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Why I Hate Amazon and Will Never Ever Ever Buy From Them Again

I will try to keep my cool while I write this post, but every time I discuss this topic I get red in the face and my blood pressure rises. You will probably see lots of all caps words. The passion I have for this topic makes me want to write this WHOLE POST in all caps, but I know how annoying that is to read, so I’ll try to be judicious in using all caps.

I’ve meant to talk for a while about why I don’t buy from Amazon and never will again, but the recent drop in the price of Kindle has prompted me to write this post. I’ll try to organize my thoughts, but it’s likely that they’ll be scattered. I fear that I won’t be able to accurately articulate  my frustration, my fear, and my anger, but I’ll try.

The Basics

While I might choose to shop at my local independent bookstore (and wish more pople did the same), ultimately I have no problem with people going to a big chain bookstore to purchase books. Even chain bookstores are INHERENTLY INTERESTED in the future of publishing. But if publishing went south tomorrow? Amazon wouldn’t even BAT AN EYE. THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO BOOKS.

Everyone knows that Amazon sells books at a deep, deep discount, particularly hardcovers, new releases, and bestsellers. Why would they do that? It’s not because they’re philanthropic. It’s because once they’ve got you at their store, there’s a good chance you’ll buy something that they DO make money on, i.e. electronics and other things they actually make money on. In business terms, this is called a loss leader. E-books have also been a loss leader for Amazon so it can “gain loyalty and market share.” So the industry that I’m so invested in, the industry that supplies my hobby, that makes me think outside of the box, that entertains me, that teaches me, that helps me connect with other people, that industry? Amazon would only care if books died because they’d have to find a new loss leader. That is not a company that has the best interests of publishing at its heart.


Amazon is a big bully.

You can read about the whole kerfluffle from Charles Stross and John Scalzi, but here’s the gist: Macmillan said, ‘We want you to charge x amount for our ebooks.’ Amazon said, ‘Fuck you. We want to charge less.’ Macmillan said, ‘No, these are our books, we think you’re setting an expectation with readers about ebook prices that we can’t sustain, and we want you to charge x amount for ebooks.’ Amazon’s response? Remove ALL THE BUY BUTTONS FROM ALL OF MACMILLANS titles. Effectively saying, Let’s see if we can make you do it OUR WAY by taking away your ability to sell your books through the biggest book retailer on earth.

HOW IS THAT OKAY?!!! Sure, I can let big companies duke it out, but I WILL NOT support a company that plays dirty (which is why I also don’t shop at WalMart).

This is a great article: The Trouble With Amazon. The article is well worth reading, but the part that made me recoil in horror is the story that one publisher has of trying to stand up to Amazon, refusing to give Amazon such a deep discount on books because it’s ILLEGAL. What did Amazon do?

“I was at the Book Expo in New York and two guys from Amazon came to see me. They said that the company was watching what we were doing and that they strongly advised us to get in line. I was shocked at how blatant the pressure was.” Within a couple of days Johnson noticed that the buy buttons for his books had been taken off Amazon’s site, making Melville’s titles unavailable.

WHY would I support a company that for all intents and purposes is a Mafia-like organization?


Last year at BEA I won a Kindle from GetGlue. Shortly after this MacMillan business went down, I gave the Kindle away because I couldn’t stomach supporting a company that I consider to be evil. Even reading free books off of their device seemed wrong.

I may someday buy a Nook or an iPad, but I will never ever buy a Kindle.

I mentioned that I won’t buy books or anything else at Amazon. The reason I was buying from Amazon before was because it was cheap and convenient. But I’ve decided that if I’m not going to support Amazon, then I AM going to support locally owned businesses or the actual business on the Internet that is supplying the ‘thing’ that I want to buy that I would have previously bought from Amazon. Guess what I’ve found? That buying locally/directly isn’t cost prohibitive for me. I paid $5 more for my messenger bag that I use every day by buying it directly from the supplier as opposed to ordering it from Amazon. $5 to me is nothing. It’s throwaway money. But to a business? That’s profit that I’m putting in A PERSON’S POCKET, as opposed to filling Amazon’s coffers. Supporting a person versus supporting a corporation? Do I really need to answer that?

And if I want an electronic device, I’ll go to Best Buy or Costco, but I don’t need cheap prices enough to turn a blind eye to what Amazon is doing. Nothing is worth that.


In this article titled In Defense of Amazon, said that Amazon is only providing people with what they want: cheaper products. But have we not learned that cheaper isn’t always better? And when has a company with as much power as Amazon has ever been a good thing?

You will not convince me that cheaper prices evolving the way Amazon has pushed the industry is beneficial to anyone.


I know that my not buying from Amazon and telling all my friends I won’t buy from Amazon won’t hurt them in the least. But I will not support what Amazon represents by buying books or anything else from them.

(Thanks to @KatherineBoG for helping solidify my opinions about Amazon.)


445 Responses to “Why I Hate Amazon and Will Never Ever Ever Buy From Them Again”

  1. Jenn's Bookshelves ()

    I’m not a big fan of Amazon myself. I think I’ve made that clear in posts and tweets about how much I dislike their control over publishers and the books they sell.

    Yes, I still link to Amazon in my reviews. Shame on me! Why do I do it? Well, I have this lovely feature embedded in my blog that allows users to hover over a title and a lovely box appears giving them info about the book. To date, I don’t know if any other online bookseller, indie or not, that does this.

    That said, once I have some time, I am planning on establishing affiliates with other online (and indie!) retailers. I think the benefits of doing this would outweigh the loss of the lovely feature I have on my blog. Actually, your post really got me thinking about this and I’m bumping it to the top of my to-do list. Thanks, Trish, for making this a priority for me!

    trish Reply:

    I can’t argue that Amazon doesn’t have good widgets. They do! My only goal was to get people to think, and it looks to me like you’re thinking, so my job is done. 🙂

    Wallace Reply:

    I link to Powell’s. They don’t have anything like the widgets that Amazon does, but they have some nice options of how to link and showcase books (and if you hover over the kink it shows you the book page).

    amit Reply:

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    Bill Reply:

    I have to agree with what everyone is saying about how terrible Amazon is, but for different reasons. What the fuck is up with them not even listing a phone number. I ordered a computer backup drive from them 3TB that cost $423, then found out the way I wanted to use it was not supported by Apple. I called Amazon to return it and they said you have to go to Eek Technology. Then I find out for a product that I have had for a week that I will have to pay for the return shipping and a 15% re stocking fee! Yeah that’s right over $60 for me to have the privilege of returning a product I never even used! I called Amazon to complain, and of course they said sorry there is nothing we can do. Then went on to say we even have the same policy. I have ordered tons of things online and have never been charged a restocking fee. I will never use Amazon again, and will tell all my friends. Like someone said, you trust them, but boy I will never make that mistake again. Also the iPad is a million times better than the Kindle, who would ever buy that piece of shit.

    Susan Reply:

    I know it’s frustrating to have to pay a re-stocking fee. I have been there myself. But I don’t know of any co. that does not charge a re-stocking fee for tech products when the item has to be mailed back. The policy should be on Amazon’s website on the product screen.

    BillB Reply:

    This is stupid. If Macmillan wanted Amazon to charge more all they had to do was charge Amazon more. Most of the complaints I see here about bad purchase experiences are from people who don’t pay attention when they order something. Amazon clearly indicates when THEY are fulfilling the order, so you can expect service from them, which is exemplary, or when they are just acting a Web portal for another vendor, so you will have to deal with that vendor and their policies. It’s very simple. I have had Amazon customer service bend over backwards to remedy a problem with an order they fulfilled many times.

    Hans Mouritzen Reply:

    I agree with you when it comes to the complaints about purchased merchandise because, as much as I now hate to admit it, Amazon has taken customer service to a hard to beat height, but when it comes to book selling it is a different matter. Macmillan told Amazon that they could not sell their book at those low prices, and Amazon responded by taking the “BUY” button away. Not only is this exercising monopoly, at its finest, it also hate the terrible potential of censorship.
    Believe me, I have for year been the biggest possible admire of Amazon, but I have also feared the day when they would have reached a high enough level of saturation to begin to seriously flex their muscles. Be forewarned: the next thing we may see from them is a serious interference in politics. Should that happen, it will make the Koch brothers look like kindergardeners!

    TJ Reply:

    Ridiculous. Has anyone ever stopped to think that the book prices are way too high? You can’t loan the ebooks, like you can if you buy a hardcover or paperback, and you can’t give them away. I have a $4 limit that I put on my ebooks after I bought an entire set by Melissa Marr at $10 to $15 each, and I found out that I couldn’t loan them. The book sellers need to get with the times, and either make the ebooks loanable/transferable, or drop the prices! I can buy a paperback at around $5, and loan it or donate it as I see fit. How in the world would anyone think you can justify a $10 ebook price for the same book that you can’t loan out?

