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Which Would You Rather Wednesday – June 16, 2010

You haven’t seen me posting much of anything, really, since BEA because I was hoping to get my BEA posts written and posted, but obviously THAT didn’t happen, so because time is marching on whether I type up my experiences or not, I’ll take the first step in giving up on writing the BEA posts at all by doing a Which Would You Rather.

So, uh, this question comes because I have a problem at work with the thermostat. It seems like everywhere I’ve worked, no one can agree on the thermostat temperature. You can usually find me huddled over my keyboard at work, teeth chattering year ’round. And it makes me wonder sometimes, Do the ladies who turn the thermostat down (i.e. colder) ever *get* cold? Or are they perpetually hot and sweaty?

So then I was surfing some blogs yesterday and came across a blog that I instantly clicked with, so I checked her Twitter stream and BAM! I found this at the top:

*dies* I have found my soulmate. Unfortunately, I don’t think she knows I’m *her* soulmate.

Anyhoodles, this whole office thermostat thing got me thinking about whether I’d prefer to be perpetually hot or perpetually cold. Sooo…would you rather always be cold or always be hot? If you’re always cold, it’s not life threatening or anything, it’s just that you’re toes and fingers can’t seem to warm up, and same goes for your nose and ears. You forget about it if you’re busy, but it’s always *there*, that you’re cold. If you’re always hot, you’re always a little moist sweaty glistening. You know how it is when you’re just a *tad* too hot.

I’m wondering which you would rather deal with for the rest of your life: always being slightly cold, or always being slightly warm?

Would you rather always be cold or always be hot?

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Me, I’d rather always be on the warm side. I can’t FREAKING CONCENTRATE when I’m cold, and while I get a little sleepy when I’m too warm, at least I’m not cold.


Look, sorry I turned the office AC up to 70, but SOME OF US ARE PRE-MENOPAUSAL AROUND HERE. Christ.


47 Responses to “Which Would You Rather Wednesday – June 16, 2010”

  1. Kay

    Hmmmm…..I think this is an issue that the coldies and hotties are going to have to agree to disagree on. Me, I’ve been too warm for the last, oh I don’t know, years and years. Of course, I live in a part of the country that is hotter much of the year, but I also live in the land of A/C. There’s always the thing that you can add more clothes, but can only take off so many. 🙂

    I can see that cold fingertips and ears would be most uncomfortable though.


  2. Jenny

    I’d miles rather be a little cold all the time. It would be a bummer, but I’d perish if I had to be hot all the time. I realize this is a silly answer from a girl from Louisiana, but there you go.


  3. Amy

    OMG you are both my new soulmates. I usually work from home now, but at the office, in my cubicle, I have: 1 blanket, 1 pair of socks, 1 sweater, hot chocolate mix and hot tea mix, and a small electric heater. I am constantly cold. I am loving this week in Mississippi because the 90 degree weather is incredible!


  4. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    As you know from my repeated pre-BEA warnings about my demands (erm, requests) for our hotel room thermostat, I like it cold like ice, ice baby. I slept with the window cracked almost all winter during the 4 years I lived in Chicago. When I’m awake, I want it chilly, when I’m sleeping, I want it as close to a cave as possible. The colder the better! Plus, I can always put on more clothing to warm up, but if I’m too hot, I can only get so naked before it’s socially unacceptable.


  5. Jenn's Bookshelves

    I’m all about the cold! When you are cold, you can put on more layers if you need to warm up a bit. When you’re hot, there’s only so much you can do in public to cool down. I tend to get a bit crabby when I’m hot, too.

    The hubster, on the other hand, is my polar opposite. He’s from FL, he loves the hot. For that reason, I sleep on top of the covers (I’ll kick them all off otherwise) and have my own comforter should I need to cover up. I also have a fan on my side of the bed which runs a good part of the year.


  6. April (Books&Wine)

    I would definitely rather be warm. I hate hate hate hate being cold. I am definitely that person in the office who always wears my northface, even if it’s 90 outside, because its usually subzero inside.


  7. Jen - Devourer of Books

    I’m with all the coldies. You can always put on more clothes, but you can only get so naked.


  8. zibilee

    I would much rather be cold. I so hate being hot and can’t relax or be comfortable at all if I am hot and sweaty. This is actually a big problem for me, as I live in Central Florida, where it is hot and humid almost all the time, and the air conditioner in the house doesn’t always get it cool enough. Needless to say, I am pretty much always pink and glistening, and I hate it!!


