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Review & GIVEAWAY – The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

The winner of The Lace Reader is #54, Stacy Gorkow! Congratulations, Stacy!

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lace reader

The Lace Reader
by Brunonia Barry
416 pages
Published July 29, 2008

Sometimes a book is read by EVERYONE, and for good reason. The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry is one of those books.

The book opens with what I think is one of the most captivating opening lines I’ve read in a long time:

My name is Towner Whitney. No, that’s not exactly true. My real first name is Sophya. Never believe me. I lie all the time.

So you go into this book being told by the main character that you should never believe her because she lies all the time. Awesome, right? An unreliable narrator. How is that not the basis for a fantastic book club discussion?

So you’re reading along and you find out Towner lives in California, having fled her hometown of Salem 15 years ago to check herself into a psychiatric hospital after her twin sister committed suicide. Towner received electro-shock therapy to help her mental issues, but it also erased a lot of her memories. When the story begins, Towner gets a call that she needs to come back to Salen, Massachusetts because her great-aunt Eva has gone missing. When Towner gets to Salem, you realize you haven’t even met the really crazy people, like Cal, who’s pretty much got a cult following and hates witches and the Whitney family and used to be married to Towner’s aunt , Emma, or Towner’s mom, May, who lives on an island near Salem and helps abused women escape their husbands/boyfriends, or Ann, who does lace readings and plays up the whole witch thing.

And the thing is, Towner doesn’t seem  like the crazy liar she claims to be! She seems totally reasonable! Most of the book is narrated by Towner, with a small portion of it being narrated by the police officer, Rafferty, who is investigating Eva’s disappearance, so I was trying to figure out what was real and what was a lie. Towner seems so damn reasonable that I started to wonder if perhaps being a liar was in itself a lie.

There are more SHUT UP and WTF moments in The Lace Reader than I’ve read in a long time. This *is* a hard book to put down, as Barry has crafted a very compelling and fascinating story. Every time you’ve got the story straight in your head, the author throws in a twist that just blows your mind. It is so refreshing for an author to be able to keep a reader guessing! And the ending! Oh, the ending…

The Lace Reader is more character driven than plot driven. The story tends to meander, and while I don’t think this is a problem per se, it makes it hard to write the review and hard to tell people what the book is about. There’s SO MUCH to the story, and I just want to discuss the book, not beat around the bush about how great it was.

I’m eagerly awaiting the author’s next novel, which she is apparently working on right now, as she has a unique ability to craft a very intricate story.

tlc logo resizedRating: 90 out of 100

This post was part of the TLC Book Tours tour for The Lace Reader. Make sure you check out the rest of the tour for this fantastic book!

There are all kinds of cool things going on with The Lace Reader.

  • Make sure you check out The Lace Reader’s book trailer.
  • Soon, will also have a downloadable t-shirt iron-on design and printable signage for booksellers.
  • In the September issue of Book Page, there will be a sweepstakes in which the grand prize is a trip for two to Salem, two nights at The Hawthorne Hotel, and a guided Lace Reader tour of Salem with Brunonia.

Also, the author is going on tour again, and here’s her schedule:

  • 9/8 – Bellingham, WA – Village Books – Reading and Signing
  • 9/10 – Oakland – A Great Good Place for Books – Reading and Signing (I will probably be at this signing if anyone wants to join me!)
  • 9/12 – San Mateo – M is for Mystery…and More – Reading and Signing
  • 9/14 – Los Angeles – Vroman’s Bookstore – Reading and Signing
  • 9/15—Edwards, CO – VIP Customer Book Club Event
  • 9/20—Andover, MA – Meet the Author Benefit for PATHS

Events are still being lined up in:

  • Dallas
  • Nashville
  • Wichita
  • New England

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Now for the giveaway. I have ONE paperback copy to give away. The contest will run through September 8, 2009. All you have to do is answer this question (if you don’t answer this question, I will come to your house and torture you with tickles for not reading the DIRECTIONS):

Have you ever had a…premonition that came true? Call it whatever you want: a weird feeling, indigestion, whatever. I want to know what it was that came true! If this has never happened to you, then just tell me that.