    Mark Reply:

    Have you as a publisher dealt with Amazon? I assure you it is not as simple as ‘charge them more’. Publishers develop a retail price based on a p&l covering their costs, overhead, development, paying the author (not sure Amazon cares about that part) and as always there is a danger in one entity dictating terms of trade, Amazon has too much control and they know it. In recent years I rarely order from Amazon, only if I can’t find an item elsewhere, I just cannot support a company that willfully flexes its muscles simply because it can.

    Penny Reply:

    My problem with Amazon is they don’t follow their own reviewer rules and they allow reviews that are untrue, insulting and a pub;isher can’t say anything about it. I buy up all my books when they get discounted too low——I get so angry at Amazon and their agenda that sometimes I want to scream. When Hemingway and Mark Twain get one star reviews you now sonething is wrong with the system. They also allow competitors to drive readers to other books this way by positn bad things about a competitor book under another book, so the buyer doesn’t really compare—some revews are so far out there and off base they are ridiculous–all written with ne star by people whp never really read or understood the book–Anne Fran’s Diary was insulted on Amazon—Who could do that. I do nt purchase from Amazon anymore. Today I prayed they wpuld go out of business. I agree they are evil.

    Ania Reply:

    Amazon reviews are fake. Amazon posts reviews under different names so it seems like it comes from the actual buyers but don’t bet on it.

    Andre Reply:

    I’ve done tests on that… you have no proof and your lying

    JJ Reply:

    Amazon will not Let true Reviews post to their web site’

    Customer Had to pay return postage $25 cash and recived $25 amazon store credit

    $90 pair Shoes I could purchase at my local Mall

    This Product ship from the United Kingdom Customer. I had to return this item wrong size and I had to pay $25 cash shipping fee to return this Item. I purchase this item using Amazon Store Card, And I wanted my $25 cash put on my Merrick Visa .Amazon refuse to do this . And will Credit the $25 cash to my Amazon , store card I paid out of my pocket to return this Item, Amazon Policy is the Seller pay the return postage. I file a complaint with Amazon about this PROBLEM

    KMV Reply:

    I am not sure that Hemingway and Twain getting bad reviews, or people trashing Anne Frank is a sign that Amazon is evil and they are manipulating reviews. This world is full of diversity and everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion, and that includes deciding they hate everything Hemingway wrote (although I personally can’t understand it given how I think hes a guenius, but I will not assume that reviewer isnt a person and they are being manipulated by amazon because we dont agree). In order for their review system to be fair, people have to be allowed to say what they think about a book or product even if theyre opinion is unique if amazon deletes negative reviews because most people dont agree, or if they allowed people to be paid for good or bad reviews, then I can see them being responsible. Overall I dont see how amazon is a monopoly or is doing anything that is unfair or illegal. Last time I checked there are several competitors and place publishers can distribute their books, albiet none as large as amazon, and if a publisher doesn’t agree with the price of a book on amazon, they dont have to sell that book on amazon, no one is forcing them, just like amazon has every right to end a business relationship with any publisher or author that does not conform to their policies. This does not make them evil, or a monoply, it makes them a business that worries about their own profits, just as the publishers and authors need to do. Just because something isn’t beneficial to you or people like you doesnt make them evil. Amazon has made products and books accessible to so many people who may not have access otherwise. I know personally since Amazon I have purchased far more books than I used to when I had to drive hours to find a used book store or pay extravangt prices I couldn’t afford for a new book at Barnes & Noble. I have noticed the same with other people who perhaps, unlike the author of this post, do not think that $5 is throwaway money, as it does accumulate, and its important to remember not everyone is middle class, but that doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t have the same acess to books and product. So for my part I applaud amazon, and think they are great. Sorry authors dont make much money off their books, but thats the reality of the world today, and if they are writing for money they shouldn’t really complain when not enough people are willing to pay high prices to read their books as if they were masterpeices.

    Eric Wolfsbane Reply:

    It’s not true that Amazon removes negative reviews. I’ve written some scathing reviews of products and books that have been up for several years.

    Here’s one of an outside vender which has a 100% negative rating due to a review which I wrote.

    They DO have guidelines. If you write something like an author should be beaten about the head with a hardcover copy of Tolstoy’s War & Peace, it’s likely to get pulled.

    TJ Reply:

    Thank you KMV. I agree. I have, between Amazon and iBooks, around 3500 ebooks. If I threw away $5 on my purchases every time I got a wild hair…I’d be in bankruptcy court.

    To the person who is complaining about what taxes Amazon pays, that is up to the local government. They pay taxes in the US.

    S.K. Williams Reply:

    OK, this is not about Amazon. I just want to say that I never liked Mark Twain or Hemingway, and sometimes a one star review is honest, even for a work we’re all ordered to Love because it’s culturally relevant. But do I have to think “Old Man And The Sea” is a Five Star Story? Do I have to appreciate Mark Twain’s “Letters From The Earth”? If I gave them 1 Star, does that make me a Troll? Or unintelligent? Do I have to give them 5 Stars because it’s Hemmingway and Twain?

    Paulj Reply:

    You should also not buy from Amazon exploit the local unemployed and do NOT pay taxes in the local country. For example they paid ZERO Business tax to the UK Government while making millions of pounds worth of profit in the UK in 2011-2012 by exploiting the unemployed by offering short-term work at minimum legal wage working shifts. Working conditions are very bad and pressure to perform to unobtainable targets is always enforced with the threat of dismissal.

    GEORGE GUO Reply:

    I hate Amazon because, as a seller on Amazon, I get first hand experience with people who operate Amazon behind the scene, and I am convinced that they are all bunch of egomaniacal, psychotic jerks like its mascot, Jeff Bezos. Decisions are made and dictums are issued by these faceless individuals regularly in rude, arbitrary manner. Too often, there is no logic, no reason. They’d mention “seller’s agreement” and add pretext of “customer service” to justify their idiotic actions. But they do things based on the simple basis– they can. For example, our money is regularly frozen for weeks at a time whenever these operatives conduct “investigation” of their own choosing for the sake of “customer service.” The triggers can be high “sales velocity,” that is, you are selling faster than they think you should; or when a customer made a claim–even if it is transparently
    fraudulent. Whenever these idiots conduct an “investigation,” we stop selling on Amazon for weeks at a time. As sellers, we pay Amazon commission and are their customers too, but Amazon is a
    completely self-absorbed entity which care for nothing except exercising its whims. It’s dangerous for such a company to have such large market clout. This is a very corrupt and unscrupulous bunch.

    VReyes Reply:

    I couldn’t agree more. I was a former seller on Amazon. I have never experience the hell I went thru with this company. None of their own employees knows what’s going on when it comes to their own policies and procedures. I have spent countless hours arguing with them about the seller rules, etc… We had our account frozen up to a month because a buyer purchased the wrong size and we shipped out the product that was order. The customer opened a case against us stating we should have know what actually size he needed even though he choose the incorrect size. Like I am supposed to know what size the customer actually wears and what he looks like. At the end Amazon sided with the buyer and froze our funds for a month and refunded back the customer the full amount. Plus I was stuck paying the shipping fees. This was just one of many situations with them. I currently own a Kindle and want to throw it out the window. After I heard in the news about the publishing company and Amazon. I no longer want my kindle (it was a present from my husband) and want to look into other options. I will never spend a penny with Amazon again. They are truly the Mafia of retail.

    Rickcad Reply:

    I sell on Amazon and Ebay. Amazon has removed my ThumBee product for an AR15 because they say it violates their policy. I changed all my text and website to conform to their policy and they still won’t put it back up for sale. so, I did a search for AR15 and filtered by “ship by Amazon” and there are tons of items for AR15 that violate Amazon policy that Amazon is shipping. I sent them links of offending items and asked how they can take my item down and continue to ship 1000’s of items that violate the same policy. I’ve just gotten the run around and BS excuses.
    If there are others out there with the same or similar issue send a reply to this post and let’s get together for a class action law suit.

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    I stopped using WalMart 11 years ago, and Amazon about 6 years ago. I care about how the employees are treated and where the CEO spends his money. Both of these (and probably other corporations I have not learned about) are downright evil about their entire operation. I gladly pay double to support a family operation, even when I had to limit my meal cost to one dollar per meal for three years. I would rather starve to death than give a penny to anyone with so much greed and treats others like slaves.

    Bill Reply:

    I completely agree. Amazon could care less about anybody. They want to rule the Internet, and will trample everyone in their way.
    I hope you quit selling on Amazon, if not you are part of the problem.
    I do not sell nor buy from Amazon.

