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Festivus – Let’s Air Our Grievances

Last year, because blog traffic is slow around the holidays, I celebrated Festivus, which kicks off with the Airing of Grievances. Since only other bloggers are reading blogs around this time of year (’cause we’re crazy like that), it makes sense that we should get some things off our chest! Vent! Proclaim what is wrong with the world (or our families), so that we can start the new year with a clean slate ready for new frustrations.


I’ll go first.

1. Stupid people. They’re everywhere.

2. Chase. Ever since my mortgage was moved to them, I’ve had problems. Problems that take HOURS to fix. And happen again the next month.

3. Irv Sutley, an active atheist who went around to county buildings where I work and demanded stars and angels be taken off of Christmas trees. Ironically, this happened the day I returned to work from my appendectomy, and I thought I was going to burst my newly healed scar, I was so angry. Before you cry separation of church and state, read about the issue here and note, “He [Rex Grady, a Santa Rosa attorney who teaches constitutional law at Empire College School of Law] cited another Supreme Court case in 1984 in which justices ruled that a municipal government’s holiday display, which included figures of Jesus, Joseph and Mary, constituted a celebration of Christmas but was not an official endorsement of religion or a particular faith.” I got so angry over this I ended up writing a letter to my County Supervisor.

4. Drivers who get impatient when I wait for a pedestrian to actually reach the sidewalk.

5. My computer is dying a slow death and I need it to hang on until January. Come on little buddy!

6. Blogs that are JUST for product reviews. Seriously, who reads those blogs? How do they get any traffic at all?

7. I’ve got a fungus on ONE toenail that is hanging on for dear life.

8. The only pants that are comfortable right now are my really soft pajama bottoms. Unfortunately, they’re not appropriate for work. Yay for being *almost* healed, boo for having to look presentable at work.

And I know, we’re celebrating Festivus, not Thanksgiving, but I’ve just got to mention that I have the best blogging friends in the whole world. I won’t name names, but you know who you are!

What’re your grievances? Have at it, because no one’s going to read this anyway!

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46 Responses to “Festivus – Let’s Air Our Grievances”

  1. Lauren Baratz-Logsted

    Actually, some authors are still reading blogs on Dec 23 too! But since it can be a big mistake for authors to complain, at least about anything writing/publishing/reviewing related, I’ll just say:

    Those soft pajamas look marvy on you!

    Thanks, Trish, for all that you and all the other litbloggers do, and have a Festive Festivus!


  2. MotherReader

    The beauty of these is being able to complain about family who might read your blog, but won’t read someone else’s blog. So…

    My selfish brother who won’t bring my mother up to my house for Christmas even though I come down to visit them like ten times during the year and this is one of two visits he’d make in 2009. So my mother is going to come on the train – even though she had recent back surgery – and bring my niece, because my brother would rather get work done. But she wants to come here to see the snow and be part of our holiday, not have us make yet another trip down. And every two days I hear updates on this madness. Arrrghh!


  3. Rachel

    My grievance this year is about my dental insurance company and my dentist. I’m having some serious issues that need to be resolved (I have two holes in my teeth where they’ve broken off) and my insurance is only covering some of it but only if I can get it done before the new year. My dentist is refusing to find some way to get this done and making me wait until next year, when I would have to pay significantly more out of pocket for this major dental work. I hate greedy people/companies. Plus, I’m in a lot of mouth-aching pain because of this, and no one seems to care. GRR.

    Yay Festivus!!


  4. Erin Collazo Miller

    My grievance of the week: drivers who don’t turn on their lights in the rain. It seems I’m having to squint to see if cars are coming in storms all the time lately.


  5. Robin of My Two Blessing

    Happy Festivus Day! Do you have your aluminum pole? Gotta love Seinfeld.

    Yes, I hate chase as well and refuse to have anything to do with them. Ever since they almost messed up my honeymoon by rejecting the check I wrote for the house we were renting in the virgin islands.

    I thoroughly dislike people who think we should bow to the minority of one just because they don’t like something. To them I say get a life.

    To you I say – Merry Christmas and you are the hostest with the mostest and I love your blog and I’ll never have any complaints about you.

    And I just gave someone who hates long winded sentences a reason to complain. Hands over ears as I sing la la la la



  6. Ash

    I’ll just say that my in-laws to be are driving me batty. So much that I’m really not even enjoying being home.