The contest is open internationally. You can get an extra +1 entry by either tweeting or stumbling this post, just come back and leave a comment that you did so.

Good luck!

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88 Responses to “Review & GIVEAWAY – The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry”

  1. Lisamm

    MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I need to read this book because you see, I am not dead, and I so enjoy shut up and WTF moments.

    I did have a premonition that came true, but was it really a premonition, or was it such a fervent hope that it HAD to come true- because all my energy was so focused on it? Yeah, probably that. I’m not much of a mystical magical believer in weird things kind of person. I wish I were more that way, but I think I’m too practical.

  2. Meghan

    No need to enter me – glad you liked this one so much though! I totally agree that there are tons of SHUT UP and WTF moments. I think it was a little too WTF by the end for me, but I can see the appeal. =)

  3. Nikola

    This book looks amazing. I would love to be considered.

    About the premonition thing, I know this might sound a bit heavy, but I had a dream about my late grandma right before she died. And then when my mom broke it down to me, I had this strange feeling, as if I had this dream for a reason.

  4. Nikola

    I also tweeted about the contest here:
    My email address is

  5. Susan B. Evans

    Please enter me in the drawing for this book 🙂

    I have had premonitions before – usually creepy ones. The first I can remember happened when I was 18. I had a dream about a black cat with yellow eyes bulging out of it’s head, crying. My mother had just gotten a little black kitten, and I was so upset thinking something had happened to him that I got up out of bed and went to find him – he was fine. The next day when I got to school, I found the cat – he was in my school parking lot, exactly as he had been in my dream, with a cord around his neck. It was obvious that someone had tortured and killed him and left him there for some kid (me) to find. I don’t know why I had the dream, but since then I usually dream of terrible things before they happen. Maybe it’s someone/something trying to help me cope with future pain?

  6. Kiki

    Oh, I’d love this one. I’m going to have to buy it if I don’t win one!

    Have I had premonitions that have come true? Many times! Most recently (about 4 weeks ago0 , I was out running and thinking about how sick I was back in December. I seriously thought to myself–wow, I’m glad I finally got better, that was pretty bad! Not 2 hours later, I was sick again–and ultimately ended up in the hospital! Maybe this was intuition, not a premonition, but to me, it was all so weird the way from the moment I thought of illness, it unfurled inside of me and started again…maybe the power of the mind! Kind of “witchy” even…

    Have a great day Trish!

  7. kaye

    Yeah, definitely, but more of a dream that was so real, I was convinced it would happen. I saw my father in a coffin with lots of 6’s and one 21 floating in the air. I told my sister Dad would die soon and it would be finished business by the 21st. She scoffed, just a nightmare. He’s just turned 68 never been sick in his life. June 6th (06/06)! the ambulance takes him from work to the hospital. He died the tenth. We buried him on the 13th. I hate those kind of dreams!
    I’ve wanted to read this book for so long! Pick me she whines, puhleeeeze. Thanks for hosting.


  8. Pam R.

    I’ve had this happen to me a few times. The one I remember most clearly is while pregnant with my eldest, I assumed it was going to be a girl for some reason. Then one day, I was standing in the shower and I had this overwhelming feeling that I was pregnant with a boy. I got out of the shower and woke up my husband to tell him. People tried to tell me I was wrong and even after the ultrasound confirmed it, people said ultrasounds made mistakes but there was no swaying me. I was convinced I was having a boy and we wouldn’t even discuss girl names. I was right!

    I’ve been wanting to read this book since I first saw it! It sounds so good!

  9. Riva

    The reviews for this book look so good, I just HAVE to read it. Please enter me in the drawing.

    I’ve not had premonitions or dreams that have come true, but I do get feelings of deja vu frequently. I don’t know if I’ve wandered this earth before or if I live such a boring life that I’m always doing the same thing!

