worse than coming home and having nowhere to drop all your luggage.


  19. Lisamm

    Have a blast in Vegas and enjoy the “lazy river”!!

    I clean before we go on vacation too. Makes my family a little nuts. I can’t even pack until every single article of clothing in the house is laundered. But part of my pre-vacation white tornado behavior is because my mother (a true OCD neat freak) will be coming in to take care of our pets. I like to come home to a clean house but her standards are way higher than mine.


  20. natalie @ book, line, and sinker

    i LIVE for pre-vacation stress! each july 1st we depart on a 3-week road trip and you can usually find me packing on june 30th. i make checklists, run around like a maniac, and LOVE every second! enjoy vegas–put it all on RED!


  21. Lenore

    Vegas! How fun! I don’t have pre-vacation OCD that badly, but my husband does. He hates coming back to a dirty, disorganized hovel. Well, I do too, but I hate cleaning and organizing before I leave. In any case, we always clean up as much as we can, because when we get home, our suitcases explode. You should see it now – books everywhere…


  22. Florinda

    I have a mild case of vacation OCD, I think – there are certain things I know I don’t want to deal with when I get back. But I’m more likely to plan an extra “re-entry” day after I get back to do all that stuff than push myself to do much more than laundry and packing before I leave.

    Have a great time in Vegas!


  23. Meghan

    I do like to make sure everything is clean and neat before I go anywhere – no laundry, no dirty dishes, nothing out of place – but if I don’t have time, I do my best not to worry about it.


  24. Amy

    Happy Anniversary dears!!! Have a great time, will hopefully see you soon!!! 🙂 T&A


  25. Nan

    Have fun in Vegas!


  26. Belle

    I can’t leave for vacation unless the house is absolutely spotless. There’s just something so important to me about coming back to a home sweet home that’s as perfect as it can get. I’m not sure why, since usually the house is in a state of mess. It’s only when we go on holidays (or have a party) that it ever attains any particular level of perfection. Have a great time in Vegas!


  27. softdrink

    The longer the vacation will be the worse I am. My house was immaculate before my Europe trips. Less so with this latest trip to Portland. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I booked the vacation Tuesday night and left on Friday morning.


  28. TexasRed

    Just left a blog award for you over on my page:


  29. Lorin

    I never sleep much the night before a vacation – I’m always up late, doing laundry, dishes, packing, freaking out. But I love coming home to a clean house!


  30. jennygirl

    I love coming back to a clean house, so I know what you mean.
    Have a great vacation!


  31. sarah pekkanen

    You’re going to have a wonderful time!


  32. Kelly

    Yes!!! I am currently stressed out about our vacation. We leave in 2 weeks and it seems like there’s sooo much to do it’ll never get done. Ack!


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