    And I’m angry at my dentist because now that I’m twenty they tell me that I have to start worrying about gum disease. And I have to find a job for this summer. And my grandma gave me a gold bracelet for Christmas. Even though all of my jewelry is white gold. And I rarely wear jewelry.

    So there.


  7. Pam

    I think I will participate in this! What a fun idea haha.

    Even though I am not very religious (due to procrastination of me not wanting to figure out exactly what I do believe in and which church is best for me. I really am that lazy) I think iit is kind of sad to be offended and start a whole campaign to take off ornaments. It’s an ornament. It is the same as the religious people who campaign for books to be banned. Just get over it an let everyone else celebrate /read /live how they want. I am sorry that happened to you at work.

    I am also sorry for your surgery. When I had Elijah I had a c-section, an emergancy one and it still bothers me almost 4 months later. I hope you heal quickly and you have a good holiday. Thanks for the warm welcome to the book blogging community.



  8. Chrisbookarama

    Is an angel and some stars really a big deal? Geesh! Some people just need something to complain about or they’re not happy.

    I don’t think I have any grievances this year- not yet. (Except my girl won’t leave the poor cat alone. It’s making me nuts!)

    Happy Festivus! On to the Feats of Strength!


  9. Florinda

    I think your #1 grievance probably encompasses all of mine, but I’ll single out the idiots three cars behind me who honk their horns because I actually STOP before I make a right turn on red. I’m in front, and I can see when it’s clear better than they can – sorry to slow ’em down, but why should I get run over because THEY’RE in a hurry?

    Thanks, I feel better now :-).

    Wishing you a most Festive Festivus, Trish (and a continued good recovery)!


  10. Care

    Can I complain about the almost two feet of snow that is on my deck and it’s too cold to shovel it off? Other than that, I’m good.
    Merry merriment this holiday!


  11. Valerie

    I hope your recovery goes well. When I had laparascopic surgery a couple years ago I had to wear yoga pants for work. Some of them look nice enough to wear, but I guess it depends on the job!

    Stress: My husband invited a bunch of people from his work that I barely know (or haven’t even met) over our house for Christmas Dinner — without asking me first. What happened to relaxing on Christmas day! I wouldn’t mind good friends or family over since I know them well, but with these guests I won’t really be able to let my hair down and will be forced to make small talk. Oh well! I wouldn’t mind the dinner guests on another day; just not on Christmas day.

    I normally don’t vent, not even on my blog, because yes, my family reads mine.


  12. Lisa Book Blab

    Your grievances made me laugh! And I was just going to pop in to say Happy Holidays, but now I think I’ll say HAPPY FESTIVUS!! Have a good one.


  13. Jendeis

    Delurking to air my grievance (and not trying to offend) – people who go over the top in decorating public buildings for Christmas. Christmas is not an American holiday, people! It is a religious holiday. You can decorate your office and public buildings, just please, puhleeze, don’t go crazy with it.


  14. diane

    LOL Trish,

    You have a lot of good grievances there, idiot drivers is a biggie for me. Especially those who do not use turn signals or those who are in a hurry and must pass you, only to end up right in front of you at the next red light.

    How about…….People who dump their unwanted pets somewhere instead of bothering to bring them to a shelter.

    Then there is……oh well, I could go on way to long….LOL
    Happy Festivus to you too!


  15. lena

    My grievances?

    1. A sleep schedule that is so completely out of whack. Three hours of sleep in two days is a record for me.

    2. A lack of any GOOD weekly planners so that I can keep all of my appointments in line. I used to find great ones a dime a dozen when I was in university.

    3. The folks over at unemployment. I know that they’re only doing their job, but they keep leaving my claim unanswered despite owing me over a thousand dollars right now and me actually needing it. 🙁

    Well… I actually feel a lot better having written that DOWN.


  16. Megan

    1. This week that is going on forever and ever and ever.

    2. Stupid trainees who quit after I’ve been waiting for them to get hired for a month (or few) and training them for over a month, thus preventing me yet again from transferring over to my new job. Seriously – couldn’t he have quit a like 3 weeks ago before I wasted so much of my life on this??

    3. Uncles inviting non-family members to Christmas breakfast. See if I care – I’m *still* not showering before I go there! Ha!