  10. Lindymc

    I don’t think I can claim to have ever had a premonition, but my father-in-law had a strong “vision” that my pregnancy would result in a boy. I tho’t it was wishful thinking, but he never backed down from the idea of the vision – and he was right.
    This book sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Lindsey

    I’ve never had a premonition myself, but my good friend has. She had one about her grandmother passing right before her grandmother died. She had a second one about her grandmother warning her to stay away from a tree. Right after that, the tree was struck by lightning.

    This book sounds terrific. Thanks for the giveaway. Just tweeted about it as well.

  12. Shweta

    I had this feeling that may be I should read a particular chapter just an hour before my exams and turns out 10 questions turned out from tht. I told tht 2 all my friends and for the next exam they asked me 2 tell what might cum , I guessed 🙂 and none of those came LOL .

    I would love 2 be considered for the giveaway.
    I tweeted about it.


  13. Kathy

    I’m embarrassed to say that I won this a while ago and it’s lingering in my TBR pile. I wish I had the time to grab it up and read it right now. (Don’t enter me.)

  14. CLM

    On December 20th, out of the blue, I suddenly began thinking/worrying about a dear man, father-in-law of a college classmate, I had known well about 25 years ago. I became compelled to send him and his wife a Christmas card, perhaps a bit odd after so long out of touch – and he died the day after Christmas. Although I never heard from his family, I was glad I had reached out.

  15. Alyce

    Your review totally has me sold on this book!

    I’ve never had a premonition. I think the closest experience I’ve had to premonition is more like ESP. 🙂 I was playing pictionary with my sister when I was in junior high, and when she drew the card I had the urge to shout out “Sistine Chapel” before she even started drawing on the paper. We hadn’t made our way through all of the cards in the game yet, so I didn’t have a clue that there even was a “Sistine Chapel” card. Anyway, I didn’t shout out because I felt silly, but then when she started drawing a church I started to get the chills, and when I guessed “Sistine Chapel” she was shocked that I had guessed it so quickly. It was the oddest experience I’ve ever had – knowing something like that without looking. And I’m not someone who really gives any credence to ESP.

  16. Alyce

    I stumbled the giveaway (AtHomeWithBooks).

  17. Chuck Robinson

    FYI, Ms. Barry’s 9/8 event is at Village Books in Bellingham, WA — about 90 miles North of Seattle. Here’s info:,

  18. Themis0307

    I’d love to be entered in the giveaway! It sounds like a fantastic story.

    I have had several premonitions in my life that have come true but nothing very big or specific. Just random thoughts or a “vision” that something would happen and then a few hours or even days later it does. It’s very strange and always surprises me when it happens.

  19. MichelleB

    I would love to be entered to win this book!

    I’m not sure if I’ve had premonitions. Sometimes I get “feelings” – like I should definitely do something. And if I don’t do it, I’m usually sorry. Like checking to make my DD had the right Disneyland pass before she went. I didn’t check – and sure enough – she took the wrong pass. Maybe silly – maybe just knowing my dd.

  20. Lahni

    I’ve totally had a premonition that came true. It’s totally lame though. I was in Jr. High and I walked into school and saw this boy that I hardly knew. And you know how in jr. high you “went out” with people you hardly knew and all you did was smile at other in the hallway and maybe eat lunch together? Well, when I saw that boy a voice in my head said “He’s going to ask me out today.” And guess what? He did! Weirdest thing ever, because as I said, I hardly knew him and I didn’t even suspect that he had a crush on me or anything. How’s that for a good story (well not really but it was a little strange). I definitely think I deserve a book for that one!! 🙂

  21. Lahni

    I just tweeted about the giveaway too:

  22. Barbara S

    I have had premonitions many times. They always seem to center around traveling. The first time I had a premonition it was a strange feeling in my stomach for a couple of days. I knew something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what it was for sure. I got more and more scared to travel away from my home so I canceled my trip. The next day, the furnace in my house broke down and I had no heat in the house during the middle of a Minnesota winter. If I had not been there to get the furnace fixed, I would have had many more problems such as burst water pipes, my cat not surviving for the 10 day vacation. This type of premonition has continued to occur over the past five years and I have cancelled three more trips with something bad always happening following the cancellation. Weird.