    Allie Reply:

    I’m not going to tell you what businesses you should and shouldn’t spend your money on. However comments like “$5 to me is nothing. It’s throwaway money. ” are not easy on everyone. Those 5 dollars can add up over multiple purchases, and even if it is just the once, it is NOT throwaway money to everyone who shops on Amazon. I think you owe an apology to those who don’t have the privilege of being so cavalier with their bucks. What about free books on a kindle when a person has NO OTHER OPPORTUNITY to read? Should they avoid kindles as prices and not use
    You WON a kindle. Say it was given to someone who does not have money to buy books. Would you tell them to get rid of it because Amazon is evil? Or would you say – “wow you can get so many books for free, I’m glad you are now able to read more and don’t have to schlep back and forth to the public library where all they carry are books by Mary Higgins Clark that reek of perfume from all the previous borrowers.”
    I’m in no way defending all of Amazon’s business practices, or even some of them. But again you are speaking from a privileged position – and you do not even acknowledge that.
    Instead, you say: “You will not convince me that cheaper prices evolving the way Amazon has pushed the industry is beneficial to anyone.”
    Beneficial to NO ONE? How on EARTH are cheaper books beneficial to no one? That is absurd. Cheaper books are indeed beneficial to many people.
    For you to refuse to acknowledge that, ruins the whole post..

    Allie Reply:

    And that’s assuming they have access to any public library at all.

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    Your response has good logic, but there is another valid reason for what we buy and where. I refuse to support any place where employees are not well treated. I would rather starve to death than buy things cheap so someone else cannot support their family while the CEO becomes rich. Even with my meal limit of one dollar each for three years, I gladly paid double to a family operation instead of evil corporation like WalMart or Amazon.

    TJ Reply:

    Allie, you are so right! Nobody has to buy from, sell from, or work for Amazon if they don’t wish to. It’s a free country people, so let’s try to keep that in mind.

    I think Amazon has good reasoning why they have fought the prices on ebooks.

    You can’t loan the ebooks, like you can if you buy a hardcover or paperback, and you can’t give them away. I have a $4 limit that I put on my ebooks after I bought an entire set by Melissa Marr at $10 to $15 each, and I found out that I couldn’t loan them. The book sellers need to get with the times, and either make the ebooks loanable/transferable, or drop the prices! I can buy a paperback at around $5, and loan it or donate it as I see fit. How in the world would anyone think you can justify a $10 ebook price for the same book that you can’t loan out?

    Shirley Reply:

    I will never use amanzon again in my life no way my tablet went missing do you think they replyed to my email did they hell

    Letta Mego Reply:

    Amazon decides what is read by how it’s marketed.. and maybe even decides to some extent what is published.. the power of censorship.
    This is truly too much power for any one corporation to have.
    Amazon is becoming like General Electric and a few other corporation controlling what’s on TV, in the news papers and on the radio.. they are able to control the population of the USA… misinforming and hiding truth..
    Amazon has become way too big … and like all way too big corporation they think they are too big to need to care now…. and we’re all under their thumb.

  2. Danielle

    So…you support the ridiculous high prices Macmillan want to charge customers? Sometimes those prices are higher than the paperback prices.

    Further, Apple practices censorship.

    trish Reply:

    I don’t believe it’s up to Amazon to dictate the prices. A company like Macmillan should be able to set their prices without Amazon trying to bully them into charging a different price.

    If I ever choose to buy an Apple product, I’ll look into their censorship. For now, I don’t own any Apple products.

    Danielle Reply:

    Yeah, Apple wants to ban anything pornographic on their devices. However, their definition of pornography is questionable. Moby Dick, D.H. Lawrence were censored. That’s just stupid.

    As for Macmillan, I think $15 for an ebook is outrageous. I know this was their original price. I think they should be challenged. There is no reason why it should be that high.

    Danielle Reply:

    …however, if Amazon did get its way with $9.99, there would no chance for prices to be cheaper. Amazon would have a complete monopoly for ebook pricing, which is not good.

    Kimmers Reply:

    with the contracts that MacMillan made all the booksellers sign there is NO chance for less than $12.99. Too bad. It’s made me quit buying books at all (except at BAEN since they aren’t out to cheat the readers) and since I read on average 100 a year…. it’s the publishers loss. My library’s gain and my gain in my wallet and my mind since the free classics are great to reread!

    Lindsey Reply:

    I pulled my books from Amazon because of concern about the companies ethics. I own my own imprint and produce my books. I’ve worked with three different printers/distributors, so I’ve had a chance to understand better how it works. I’m not a traditional publisher, but I am a publisher and I want to give a bit of insight. We love our readers. When we ask for $9.99 paperback price, we are not trying to exploit you. We’re trying to cover cost. For a small print run it costs about $5-6 dollars for as average sized paperback. It cost for a copyright, for multiple rounds of editing, for cover design, for interior layout. Even if you try to do these things yourself, much of the software had gone to subscription-only services which racks up several hundred a year. Even when we cut the physical copy step and go to ebook, we still lose a cut from the distributor, we still have to go through the editing and layout stage. Traditional published have the same costs and more. Now that readers are used to buying a few bucks for an ebook, it hurts us to prove then higher. So whichever route you take as an author, you’re looking at a $2-3 profit on any book sold. This doesn’t include any of the hours you spent writing the story. We write out of love, but we’d also like to eat. Most of us have to have another job and did find time and energy to write. We’re caught in the bad cycle you are. Even if you don’t want to support the publisher, support the authors. If you believe in books, use your money to vote for them. Or at least, rest easy, knowing we’re not out to get you.

    Lindsey Reply:

    I pulled my books from Amazon because of concern about the companie’s ethics. I own my own imprint and produce my books. I’ve worked with three different printers/distributors, so I’ve had a chance to understand better how it works. I’m not a traditional publisher, but I am a publisher and I want to give a bit of insight. We love our readers. When we ask for a $9.99 paperback price, we are not trying to exploit you. We’re trying to cover cost. For a small print run it costs about $5-6 dollars for an average sized paperback. It cost for a copyright, for multiple rounds of editing, for cover design, for interior layout. Even if you try to do these things yourself, much of the software had gone to subscription-only services, which racks up several hundred a year. When we cut the physical copy step and go to ebook, we still lose a cut from the distributor, and we still have to go through the editing and layout stages. Traditional published have the same costs and more. Now that readers are used to buying a few bucks for an ebook, it hurts us to price them higher. So whichever publishing route you take as an author, you’re looking at a $2-3 profit on any book sold. This doesn’t include any of the hours you spent writing the story. We write out of love, but we’d also like to eat. Most of us have to have another job and did find time and energy to write. We’re caught in the bad cycle you are. Even if you don’t want to support the publisher, support the authors. If you believe in books, use your money to vote for them. Or at least, rest easy, knowing we’re not out to get you.

    james Reply:

    Don’t you think that should be up to the consumer to decide, and not Amazon? I would like to have the choice on how much I feel a book is worth, not a middleman. That is simple economics. And I seriously doubt that Amazon’s interest on keeping the prices low is altruistic. I mean who doesn’t miss Borders or the myriad of other bookstores that have succumbed to Amazon’s cutthroat practices. Honestly, I feel as though I’ve waken from a dream only to realize it was a nightmare.

    Blade Reply:

    > I don’t believe it’s up to Amazon to dictate the prices.

    … so, if someone sells something, who -should- it be up to to set the price?

    The entity selling it, or the entity that created it?

    Publishers, and this goes for -all- media, are the truly evil bastards in all of this.

    Hans Mouritzen Reply:

    Danielle, it is your right to think the price is “stupid” but it also your prerogative to not buy the book. Not to be condescending, but authors AND publishers need to make a living as well.

    Ania Reply:

    i support McMillan’s right to price their books as they feel right. Ridiculous or not, no one forces YOU to buy. Free enterprise system.

    Ripley Reply:

    Amazon is definitely a corporate giant but I think as far as corporations go they’re not so bad. Their customer service on orders that they have fulfilled is definitely amazing. It sets a new bar for online experiences I’ve had.

    But as far as Amazon refusing to list MacMillan’s books for the prices they want Amazon to charge being evil and criminal. WTF is this crap that everyone keeps spewing? MacMillan has no right to tell Amazon to charge anything, contractual or otherwise. If Amazon wants books to be a loss leader to develop marketshare, that’s well within their rights. They pay MacMillan the amount that MacMillan charges. There’s nothing forcing the publisher to list their books on Amazon in any way. They can always take their toys and go home if they think Amazon is gouging them. They’re free to start up their own ebook platform and gouge readers there for 15.99 a book (lol wtf, it’s more than the paperback itself).

    Bottom line, Amazon is under no requirement whatsoever, logically or legally, to list books from a specific publisher or author. This isn’t a public service, or forum. It’s a private, corporate controlled marketplace.

    KMV Reply:

    ‘So with you! I honestly couldn’t agree more. It seems like the people on here only care about the rights of the publisher, but what about Amazon’s rights as a business? As much as it may be hurting publishers I think its been fantastic for consumers. When I look around to all the books I read I wouldn’t have otherwise even noticed, all because they were so affordable on amazon, I think of it as a big step forward for book lovers all over the world.

