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Horrible Dare Accepted and Declared Completed

A few months ago, Chartroose from Bloody Hell, it’s a Book Barrage! came out of hibernation long enough to triple dog dare a few of her blogging buddies to a horrible dare.

How she knew it would be torturous for me to watch Sex & the City, I have no idea. But that’s what she dared me to do: watch the first season of Sex & the City.




Fortunately, I had a friend who was all, I’ll do that with you! I jumped at that chance since she has a new baby, so I could sandwich terrible episodes of Sex & the City between hanging with my friend and holding le bebe.

Seriously, who enjoys Sex & the City? Is it the crassness that’s so great?

Is it the anorexic-ly thin Carrie Bradshaw?

Is it how truly unattractive Sarah Jessica Parker is?

Is it the fact that Carrie is a complete whackjob, and she and all her friends go through guys like it’s impossible to get sexually transmitted diseases?

Is it the fact that Carrie practically chain smokes?

Is it the fact that they all come off as pathetic and sad (except for Charlotte — I do like her) as they hump their way through New York City men?

Is it the fact that Carrie doesn’t know how to use a bra, so we are always having to see her nipples?

What is so great about this show? Please explain this to me, because I obviously don’t get it.

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49 Responses to “Horrible Dare Accepted and Declared Completed”

  1. Florinda

    I’ve seen later seasons of the show, but not the first one. I think it was the frankness of the characters’ conversation (let alone their activities) that made it stand out – women had rarely been seen behaving like that on TV before. (Of course, it was on HBO, so they took advantage of the freedom.) And it’s been very influential on popular culture, like it or not.

    And I’m so with you about SJP – I mostly get the show, but I’ve never gotten HER.


  2. Just Mom

    Can’t explain it but I love it and can’t wait for the new movie to come out! Just call me shallow. I’ve only visited New York twice in my 40+years but it is such an exciting, vibrant city – maybe the show captures that for people like me stuck in the backwoods of the South. A little escapism.


  3. Vasilly

    I’ve never seen Sex in the City. I do have to agree with you on SJP. Love this post. Maybe I’ll watch it to see everything you’re talking about.


  4. lilly

    I tried watching it but could’t get through more than a couple of episodes. I agree with you on their sexual “endeavors”. If the way they behave is supposed to portray ‘the modern-day’ woman then I guess I belong to sometime 100 years earlier.
    For Just Mom: New York City is a vibrant place but once you actually get to spend time in there you realize that it’s very lonely, selfish and people really only look out for themselves.


  5. Kristen

    Hehe. I rented a season (not even sure which one) at one point while the show was still airing so I could see what the fuss was about. True to form, I completely missed it. I thought the show was terrible. The dialogue was stilted. And the characters cardboard and poorly written. But then I don’t get much tv and never have so I’ll just whistle over here in my cultural wasteland all by myself. Oh wait, you can come over and join me when people laugh and reminisce about Sex and the City. 😉


  6. Jenny

    I like Sex & the City – I find it fantastically soothing. They all learn related lessons every week and grow as people. And then the next week they are still immature and have to learn a new lesson! V. v. relaxing.


  7. Kristen M.

    Don’t worry … if you kept going, you would get annoyed by Charlotte too. 😉
    I used to watch this show quite a bit and I don’t think I could ever give you a reason … okay maybe one reason (Chris Noth) and maybe one other reason (John Corbett). I just found the whole show so unbelievable that I guess it turned into a comedy. I was amused when bad things happened to them because they NEVER saw it coming.


  8. Nicole

    Charlotte was always my favorite whenever I happened to see it.


  9. Jen - Devourer of Books

    I loved watching it with one of my roommates in college. Our favorites were always the episodes that really showcased their friendship, when the women came through for one another emotionally. It was a great girlfriend show, all the sex and such was just a vehicle.


  10. Beth F

    Can’t explain it — I loved the show, every season of it. I was so sorry to see it end.