    I would love to win this book.

  23. Barbara S

    I tweeted about this contest:

  24. Jena

    Have I ever… Well, when I was little (5 or so), I had a recurring nightmare every night for a week that I was in the car with my grandma and we were hit by a train. Freaked my mom out after the first couple times, so she practically begged Grandma to be super-careful if she had to cross RR tracks, especially if I was in the car. (Nothing ever happened.)

    And then there was the day Mom & Dad told us they were going grocery shopping and when they came home and Dad came in & asked us to help carry groceries, I looked up from where I was reading and said, completely out of the blue (I don’t even remember thinking it): “You got us a puppy!” It completely freaked Dad out, because he and Mom had never discussed it when we were around and the puppy outside hadn’t made a sound. And my sisters, who bolted out of their chairs when I said that, vouched that I had been planted in my chair reading and writing for at least the last hour and hadn’t so much as glanced out the window.

  25. Jena


  26. Sue

    Yes. This happens to me a lot really. I’m not sure what it is, but I dream things and then I realize while they’re happening exactly what someone will say or do and that I’ve already seen this entire scenario. I’ll tell my husband about it and he thinks I’m a complete loon, but it’s kind of a regular thing for me.
    Thanks for sharing the book.

  27. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I didn’t like this quite as much as you, but I do like the new cover a whole lot!

  28. the Provident Woman

    When we first got married we were not going to try to have children for a year. We were at church one day only a couple months after getting married and a friend of ours that had recently had a baby walked in. I looked at her baby and then my husband and said I want one now. He replied “me too”. Within a week we found out we were pregnant already. It was like my brain was preparing me for the surprise.

  29. zibilee

    I would love to be entered in this giveaway. I have heard wonderful things about this book, and would be really excited to read it. As far as premonitions go, I had one come true the other day unfortunately. I predicted that the school year might start a little poorly this year, and yesterday my son came home to tell me his locker had been broken into, and all his books were stolen. So, yes. I have had a premonition come true.

  30. Julia

    I have had premonitions, but I’m not always confident of them. I strongly suspected I was pregnant with both of my children and had a strong feeling about both of their sexes. But was this a premonition or wishful thinking. As a Christian sometimes I believe premonitions can be a sense of discernment in a way but only if they are in line with the Bible.

  31. Michelle

    This sounds like a fantastic book!

    I don’t normally have premonitions. I did know that my second child was going to be a girl, almost from the moment of conception. In fact, I knew I was pregnant well before I could take a test to prove it. I knew at the same time that without a doubt I was having a girl. Other than that, I’ve always known when a tough decision or resolution to a problem was going to be in our favor. It definitely takes some of the stress out of life, but it’s always strange to say that I knew it was going to happen without physical evidence.

  32. Kathryn

    As far as “premonitions” go, whenever I’ve had a bad feeling about a man (especially as a young girl), it turns out he’s abused other young girls. Thank God I’ve never been abused like that, but my intuition is never wrong.

  33. sarah pekkanen

    I want this book! I heard it sold for $1 million at auction, so that combined with your review has me hooked. Okay, my premonition… it’s a very bizarre and specific one (and I’ve had more than one, by the way). When I was in elementary school, I had a dream/premonition that my neighbor would ask me to be the flower girl in her wedding. Then it changed and I became her bridesmaid. A few months later, she asked me to be her bridesmaid, and told me she had originally wanted me to be a flower girl, then decided I was too old for that!