    4. Stars? *Stars* are promoting a certain religion? STARS? Get a clue, people.

    5. Creepily perfect people you barely know who send Christmas cards with letters consisting of a litany of their many substantial accomplishments and numerous awesome vacations (“We wintered in Florida, then we flew to France to meet up with our daughter Candee who has just revolutionized physics with her theory of…” Oh stuff it.)

    6. All my junk that is breaking and costing me a ton of money when I’m already spending a ton of money.

    Er…okay. I embraced that a little too eagerly. But I kinda feel good now having unloaded all my bitterness…. Thanks…I think. 😉


  17. Lorin

    Stars?? Seriously, people. Chill.

    My only grievance at the moment is that I am still at the office. 90 minutes until Christmas vacation!! Clearly, though, I am on vacation in my mind, as I am not working.


  18. The Kool-Aid Mom

    oh what fun 😀 (evil grin) Where to begin?

    1. As to the atheist who is going to get pissy because people working together in an office that happens to be located in a public building I would say this: He should NOT get a single Christmas present. To receive them would be hypocritical on his part, so everyone who knows him should be strong and support his rant by NOT giving him jack squat. I mean, really? Stars and Angels? ooh… how absolutely medieval of you! and who paid for them? Fellow office workers? or was it county tax money? grr… I gotta lay of the Glenn Beck book.

    2. That reminds me of a big grievance I have, though. The whole Politically Correct terrorism that is so pervasive that I almost panic if I think an off-color thought. Seriously… we can’t say short, it’s “persons of an alternative size”. BUT, we can harrass and harangue smokers (I am not one, btw) without fear of retribution because they’re “poisoning our air”. Bah… mow your own back yard. And if you feel society is limiting your potential unfairly because of your size, IQ, color, sex… etc, ad naseum, then do like so many in history have done: Prove them WRONG! Do your best and show them that they’re wrong.

    3. And that reminds me of another peeve I have. People who abuse the system to take revenge on their neighbors or to lay claim to riches they haven’t the slightest right to even think they deserve. People who get mad at a neighbor or friend and call child welfare, the police, the city dept, ad naseum and make false accusations just to stir up trouble for them are petty and there should be a special circle in HELL reserved for them (particularly the ones who use child services). Or the lady who sued McDonald’s because she was the dumbass who stuck the HOT tea she ordered (HOT, she asked for HOT) between her legs and burned her foofer.

    4. Stupid people.

    5. People who hijack a blog post by writing long-winded comments. (oops :-D)

    hahaha… Thanks for the vent, I had fun 🙂


  19. Rebecca S. Cox

    Well, I am not sure you want to get me started but here goes.
    1. New refrigerators that can’t seem to get to my house in the right color. I ordered a stainless steel refrigerator which we have been saving for on November 1st. They delivered the 2nd one Tuesday and once again, it was not stainless but black when it was unpacked.
    2. Husbands that go buy new sportscars with out having a job or discussing said purchase with working wife.
    3. Weather that is 70 and pouring rain one day and 35 and sunny the next. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!
    At least I live in a small town so I can’t complain about the traffic unless it is getting stuck behind the occasional tractor.
    And I have a fairly new laptop so I don’t have to worry about my computer dying and my appendix seems fine although I do have a fractured knee, one of four fractures in my right leg in one year which I think is 3 too many. what do you think?


  20. Rebecca S. Cox

    OH, and a Very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all.


  21. Marie

    Hi Trish – I only just started following your blog, but I like it so far and I hope to visit often. 🙂

    I love that you posted this and invited your readers to air their own grievances; it often helps just to get it off our chests! Unfortunately, I started telling a story that quickly became too long, so I’m trying to give an abridged version. I thought my late mother’s ashes had been buried (she passed in mid-October), and I found out TODAY that the urn is still at the funeral home. (I’m in Kansas, & my mom lived in Mass.) Her aunt planned to bring a small Xmas tree to the grave, as she so kindly gave my mom in past years when my mom was in a nursing home, but the grave still has just my dad, not my mom — and I just learned this today at 4pm & have had to get the update out to Mass. on short notice. It’s just frustrating!

    Thank you for this invitation to gripe and vent. Happy Festivus and all the other holidays too, and my best wishes for a speedy recovery. (I read your appendicitis blog, and that roommate was truly awful, hope you never see her again!)


  22. Festivus – I’m Ripping It Off, and I Don’t Even Know What It Is! « In the Shadow of Mt. TBR

    […] 23, 2009 by thekoolaidmom Trish at  Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? has written a post called Festivus – Let’s Air Our Grievances in which she wrote down a few (and good) things that have ired her this season and invited […]

  23. Shay

    1. Barnes & Noble for saying all I had to do was request the books online and they would have them ready for me to pick up within and hour. LIAR!!