  11. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I actually like this show. i think Florinda probably hit a lot of it. Do their lives resemble mine? Not at all, but I still enjoyed it.


  12. Heather J.

    THANK YOU!!! I always thought I was the only one out there who didn’t like this show. Whew! I am not alone. 🙂


  13. booklogged

    I don’t get that show either. What a horrible dare.


  14. Jena

    I like the show. The language is often cringe-worthy, yes. But I think the characters struck a chord with lots of women out there–there was someone for everyone to say, “I know someone exactly like that!” or “That’s me!” (Except for, you know, the whole anorexic NYC/Hollywood thing.) I know a few people who are almost exactly like Charlotte. And I know a lot of fans identified with Miranda. I wish I had more friends who discussed sex so frankly.

    And yes–Chris Noth… If I described to you what Mr. Big does to me just by walking into a scene–I’d start sounding a lot like I stepped out of a Sex in the City script. Funny, Chris Noth doesn’t do that much for me in other shows–just Sex & the City.

    Best line of the whole series, as far as I’m concerned, comes from Charlotte: “I think I broke my vagina.” Did you get to see that episode? I don’t remember which season that was.


    trish Reply:

    Jena, I haven’t yet seen that episode, but that line is awesome. 🙂


  15. uncertainprinciples

    I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the show (!), but, I did see a little over half the movie, and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Bad characters, bad story, bad dialogue, bad…. you get the idea, right?


  16. Audrey

    Oh no! I’m sad you don’t like it.
    It’s hard to say what there is to love about it other than that it is wonderful and distracting and so easy to watch. Perfect for going through a break-up.
    I sort-of like how it’s, in a weird way, a quest to be independant.
    Oh, I also was the read-a-thon contest winner, and I e-mailed you, but i haven’t heard back yet.


  17. Care

    Congrats on accepting and completing your DARE. I need to start mine before the year is up. (I get to watch Ingmar Bergman films which I totally expect to enjoy and just havent’ gotten to any yet.) Up for declaring Nov 1 “Thinking of You Chartroose” Day? see if we can break a stats record of comments and links?


    trish Reply:

    Care, I love that idea! Let’s do it!


  18. Chris@bookarama

    I hardly ever watched the show but enjoyed the movie. I think it was the friendships and the discussions that they had that I liked. They may be extreme and more like caricatures but they do resemble people I have known IRL.

    (I don’t know the attraction of SJP either. Her arms scare me.)


  19. Amy

    I must admit, I have never gotten it either. But then again, I very rarely even turn my TV on I am always reading instead so I suppose I am hardly the right person to respond!


  20. Jenn's Bookshelves

    I LOVE Sex in the City. I think it’s because of the frankness of the characters. They did things I couldn’t/wouldn’t ever do! And I enjoyed that they are each very different from one another, yet they seem to complement one another. I think each character is an embodiment of aspects of the human psyche. Put them all together, and they form a fairly normal human being. Samantha is clearly the “id” (ruled by pleasure). I think Charlotte is the super-ego (aims for perfection) and the others are a combination of the ego (seeks pleasure that will benefit in the long-run versus what will bring grief).

    Ok, reading this makes me think I may have analyzed the series a bit too much..LOL!


    trish Reply:

    Jenn, you *may* have analyzed the series to much, but I think your analysis is awesome! It makes me think the show isn’t quite so crass and might be going for something a little deeper if only I cared to look for it. 😀


  21. Melissa

    Love the show! Because it’s fun. And it’s about friends. And it’s about successful women with flaws. The characters are really well developed. And Mr. Big is quite charming. While I think a lot of things about the show are unrealistic and the dialogue is often a bit cliched, the portrayal of New York City is dead-on, and I think the emotions are real. Plus, everybody looks fabulous. The fashions are awesome. I’m sorry it was so torturous for you. You should watch the Golden Girls instead! (Love that show! ha)


  22. Lisa

    I couldn’t say it better. I could not get through one episode. If you are going to have a show about women I think it should be a little believable. It makes men who catch snippets of it think women are really like the shallow, bitchy creatures that you see there. They give being a woman a bad rep.


