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The Literary Society Sleuth interviews…a friend from high school. (#5)


Hi! Remember this feature? Yeah, I’d forgotten about it too until I was digging around in a drafts folder. Whoops! Good thing I found this, because I’d forgotten all about this super cool button. Woot!

Hey, if you have a book club and would like to answer these questions below, send me an email at trish at heylady dot net. If you don’t have a blog, that would be even BETTER.

Today’s book club interview is with my friend Leslie, who I’ve known since high school. Unfortunately, we don’t live very close anymore, but Facebook has kept us in contact and she graciously agreed to answer my questions about her book club!

How long has your book club been in existence?

5 years and I have been a member for 4 years.

Does your book club have a name?

No name.

How many people are in your book club?


Is your book club open to new members? How do new members end up in your book club?

It is always open to new members and new members are often friends of the ladies on the book club who are interested in joining our group

When do you meet? Is it a set day every month, or do you work it out so it’s on a different day but convenient for everyone?

We try to meet once a month and often meet on Thursday nights over dinner and drinks or on Sat or Sunday’s around 11am for brunch!

What kind of books do you read?

We have read all sorts of books from bestsellers to the classics

How do you choose books?

We rotate among us whose turn it is to pick. When a new member comes we add them into our rotational list.

Which book generated the best discussion?

Good question, it is hard to pick just one, I would have to say The Red Tent, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Do you invite authors to join your discussion when you discuss their book? How do you handle having the author in on your discussion if some or all of the members didn’t absolutely love the book?

We have never invited an author or even thought about it.

Do you have one person who moderates the discussion?

No we all just talk about what we liked and didn’t like, etc. We are a very informal book club.

Have you ever had a professional moderator moderate one of your meetings?


How long does the discussion last?

We don’t talk about the book too long, maybe 1/2 hour and then talk girl talk the rest of the time. Again, we are an informal book club.

Do you eat food at your book club meeting?

Yes! We always meet over food and drinks!

How do you decide where the meeting will be held?

We rotate locations based on where we all live so we rotate among Sacramento, Roseville, and El Dorado Hills.

Is there anything else about your book club you’d like to share?

I mentioned our book club is informal and we love it that way. We all enjoy reading and I think this group gives us that and gives us our need for girl talk too!

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7 Responses to “The Literary Society Sleuth interviews…a friend from high school. (#5)”

  1. Natalie @ Cofee and a Book Chick

    I have been drooling for the past couple of years to join a book club in Jacksonville, Florida — so now I’m just going to have start one on my own! It’s fun to know that it doesn’t have to be so drastically formal!


  2. Staci

    I’m hoping to start a book club where I work …would be so much fun to chat about books, eat good food, and then of course do the usual girl talk 😀


  3. Michelle

    Sounds like her book club is similar to mine. We chat about the book for 10% of the time then the rest is gossip, gossip, gossip. LOL


  4. zibilee

    This sounds a lot like my book club. Very informal and we also meet at restaurants to share dinner and a good discussion. I love this feature, Trish, and would like to see more of it!


  5. Sheila (Book Journey)

    What a great feature! I love book clubs!


  6. Lorin

    sounds like my book club!


  7. Lauren

    I’m thirteen and have wanted to start a book club for a LONG time, but I just can’t find enough people my age who want to join. Now I’m determined to start one!


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