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Buffy vs. Edward

If you’ve seen both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Twilight movie, you’ll appreciate this video. I giggled all the way through. Also, I think it highlights the horrific acting in TwilightΒ  and what a great show Buffy was. Now I want to watch Buffy all over again.

You can find out a little more about this Buffy vs. Edward video at

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34 Responses to “Buffy vs. Edward”

  1. Melissa @ Melissa's Bookshelf

    This is absolutely hilarious!! Whoever put that together is awesome πŸ™‚ And you’re absolutely right, the wretched acting in Twilight is definitely even more obvious when paired with the Buffy clips. Priceless. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Chris@bookarama

    Bella needs to be more like Buffy. She is awesome!


  3. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    That was hilarious. I haven’t seen Twilight and now I really, really don’t want to.


  4. rustyolsen » Blog Archive » Fast Sunday links

    […] you’ve seen both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Twilight movie, you’ll appreciate this video. I giggled all the way through. Also, I think it highlights the horrific acting in Twilight and what a great show Buffy was. … […]

  5. Nosaby

    Oh, thank you so much for posting this! I couldn’t even get through Twilight. And the Buffyverse is the best vampire lore out there, in my opinion.


  6. Shannan Lee

    This only reiterates why I disliked the Twilight movie. The acting is horrible.


  7. Fyrefly

    *snerk* That was great. If only there’d been a slayer in Forks…


  8. Lenore

    Yay Buffy!


  9. Stephanie

    Too Funny!


  10. Staci

    Buffy was pure fun…loved that show!


  11. Kay

    That’s hilarious!
    All I have to say is : Go Buffy! Go!


  12. E.R. Hart

    I must say very well made. Actually believable at moments. But as a twilight fan (NOT! a fangirl, mind you) I must say don’t judge a book by its movie. Particularly an underfunded movie.


  13. Lazygal

    Luckily(?) few of my friends have seen or read Twilight. Those that have read/seen both think that comparing the two is like comparing a Ferrari to a Yaris.


  14. Shannon

    I thought I was the only one who thought the acting in Twilight is horrible. Is it weird that i think that yet I want to see New Moon.


  15. HelenB

    I don’t think this highlights how bad the acting in Twilight was as much as it highlights how creepy Edward really is… If Bella had told him to stop stalking her instead of being turned on by it I would have enjoyed the book so much more!


  16. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    Well you know I loved it. And a Buffy watch is definitely a priority goal when the couch chronicles gets going. πŸ™‚


  17. The Kool-Aid Mom

    ROFL… I was like, “um, stalker much?” Then Buffy told him to stop stalking. Funny! I’ve never seen the “I like watching you sleep” seen in such a creepy light before. And then she dropped him out, head first.

    I am, however, doing my best to resist the urge to say, “And one time, at band camp…” πŸ˜€


  18. Dreamybee

    LOL! That is awesome! I miss Buffy too.


  19. Hannah

    That is really funny! Although, I still like Twilight. However, I am definitely not one of those mega-Twilight fans. I have read the first book. I read it right when it first came out and it was not really big yet.
    Thanks for the video!


  20. Stephanie

    That was awesome!! Buffy has always been my teen idol. She rocks! Makes me want to break open my Season season DVD set!


  21. Jennygirl

    This makes me miss Buffy so much! Nothing could ever compare to this show…ever!
    I liked the Twilight books, but I have never been in love with whats-his-name playing Edward. His acting does look pretty cheesy πŸ™‚
    Thank you very much for sharing. Definitely watching some Buffy tonight!


  22. jennsbookshelf

    I love this! I’m a huge Buffy fans…when it was on TV my friend and I would make a girls night of it..LOVED IT. I’ll still watch it in reruns, that and Angel. I really need to buy the DVDs so I can watch at my own leisure.


  23. Emily

    hahaha hilarious! I liked the twilight movie, definitely thought it was super cheesy and not very good acting really, but just a fun movie to watch. Buffy was a fantastic show though. I was actually watching some of season 3 this weekend! the mayor was a creeper!


  24. Nicole @ Books and Bards

    Love it! Thank you for sharing! And you are right–as if the acting in Twilight isn’t bad enough on its own, put it next to the wonderfully acted and directed Buffy and it just looks horrible and overblown.


  25. cbjames

    Fantastic. Does not make me want to see Twilight either. I believe vampires belong in the dark. Who wants to see the undead during the day?


  26. natalie @ book, line, and sinker

    someone has waaay too much time on their hands! can i tell you that i’ve never actually seen an episode of buffy? i guess i missed it somehow! thanks for the laugh, this clip was funny.


  27. The Kool-Aid Mom and Mags

    I had to show it to Mags. Mags laughed and giggled the whole way through and wants me to bump Buffy up the Netflix queue. Shoot, she caught the Harry Potter movie clip, I totally missed it last night. Which makes sense, bc where else has Edward died.


  28. haiku amy

    That was hilarious. Hubby enjoyed it especially. I never watched Buffy, but that was pretty clever.


  29. Michelle

    Ha. That was funny. I still haven’t seen the Twilight movie. It looks like kind of cringeworthy from that video. But it’s not hard to look bad next to Buffy. That was an awesome show.


  30. Tonya

    That is absolutely the most wonderful thing I’ve watched in awhile! I am a HUGE Buffy fan. Really, it’s kind of pathetic that not only do I have all seven seasons but I still watch them on a regular basis. I am posting this on my site too because I just love it! Thanks for sharing.


  31. Toni

    Hilarious. I haven’t ever seen Buffy.. but hey that looks kind of good. I do confess to loving Twilight.. the movie.. the book.. πŸ™‚ GREAT clip!


  32. Kim L

    That just made my evening. I managed to watch the movie and read the first three books, but I can’t help but secretly hate Edward. Both Edward the creepy possessive undead boyfriend and Edward the bad American accented actor with horrible makeup. This clip just goes to show I need to watch more Buffy.


  33. Melissa

    lol, that was perfect

    I’m a huge Buffy fan too and I’m so glad I found this here. Thanks for sharing it! πŸ™‚


  34. Meg

    AMAZING. It. Was. Amazing. And that’s all. Even though I love Edward’s charachter (don’t kill me), I laughed all the way through the video xD


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