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Bookish business cards and wedding invitations

Some eye candy for your weekend. 🙂

Jessica Claire, a photographer down in Orange County and who I’ve been following for a couple of years, just got married. She has a thing for locks, so her save-the-dates had a key motif, and her invitations? Well, I’ll just let you see those for yourself. You can find her full blog post here, and all images are courtesy of her.

save the date with key

save the date with key2

save the date with key3

And the invitations…

book wedding invitation

book wedding invitation2

I loved loved loved my invitations, but these are making me wish I could go back and redo mine.

These next ones are from Zenadia Designs:

top secret invitation

This really takes the cake. “The story of Nikki & Nick.”

the story of invitation

the story of invitation2

I first saw these on lit*chick’s tumblr account:

library business cards

After seeing all this bookish stuff, I wish I was newly engaged (to the same guy) and a librarian.


18 Responses to “Bookish business cards and wedding invitations”

  1. Kathy

    You could always renew your wedding vows!


  2. Alita

    Wow, those book invitations are amazing. I’m guessing that they had a small wedding. Can you imagine making 200 of those?


  3. Vania

    OMG!!! I kinda love you! I LOOOVE Jessica Claire! If I make millions one day she’ll be my photographer hands down. and I loved her cool unique way of doing invitations. OMG and ow gorgeous was her wedding! ok nuff fangirlienss. nice to see someone else is a fan of hers.


  4. Wendy

    I would totally renew my vows just to use those.


  5. diane

    Those are so great, especially the invitations. (Too much trouble to do another wedding..LOL)


  6. charley

    I like that business card.


  7. Beth F

    I love these! I love that library card.


  8. Hazra

    I love the bookish invitations! I wish I was invited to one of those weddings!


  9. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    O to the M to the G, Trish! This is proof that we really are soul mates. I found Jessica Claire’s blog 3 years ago when I was planning my wedding and my photographer linked to her. So I saw the bookish invitations and swooned over them also….and oh, how cool would they have been for my library wedding?! She’s awesome, and I love that we have additional confirmation that our friendship was in the stars all along.


  10. sarah pekkanen

    Gorgeous! And so original. I have to say, I love that YouTube wedding dance down the aisle – why not shake up tradition?


  11. Hazra

    By the way, drop by my blog. I have an award waiting for you!


  12. Aunt Becky

    Dude. Those are wicked cool!


  13. Nari @ The Novel World

    What cute ideas!!
    I’m in the process of planning my wedding right now, and I’m collecting all sorts of different book theme ideas for the invites & wedding. This is one of the best I’ve seen so far, I’m so jealous.


  14. zibilee

    They really are beautiful and unique. I am going to have to keep these in mind for my brother’s wedding (although they don’t love books near as much as I do). Thanks for posting these!


  15. Michelle

    I adore the gorgeousness and originality people are able to come up with. I don’t have a creative bone in my body (at least for these types of things) so I marvel at how beautiful it all turns out.


  16. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    Those are gorgeous. I loved my invitations, but these are so creative!


  17. Jennifer

    These are so cute. I’ll have to consider them for when I get married (yeah, I’m thinking ahead, marriage is pretty far off for me, but a girl can dream, right?)


  18. Felecia- Wilmington NC

    These are so unique! I love the book invitations! But the Key save-the-dates are probably my favorite.. they seem to be the most do-able 🙂
    Great post!- Thanks for sharing 🙂


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