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Feather & Fan Baby Blanket

My friend got pregnant so I wanted to knit/crochet everything I could for her. This friend was the recipient of the amigurumi giraffe. That giraffe was a HIT at the baby shower. A little boy picked it up, held it in front of his face, kissed it and then hugged it. He put it down for about an hour but then went back and picked it up and just held it tucked under his arm. I think I lactated.

Unfortunately, this blanket wasn’t completed by the time her baby shower rolled around, so I wrapped it up on the needles, let her look at it and made her give it back. 😀 I gave it to her this past Monday (two days ago), which was her due date, and she’s getting really close to going into labor as of today. Yay for getting the gift done before the baby arrived!

feather and fan blanket

Anyway, I knew I wanted to make a blanket, and some experienced knitters recommended the feather and fan stitch. I found a quick and easy feather and fan pattern in a booklet that promised I could whip out a baby blanket in 8 hours.

feather and fan blanket2

I decided that I wanted something that she could wash but that was natural fibers. I settled on a wool/nylon blend that’s washable and dryable. This yarn is a sock yarn so I used two yarns held together.

feather and fan blanket3

It’s a petty easy stitch, but I had to cast on 121 stitches and it still didn’t end up being as big as I wanted.

feather and fan blanket4

It ended up being 20 x 32 inches. It’s not as big as a receiving blanket, but good for things like the car seat and throwing over the mom’s shoulder when holding the baby.

feather and fan blanket5

You can see the front and back here. The front is on the right and the back is on the left. The pattern is lovely from either side, and if you look at the pictures that show the scalloped edge, well, the pattern automatically scallops both edges. I knitted straight and that’s what happened. Isn’t that cool!

feather and fan blanket6

The blanket’s really soft; it’ll be perfect for the bebe.

feather and fan blanket7

The tension throughout the blanket is fantastic. I was really pleased with myself (my husband said, “Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back!”) since this is only my third knitting project.

feather and fan blanket8

Are you working on any crafy projects?


36 Responses to “Feather & Fan Baby Blanket”

  1. Pam

    Wow that is fantastic and such a labor of love. It’s beautiful.


  2. Laura @ I'm Booking It

    Oh,very nice! That was very sweet of you to do that for a friend.

    I haven’t been crocheting recently. My last craft project was beaded bookmarks, I should post some pictures!


  3. Diane



  4. Diane ~ The Book Resort

    You are so talented — my craft talent is on TV & in the books I read. lol.


  5. The Biblio Brat

    Good job Trish. I used to crochet, and tried knitting – just couldn’t manage keeping things straight. Hence why I quilt and rely heavily on guide. Hehe. I love the color too! Great choice. Go ahead, pat away. You deserve it.


  6. Meghan

    Wow, that is such a gorgeous blanket! I love how it’s pretty on both sides. Now I want to knit. 😀

    I’ve mostly stopped crafting for now; too much other stuff on my plate. It’s hard to motivate myself when everyone wants something crocheted by me! Flattering, but a little intimidating, so I’ve stopped for now.


  7. Sheri


    It came out nice! You know, I am a knitter and I’ve complete stopped knitting since I took up blogging.

    You did a lovely job.

    I know that sometimes works come out a tad larger or smaller than you’d hoped when you started. But, what I find is that the recipient is just thrilled no matter what!



  8. Nicole

    What a pretty blanket. It’s Linus’s Blanket blue. I have this one blanket (red) that I have been crocheting since I was 8 years old. It might not even be the size of the one that you just made. Sad, but true. Maybe I have meant it to be a baby blanket!


  9. Shelly

    That is a sweet blanket! I love handmade gifts, but unfortunately knitting is not something I can do. My grandmother loved to knit and tried to teach me and my cousin, to no avail. My cousin has since taught herself, so maybe there’s hope for me. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Kathy

    The blanket’s gorgeous! I want one of the giraffe’s too – you should make one for a giveaway!


  11. TexasRed

    This is only your third knitting project? I’d totally be patting you on the back! I’ve been doing baby quilts for my friends’ kids and posting pics on my non-book website. Always feels good to make something special for a friend’s new little one.


  12. Amy Reads Good Books

    I agree! The blanket looks wonderful. I’ve got a little halter top I’m working on, but small holes keep cropping up. I may have to start all over. Your friend will really treasure that blanket!


  13. Jennsbookshelf

    Oh Trish! I love it! It’s such a gorgeous color. What a great gift! I learned to knit a few years ago but haven’t made anything other than a scarf for my sister. I really need to get back into it; it’s so relaxing.