    2. Kohls for having only 4 cashiers open when the line is at least 20 people long. Nothing they have is worth it for me to wait 45 minutes to check out.

    3. The person who called the Humane Society on my poor 17 year-old cat who walks very slowly. Look F-head, if you had taken a moment to ask me about my cat you would have found out I had already taken him to the vet and other than some antibiotics, there isn’t much we can do and I would not have been visited by two uniformed officers while still in my nightgown. And not the pretty one either.

    Thank you, I feel so much better.


  24. Scorpio M.

    1. Best Buy – ordered new laptop on 11/30 and still backordered as of today! I would cancel order if not for the great price…aaargh!

    2. NYC MTA – why are the subways SO dirty and horribly run? I’ve been to London, Paris, Hong Kong, DC, SF and all their metro systems are far cleaner, cheaper and superior.

    3. Hating my loud walking, annoying, obnoxious upstairs neighbors who stomp rather than tread.

    4. TRAFFIC. Period.

    5. Stupid, lazy, selfish people.

    But these aside, I do have many things to be happy & thankful for and I’m glad that I realize that. Thanks for letting me vent.


  25. Jodie

    After having fun reading your comments I ifnd that I don’t have a lot of grievances this year (shocking there’s usually something to grrr about) except for w**k (hey it’s a four letter word) and the stupid people, who are my biggest problem each year really. I’ll probably slip on some snow on the way to the bus stop now and have to wait an hour for a bus because I’ve jinxed myself. Merry Festivus!


  26. Leigh

    This will feel better afterwards. Kind of like pulling off a bandaid!
    1. I am sick of working with two menopausal women. We share workspace and one is always hot and the other cold. They hate each other and take it out on me. Sux!
    2. Going to punch the next woman over 50 that tells me and my husband ” it’s your turn next, get to work.” We’ve been trying to have kids for three years now. It ain’t happenin’ ! And you can shove “you just need to relax” and “when God is ready” right up your tookus. Sheeesh.
    3. I hate lazy mean people. And teachers are some of the laziest and meanest there are. I’ve been in education for 13 years and am dismayed at how teachers treat one another.
    Phew, can’t say I feel 100% better, but these are the biggies. Maybe i can start to deal with them in 2010. Merry Festivus!


  27. Nan

    Those are great! I have to add Washington Mutual to the list of messing up mortgages. When my mortgage was sold to them a few years ago, they made mistake after mistake. I complained so much they eventually wrote me a check and sent an apology note. I can’t stand them! And drivers who get impatient at the crosswalks… that drives me crazy.

    Good luck with your toenail and computer!


  28. Emily

    My frievance is for people who claim that they are concerned about your welfare, but are just calling to disrespect and harrass you. My second grievance is for people who hate Jehovahs Witnesses just because we dont celebrate. When you think about it, theyre just jealous that they cant skip out on buying presents.


  29. Helen

    Oddly this was really fun to read! And “Festivus”, what a great name for it. Warning: I am going to get a little political here…I am frustrated by people who won’t help others and think only of themselves. And, this is NOT a religious thing. Whatever happened to looking out for our fellow human beings (health care, eduation, homeless, etc)?!

    I was going to say I have no other complaints, but I just thought of one: classroom teachers at my school who refuse to try out any new technology even though I (in my infinite wisdom as the teacher librarian) know it would enliven their lessons and students would love it because technology in the classroom is a GOOD thing. Whew! Thanks for listening!


  30. Beth F

    Thanks for the laughs. Somehow, my petty problems seem especially petty and small.


  31. Christa

    My one grievance right now is that I graduated last week but I still do not know one of my grades. I know the other four and they have been posted. The fact that makes this worse is that it was the one final and class that I was worried about and am still sitting here feeling anxious about it. Don’t professor’s know that this not good for someone with an anxious personality?


  32. Christa

    Also I forgot to say that here if you don’t wait for the pedestrian to get out of the cross walk and on to the side walk you can get a ticket! So I always do that.


  33. Marinka

    I have many grievances, but they all faded into the background when I read “toe” and “fungus”. Please take it back!