  34. david lateiner

    Hi! Well, I’m going to tell you 2 that you won’t believe, but sure as I am writing this is as sure that they happened. 8 years old, I woke up, went into my parents room and told them that I was going to get hit by a car that day. They both just looked at each other weirdly. That afternoon, I was late to little league. I got out if the car parked across the street from the field. I darted across the street, and a woman going 50 in a 25 put me in the hospital for 6 weeks and almost lost a leg.
    Second one, about age 2o I was sitting on the porch steps with was later to be my wife. All of a sudden I got cold, dizzy, and just had a horrible feeling inside. For some reason I told my (now) wife that we were going to see a horrible death today. Later that night our friend who was a tow truck driver asked us to take a ride with him to an accident scenen that he had to grab a car from. We got there and there was a person lying half out of a flipped over explorer lifeless.
    I apologize for the long post, but I saw the topic for the contest and I certainly am getting this book whether I win it or have to buy it, but I really wanted to share those stories. To be honest, things like this have happened to me many more times in my life than I wrote here. All I remember is that when I was a very , very little child, my mom was supposed to be away on business. I looked at my dad randomly one afternoon and I just said that mommy was home. He said I was a crazy little kid and mommy wouldn’t be home for another 3 days. 5 minutes later mommy rang the bell and surprised us. I remember my dad looking at her and smiling from ear to ear and telling her that I could do what he could. I had no clue what he meant at the time, but NEVER forgot those words. We never talked about it again.
    I do swear on my children that every word of this is 100% true. Weird stuff I tell ya. Again, I’m sorry for the long message.

  35. Julie

    Don’t enter me, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your review. I’ve had The Lace Reader sitting on my shelf for some time now and I haven’t seemed to be able to pick it up….I may have to move it up the line now!


  36. Lisa Garrett

    I don’t recall ever having a premonition. Please enter me anyway!

  37. Bianca

    I’ve have had a premonition, different things really. I can’t remember them, but I’ve definitely have had them! I love things like that!
    infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

  38. Amanda

    I don’t think I have ever had a premonition that has come true. But I really want to read this book.

  39. Trisha

    This is going to seem strange…then again, it’s a strange topic. I have had a premonition; although it wasn’t a weighty, heart heavy premonition. It was dinner. I am not even joking you. I was in grade school, probably around sixth grade as I was still living at my grandparents house, and I had this strangely vivid dream about a meatloaf. We rarely ate meatloaf; I don’t know why since we all liked it. Anyway, to make a short story shorter. We had meatloaf that night. Now, I know what you are going to say: I overheard grandma talking about what she was going to make, but I swear to you, I didn’t. I was not in on the “what’s for dinner” discussion. Actually, there was no discussion. That was grandma’s responsibility and the rest of us sat down to dinner, smiled, and ate. The whole experience has stuck with me, but I usually don’t tell people since their premonition stories are usually so much more poignant and significant than mine.

    Anyway..true story.

  40. J.T. Oldfield

    I have never had a true premonition that came true, but….

    at the end of 8th grade, I was dating this guy and we went out for about 9 months, which is very long when you are 14. Then we broke up, and we “hated” each other. But somehow, more or less independently, at a high school of 5,000, we managed to make the same friends. But they would keep us apart because we didn’t get along (at least not in front of people). All along, I knew we’d get back together eventually. I even told people this on occasion…

    And then we got back together homecoming of our senior year.

    …And last week was our 4-year wedding anniversary.

    I just tweeted about this give away!

  41. Lisa

    Don’t enter me; I’ve already read it. Let me just say that this book is like an action movie when you get to the end–just none stop action.

  42. bridget3420

    I have premonitions all the time. Most of the time I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen but I know whether it’s a good idea to go somewhere or do something. I guess it’s more intuition but I’m really glad I learned how to tune into it.

  43. Nish

    I have been meaning to read this book for some time. Sounds like it is really quite a different experience.