  3. Marci ()

    I was out having lunch with a good friend of mine the other day at Red Lobster. The waitress came over just as I was handing my friend my SONY reader. She gasped literally and said is that a “kindle”? I replied no, then she went on to tell us how much she wanted one. I told her don’t buy one because they snoop about what you are reading, highlighting, etc. She went really, I replied yes, they do.

    I recommended a SONY or a KOBO here in Canada…She took my web address and thanked me.

    I won’t shop Amazon either, they are a bunch of bullies

    trish Reply:

    AH! I forgot that they can see what you’ve highlighted in a book!! Ugh! Thanks for fighting the good fight! 😉

    Jen - Devourer of Books Reply:

    Of all the terrible, creepy things that Amazon does, I think them compiling what you’ve highlighted is the absolute creepiest.

    Marci Reply:

    Remember when they deleted all of those books without letting the customers knowing about it, because they didn’t have the rights to it.

    Talk about invasion of privacy. Heaven forbid that someone would be reading something that would be constituted as deviant. Will they call the police and rat you out?

  4. Chrisbookarama ()

    I’m always looking at what Amazon does with a skeptical eye. I don’t trust them and I’ve never bought anything other than books from them.

    But like Jenn, I link to them. I tried to sign up for Chapters affiliate program but they’ve ignored me for months. Either they are lazy or just don’t care. On the other hand I am lazy myself for linking to Amazon because it is convenient.

    One of these days, my conscience will get the better of me and I will drop them.

    trish Reply:

    Ugh! I wish Chapters would respond to you! How frustrating.

    And yeah, Amazon is particularly convenient to link to. Argh. But Powell’s is also convenient to link to in my experience. Give it a try. 🙂

  5. Katy ()

    I stopped linking to Amazon after Macmillan too. But I also don’t like the whole rating system there and how people can give I’m an affiliate with IndieBound and The Book Depository.

    trish Reply:

    Yay! Glad you’re linking to IndieBound and The Book Depository. The Book Depository is a great solution for international books/orders.

    jacos Reply:

    FYI…. Amazon own The Book Depository!!!

  6. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) ()

    Thanks for this post, Trish. I’ve been thinking a lot about my own book buying habits lately, particularly the cheap and used books on Amazon. I don’t like doing that, precisely because of the way Amazon is messing with pricing and the book industry. I just haven’t figure out how to articulate the feeling yet, and then what I’m going to do about it exactly, but clearly I should think on it faster.

    I haven’t read the article in The Nation yet, but I’m glad it’s a good one.

    trish Reply:

    If you ever do post about it, please let me know. I’m not as articulate here as I’d like to be because every time I sat down to write or edit this post, my adrenaline started pumping because I’d get so fired up and I’d forget how to write. 🙂

  7. Katy ()

    Well, crud, I accidentally hit enter. 😛 I was going to say, I get annoyed by the review/rating system there too because people give 1 star for stupid things like no e-book available or slow shipping.

    Linda Reply:

    Amazon so-called Forums are full of bullies that’ll put you out of business if you step on the wrong toes. Especially if you’re a small seller, one neg (negative feedback), and you’re toast. You know the bully who did that, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

    One bully’s name is abcman, aka Charles B. Robinson, aka C. Robin, of Santa Ana, CA. He uses his PO Box and then he’ll put you out of business in no time flat.

    Fortunately, there are ways to open a new seller’s account on Amazon, using a different name, address, e-mail address, credit card, and bank account number. You can use your TIN (taxpayer identification number) instead of your social when they request it (usually about the end of the year). If you have all this in place, logging in from a different browser will suffice. You can also use disposable e-mail addresses to create an X number of buying accounts on Amazon, and do this perfectly legally. Or, create an X number of buying accounts from the same e-mail address, using a different password for each. Why, Amazon will advise you how to do this.

  8. Suzanne ()

    Great post. I haven’t purchased anything from Amazon in over a year, probably because I’ve made an effort to order books through my closest indie store. It may cost a few more dollars, as you mentioned, but the business I provide to the store is greatly appreciated (last year the store honored its top 50 customers with a reception).

    trish Reply:

    WOW! If my local indie honored its top 50 customers with a reception, I’d be particularly motivated to make sure I only shopped there (I split my shopping between a local indie and one in the next county that has better events).

  9. joebfoster ()

    Echoing my feelings. Amazon is to WalMart is to WR Grace… There are truly evil (amoral=evil in this exercise) corporations out there and to support them is to reward them. To support them because it’s slightly more convenient displays an ambivalence to your community, environment and fellow man that borders on the amoral, I think. “I know WalMart does evil things, but I can buy a Tickle Me Elmo and a rifle all in one visit.” Makes me hurt.

    As for the whole defense of Amazon as merely being a capitalist machine argument… Fuck that. “It’s just business” my ass. What the hell ever happened to ethics?

    This subject just fires me up.

    trish Reply:

    Well said! It fires me up too. Apparently, ethics go by the wayside as long as we have a free-market. It’s every man for himself, and whoever or whatever you mow down in the process is no big deal. GAH!

    Andrew Shaffer Reply:

    Just wish there were some huge examples I could point to re: capitalism’s lapse of ethics…oh, wait…

  10. Amazon: Do or Don’t? «

    […] the other day talking with some other bloggers (namely @trishheylady who posted this, “Why I Hate Amazon and Will Never Ever Buy From Them Again“) about Amazon, and how many of them don’t like it. The issue being that Amazon bullies […]

  11. Robin of My Two Blessings ()

    Great write up, trish. I’ve always considered Amazon a convenience. I can get my books in two days and they always have the books I want versus my local borders or indie store. I don’t buy used stuff so that aspect doesn’t bother me. Do I want to give up that convenience. No. There is always going to be something that any company does that we dislike. There’s plenty to dislike about Amazon but plenty to like as well. There will always be pros and cons. I didn’t go for a kindle because I hate sprint. Yes, there are companiens that I won’t buy from because of their policies or politics are too blatant, etc. If I ever find a store that provides me with the benefits like amazon and the choices, then I’ll switch. But for now… too lazy to change.

    I don’t like walmart for the weird reason that it’s just plain too nosy in there. Plus they never have anything I want , too large, too busy, and too many choices. Loud noisy environments make me walk out the door every time.

    trish Reply:

    I have a local indie that can order just about any book I want. That might be something to consider. Getting the book in 3-4 days versus 2 days usually isn’t an issue when I’ve done it this way. 🙂

    Riva Laughlin Reply:

    Just FYI – Kindle doesn’t use Sprint any more. The last two versions use AT&T.

  12. Wallace ()

    Thanks for this post, Trish. I was totally in the dark until we had our Twitter conversation and this article has helped me learn even more. I had just recently heard about the BEA incident, which absolutely sounds like something the mob would do! I know that sounds extreme, but my mouth was literally hanging open when I read that one.

    I DID NOT know until just now that they can see what you read and highlight on your Kindle. I’m happy to share with anyone what books I am reading, but I DO NOT feel comfortable with someone being able to see things about me without my permission. It’s just one more Big Brother thing to add to this Big Brother world. I know that also means I shouldn’t be on my computer or cell phone, but at this point I don’t have an alternative to those. I am starting to rethink my Kindle. Ugh.

    trish Reply:

    I KNOW!! Threatening someone to do business with you is just incomprehensible. The hubris is just mind blowing.

  13. Jennifer ()

    $5 may not be a lot to you, but it is a lot to many other people. While I can afford the luxury of buying books now, there were many years where if I couldn’t get it from Amazon, I couldn’t afford it at all. Is it better to buy from Amazon and support a loved author or just go without, leaving me without books and the authors without my few dollars?

    Sure, Amazon is a bully. It’s got the weight to throw around. Can you seriously blame them? They bully publishers. Well, maybe publishers need to be bullied every once in a while. I don’t remember anyone speaking out in defense of publishers when book bloggers were bullying them over the whitewashing scandal. Using your power to get what you think is right – if Amazon is guilty bullying, so is every book blogger who ever took a stand. You may not like their reasons behind it, but the goal was cheaper books and some of us need that.

    I’ve been shopping at Amazon for over 10 years. I don’t own a Kindle, but that’s just because the Nook was prettier. I don’t have local indie bookstores that carry adult books. Even if I did, no bookstore – even Barnes & Noble or Borders – has the selection that Amazon has. Sure, any bookstore can order a book for you, but I can do that myself at Amazon. Why pay indie bookstore prices when you can get it cheaper and faster if you order it yourself?

    I’m well aware it’s not the cool thing to do to support Amazon, but the fact is they have been giving consumers what they want at the prices they want since they first opened. They wouldn’t have amassed enough power to bully anyone if they hadn’t.