  34. Patty

    As a person working retail, my grievances are:
    1. People who throw their money at me.
    2. People who arrive at the register obviously miffed for having to wait and then not being ready to check out (unable to find the credit card or ID, etc.).
    3. People who assume I am beneath them and therefore talk to me as if I am an idiot.
    4. People who allow their children to run around unattended in stores. It is irresponsible and dangerous.
    5. People who talk on their phone while checking out.


  35. lorraine

    My number one holiday grievance is the rudeness of many shoppers this time of year. It’s not the salesperson’s fault that the store has run out of that “perfect” gift thet decided to wait until the last minute to get. Even my dry cleaner was telling me stories about how crazy his customers can get during the holidays.


  36. Lisa

    Oh, yes–stupid people, impatient & rude people, people who talk on their cell phones where other people have to listen to them…Wait this is starting to make it sound like I don’t really like any people. I like people, I really do. Only the smart one, though!


  37. Frankie

    My complaint, contractors who do a poor job. With all the snow, my new windows have leaked and now the paint has peeled and the drywall is ruined. I will have to do the work to take this bastard to small claims court.Grrrrrrrr.
    I don’t feel better but I’m thrilled to have found this blog. There are several books mentioned that I have not read.


  38. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    Okay, I have several grievances, but I’m at my in-laws’, and their computer is from the jurassic era, so I only have time and patience for one (plus the one I already built in about their slow-as-molasses computer.)

    They bought a huge, gorgeous new HD TV, but they set the contrast so high (95%!!!!) that no matter what you’re watching, it looks like the people are popped out against a very flat backdrop, almost as if everything were filmed against a green screen. Completely ruined by yearly viewing of A CHRISTMAS STORY, and I couldn’t even drop the F bomb to complain about it!


  39. Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books

    Oh, do you remember the Ben & Jerry’s Festivus ice cream? I was so disappointed when that didn’t come back, and was never resurrected from the ice cream graveyard!

    I guess that would be my grievance. That and ‘not enough hours in the day’ … that about covers it.

    Happy everything!


  40. Michelle

    My list of grievances would amount to quite a post so I think I’ll simply leave it at hope you and your family had an enjoyable holiday despite the annoyances you listed!


  41. melanie

    Okay, I’m still a little bit freaking out that you had SURGERY! But since it isn’t about me….I hope you are feeling better every day. And if you lived closer I’d be doing your Christmas baking and I’m come hang out.
    Moving on..
    I might be at my most cheerful while doing my once a year food shopping at a local gourmet food shop for Christmas Eve dinner. It gets really crowded there and it’s not a large place to start. The lady in front of me who rammed her cart into another and then shook her head in disgust peeved me. I made a joke about it to the woman who got rammed, but c’mon Scrooge get with the program.
    I’m also not a fan of those who seek to make others miserable by actively fighting to remove stars, angels, nativity scenes and the like. Really? There aren’t enough other needs in the world or in your community and that’s what you’re going to put your energies into? Mind boggling.
    Love ya T!


  42. Erica

    There are too many to list. I hate everything and everyone lately, so I’m seriously thinking of becoming a hermit. I’ll bring the dog (of course) and perhaps the hubs… But will definitely bring the laptop and air-card so I can still read your blog. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!


  43. Tresa

    This was very entertaining to read… Thank You! I had a few to add..
    1. People that throw trash out the window …
    2. People who are at the Gas Station / by a trashcan / and they drop lotto tickets and other trash on ground.
    3. Bank of America’ for raising my mortgage payment. arrrgghhh
    4. People in front of me at lunch / apparently in NO hurry as I am.

    Wow Thank you for allowing me to vent. I probable should have put this on my website… where it wouldn’t get read.


  44. bybee

    First of all, I’m glad you’re almost healed. Hooray for soft pajama bottoms!

    My gripes:
    Students whining for A+ and acting like I smeared them with dog feces because I gave them a straight A.

    My washing machine being on the patio where it’s damn cold and the pipes and hoses freeze.

    Happy Festivus and New Year…


  45. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    I was wondering if anyone was reading blogs over the holidays. i didn’t really…but here I am commenting now. better late than never!

    1. stupid and ignorant people
    2. arrogant and know-it-alls
    3. Walmart
    4. Consumerism


  46. sarah pekkanen

    These made me laugh… my grievances are mostly against my appliances and electronic gadgets, which are smarter than me and like to show it off!
    Glad you’re healing, Trish. Feel all better soon!


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