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Which Would You Rather Wednesday

This is the third post I’ve done this week! I don’t remember the last time I was this regular. In blog posting, I mean.

And there will be more!

I’m curious to see the response to this question.

Would you rather be known as nice or honest?

I don’t mean this to imply that if you’re nice you can’t be honest. But I mean, what would you rather be known for?

Somehow I’ve acquired the reputation of being honest. I think it’s because I, uh, can’t keep my mouth shut. And you know, I’m totally cool with it. In fact, if I had to choose, I’d choose honest.

Which would you choose?

Would you rather be known as nice or honest?

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22 Responses to “Which Would You Rather Wednesday”

  1. Stephanie

    I’m a nice person. I’ve always been a nice person. It’s who I am, it’s what I’m comfortable being. I do my best to be honest without being mean, but I voted for nice. 🙂 (See? A smiley face! That shows how nice I am!!!)


  2. Lenore

    I’m definitely known for being honest more than I am known for being nice. Though I hope I am nice too!


  3. Michelle

    I’m definitely more for being honest. As you said it doesn’t mean you can’t also be nice. In fact I think being tactful is of great importance particularly when you’re being honest in a difficult situation.


  4. zibilee

    Definitely honest. Though in my real life I am constantly concerned with being nice, I really do believe it’s more important to be honest.


  5. Jenny

    I have the reputation of being the “sweet” girl… definitely always nice. But i would PREFER to be the honest one. I wish I had it in me! Although, I will say just yesterday my co-worker somewhat jokingly asked me if I was PMSing because I had been very bluntly honest about some things/people lately that I don’t like… lol


  6. bermudaonion (Kathy)

    I voted!


  7. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    It will come as no surprise to you that I would rather be known for being honest. I’d like to be known for being kind as well, but I couldn’t really care less about being thought of as “nice,” which, to me, sounds a bit like being a doormat/ people-pleaser.


  8. Robin of My Two Blessings

    I’d rather be honest, but be nice in that honesty. Make sense? Or like Rebecca said, maybe more kind that kind. Can you be honest in a kind way and not hurt someone’s feelings.


  9. Melissa Sarno

    Sometimes nice is overrated. I believe in tough love. Therefore, I’d much prefer to be known as an honest person.


  10. Lisa

    I like to think I’m both but as I’m always telling my kids that honesty is the best policy, I think that’s the way I’d rather be known.


  11. Pamela

    I like to think of myself as nice, but I would much rather be honest. (do these jeans make my butt look fat?) sometimes you just have to be honest!


  12. heidenkind

    Honest, definitely. What’s the point of putting energy into being nice if people never believe you? 😛


  13. J.T. Oldfield

    I pride myself on being pretty honest, so I’d have to go with honest.


  14. Janai

    I am fortunate enough to be both nice and honest. However, if I had to choose, I’d rather be honest.

    You run a great blog. I read at least 500 pages a week and on the books we have both reviewed, we are in amazing alignment. Anytime you review a book that I haven’t read, I instantly put it on hold or buy it. Thanks.


  15. Leslie

    That’s an easy one: honest. Maybe too honest sometimes. I just can’t do the white lie thing to be ‘nice’.


  16. Lydie

    I would rather be known for my honesty. I think I’m a good person. Everyday, I try to treat people as I would want to be treated. To be an honest person is difficult, because I think more people tell little white lies to stay a nice person.


  17. diana mack

    i’m like you…honest and i can’t keep my mouth shut!!
    though i do think people like having a straight shooter to go to


  18. Patty

    I want to be known as nice and honest.


  19. Jenny

    I’m surprised so many people picked honest. Not that honesty isn’t good, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started valuing kindness more than I used to. So although I’d like to be both nice and honest, if someone asked someone else what I was like, I’d rather the second someone described me as “nice” than “honest”.

    Or, well, I don’t know. I guess it depends on what you mean by “nice” and what you mean by “honest”. I feel like people often get called “nice” when what’s meant is that they’re wishy-washy or doormatty, and “honest” when what’s meant is that they can’t have an un-uttered thought. I wouldn’t want to be known for either of those things…


  20. Jennygirl

    I am both. I am not brutally honest, but I do tell it like it is and in a nice way. You can be honest but not be mean. I am also too nice sometimes to my own detrement. I tend to let a lot of things go, but eventually something will set me off, and watch out!
    Damn girl for making think on a Friday afternoon 🙂

    (btw, that was NOT me you were talking about the Thief with. I know that is so long ago but I had to tell you anyway.)


  21. Kelsey ()

    Interesting poll results. I wonder what the difference would be if the choices were ‘Honest’ and ‘Kind.’ I know it would change my answer.


  22. Serena ()

    I’m honest. That’s it.


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