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You know you’re a book blogger when…

10. You think staying up for 24 hours and reading is FUN!

9. When you meet other book bloggers in real life, you get along great and can’t stop talking about…books…and your blogs.

8. Meeting an author is actually exciting for you.

7. Your Google Reader regularly reaches 1000+ unread posts.

6. You refer to publicists by their first name (like Miriam!).

5. You know an ARC is not just a math term.

4. You have a business card for your blog that you’ve actually given out.

3. You plan months ahead for book festivals…that require a plane ticket.

2.You choose to hang out at home and read or work on your blog on a Friday night over hanging out with friends.

1. Books are overtaking your house, and you swear you “don’t know how it happened.”

I could come up with other things, but these were the best. 🙂 Anything else you would add?

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52 Responses to “You know you’re a book blogger when…”

  1. jennsbookshelf

    I love this!! I’m printing this out!
    I think you need to design a t-shirt around this! Perfect attire for next year’s BEA!


  2. Beth F

    Er . . . 10 out of 10! Guilty as charged. Book me Dano!


  3. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    Yes, yes, yes! But you forgot “You have found yourself thinking “I have to blog this!” when something funny/bizarre/memorable happens.”

    I’m guilty on all counts.


  4. Lesa Holstine

    Love it! Thanks. I’m going to Retweet it. Does that count. Another one who is guilty. (And, my mother and sister put my card in library books when they return them.)



  5. Kathy

    You’ve got me down to a tee! I love Jenn’s idea of making a t-shirt out of it!


  6. John Mesjak

    Who are you and how did you get into my mind? Not to mention my house? Did you see the Little Bookroom in the basement? And if so, would you mind tidying up a little next time? The piles are getting a little scary now…


  7. Miriam Parker

    OMG. Can I have one?! 🙂 LOVE THIS!
    (I didn’t know ARC was a math term…what does that say about me?!)


  8. Jen Forbus

    YES, YES, YES!!! I met up with some friends from high school last week. They don’t get it at all. I’m so, so, so relieved that there are folks out there who DO. And I want the t-shirt, too! 🙂

    Great post, Trish!


  9. Lusty Reader

    ooh #1 is the best for me! i stayed up until 5am reading the last Harry Potter book the night before my cousin’s wedding! i still don’t think that was a bad choice. even though i napped through my pedicure the next day…


  10. Lenore

    I’d get Daniel to design the t-shirt, but he thinks I’m obsessed enough as it is.


  11. jenniffer

    i don’t know if i should be proud of ashamed… but you’ve got me too! especially the one about meeting authors–i, um, had something “irritating” my eye and made it tear up when i met judy blume! ok, yeah, i need a t-shirt : )


  12. Ruth

    How about when you make notes as you are reading about great things to say in blog….?


  13. TexasRed

    Definitely want the T-shirt! These are hilarious!


  14. Jen - Devourer of Books

    …When you get stuff done for your coming baby early so you can concentrate on reading and writing reviews to store up blog content before he arrives.

    Seems logical to me, but most people would probably think I’m ridiculous.


  15. Natalie

    Of course I’m guilty! Can i put this on my blog LOL!! Great stuff!


  16. Nicole

    I’m with Miriam. I didn’t know ARC was a math term either, and I went to school for math and science. Oh, well. I’m not losing any sleep over it. I actually went out last Friday night but the topic kept turning to guess what, books!


  17. malnurturedsnay

    Love it 🙂


  18. jess

    Fantastic list — made me laugh out loud!


  19. Heather

    This is awesome. If you make tshirts, count me in for one! 🙂


  20. Laura/BookingIt


    I haven’t gotten to 3, 6 and 9 yet, but I hope to soon :-).

    Thank you for sharing this with us.


  21. Stephanie

    You hit the nail on the head!! Too funny!


  22. Becky Workman

    I love it! Thanks for the laugh! The only one that hasn’t happened yet is the 1000 unread posts. I think at that point, you’d have to skim!


  23. Jackie (Farm Lane Books)

    ….you can’t walk past a book shop without popping in to see if they have anything new in!


  24. Ti

    I don’t know how you kept this list so short 😉


  25. Yvette Kelly

    To Lisa Holstine,what a great idea.Very clever Mom and sister and I am guilty on 9 out of 10


  26. Staci

    I saw myself in several of these!!! Great list!


  27. Christine

    3 of 10. Hmm.


  28. Kirsten

    So does not knowing ARC was a math term give me a leg up on the competition when it comes time to job hunt in the publishing world? 😉

    Great list – I’d add:

    You buy a bigger purse because you can’t fit the secondary things like your sunglass case, cell phone, or wallet in once your book(s) and notebook are inside. (guilty, guilty, guilty…)


  29. Kay

    Hey! That’s me! 10 out of 10!

