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Thoughts on CHILD 44 by Tom Rob Smith

child 44

Child 44
by Tom Rob Smith
448 pages
Published April 29, 2008
Fiction, mystery/thriller/suspense

So can I just ask you to go read Raych’s review of Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith? Because there’s things she wrote that I can’t get out of my head, things like “Tom Rob Smith – the man with two first names” (which cracked me up the first time I read it) and “Leo SomethingRussianov”. So my review would only be me trying not to be a copy cat. Instead of trying to stretch my brain to find something witty to say about this book that Raych perhaps overlooked, I will, instead, just send you over to her.

Rating: 85 out of 100

The man with two first names has a website!

Other reviews (that don’t make you read Raych’s review):

Shelf Love

Reactions to Reading (listened to it on audio!)

Asylum (this review has me questioning whether I should like the book after all; fantastic review!)

(there are many more reviews, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you)

Book source: I bought this book myself when I was at a book signing for another author but I already had that author’s book, and since I like to support indie bookstores when I go to a book signing, I bought their last copy of Child 44.

And one more thing? If you click on one of the Child 44 links and buy something from Amazon, I’ll make a commission! Mwahahahaha!! Maybe with the pennies I make I’ll be able to call someone who cares.

You can thank the FTC for this disclosure!

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6 Responses to “Thoughts on CHILD 44 by Tom Rob Smith”

  1. zibilee

    I haven’t read much about this book, so I am off to check out the other reviews in your post. Thanks for putting them all together in one place for me to peruse!


  2. bermudaonion (Kathy)

    Here in the South, 2 first names isn’t uncommon – I’ve know a Jim David, a John Mark and a Joe Dean just to name a few.


  3. Beth F

    I have this one on my shelf! Now I’ll likely have the two first names in my head too.


  4. diane

    thanks for posting about this one Trish. A friend just mentioned it last week.


  5. Sheila DeChantal

    A friend of mine recommended this book to me a few months back. I didnt even have time to check it out but the title intrigued me. Still does.


  6. Mari (Bookworm with a View)

    I can’t wait to read it and participate – I found the online book club discussion about two years ago (on real simple) and really enjoy them!


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