  23. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    I don’t get it either! I watched a few episodes when it first came on…hated it…then watched that awful movie recently…and I’m glad I haven’t watched any more.


  24. Lenore

    I’m glad no one dared me to watch it. I don’t think I could do it, honestly.


  25. Thomas

    To quote another very popular show that many here may not like…there was an episode of The Simpsons where Selma and Patty were watching Nookie In New York (a take off on SITC) and told Marge that it was a show about four women who acted like gay men. As a gay man I thought that was hilarious and offensive all at the same time.

    As for SITC. Loved it. Loved the movie. Looking forward to the next movie. Would buy the lunchbox if I were still in school (and wanted to get beaten up.)


    trish Reply:


    The people who write The Simpsons? So funny. Great observers of pop culture.


  26. jennygirl

    Much props to you girlie! I certainly wouldn’t be able to accept that challenge.


  27. Britt, Book Habitue

    Can’t help you there, I don’t get it either.

    That’s a dare I’d have turned down!


  28. SuziQoregon

    I’ve never watched the show and never had any desire to at all. I’ve never understood folks who think SJP is attractive. She’s been ‘horseface’ to me for years and when a friend sent me a link to SarahJessicaParkerLooksLikeAHorse”dotCom I laughed for a long long time. Seriously – it’s worth hunting up the site.

    I’m very sorry you got dared into this and I admire your sense of fair play in completing the challenge.

    And mostly – better you than me!!


    trish Reply:


    *gasp* *gasp* I can’t breathe! I’m laughing too hard! That website is SO WORTH IT!


  29. Ti

    I’ll tell ya why I like it:

    1. The men are hot.

    2. The men are really hot.

    3. I really like the men I think they are hot! Especially the ones with Smith Jerrod. Here is a link for you:


  30. Pam

    I never had any desire to see this show until the movie was about to come out and all the buzz made me feel a little left out. Like maybe I missed something. I borrowed the DVDs from a friend and was hooked. I have no idea why. I should hate this show – for all the reasons you mention. It is so NOT the type of show I like. But I really did like it. (I didn’t like the movie, though. And probably won’t bother to see the next one). I really didn’t like any of the charcaters, except Charlotte, either. Probably because I’m most like Charlotte. SitC is one of the great mysteries of life.


  31. lena

    It’s the chain smoking 😀

    But seriously, it’s the honesty and the fashion. Mostly the fashion. God help me, I’m shallow and materialistic.


  32. Aunt Becky

    SJP looks an awful lot like Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister. I do like the show, though, I’ll admit.


  33. Jenners

    Too funny! And I did watch the series (but didn’t bother with the movie) and always did wonder whether Sarah Jessica Parker was actually pretty or just had a good body. For me, it was more about seeing her nutball outfits!


  34. nat @book, line, and sinker

    we haven’t had tv in 10 years, but i do rent some more popular series every once in a while so i don’t feel completely out of the loop. i adored ‘arrested development’ but LOST and sex in the city didn’t work for me. i survived 20 minutes of LOST and abandonded ship…and one episode of sex before returning it to the library.


  35. Jodie

    ‘This floor is non smoking.’
    ‘I have an addiction sir.’ – so yes it’s the smoking in a way 🙂

    Agree with everyone else who has turned up to explain – it’s the sisterhood and the problems with remaining true to your friends as they make horrendous decisions. It’s the frankness. It’s the fact that y’know not all the decisions I’ve made in life have been worthy of me and it’s nice to see that others have struggled in the same way. It’s Big and Steve! It’s the random scenes you quote back at your friends ‘hey remember the time the girls sang ‘Memories’ ‘. It’s the fact that Carrie needs ‘ a real phone’ when she’s in a crisis. Oh and the fashion progression (can anyone even believe what they used to put Miranda in). Oh and the whole fairytale aspect (ok will stop now, am gushing).