  9. Cofee and a Book Chick

    I lived for three years in St. Cloud, Minnesota for work, and I intentionally left Minnesota to go to Virginia Beach and now Florida because being cold all the time requires a lot more strength than I’m willing (or able) to give!


  10. Trisha

    I firmly believe that, if in a grudge match, the heat can kick the cold’s patootie.


  11. Jen-Girls Gone Reading

    Another vote for the cold…when my husband and I talk about our dream moves…You know, where we would move if money, family, commitments were no problem. Well, he goes south and I head north. I want to live in the cold, the rain, in the land of sweaters. I use a blanket even when the house is 80 degrees. All the things that go with cold just seem cozy-fire, blankets, sweaters. UMMM!! Too bad it is June!


  12. T.Y.

    Cold. At least then I could put on a parka and mittens. But if you’re too hot, it’s not socially acceptable to strip in public.


  13. Marieke

    Cold, all the way. I spend most of the year being cold anyway, living in Scotland, so it wouldn’t be any different. Hot water bottles, wool socks and big thick sweaters are year-round items.


  14. Kiki

    While I’m sweating the rest of my family are huddled under blankies. I’m always sneaking the thermostat down while my husband is at work. At work, I’m usually perspiring lightly, and when I get home the first thing I do is rip off my clothes! I live in Alabama, but grew up in New York (Long Island) so maybe that is my problem!


  15. Jenny

    I have always been cold – my entire life I have learned to always bring a sweater with me (including super hot summer days since the air conditioning is way too cold for me). I love to sleep at night with a big heavy blanket on me.
    But recently (and I am only 31 – so not menoplausal) I have not been able to cool down. I am now generally hot – and I hate it.
    My husband is now the cold one at night, bundled up in the covers while I am sleeping with barely a sheet, the window open and a fan on (I live in Alberta Canada – not the southern States).

    I would vote for cold – since i know how to deal with that – you can always drink hot tea and coffee all day long – have a space heater under your desk at work (yes I used to do that and used it all summer long).
    I am so not liking this hot thing I have going on right now –

    remember – you can always put on more clothes – you can’t always take more off….


  16. Mark

    I close my AC vent in the summer, yet I still leave the AC in my car off for the first part of the trip home so my hands and feet can thaw out. And I live in Southern CA. Yep, sign me up on the rather be hot side of things.

    And for those who argue that falacy that you can always add another layer if you are cold, that doesn’t help my feet which are ice cubes. And I can’t type with gloves on my hands. There are times that it can be too cold, especially if it is 95 out. You shouldn’t have to change clothes every time you want to go outside or inside.


  17. Rachel @ MWF Seeking BFF

    I really really hate being cold. And I am freezing in my cubicle as I type this. But if I had to choose I guess I would choose cold since I can always add more layers, and cant go nude at my office apparently….


  18. Sandy

    I’m one of those people who are always hot. And it doesn’t have anything to do with menopause (God help me when that day comes). There is nothing worse that actively sweating in my opinion. And when I do get cold, I can always put on a sweather, some warm socks, or turn on my seat-heater. Only thing I can do when I’m hot is go nekkid, and that wouldn’t go over well at work!


  19. Jeane

    I would rather be too warm. As it is, my hands are always a bit cold, and when it really gets cold, my fingers becomes stiff and I have trouble typing. I wouldn’t want it like that all the time!


  20. Meghan

    I’m always cold and I love the heat – so I’d definitely prefer to be just a bit too warm all the time. In general I like that anyway, which apparently is strange according to all of your comments! The guys at my office happily turn on the AC when it’s only 60 outside (England is pretty much always cold to me) and so I am still wearing my fleece in the summer. I’d always rather risk being too warm than being too cold.


  21. MelissaW

    I am ALWAYS cold. Air conditioning is the devil at both my jobs with thermostats set in the mid-60s (my home a/c is set to 78 degrees, just enough to take the heat of the day off since I do live in Iowa). At my office job I wear sweaters and wool scarves in the summer – if my neck is cold all I can do is think about how cold I am. At my bookstore job I move around more (fetch and carry, pick-up and put away) but I sometimes wear a light sweater there too

    Except when the A/C is completely broken and it’s 90 degrees outside with 90% humidity (if I’m complaining about being hot and sweaty then there’s a problem.