    And now for the giveaway question: I don’t think I have ever had a premonition. My mom and granddad have the 6th sense to a great extent. My granddad even foresaw the exact manner of his death! Thankfully, I haven’t inherited anything of that kind…

    I have recommended your blog on StumbleUpon

    Would love this book giveaway. Thanks so much for hosting it 🙂

  44. Rebecca Cox

    I have had many premonitions that came true. I tell my husband all the time who is on the telephone when it rings, and sometimes before it rings. I call my son to ask him what happened that day and there is always something wrong that he wants to tell me about. I have learned to listen to that inner voice and not ignore it. It is always right.

    I knew the day I became pregnant, and that it was a boy. Here’s a tweet.

  45. Melissa B.

    I totally rawk the premontions. For example, I was day-dreaming about one of my celebrity “crushes” the other day. I ran in to him in the local Starbucks the next morning. I’m a big fan of karma, too…

  46. BevE

    I’ve been seeing this book all over the blogsphere and have tried winning it a few times but no luck – yet : D
    As far as premonitions-many times I get an odd feeling before going into a store–just knowing I’m going to bump into someone I know and it happens. Or there’s been times when I’ll see something on TV and just know that the person who is saying that their not guilty – is and I’ll tell my husband they did it and he looks at me like -yeah right – and then weeks later it comes out they did. Told my husband that John McCain and His wife will get a divorce two years after the election- so we’ll see if that one happens or not – que the spooky music: D
    Wish I could predicit the lottery LOL


  47. Wanda

    Yes, had a dream that my neighbour and her husband got a divorce. When I told them about it they had a good laugh. A year later they were divorced.
    wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

  48. karen k

    Sometimes I can tell who is calling on the telephone…without calller ID. Does that count?

    Thanks for the opportunity to read this book…a great review.

    karen k

  49. Jennifer

    Enter me, please! I want to read this book soon – I’ve read plenty of shining reviews for the story.

    And to answer you question … I don’t think I have ever had a premonition that came true. In fact, when I do have “a bad feeling” about something, the exact opposite seems to come true (something good!). Strange, but true ..

  50. Rebecca

    Eleven years ago my grandmother was dying from cancer. I was turning my calendar over from September to October and my eyes fell on October 4. I instantly knew that would be the day she would die. Not a day before, a day after, or next week, but on October 4th. I then forgot about it. She died early one morning with her family gathered around her. After the crying was slowing down and we were trying to call her pastor, etc. I thought to look at the time and the calendar. It was 2 am on October 4th. She had died about an hour before this so she could have just as easily died on the 3rd. It was eerie.

    I think this book sounds pretty good. Not that I need anymore books. Not that I haven’t been saying I am not entering any more giveaways, but…apparently I am weak??

    Thanks for the giveaway, Trish!
    mycreativeimagination (at)

  51. Allison

    What an opening line! Wow! That would completely pull me in with ease!

    As far as premonitions go – when I was pregnant, I would have dreams I was having a girl. People would tell me I was having a boy and I would tell them, “Nope – it’s a girl!” and low and behold – I had my daughter in June of ’08. Call it a mother’s intuition or whatever, but I knew I was having a daughter before anyone else.

  52. Heather

    I have never had a premonition come true. I am all the time finding thoughts pop into my head and think to myself “you have to remember this so if it comes true, you can say you knew it”. It just never happens. Sounds like a great book.

  53. Jenn's Bookshelves

    No need to enter me in the contest, I have the book already. Just wanted to comment on how much I was drawn into this book. I liked that it wasn’t predictable, the endless, as you put it, WTF moments left me reeling.

  54. Stacie Gorkow

    The first one that comes to mind is that I knew immediately that when I met the guy who is now my husband…I had no doubt that he would be my husband….I knew it immediately! I was write…10 + year later!

    I have heard so much about this book…I am intrigued!

  55. gaby317 @ Starting Fresh

    Great review, Trish! The book is definitely going in my TBR pile now.