    So, yeah, that’s my 2 cents.

    trish Reply:

    I know that I can afford to spend an extra $5 on something, but I know not everyone to do that. All I ask is that people think about this and then make a decision. I’m not even telling you NOT to use Amazon, just why I don’t use Amazon. However, I firmly believe that everyone makes choices, and one alternative would be to use a local library for some books, and buy less books but pay more at a local indie.

    I don’t think you can compare book bloggers who take a stand to what Amazon is doing. My taking a stand and stating why *I* won’t use Amazon is not comparable to Amazon INSISTING that things be done there way OR ELSE. This post is not telling you what to do, only giving you food for thought.

    I never said it’s not the cool thing to do to support Amazon. Every person makes their own decision. As long as you’re aware of what Amazon does, then I’ve done my job.

    Jennifer Reply:

    I definitely never meant that you were implying that supporting Amazon wasn’t the cool thing to do. That’s more of the general feel I get from many book lovers. Of course, there are quite a few who love their Kindles and yell loudly about their love of Amazon. I do feel that there is an atmosphere of guilt when it comes to buying from Amazon when you don’t have to, but maybe that’s just me.

    I kind of applaud anyone who takes a stand about anything ever. Even if it’s Amazon. Bloggers boycotting publishers or authors or even Amazon because of their practices is the same as Amazon not selling a particular pushlisher’s books. The things being boycotted can change, or not. It’s their prerogative. Just as it’s a publisher’s choice whether or not to cave to Amazon. Boycotting bloggers aren’t the only readers just as Amazon isn’t the only bookstore in the world. They just happen to be the biggest.

    pir Reply:

    yes, i can seriously blame them. just because corruption is all around us does not mean we as individuals have to give in to it. we can make conscious choices. that’s often hard work, and i don’t blame people if they don’t always want to do it (i don’t either), but then we should at least not make feeble excuses.

    comparing amazon’s bully power to that of individual bloggers is like comparing the bully power of a herd of stampeding rhinoceri to that of a wren. an individual blogger has very little power, while amazon has sufficient power to put a publisher out of business.

    adult ebooks can be bought through fictionwise, for example, which also sells at a discount. or in many cases directly from the publishers — which happens to give a larger chunk of your money to the authors, a nice benefit.

    there are almost always alternatives to supporting the big bully.

  14. KyleeJ ()

    Wow. On the rare occasion that I buy from Amazon, it’s because I received a Gift Card from someone. My mom buys from them a lot. We’ve talked about Kindles. I am definitely forwarding this to her. I hadn’t heard about the Macmillan bullying they did.

    trish Reply:

    Thanks for forwarding this to your mom!

  15. Reese M. ()

    Amen, Lady!! We are sisters, you and me. 🙂 Here’s my Amazon Manifesto: . I quoted that same incident from “The Trouble with Amazon”! 🙂

    I am immediately following you on twitter and subscribing to your blog. 🙂 You’ll get a #FF shout out from me later today. 😀


    ~ Reese M.
    Bibliophile Girl 🙂

    trish Reply:

    *HIGH FIVE* 😀

  16. nikki ()

    Low prices will always come with negative externalities. The job of a well-informed public is determining whether those negative externalities are worth saving a few bucks over. Sometimes the answer is yes. Sometimes no. And the answer will be different for every person.

    $5 isn’t much to me, and it may not be much to you. But there was a time in my life when $5 was huge. At that time, merely buying books instead of waiting in queue at the library was a huge luxury for me. So you can be all mad at Amazon (and I’m right there with you) but please just recognize that your anger IS a luxury. You have an indie store close by. Many people don’t. A lot of rural folks don’t even have a Borders or B&N within an hour’s drive and have to get their books from somewhere. And oh yeah, those tend to be the people for whom $5 is really important.

    trish Reply:

    Yes, you’re right, that $5 is a lot of money to some people. Everyone has to make their own decision about what works for them. But I can’t imagine that Amazon is the only choice for anymore than a small percentage of people.

    Caitie F Reply:

    I am so sick of the $5 is a lot. Well if that is a lot, then you shouldn’t be buying books period. You don’t have to. Go support your local library, it is free there. Don’t use it as an excuse to buy from Amazon

    Amy Reply:

    Hey, if f$5 is a lot, buy at Better World Books – you can get books there for UNDER $5 AND the money all goes to charity!

    KMV Reply:

    I dont think anyone is using it as an excuse. We are all free to purchase from wherever we chose, including amazon and dont have to stop because you dont like you it. People chose the option that is most affordable and convenient for them, and if it happens to be amazon that is what they will use and you have no right to judge people for their choices and act like they are committing a crime by buying from amazon. You know nothing of some of these people’s circumstances, what their options are, or if they can even leave their house, or as the other lady pointed out, have the adequate transportation to travel to a book store or library. I will also like to point out that my local library is closed most of the time because of budget cuts, the hours are very restrictive, particularly for anyone who works a full time job and cant make it to the library before closing time, and it is pretty much always closed on weekends. So I suppose those who cant afford to pay full price for the book, or cant afford to take a day off work to go on a library run dont have the right to read because they are just using that as an “excuse to buy from amazon”.

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    My rejection had nothing to do with my personal preference of the products or sales, but how the profits were used. I do not care if I pay double to support what I believe in.


    Ed Reply:

    But, KMV, how about when AMAZON removes that choice from you? I LOVED shopping with AMAZON. I got a lot of things I couldn’t otherwise afford. Then out of the blue they banned me for buying too many conservative books. I can’t afford to buy as many books as I used to now. No one else’s prices comes close.

    @ Mark – Why is it YOUR business how ANYONE spends THEIR EARNED money??

  17. zibilee

    I agree that Amazon has gotten to big for it’s britches and something needs to be done. I am all about shopping where I can get cheaper books and I love that I love their wide selection, but when it comes to their bullying and their “information gathering”..well that is like the mob and very, very creepy. I am starting to feel really bad about having bought a Kindle at this point, and am thinking of switching over to another device. I am in a place where there aren’t a lot of indies and some weeks, $5 is a lot to me, but c’mon, enough is enough with Amazon. I do use their widgets for my blog, so that’s something that I will have to consider as well. I am just getting really tired of their behavior and practices, and think that they are really beginning to be unethical in the extreme. Thanks Trish for posting this, as I am just beginning to feel the wrath myself., and it’s good to know I’m not alone out there.

    trish Reply:


  18. Heather ()

    Amen and AMEN! Sister, I am with you totally! It was with HORROR that I read Barnes & Noble was probably going to sell the company and with greater HORROR when I read a blogger say that Amazon should entertain the idea of buying them! My hair stood on end!!

    Unfortunately we do not have very many indie sellers around here. Most are specialized in one particular genre or are old book sellers, so I use Barnes and Noble the most (when I walk into a store). I really don’t want to walk into an Amazon store. *cringe*

    trish Reply:

    SHUT UP!! B&N is trying to sell the company?? ACK! Man, if Amazon gets their hands on a brick and mortar store…UGH!

    Marci Reply:

    It is true – Barnes and Noble IS UP FOR SALE…

    Make sure that Amazon doesn’t see this post LOL

  19. Riva Laughlin ()

    First – Amazon can “see” your highlights because they save them in your book for you. So the next time you download that book, you know what you’ve highlighted. It’s a feature you can turn off if you don’t want Amazon to know what you’re highlighting.

    Second – Amazon removed 1984 from people’s Kindles not because of what the book was, but because it was illegal to sell that edition in the US. They immediately admitted that they had handled the incident badly. They refunded the purchase price of the book and gave everyone affected a $30 gift certificate.

    Third – What Macmillian (and four other big publishers – at Apple’s urging) did is fundamentally change the bookbuying business – and not in a good way (IMHO). Previously, publishers set the price that retailers (Amazon, B&N, indies, etc.) paid for e-books (typically 50% of MSRP) and the retailers then decided how much to charge the public. Now, these publishers are telling retailers (not just Amazon) how much to charge for e-books. Retailers keep 30% of this, but have no say in the price the public pays. All retailers are required to charge the same price. Sales are not allowed, discounts are not allowed, frequent buyer programs can’t be used to reduce the price, etc. Sounds a little like price fixing to me, and is being investigated as such by at least two states (so far).

    Buying local is a good idea for the community and for the industry and there are many other reasons that buying from Amazon might not be the best idea. But, I wanted to make sure that you have all the information.

    trish Reply:

    Thanks for clarifying those things. However, the explanation of how Amazon sees highlights in a book doesn’t sit right with me. The book is on your Kindle, right? Which is a device that you own. Unless the book is sitting on Amazon’s server somewhere, they’re ultimately going into your personal device to see what you’ve highlighted. If I’m completely off base on how this works, let me know. 🙂

    Despite the price fixing that Macmillan may or may not be doing, I still find it wrong what Amazon has done to try to change the prices.