  36. nikki

    I never really got the show either. I thought the acting and the writing were so subpar. And I totally agree with you on SJP. In the words of Peter Griffin (of Family Guy–a much better show) about SJP, “She looks like a foot!”


  37. Anna

    I’ve watched an episode or two but didn’t like it at all. Maybe it’s because I certainly can’t identify with any of the women on the show — nor would I want to. I feel bad saying this, but every time I see SJP, I think of a horse. Now I’m going to hit submit real quick before I can feel guilty about writing that! LOL


  38. Louise

    Reading your post and all the comments made me realize how much more of an impact SATC (and its not Sex IN the City but Sex AND the City 😉 ) has had on the girls and women in Denmark – and how much smaller Denmark is than North America and other English speaking countries where there are so many shows to choose from – we don’t get as many, and most of what we do get are not that good.

    I don’t know any girl or woman (between the age 15 and 45) who didn’t absolutely adore this show. Of course, the Danish girls and women who disliked it are out there, but the majority loved it. Not just liked it, they loved it. Myself included. Like others have mentioned above, the the attraction of the show is definitely about the fairy-tale aspect: who will get each other in the end??? But its also about the friendship, the frank talking about sex, the fashion (and remember, the first season aired 10 years ago, so no wonder the clothes are a bit…well…not so fashionable), the men (Ohhh. Mr. Big. Sigh), the glamour, the ups and downs and everything.

    I do understand why some who has not seen the series would hate the movie. I liked it a lot, but the series is way better, and actually I don’t really think that the movie can stand alone and being a good movie at the same time. You sort of have to know the stories behind it all.

    Well just my two cents, I’m babbling 😉


  39. softdrink

    I’m afraid I can’t answer your question as I’ve never watched an episode. Or the movie. Okay, I once watched about 5 minutes, and it just reinforced my lack of desire to watch it.


  40. bybee

    I’m not a big fan, but I’m always pathetically grateful to see something in English come across the television.


  41. Veronica

    Thank you! I am always so happy when I find a kindred spirit, someone who detests Sex and the City as much as I do. I do not understand the appeal of this show, nor the claim that it is a revolution in female empowerment. These women are not empowering, they are embarrassing. Why would anyone want girl power to be equated with women who can find nothing fulfilling in life by sex and shoes?


  42. Veronica

    And apparently I spelled my blog name wrong in my comment, so here I am!


  43. zibilee

    I have tried and tried with this show, but all I can do is just watch with my mouth hanging open. I mean, these women are really kind of skanky, in my opinion, and I just don’t really see anything enviable about their lives. And you are spot on about all the nipple shots, that show just makes me feel old.


  44. Kari

    Wow, I have never heard someone so vehemently hate this show! Usually women either like it or are ambivalent, and men say, “Oh, it’s a chick thing.”

    I’m with Jenn and her deep analysis. And some other commenters that say the characters are very well developed. Sure, they’re all over the top, but most women can find SOMETHING relatable. I love that they say and do the things most people never would. Everyone feels the emotions they feel, but they always DO something about them (or at least discuss and get through them), which I think is very refreshing for many women to see.

    However, I have to disagree 85% with Melissa. The show makes does give the viewer a great, insider’s view to the city and its characterization of the city’s quirks ARE dead-on, but the New York presented in the show is a highly glamorized version of it. Very, very few people have the income to live the way they do on the show. People aren’t always so glamorous. In the winter, you dress for winter–not in 4-inch Manolos! It gets COLD! Not everyone is nice, but not everyone is as rude as outsiders think they are. However, when I’m a little down in the dumps and tired of the cold, dirty, crowd, and noise, I watch SATC and remember why I like living in New York, because it has so much to offer.


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