    Premonition? Not that I recall – I’ve had some of my worst fears realized but that doesn’t have the eerie quality that would qualify as a premonition. I’ve had the deja vu feeling once or twice, but no premonitions.

    Please count me in though!

    gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

  56. A Hazra

    Great Review! I agree with you, the opening sentences hooked me as well.

    I haven’t really had a premonition or anything, but there are some days when I wake up with the gut feeling that something is going to go wrong, and it usually does. Small things like losing an umbrella or scoring badly in a test. Don’t know if that qualifies as a premonition or, as you said, indigestion.

  57. Debbie

    this book sound so good! As for me having premonitions – I don’t think so. I have been sitting hear thinking and can’t remember one thing. It could just me my advanced age! LOL!
    Please enter me! Thanks! Love the review!

  58. Leann

    The answer to your question I have these such things alot. I am usually dream something that is to come and it freaks me out everytime it comes true you would think I would be used to it by now. I dream of birth and deaths alot. I think everyone has premonitions of some form or another. The fact someone acknowledges them is all up to the individual. My mom has insight like me or maybe I have insight like her, could that be inheritance or genetic I have no clue.
    This books sounds like it would be a good read I hope to get the chance to do so.

  59. Jane

    I have not ever had a premonition come true although I have had weird feelings before, especially dealing with deja vu.

  60. booklogged

    My first year teaching science at the high school I was sitting in the office area preparing a worksheet. There was another teacher in the office working on something. All of a sudden I had this strong feeling just hit out of the blue that I would not be teaching there next year. I told Tom about the feeling. He looked concerned and I said I just wasn’t going to think about it. Not 15 minutes later I was called to the office where I met the principal of the alternative high school. My principal told me they would be cutting teachers next year and since I was the last hired and the science dept. had fewer students for next year that meant I would be one that wouldn’t have a job. The alternative school needed a science teacher and after talking with the principal I decided to take that job. My years there were the best of my career.

  61. Christine W.

    For two months before I got married, I just had a bad feeling about the whole thing. Well, to make a long story short, I married him. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I have been divorced for 18 years and kick myself often for not marrying the man with whom I was truly in love and left for my future husband. I should have followed my gut.

    I really would like to read this book.

    thank you,


  62. Christine W.

    I tweeted

    Thank you,


  63. nat @ book, line, and sinker

    frothing to read this one…

    as for ‘premonitions’…we call that ‘magical thinking’ around here, and i do it a lot…mostly with small stuff.

    a few years ago, i won a contest on a radio station and was entered into the GRAND prize drawing–2 tickets and a limo ride to the MTV Music Awards at radio city music hall. i KNEW i was going to win. i mean i KNEW KNEW KNEW it without a shred of doubt in my mind.

    ps. the show was unbelievable! 🙂

  64. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    No need to enter me in the giveaway, but I wanted to say I’ve been enjoying my journey in Salem.

  65. Beth

    I don’t recall ever having a premonition come true. I have been unusually drawn to do specific things and just KNOWN that I had to do them.

  66. dave

    I’ve already entered above but wanted to share another odd one…I was working in a restaurant and waited on a girl and her boyfriend. I went up to a coworker, pointed to the girl and told him I was going to marry her. A week later, she joined the staff, and I ended up training her for the weekend. The 2nd night of training, I gave her a ride home. When I pulled into her driveway (she still had the boyfriend), I told her that this is going to sound crazy, but we are going to get married and have a daughter named Lauryn and a son named Sam (after the the co-worker Sam I had told I was going to marry her). She laughed so hard and reminded me that she had a boyfriend of 4 years and they were planning to get married in a year or 2….Its 13 years later, been married to HER for 12, and we have a daughter named Lauryn and (can’t be 100% correct all the time) another daughter named SAMantha. We eat at that restaurant every year on our anniversay and always sit at table #30, the one at which I first saw her.