    Riva Reply:

    Your books ARE stored on Amazon’s servers. That’s how you can access those books on multiple Kindles or Kindle apps. That’s also how you retain access to your books if you get a new Kindle.

    trish Reply:

    Ah, okay. Appreciate your clarifying that for me!

    Marci Reply:

    Regardless of if it on their servers or not, do we not have a expectation of some privacy ??

    I mean hell, if everyone did this then we all could just perform a google search and find out what you do in your bedroom late at night..or watched on tv for that matter.

    Too invasive if you ask me ! It is YOUR device, you own it outright. Seems to me they not only want to bully but also know everything you do when you do it.

    Does THAT sound fair to you ?

    Frankly, I call it an invasion of privacy…

    Riva Reply:

    As I said, it’s an optional program. If you don’t want Amazon storing your notes and highlights, turn the feature off. Then they have no idea what you’re highlighting. Of course, then you won’t have those notes and highlights available to you if you open your book on another device.

    James Reply:

    You know, I’ve always been a little leary of this new technology, and not just for the big brother acspect either. How about control? Buy a paper book, and who can take it away? If you wish to lend it or give it away, who is there to supervise the action? No one. It is yours to do as you please. Amazon does do all of this, because the control the computers that supply your ebooks. For what you’re paying, do you really own the book? How about conservation. Yes a book requires paper, and energy to produce, but once expended, the book is in a stable condition, so long as it is cared for. Hell it can even get wet in the rain, or travel worn, and still be readable. The Kindle and all of the tech behind it requires constant second to second renewal by electricity to maintain its existence. Or how about theft? Lose a book, sure it is inconvient, but not much else lost. Lose a Kindle, and panic follows. not only the cost of the Kindle, access ro your personal information. For me, I’ve come to rely on my Kindle less and less, and have started to rely on good old fashioned paper. Oh, and one more thing, who doesn’t have issues with the editing on most of the ebooks? I don’t know about most of you, but for me, I’ve grown tired of typos, bad graphics, and when it comes to poetry, classical history, or even Shakespeare, I like miss the annotations and footnotes.

    David Reply:

    Finally, someone who makes sense. Thank you Riva. In what world does the retailer not to set the price? You walk into a book store and there’s a discount bin of books that didn’t sell. It’s only natural.

    Now, with ebooks, there’s no cost for warehousing so books can stay the same price forever even though they SHOULD follow the same rules of discounts and such. It’s good for the author, and the consumer. Amazon already paid an agreed amount for the books for them to sell at whatever profit margins they deem appropriate. The model MacMillan is trying to push is horrendous for everyone. They’d rather an author sell no copies at 15 dollars than many copies at 8 dollars because for them overall as a big publisher it makes sense, even if individual authors suffer. Amazon is doing the right thing here. They may have thrown their weight around to get it, but any company, including the big publishers, would do the exact same thing to get what they want. It doesn’t make them evil. Just makes them a company who, so far, has done nothing wrong to the people who matter–the creators and the consumers.

  20. Annette

    I recognize that you, as a consumer, can spend your hard-earned dollars anywhere you like. We all have opinions on where we shop and thankfully there are an amazing number of options both local and online.

    I do wonder, though, how is Amazon, as a retailer, not allowed to set prices (to their customers)? And work to negotiate the best costs for them and their customers? And how is MacMillan’s pressuring Amazon to increase their prices any more ethical? It’s not as though it was a new relationship, after all. Amazon was happily selling MacMillan titles before MacMillan decided to demand more money…

    The big publishing houses need a strong retailer (strong as in backed-by-customers) to drag them into the current century and force the publishers to re-evaluate their pricing structure in the wake of the ebook. Amazon has done that. And you benefit from it no matter where you shop…

    Just my opinion, of course.

    trish Reply:

    Of course a retailer is allowed to try to get the best price for their customer, but I don’t think the way that Amazon has gone about it is right. Threatening another company doesn’t, ahh, strike me as a method I will choose to support or be complicit in.

  21. Meghan ()

    I struggle with this myself. I know I link to Amazon, but I have been planning to switch to the Book Depository for some time now. I like them better and when I have a choice I buy from them instead.

    I personally am of the opinion that buying from Amazon is better than not buying a book. Even if they’re cheaper, the authors and publishers still earn the same amount of money, so if I can afford to buy a hardcover there over a paperback or a used book somewhere else, I will probably still buy from them.

    I am, however, buying a Kindle, but mostly because it’s the only ereader I can afford right now and I keep finding myself needing to read ebooks.

    trish Reply:

    It’s not about buying a book or not buying a book. Unless someone’s only choice is Amazon, I assume they can choose the library, a different bookstore, etc.

    Meghan Reply:

    When you have one bookstore which is primarily a stationary store (unless you drive an hour), a tiny library system that doesn’t take requests, a Walmart-owned supermarket with just bestsellers, and The Book Depository doesn’t have the book, then yes, Amazon DOES tend to be the decision maker between book or no book. And it’s better to buy from them than not at all.

    Also worth noting, does charge tax, all 17.5% of it.

    Chris Reply:

    I agree. The only ‘book’ stores in my area are a WH Smith which is more of a stationary store and a Waterstones bookstore that never seems to have anything I am looking for no matter how new it is. I used to go to Borders but they closed up shop in the UK two years or so ago leaves me with no large retailer where I could get everything in one place. I have been using Amazon due to the sheer lack of any decent bookstores where I live and the fact that they have everything I need and I can look at a few pages before buying. Believe me I would rather go to a real store and enjoy looking at a wide selection and even having a look at a book before buying it.

  22. Jeane

    I only link to Amazon when Powell’s doesn’t have the book to link to- it’s still got the most information to point my readers to. But I’ve been thinking about becoming an affiliate with Indiebound or the Book Depository. Between the three, I should always be able to find a title to point someone to.

    I didn’t know they had such horrible practices. I used to get quite a few used books from them, until I found book swapping sites! I think their used book prices get so low because most are sold by third-party sellers, who have their own little price wars going on.

    trish Reply:

    Yes, you’re exactly right as to why their used book prices are so good. That model is a perfect case of supply and demand. When there’s few copies of a book available on Amazon (used), then the prices aren’t that great. When a book had a large printing, that’s when you generally see the penny prices for books.

  23. Jeane

    PS: I hate Walmart too. My husband refuses to shop there. The other week I wanted to do some canning and went to so many stores trying to find canning jars! I was pretty discouraged when the only place I found that sold them was Walmart. I felt guilty actually buying something from them!

    trish Reply:

    LOL!! I don’t think you should feel guilty about THAT. You did what you could! 🙂

  24. Marie

    Interesting write up. I never really keep up with the Amazon News so it’s nice to see a wrap up here. I like the Amazon feature of the wishlist and that is what has helped me categorize certain reads for me. I have shifted from Amazon for book purchases to The Book Depository and now look to for the other household items I would have bought on Amazon. I am glad that there are options out there so that we could pick and choose who to buy from. One thing to remember is that amazon has the “used” books where you would buy it from another seller and not technically Amazon, but I’m sure there’s a kickback or fee to amazon from those sellers.

    trish Reply:

    It’s so funny you mention the wishlist, because I do use that feature to keep track of books I want, but I won’t buy books from them. My way of sticking it to them. 😀

  25. Marie

    PS I had skipped The twitter name and it chose someone by itself (not me).. but at least I love Meghan!

    trish Reply:

    I don’t know why it’s picking other Twitter names. Trying to figure that out!

    trish Reply:

    The wrong Twitter names are gone! Yay!

  26. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog ()


    I think it’s also important to point out that, in most states (I think New York is the exception, thanks to extensive & effective lobbying), Amazon doesn’t pay sales tax.

    If they did, my state (Virginia) would have something like eight MILLION extra dollars per year.

    And I just can’t live with that. I’m all about the indies, where my sales tax AND my dollars go back into the local economy. Thanks for spreading the word.

    Riva Reply:

    This is not just an Amazon trait. Most online retailers do not have to collect sales tax in any state where they don’t have a physical presence (warehouse, call center, offices). Buyers are supposed to file these taxes when they file their state income tax.

    Riva Reply:

    In other words, just because Amazon doesn’t collect the state sales tax, that doesn’t mean the tax isn’t due. Folks who buy from Amazon – or any other online retailer – are supposed to pay this sales tax to the state themselves. There is usually a line on the state income tax form where the taxpayer is supposed to enter the amount of uncollected state sales tax. Realistically, most people don’t do this, but that hardly makes it the retailers’ fault that the tax isn’t paid.

    trish Reply:

    Ugh. See!! More reason not to shop there. The list to NOT shop there gets longer and longer…

  27. Meg ()

    I definitely respect what you’re saying, Trish, and agree with many of your points. Amazon’s philosophy on books as a “loss leader” is disturbing, and the whole mess with pulling the buy buttons from publishers who wouldn’t tow the line is definitely frightening and ridiculous.