  14. Eva

    What a pretty blanket! I already told you on Twitter that I’m working on a knit sweater right now. The yoke’s taking forevvvvvveeeeeerrrrrr, so I put it away for a bit. Must pick it back up!


  15. Anna

    I haven’t knit in ages so I’ll live vicariously through you. What a beautiful blanket! I just love the feather and fan stitch.


  16. natalie @ book, line, and sinker

    love the blanket–you’re SO crafty. i have a scarf that i’ve been working on, oh for three years or so. right now it’s the size of a potholder. i can’t sit still long enough to finish it. i always feel guilty when i read or do crafty things–like i should be doing laundry or housework instead.

    a few months ago i got into sewing felt food. i made my nephew a bunch of ravioli, pancakes, bacon, and fortune cookies. they were a big hit…but since then, NADA.


  17. Stephanie

    HA! I started a similar baby blanket (same pattern) but screwed up the stitches on one of the rows and now it’s a mess! Must rip out some of it and get going again!


  18. Jeane

    It’s beautiful. I’m not crafty with anything involving threads- cross stictch, knitting- it all just ends up knots! My sister makes beautiful hats and I envy her skill. But I am itching to make more bookmarks soon, even through my drawer is still full of old ones yet un-given…


  19. Trisha

    That is a beautiful blanket! There’s nothing better than a gift made with love, especially for a new baby.


  20. Jen Forbus

    Love it, Trish! And I know your friend will, too. When a friend of mine had twins last year, I crocheted each baby a blanket. They, too, were the hit of the baby shower.

    Right now I’m working on some projects to use up the ridiculous stash of yarn I have in my attic. I’m such a pack rat!


  21. stacy

    It’s beautiful. I am very impressed!


  22. Maree

    That’s so pretty! I love the colour – great finish 🙂


  23. Lisamm

    Very nice work and very pretty color. You’d die laughing if you saw my first couple projects. They wouldn’t even lay flat on the floor, LOL


  24. Amy

    Keep patting away there TRish, it is absolutly lovely! and the scaloped edge- what a bonus!!


  25. SuziQoregon

    I think baby afhgans are my very favorite thing to make. I’m working on one now for a very special young couple’s first baby (a daughter). It’s the first granddaughter for one of my best friends.


  26. Jessica

    ahhh you are so sweet. Is this for me?

    Just kidding. But if you wanted to…..just sayin…


  27. Terrie

    I remember being in college with no money to spare. My favorite cousin was having her first baby and I wanted to get her something special. What do you get when there is no money in the piggy bank?

    I bought some wool and needles and decided to make a baby blanket. For every line I knitted I ripped one because there was a mistake. It took for 2 months to complete this small piece of love but I did complete it. And I never forgot the experience.

    My hat is off to you who who craft beautiful things.


  28. Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

    Beautiful! I still want a giraffe though…I really do! I’m willing to pout till you agree to make me one! : )


  29. Debbie

    It’s gorgeous! I wish I was able to move past the knitting a scarf phase.


  30. Julie P.

    Just gorgeous. I’ve never tried that pattern. I can’t imagine how much love and work went into this project!!! Beautiful job.


  31. Laura Baker

    You did a beautiful job and yes, you should pat yourself on the back. I am amazed that this is only your 3rd project. Everyone I have ever made a baby blanket for has treasured it and it is a joy for me to see them using it.


  32. Moni

    Very nice! Feather and Fan is great pattern. It is so easy but makes the finished product look fancy.

    I’ve usually got something crafty going on. At the moment I’m knitting up a cotton tank top that I’ve been working on for a month. I’m unusually a lot faster but this summer has been busy for me. Your reminding me that I need to get working on a baby blanket for my niece!


  33. zibilee

    That is a beautiful blanket! You did a really nice job on it. I am still working on crocheting a multicolored blanket, but I haven’t worked on it in a long while. I am hoping to learn to knit sometime soon as well,


  34. Kim L

    What a nice blanket! And for it being your third project ever, quite impressive. I totally love crafty stuff, but I have not gotten into knitting. Not sure why, it can’t be any more expensive or time consuming than my usual crafty hobby… scrapbooking.


  35. Beth F

    It’s lovely and the color is great. I’m always making lace…


  36. jennygirl

    This looks great! Lovely color too. I am currently making a baby blanket as well, and it is driving me crazy! I knit so it takes longer, but I just so over this blanket. My deadline is August 15. fingers crossed 🙂


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