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  68. bunnyb

    A premonition that came true, huh? It’s not like a premonition, but usually when I say something, that thing will happen. For example, just the other day, I was hanging out with my friends at another friend’s place, and it was our first time there. I love cakes and there’s a lady who sells cakes door to door at her place. So I suddenly ask her if the cake lady would be coming by that day cos I wanted to get some. She said she doesn’t know cos that lady hasn’t come by for such a long time. And then, about like 10 mins after she says that, there’s a doorbell and I ask her if it could be the cake lady. She gets the door and comes back to the room we were hanging out and tells me that it IS the cake lady! Haha. Lucky me 😛 I do know my story isn’t as good as the others, but that was the most recent that happened.

  69. bunnyb


  70. KellyH

    I was excited to read this title before I read your review – now I can’t wait!!!

    Contest Entry: I don’t know if it’s so much a premonition thing as a deja vu thing…I recently moved from New Mexico to West Virginia and, before moving, I dreamt about working in an insurance office-a field which I never have had any interest and certainly wouldn’t have envisioned myself in! I got that eerie deja vu feeling my first week in the office during one of our staff meetings – like I knew or had already been there for one. ???

  71. Beth

    I had a premonition that I would meet someone at my first day at college and I did!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  72. Linna

    Once I was on a trip and I settled my pet in a pet shop. He was then already sick and weak. But the trip was scheduled and could not be canceled. After a week long trip, I was on my way home. Suddenly I got this feeling of loss. Next minute, my mobile rang. I was informed that my dog’s condition was deteriorating out of the blue. This nightmare came true. He passed away. It has been my deepest regret. I was so selfish and I feel so sorry.

  73. Raelena

    I have had things come true but I wouldn’t necessarily use the term premonition….maybe “women’s intuition”

  74. ellie

    Yes, I have had many premonitions throughout my life. I feel and sense certain times things that will take place.

  75. Ruth Ann

    I’ve never really had a premonition or anything like that that’s come true. About the closest I’ve had was stopping short for no good reason and, because of that, not getting drenched by a bucket of water that was being dumped out of a window above me when I was in college.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. Kim L

    Does it count that I had premonition that I was going to get married to this one kind of cocky kid in the back of my college class? If so, please enter me 🙂

  77. Hawkeyegirl

    No real premonitions to speak of- but I do get the- it’s going to be a bad (or good) day feeling in the morning a lot. It’s usually right- but is it a premonition or self-fulfiling prophecy?

    I also twittered this (Hawkeyegirl) because WTF moments make me happy 🙂

  78. Renee G

    This looks great, please enter me.
    I have had a premonition that came true. It was rather more like a feeling. I entered a sweepstakes at our local grocery store, and just knew I was going to win when I put the slip in the box. $10,000 later I was happy that I was right.


  79. Anita Yancey

    I don’t know if you would call it a premonition or not. But my senior year of high school I had a dream that a friend of mine wrecked his car and was killed. When I went to school the next day I found out he did wreck his car and died the night before. I just couldn’t believe that my dream had come true. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks!

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  81. Sarah Z

    Not sure that I have had a premonition but I do get the feeling like I remember things like they already happened but can’t give details!

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  83. Jo-Jo

    I would so love to read this book! A couple of summers ago my daughter was staying at her friends house. A friend that I really didn’t like her hanging out with I might add. Things with her story were just not adding up for me, but I gave her the benefit of a doubt and let her go. Well needless to say, her friends parents called me at about 3 in the morning to let me know that they just returned to the home drunk off their buts. She’s a freshman in college now and I don’t think she’s touched a drop since that time.

  84. Elizabeth

    I would love a chance to win the book but sadly I’ve never had such a premonition that came true…I keep hoping I’ll win the lottery but that hasn’t happened either. Anyway, thanks for the chance to win. Love your blog.

  85. Sue Jackson

    Hi –

    I found your blog through the links at the BBAW awards page, and I’m enjoying your reviews. We seem to like the same types of books. This one sounds great – I’m adding it to my (never-ending) want-to-read list. Thanks for the review –

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  87. The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

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