    Most of my book dollars go to Borders, the only bookstore in my town. When I’m ordering online, as I often do, I try to go through Book Depository — and I’ve had a great experience with them.

    I would love to “support my local indie,” but there really isn’t one — unless I want to drive 30 miles out of my way. I do often make day trips around the area and into D.C., where I could definitely find an indie bookstore. But for my day-to-day book-buying habit, it’s not fiscally smart for me.

    trish Reply:

    If I didn’t have a local indie, I’d totally buy books at Borders. I love them as a bookstore.

    30 miles out of the way *is* far, though my other local indie is about 40 miles away, so I buy books there when I go for author events. But to go just to buy books? Too far.

  28. Ashley ()

    I’m a long-time Amazon customer. And I link to them on my blog. I have the Kindle for iPhone app. Some might call me addicted to Amazon although I think that is more applicable to iTunes.

    That being said, I wasn’t aware of these practices. There is certainly a convenience factor to Amazon, but I am going to be more mindful and thoughtful about my purchases (and links) going forward.

    Thanks for posting this. It is eye-opening.

    trish Reply:

    Thanks for being willing to consider this information, Ashley! That’s all I ask, no matter what you decide in the end. 🙂

  29. Amy ()

    I think you make a really great point that cheaper is not always better. We should be paying true costs not pushing others out of business. I do have a Kindle, it was given to me as a gift and I will continue to use it, but I don’t buy any paper books from Amazon. Buying online saves me a LOT of money from my local bookstores, especially my local independent, as prices at home are quite high, but I will stick to for buying online thanks! Or Better World Books – then the profits go to charities which, to me, is even better.

    trish Reply:

    Wow! I didn’t know about Better World Books! That’s really cool!

  30. melanie

    I’m currently mad at IKEA – their customer service sucks. I know this has nothing to do with Amazon, but I get it.
    I make a point of shopping indie when we travel…and would love to be able to buy indie all the time. But like many bloggers, I link to them, have a Kindle, and am generally rolling around in their bed. 🙂 I agree that big corporations don’t always handle things right, but I’m pretty sure it runs both ways (publishing vs. retail). Everyone just wants a piece of the pie.
    I think this is a fascinating debate – thanks for putting it out ther!

    trish Reply:

    Thanks for putting in your two cents! 🙂

  31. Skip ()

    I certainly respect your opinion and,as you know, am thinking about these issues publicly on my blog as well.

    After reading your post and some of the comments on mine, I have two main questions:
    1. How much of the money I spend at Amazon end up in writers/publishers hands v. the money I spend at a local?

    2. How much “worse” is Amazon than say Borders or B+N? Is it just size or something else? B+N’s online prices are pretty inline with Amazon’s, so it makes me wonder.

    I’m not expecting an answer, just adding to the conversation.

    trish Reply:

    Skip, these are definitely great questions and worth considering.

    I don’t know the answer to these questions, except that I imagine authors get the same amount of money whether you buy a book from Amazon or a local bookstore.

    In regards to your second question, I haven’t investigated to see how bad B&N or Borders is, though honestly what appals me about Amazon is the threatening behavior that they display towards publishers (pulling buy buttons (would Borders or B&N pull all MacMillan titles from their shelves? Doubtful.), sending reps to ‘talk’ to someone who isn’t complying).

    I appreciate you adding these questions to the conversation, and particularly like more than just my opinion to be voiced! 🙂

  32. Desperate Reader ()

    I don’t know how different amazon uk and amazon usa are, but in the uk the situation is this – we have 1 dedicated high street book retailer, they have massive control over what gets onto the high street, and when you live in a provincial city as I do the choice is limited. There are no independant bookshops in my area so I can’t support one however much I want to.
    Whatever the limitations many small independant publishers rely on amazon to get their books any kind of market, the same is true through market place for a lot of second hand booksellers.
    It maybe that they do a lot of indefensible things and I think your right to make the choice not to use them if you feel thats the case, if we all thought harder about how we shop we would all have a lot more choice, and just possibly a pricing structure that was fairer to everyone – customer, retailer and producer!

    trish Reply:

    Doesn’t Book Depository ship to the UK? If Amazon’s your only choice I completely understand you using them. I’m just hard pressed to believe it *is* your only choice, particularly if we’re talking online.

    Desperate Reader Reply:

    It’s not my only choice, but often it’s my prefered choice for a lot of reasons, but like you I have real concerns about any one retailer getting to big. It’s not good for anyone, but I would say again that without amazon, and of course other online booksellers many small publishers simply could not exist. I think the big thing is to actually make an active choice about how you spend your money – as your doing,it is how we can make a difference.

  33. heidenkind ()

    Wonderfully said, Trish, especially the part about about putting money in the hands of an individual versus a corporation. I wish we had a local indie to support, but we don’t and I doubt we ever will. Still, at least B&N and Borders aren’t killing the publishing industry in their quest to be THE BIGGEST RETAILER ON EARTH!!!

    Speaking of B&N, rumor has it all their stores might be owned by Amazon pretty soon. *cries*

    trish Reply:

    So you’ve heard the rumor about Amazon buying B&N too? Ugh!

  34. Alison

    Oh, wow. I never thought about the discounts.

    I do buy my textbooks from Amazon. Textbooks are not something I feel bad about buying cheap. Because, hey, they’re expensive and I’m a poor college kid, I buy used, and I’ve had professors tell me about textbook authors having TAs rearrange a single chapter so a new edition can be published.

    My town only recently opened a very small independent bookstore. It has a very small selection. The town I attend college in only has used bookstores. The nearest town with a B&N or comparable bookstore is 50 miles away. I don’t buy books online. (Unless, my parents are paying. Then, I’m just supposed to pick out books until I can bump them up to free shipping on whatever site.) I prefer picking it out in person. Because of a lack of choice, though, I normally just end up at the library. It serves my purposes.

    I am still peeved at Amazon about how they wouldn’t rank any GLBT books a year or two ago because of a “glitch” that marked them as “adult content”. Amazon, a bookseller, should not be trying to censor what reading material is available!

    trish Reply:

    That’s ANOTHER thing I forgot about Amazon!

    Thanks for a great comment!

  35. Patty

    I love my Kindle and I enjoy buying from Amazon…the new Kindle versions are totally sold out…both the $189.00 and the $139.00. You have taken a stand and that is admirable.

  36. Bonnie A

    I live in a university town of over 200,000, population. We have a B&N and a Hastings (no Borders) that have good selections of books. The B&N allows two book clubs to which I belong to meet in their lounge area. Of course, we buy from the coffee shop, too. We also have a independent book store that sells mostly textbooks, but some other titles as well. We also have a good city library system with 4 branches. We also have a couple of used book stores that will trade.
    I read a couple of books a week, so I use the library a lot, but also buy from the stores or online for my book clubs or for reviews I give occasionally. I buy a lot of used books online because of the cost. If I buy 3 books at the same time from the same seller either thru B&N or Amazon, I pay the same 3 or 4 dollars in shipping for each book. STill, $5.00 for a used book that I can’t find elsewhere, or if ordered, would cost $15 to $25, is a significant savings.
    Certainly, there are reference books and books I want to keep, so I invest in the hard cover, using my B&N 15% discount coupons that show up in my e-mail along with my 10% discount for my B&N membership. Books are my passion, and my passion is expensive.

    trish Reply:

    “Books are my passion, and my passion is expensive.” So so so true! But I love it! 🙂

  37. Mandy (The Well-Read Wife) ()

    This post has given me A LOT to think about! Thank you for writing it. It takes much strength to put strong opinions out there! I’m definitely going to consider changing affiliate programs.

    trish Reply:

    YAY! All I was hoping is that it would make people think. What they do after that… *shrug*

  38. Kylie Purdie

    Great post. I haven’t read all the replies, but I did notice one that mentioned how $5.00 is significant for some people. Check out Cheap books, free delivery world wide and will quote in Australian, US, whatever currency.

    This paragraph from you post also struck me.

    “In this article titled In Defense of Amazon, said that Amazon is only providing people with what they want: cheaper products. But have we not learned that cheaper isn’t always better? And when has a company with as much power as Amazon has ever been a good thing?”

    For me it also about people only worrying about what is good for them. What do i get out of it? No need to worry about anyone else. The problem being if you are only concerned about yourself, who will be looking for you when things go wrong?

    trish Reply:

    I didn’t realize Book Depository had free shipping. That’s pretty cool!

    It’s kind of disturbing how people don’t care what a company does, so long as they get a product for cheaper, cheaper, cheaper. *shivers*

  39. Beth F ()

    I didn’t read any of the comments (too many, not enough time) — but I don’t buy at Amazon and I don’t buy at WalMart. I rarely buy at big chains if I can find a locally owned (or least independently owned) store instead. Do I buy at B&N — well, yes (no other viable choices here), but as you say, books are their business….

    trish Reply:

    You’re like my soul sister, Beth! 😀

  40. Larissa ()

    Wow, amazon really do sound like bullies. :O
    I don’t buy at amazon I prefer the book depository for my books. They dispatch all over the world and they have free delivery. ^_^
    Your post really did make me think about big companies in general though. Thanks for writing this post. 🙂

    trish Reply:

    Thanks for reading! Appreciate what you had to say about Book Depository.