    But mostly I’d say that I’m currently trying to deal with number 7, and that number 1 is just a constant that I’ve learned to deal with! 😀


  30. pusserboots

    This list is making me realize I’m not as much of a book blogger. There is no way I’d ever want to stay up 24 hours to read. I don’t have business cards. I’ve never been to a book festival as a blogger. I think the most posts in my Google Reader has been 500.


  31. Joanne

    This list is perfect Trish! Love the tee-shirt idea, for now though I am printing it out to put on the wall by my desk 🙂

    I can think of nothing to add except for what Kirsten mentioned about purses – I actually took a few books with me last week when I went shopping for a new summer purse. My requirements were that it would fit at least 4 books along with sunscreen, wallet, keys and my notebook of book notes 😛


  32. Janssen

    You make your husband and children all get library cards so you can check out more books on their cards.


  33. Jeane

    Mmm, I only fit 5, 2 and 1 (especially that one!) I’ve never met any other book bloggers (though I’d like to!) and I haven’t been able to do a read-a-thon. Maybe I’m not as hard-core a blogger as others…?


  34. Nicole @ Books and Bards\

    You fiddle around online until midnight hits and you realized you haven’t even cracked your book yet.

    So you stay up late to get the reading in, because sleep is optional but reading is not.


  35. Florinda

    I can’t manage to stay up and read for 24 hours, but yeah, the rest of this list sounds just a little familiar :-)…

    And my blog business cards are on order, so I can have them in time for BlogHer next month!


  36. Alyce

    For me #3 would be “Your spouse doesn’t understand your desperate ‘need’ to go to a book festival on the other side of the country.”

    I don’t have a business card, otherwise the rest fit me well.

    I would also add “You can turn any errand into a book-buying trip. A trip to Target (Walmart, Costco, K-Mart, etc.) – they all have books. A visit to the park? Why that’s right next to the used book store!” And so on and so forth. And that would be the reason why #1 fits me so well! 🙂


  37. Diane

    OMG>>>I loved this and it is so me 🙂


  38. Michelle

    **wades through thousands of posts**

    Phew, I made it!

    All I can say is that I resemble this remark. LOL

    I’m excited that you are planning ahead for book festivals that involve plane tickets that means you’re likely going to make an appearance on the East Coast 😉


  39. The Biblio Brat

    #1 really smart. [OUCH, the truth hurts!]

    I reorganized my library and TBR’s last night. It was 3am when my husband came home from work and found me in a fetal position next to my laptop.

    #9 is the best though. I met a fellow book blogger for the first time (Bookalicious Pam), and couldn’t agree more on what you said.


  40. softdrink

    When deciding where to go on vacation you think about what bookstores you can visit…and which bloggers you can meet!


  41. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    You casually say, “oh my friend recommended this!” and you’re talking about a blogger. 😉


  42. S. Krishna

    These are all so great!


  43. Lisamm

    A package is on your porch when you come home and you don’t have to open it to know what’s in it (yep, more books!)


  44. Meghan

    Haha, well, I haven’t met anyone yet and I don’t have a business card, but I hope they’re both true this time next year! What a perfect list. We really should have t-shirts. 😉


  45. Michelle

    It’s obvious that it is time for ME to become a book blogger. 🙂

    Loved it – and will buy a tee-shirt, at any price!


  46. Lori L

    LOL! Great list! I don’t do the google reader, #7, but for me it could be the large number of book blogs in my favorites that I try to visit regularly. I’m not at the point of #6 or #3 yet, but I envy those who are. I’m thinking there might be business cards in my future, though!


  47. Luanne

    What a great fun list! I am so guilty of the google reader hitting 1000 +


  48. Petunia

    When you’re driving down the road and get excited to see a sign with the word book on it only to find the sign reads “Book your parties here”.

    When you like to walk through the New Releases section of the book store so you can say, “I got this as an ARC for free. And I got this one as an ARC for free. Oh and I got this one as an ARC for free and it’s really good.”


  49. Kristi

    LOL. I’m guilty of all of these to one extent or another {She say as she sits home on a Friday night Bloggiesta-ing while her husband has gone out to dinner with friends. She told him to bugger off for tomorrow, too ;o)).


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  51. Jenners

    I guess I’m a book blogger!!! Woo hoo!
    For Mother’s Day, my husband made me some business cards for my book blog! It was so thoughtful and they came out great!


  52. gwendolyn b

    I’m struggling with #7 — that’s why I’m only commenting now — 15 days later!


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