  22. Belle

    I prefer to be cool rather than hot – I love cuddling under a comforter. Our air vents don’t work very well upstairs, so our downstairs is usually freezing in the summer while it’s a little bit too warm upstairs – downstairs is perfect for me and my Snuggie 🙂


  23. Aths

    I’d rather always be cold. I grew up 24 years of my life in the hottest places of the world, so now that I am in VA, where it snows (Imagine that!), I am beyond thrilled! Of course, I get cold often, but better cold than hot for me. My roomie and I could never agree on a temp for the AC at home. She raises it up, a half hour later, I pull it down, then she goes puts it up.. and so on we did for 2 years together. See, we were very nice about it. We never argued or bitched about it, but just persisted at the game. 🙂


  24. softdrink

    I’m almost always a little cold, and I think I’d rather that than always a little hot. Which usually involves sweat. Ewww.


  25. Jen Forbus

    Oh bless you, my Trish! I am always complaining about being cold, too! My experience, though, is that the men in the office have always been the ones setting the thermostat so low. Makes no never mind. I’ve spent 36 years of my life being cold. I wouldn’t mind the rest of it being hot. As a matter of fact, if I had a good reason to go, I’d move to SoCal so I could have more consistently warm temps. I have central air in my house and only use it when it’s so humid you can’t breathe. For me that comes to, oh, about 3 days a year. Honest to God!


  26. Kirsten

    I am a naturally cold person – if I am comfortable, then it is too warm for everybody else. But I do prefer it that way – as someone said above, if you’re cold, you can always go put on a sweater or get a blanket. When you’re hot, you’re just STUCK and miserable. Or at least, I am. So, I’ll keep my cold weather – you’ll find me happily snuggled down under 3 or 4 blankets.


  27. Alipet813

    Hmmm…I would rather be a little cold. I am that person in the office who is always cold and I love that tweet…what blog is that? The thing is if i am sweaty I just feel gross and my clothes stick to me. Plus, what about smelling sweaty at work, etc eewww!


  28. Stephanie

    My friends and I were just debating this yesterday! I’d rather be hot- I find being cold physically painful, despite putting on layer upon layer upon layer. I HATE being cold. Shine a sun lamp on me any day.

    I used to work in a chain fabric store where the thermostat was set on “Hell,” and the customers were always complaining. One day, this woman comes up to me, fanning herself with the flier, asking, “Is it always this hot in here?” I told her yes, it was, and that was why I was wearing a long skirt to work- it’s cooler, and I was ROASTING to death in there (we had no control over the temperature, and I told her that too). She shook her head and replied, “Don’t they know most of their customers are menopausal women?” I cracked up.


  29. SuziQoregon

    My problem is that I’d rather be warm, but I’m usually cold. The Hubster cannot believe that I can have cold feet in July.


  30. Emily

    Sorry, Trish, I’m the one turning the thermostat down! I get warm SO EASILY (and, yay me, my face always matches my internal temperature; just call me Lobster Lady). My housemates in college used to call me Menopausal Metrock because I would be the only person in the entire house who felt hot. It’s wretchedly hot and humid here, and I was just thinking the other day how grand life would be if I was a bird or other migratory animal so every June I could take off for cooler climes . . .


  31. frankie

    Warm, hands down! I don’t like winter,or being cold.


  32. jennygirl

    I rather be cold because I think it’s easier to warm up then cool down.

    This one office I worked in was separted into sections. The section I worked in was in the back down the hallway. When you got back there, there was literally a wall of heat because the thermostat was jacked through the roof. Seriously, you are strolling along and you would stop because all of sudden you hit a wall of heat so hot, you would think you entered another country or something.
    It got so bad they almost locked down the thermostat. The Director finally put the hammer down and set the thermo at 70.


  33. Jo-Jo

    I’m totally with you Trish! I think it is totally unreasonable to keep the office colder than it would be in the middle of winter…what is the point of that! Weren’t summer clothes invented so we could actually wear them? Do people want us wearing our winter sweaters all year long? I finally gave up on comlaining about this issue and just use my space heater all year long….don’t care what anyone says about it.


  34. Staci

    I hate being cold. And I’m lucky, I control the temps in my school library!!!


