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Mockingjay Announcement

All of you know how much I love the Hunger Games series and how fiercely I defend Gale and how quickly I’d cast off Peeta.

(I’d cast Peeta off so fast that his loaf of bread would go flying. Huh huh. His…bread stick would go flying. His…croutons would fall off.)

Sidebar: did you know The Hunger Games has an official Facebook page? Like it! Love it!

So when I was asked to be the sixth stop on the Official Mockingjay 13 District Blog Tour, I squealed like the teenage girl I really am.

I’ll be posting on:

Friday, August 13th

Oh yes. And there will be an exclusive giveaway.

And what I’ll be posting about is oh so very close to my heart.




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35 Responses to “Mockingjay Announcement”

  1. Michelle

    Greetings from District 1! Should we be working subversively to over throw the Capitol right now? Do we really have time for this tour? LOL

    Have a great time, can’t wait to see what your giveaway is. Mine is gonna be super awesome πŸ™‚


    trish Reply:

    Hey, District 1! I’m so excited about this tour! I’m going to be re-reading HG and CF for this!


    Michelle Reply:

    I won’t be able to re-read them prior to my post, but would love to do a read along! Maybe we can do weekly recaps/discussion. Lively debate over Gale/Peeta issues? LOL


    Magic Tree Bookstore Reply:

    On Aug. 23rd we’re
    having the coolest Mockingjay party ever! It’s called the Midnight
    Uprising. The Tree in Oak Park, Il. is recreating Dist. 12, 13 and the
    Capitol (little bits of each). There’ll be munchies (watch for those
    Avoxes), music, tattoos, trivia, fashion design competition and a reading
    by Suzanne Collins (through the magic of the computer) from Mockingjay at
    midnight. Everyone who preorders and pays for the book (with a discount
    too) will receive a pass for the party. Winners of the writing and
    illustrating contests will be announced that night too. And, on Sunday
    Aug. 15 we’re hosting Catching Fire, The Game. People are invited to
    participate on a life-sized gameboard. This game was developed for us
    exclusively. Go to for info.


  2. Beth F

    LOL — close to your heart? Posting about something I agree with?


    Beth F Reply:

    BTW: I’m from District 13


    trish Reply:

    Yup! Most definitely posting about something you agree with!


  3. Marg

    So now I know the beginning, the end and the middle. Eventually I will find them all. If it wasn’t bed time then I would make it my quest for the next few hours!


    trish Reply:

    LOL! I’ll be doing the same! I know GreenBeanTeenQueen is District 4!


  4. Natalie @ Cofee and a Book Chick

    I’m all in a tizzy now to know what your giveaway is!


  5. Jenn's Bookshelves

    Yippee! Hello from District 8!


    trish Reply:

    Woo!! Hello! Can’t wait for our tour stops!


  6. Literate Housewife

    Peeta rules! Yeah, I’m going there.


    trish Reply:

    Aww…so sad! I hate to say, but I think you’ll be disappointed come MOCKINGJAY time!


  7. Helen

    I am SO jealous that you get to be on the tour! I assume that means you get to read it early. OMG!


    trish Reply:

    LOL!! No, I didn’t get to read the book early. There’s no way I could keep that secret!


  8. zibilee

    This is so cool! I am so excited for you that you will be part of a tour for the book! And I can’t wait to hear about your giveaway. This is all too exciting!!


    trish Reply:

    I KNOW!! I can hardly contain myself!


  9. Jennifer

    I’m really excited for all the Mockingjay fun. Plus, its super close to my birthday (Aug 16) which kind of makes it all the more special for me.


  10. Jessica

    Arg. I just got done feeling green with envy over at District 1 (GalleySmith). Now I’ve gone an even deeper shade of green. Okay, I’ll get over the unattractive envy and play along with you. Can’t wait!


  11. Darlene

    Lucky you Trish! I still have to finish the second book but I am really enjoying it.


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  14. melanie

    it’s a good thing I love you….or i’d be seething with jealousy. but since you are delightful, I can actually be happy and just a tiny bit of envy. can’t wait for the 13th!


  15. Melissa

    I can’t wait either!!! Congrats!


  16. Melissa

    I can’t wait to see all the stops! I think Lenore is stop 10 if people are still looking for the other districts. And, I’m all about Gale too!


  17. Bella@BeguileThySorrow ()

    YAY Team GALE!! I’m so glad there’s more ppl who love Gale than I initially thought πŸ™‚


  18. Bella@BeguileThySorrow ()

    oh, and btw it’s nice to meet ya Trish! this is my 1st time here & u’ve got a beautiful site…
    dOwn wItH ThE cApiTaL!!!


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  20. Tif ()

    I’m so excited!!!! This countdown is oh-so-exciting!!! Can’t wait to read your topic!! πŸ™‚


  21. Lily

    Hello from district 4! Wish i was on that tour!!


  22. Sheri

    I read both books… I’m not sure which District I’m in. I would have


  23. Sheri



    Anyway, the kiddos and I have read the series twice. We cannot wait to read this installment!



  24. david english

    HELLO…love books….if you are an author, i would love to interview you… i LOVE books, always have..heres to this great site, and independent bookstores…the personal care you get there can’t be matched.. read MOCKINGJAY,, you will be hooked on this series..i assume you have all read the first 2? i wish i could find 10 more series like this one..DAVID


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