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Cover for Hunger Games 3!!!

I am an unapologetic, crazy fan-girl, screaming school-girl lover of The Hunger Games trilogy.


Scholastic has just announced the cover for the third and final installment of The Hunger Games trilogy. I am chewing on my arm in anticipation! It is BEEYOOTEEFUL. Check it out:

Don’t you love it?? Doesn’t it make you wonder how Suzanne Collins will wrap things up? *coughTeamGalecough*

Mockingjay will be released August 24, 2010. I might have to take that day off of work.

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23 Responses to “Cover for Hunger Games 3!!!”

  1. Jennifer

    I’m still working on finishing Catching Fire but I’m definitely looking forward to the idea of a third book. I didn’t know that this was meant to be a triology. I just read the Hunger Games not too long ago, but I enjoyed every page.


  2. Shweta

    I love that cover. The blue and the sense of freedom depicted is killing me in anticipation of the book. I wish I could read it . Now 🙂


  3. Jeane

    That is a really beautiful cover. It has me itching to read it- and I haven’t even started the series yet!


  4. Stephanie

    Great title and cover! I am really looking forward to the release of this book, although I have yet to read Catching Fire.


  5. Amanda

    I know!! I’m so excited too! Although, I hate to dissapoint you but it’s going to be Team Peeta all the way. Just thought I’d prepare you in advance 😉


  6. nomadreader

    I cannot wait! Team Gale all the way.


  7. trish

    Amanda, did you say something? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you. 😉

    nomadreader, HECK YES! Team Gale rules.


  8. Florinda

    I like the actual title better than that rumored one (THE VICTORS, I think?) from a couple of months ago. How long is it till August?

    Team GALE, people! That is all :-).


  9. The1stdaughter

    I LOVE this cover! And it’s only got me so much more excited than ever, I can hardly wait for August!

    And nope, it’s Team Peeta all the way! Sorry Gale!


  10. Jenny

    Gosh, you’re going to be so disappointed when Katniss saves the world and then ends up with PEETA. 😛


  11. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    There have been a bazillion posts about this today, but I’m commenting on this one 1) because I love you, 2) out of solidarity with Team Gale (holla!), and 3) YIPPEEE!


  12. Beth F

    I love the cover — yay for Team GALE GALe GAle Gale gale ….


  13. Melissa

    I can’t wait! Aug. 24 might have to be a sick day.


  14. Michelle

    Wheeee! We can be squealy fangirls together 🙂

    All this Gale business aside, I think we all stand together in our desire to get our grubby little paws on an advanced copy. I know, I know, they aren’t making them but a girl can wish right?


  15. Hazra

    I’m seeing this cover all over the blogosphere this week. Really fantastic one! Team Peeta, though!


  16. Katie

    I am so hopefully after seeing the cover. And I’m gnawing my fingernails waiting for the book — August 24th cannot come fast enough!


  17. Amy

    I just finished The Hunger Games this week and loved it! I have a hold at the library for Catching Fire. I’m not so patiently waiting. 🙂 I can’t wait to read the 3rd one too!


  18. Andrea

    Yay! I can’t wait! Thanks for posting this because I hadn’t heard the title or seen the cover or heard about the release date until I read your post! The last time I tried to find that info it hadn’t been released.

    I just let my MIL borrow my copy of “Catching Fire” so that she won’t have to wait in line for a copy at the library!


  19. zibilee

    so, so excited about this release! I know my daughter is going to want to snap this book out of my hands as soon as I bring it home, but that’s ok. I can wait….for a little bit! Great cover on this book! Thanks for posting it!


  20. ShootingStarsMag

    I do love the cover. I need to read the first two still though. haha I’m interested, just taking me awhile.

    Want to enter my Book Lover’s Basket Giveaway?? It would help my family a ton in the long run too!!


  21. Sera @ Laughing Through the Chaos

    I am a HUGE fan of this series, too! I didn’t really know what to expect when I initially started reading the series. I just knew there was a ton of hype and I wanted to check it out for myself. The content, especially in the first book, was a lot darker than I’d expected, but holy bananas – I could NOT put either book down. That is the type of book I absolutely LOVE. Can’t wait till book 3 comes out, and that is one snazzy cover!


  22. Mary

    I am a total fan girl about this series!!!

    I think the blue cover signifies clear skies, the ending of a revolution and of hard times. The flying MockingJay, well…is just that…flying free. I also think Gale will die in this book.

    I am so freaking excited!!!!!!



  23. gaby317 @ Starting Fresh

    Love the cover! I can’t wait!!!


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