  35. Vasilly

    I saw that tweet! I think I’ll rather be cold. I look good in scarves and boots! 😉


  36. Serena

    I’ve given this question a lot of thought and I would rather be cold…because I can always put sweaters and gloves on! Taking clothes off in public because I’m hot is not exactly great etiquette! LOL


  37. Rebecca T. :)

    This was a hard choice for me because while my chronic pain is worse in cold temperatures because of tensing up, I have to admit that when you are cold you can always put more clothes on, but when you are hot you can only take off so much. So I voted cold but really I am just undecided. 😛


  38. Esme

    I would much sooner be warm but not overheated-I know not really a straight answer-I do not like being cold-I can be cold in hot weather and have Raynauds so good things do not happen when I get cold-so I try to avoid it-I despise walking into a freezer-My husband is always warm-that is why it is called MEN O pause-he cranks the AC every chance, leaves the bedroom windows open constantly-I hate getting into my car after he has had it-you get blasted with artic air.


  39. Lisa

    Much as I hate to be too warm, I hate even more being cold. And in Nebraska, where winter can last 6 months some years, I spend a lot to time being cold. My office is cold, my home is cold…the only place I can get warm is in my car, where I crank the heat up so hot that sometimes I can actually get my fingers warmed back up just before my face melts off. The only plus to being cold is that you can always add more layers but there are only so many layers of clothes you can take off if you’re too hot!


  40. Jennifer

    Definitely cold! At least then I could grab lots of blankets to warm up! When I’m hot, it’s much more difficult to cool off!


  41. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    I have found my soulmate in your first commenter, Kay. I’ve been saying almost exactly that for years: “You can always add more layers if you’re cold, but there’s only so much you can take off before you’re arrested.” And, naturally, I live in hot country. There was a summer that I worked as an accounting intern (at an oil company, in Pipeline Accounting) and we had a constant battle over the air. But, it wasn’t just about hot or cold; it was about the cigarette smoke — people still smoked in the office, in those days. The fellow behind me was perpetually cold and unwilling to wear a sweater. The woman next to me smoked. I am allergic to cigarette smoke (it’s a migraine trigger, at any rate) and heat makes me sluggish.

    All summer long, Mr. Frozen and I took turns bashing the vent open or closed with a ruler. It didn’t help that I was always on my feet and he sat at his desk all day.

    Cold energizes me. I’m married for life, but I’ll never be gushy about my husband because he’s the one who brought us here (and he swore he’d move me north within 5 years — it’s been over 20).


  42. Sheila DeChantal

    I need to be warm. I don’t do cold well and my hands actually get so cold in winter months if I do not wear gloves that I can not move them…. believe me, I was super embarrassed when I wet into a coffee shop and had to have the lady working there get the money out of my purse because I couldn’t bend my fingers to grip the $5 bill….. (true story)


  43. Melanie

    I feel like you can always get warmer, but it’s hard once you’re overheated to get cool. I’m usually hot. I never wear socks, even if in winter. My boots have fleece so I don’t have to wear socks with those.
    It has been a long time since I worked in an office and had to handle workplace climate issues. I don’t remember having any control over it but there were definite hot and cold spots.


  44. OnlinePublicist

    I’d rather be chilly! Without a doubt. I’m like so many others who have commented: the possibility to add layers is always there. I think that’s why I still live in Wisconsin. In fact, my bedroom stays pretty warm in winter (darn radiators), and I keep a fan in my window all winter long to pull cool air in. I love piling under blankies!

    The few days a year that it’s hot in Milwaukee, I hate it. I whine and complain and can’t handle my body parts touching each other. I imagine hot weather is miserable for the people around me, too. 😉


  45. Jennifer

    I’m starting to think that you just might be my soul mate. You see, I have the same dilemma. I am always cold at work: I work in the University library and some nights, I really feel like I should bring a blanket or a space heater so I don’t freeze at my work station! Anyhoo…my answer to your question (quite obviously!) is that I would rather always be a tad bit hot. I think that naturally my body just runs a little cooler than everyone else’s because I hate hate hate air conditioning. The idea of cold air blasting at me (even when it’s uber hot outside) is just too much for me to handle. And in the winter, I always cuddle up with extra blankets (even when the heater is on!). But not many people experience the same temperature spikes and whatnot. Like my boyfriend, he is always hot and would undoubtedly prefer my always cold stance.


  46. The Girl from the Ghetto

    I need cold air at all time, so I’m with you and your Twitter soulmate. People have no idea how bad hot flashes are until they have them theirselves …


  47. Kristi

    I’ll take cold any day of the week. This Florida native is miserable in the summer!


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