  41. Lauren

    I think we tend to demonize the Amazons of the world by lumping them with the “evil” corporations. Yet, publishers are in it for their money, too, and often have some very questionable practices. Using your standard of not buying from Amazon–which has allowed for an explosion of John and Jane Does being able to self-publish–you’ve allowed the publishers to be the only gatekeepers for what books you have access to on a daily basis. Just go look at the people on the Amazon Kindle discussion lists who have been able to market themselves and amass a relatively large following of people. These same authors never would have had access to readers if they had to go through the traditional publishing channels.

    Also, I think recent events in the Amazon ebook wars show that authors and their agencies do like Amazon. Publishers are reeling (and angry) right now because authors and their agents have looked to self-publishing through the creation of Odyssey Editions. When publishers refused to reissue old editions as ebooks (due to expense, time, whatever), they took it into their own hands and started publishing their own ebooks (see Salman Rushdie, Philip Roth, VS Naipul) through their agency. And the publisher, Random House, did a lot of what you’re angry at Amazon for doing. They’ve publicly stated that they will not publish any more books by anyone using this agency. The publishers do plenty to make their own money at the expense of authors. See the link below for more info:

    The whole Amazon thing is not black and white. They’re not evil, money-grubbing fools who don’t care about their customers or their authors. The publishers aren’t saints in this whole thing either. Ultimately, everyone has to make a decision about how their purchases are going to affect other people and the industry themselves. I just don’t know that throwing out Amazon is going to fix the situation. It’s a huge industry-wide problem where the corporations (both the book sellers and the publishers) pretty much get the option to do what they want with the people who make their living writing the books we all enjoy reading. Maybe the whole system could use some fixing.

    trish Reply:

    Yes, publishers are in it for the money too, but this post wasn’t about what publishers may or may not be doing that’s unethical. As far as publishers being gatekeepers, I don’t think they should be the only gatekeeper, but I strongly believe that the explosion of John and Jane Does being able to publish doesn’t necessarily add quality to the book world, but it definitely adds quantity.

    I actually do believe Amazon is evil, and to say that they care about their authors and customers is ignoring the fact that they don’t make money on books. The only reason they have books is to hook you in, then to hope you make other purchases.

    Yes, the whole system could use fixing, but I’m not enough of an expert to address that topic. I am, however, a potential customer that has decided not to shop at Amazon based on how they do business. I refuse to be complicit and monetarily support Amazon.

    With that said, I appreciate your providing a different viewpoint!

    Trina Reply:

    Thank you for this. Everyone is so eager to jump on the “Corporations are evil bandwagon.” It’s not them or us. It’s just not that simple.

  42. Malvina

    A handy place to buy books elsewhere is The Book Depository in the UK. Nice cheap prices *and no postage worldwide*. Think on that.

  43. Malvina

    Apologies… I just read up the comments and saw someone else had mentioned The Book Depository. Still, it’s so worth it.

  44. Anna K ()

    No one has mentioned libraries! I had no interest in a Kindle because you can’t get library ebooks on it. Also, the recent exclusive Wylie deal with Amazon makes it impossible for libraries to buy those ebooks. I, too, hate Amazon. I link to the author’s web site on my blog.

  45. Emily Barton

    I refuse to shop at Amazon as well. I wish all readers would do the same. Unlike publishers and traditional book sellers, they couldn’t care less about books or us, the readers. Money is all that matters. Their $9.95 pricing on e-books is devastating to publishers and was merely a means to selling what they really wanted to sell, which was the kindle (and think about that name: kindle. What does it signify? Burning books).

  46. bookmagic ()

    I would prefer to spend money at indie bookstores than chain ones. But all the indies except the specialty ones were driven out by B&N and Borders long before Amazon came along. And I live in a decent sized city. So I guess I’d rather spend my money at Amazon than B&N. They have better customer service and I do love my kindle and have ordered the new one. I also make use of my library as often as I can but the county keeps cutting back money. They don’t even have enough staff to process donated books, so they don’t accept them. I should check out The Book Depository though it has been awhile since I’ve bought anything but ebooks. I live in NY so I do pay taxes on my purchases. I wonder though, if B&N could be in the same position as Amazon, wouldn’t they? Most corporations are about making money.
    Very thought-provoking post

  47. Michelle @ The True Book Addict ()

    To be honest, I hardly order from Amazon because I can’t see paying $1.00 for a used book and then paying $4.00 for shipping. I can get used books at library sales for $1.00-$2.00. Usually, I order from Better World Books because they work for a good cause and they always offer free shipping with a carbon-free option that only costs a few cents. Frankly, I can’t really afford to buy new books at all at the present time. Last time I ordered from Amazon was when I won a gift card in a giveaway!

    I am glad that I have a Sony reader–another giveaway win on which I only download free books (or textbooks for school). I’m really not liking the sound of highlighting being tracked by Amazon. Big Brother anyone? (Orwell…not TV series) I would really like an ipad someday, but if that’s true about the censorship, it will be a no go. I DETEST censorship!

    Thanks for sharing Trish!

  48. Monday Tally: The Inception (and Stuff) Edition

    […] Why I Hate Amazon and Will Never Ever Buy From Them Again (via Hey Lady! Watcha Readin’?) […]

  49. Trina

    Okay, I don’t think I get it at all. How is it that Amazon doesn’t care about readers, but your local bookseller does? That Amazon just cares about money. Amazon cares about giving their customers what their customers want. Independent booksellers need to do the same thing. Both care about their customers and both care about money. They are both operating businesses, just different models. Publishers want to make money. Writers want to make money. Readers want to read books. And I like my money. I like to keep as much of it as I can.

    If I want to read a current hardcover bestseller, my independent bookseller will have it for $27. A larger chain will have it discounted 30% perhaps. I can get an digital edition for $9.99 (granted, I would have to have an e-reader). Certainly, it is cheaper for the publisher to create a digital version of a book. There are no printing materials involved. Future editions are files, not new print runs….

    I’m an adjunct professor and my husband is middle-upper management. We are not poor, but work hard for our money. We have two little boys, who we are trying to raise as booklovers like us. But there is something that makes me RECOIL at the cost of a new bestseller being $27. To whom are these books being marketed. A booklover, who is low income, certainly cannot afford a $27 book. So, enter the public libraries for the common people. My town’s is sad. I guess you could get yourself on the waiting list and wait and wait and wait. I find that a little insulting. It’s like the clinic vs. a nice doctor’s office. There’s something classist about it.

    Then there’s the fact that book ownership was shown to increase a child’s education success. Children raised in homes with 500 books have been shown to attend college with greater frequency. There is something to be said for “owning” a book. I used to come out of pocket when I was an urban high school teacher to buy books for my classroom library. There was no penalty for not returning a book. If you loved it, it was yours. You could keep it forever, loan it to a friend, your mom. It was amazing to see these kids sharing these books with their parents and siblings. The books were theirs to do with what they wished. It was different than just borrowing a book.

    All this to say that book ownership is a luxury that is put out of reach to some people, if prices are as high as they are in our local bookstores. I frequent them when we need books right away, and I like them. However, I also like the convenience and size of online booksellers.

    I’m not sure I buy the “Amazon is EVIL” argument. How are they anymore evil than the college textbook publishers??? They should be ashamed of themselves. I have had college students struggling to get their textbooks because they couldn’t afford them for several pay periods. That is a shame. Sad. Ridiculous. I get extras and put them in the library, so they can keep up until they get their won. When the publishers are trying to sell them to professors, you get copies without even REQUESTING them. What a scam. I am constantly receiving letters with sales pitches — Use our book next semester. Oh my goodness. They are as bad as the pharmaceutical companies at the doctors’ offices.

  50. Miss Elle

    I love my Kindle and I love Amazon. I certainly do not think they are evil for saying they wanted to sell ebooks for cheaper than the publisher wanted them sold for. I heard that MacMillan themselves pulled the books from Amazon, not that Amazon took away the buy buttons. My Kindle has been amazing for me, I have fibromyalgia and find it difficult to hold open a book, or even stay awake reading a book! This led to much frustration and lost pages, and I stopped reading. Since I got my Kindle at Christmas I’ve spent more on books than I had in the past two years. Money is tight as due to my illness I can’t work, so Amazon saves the day. That and the free classics from Project Gutenberg.

  51. Valerie ()

    It’s been a long time since I’ve ordered anything new from amazon. For one thing, we’ve been trying to avoid using our credit cards. The last few orders I’ve made through amazon have actually been used books, so the way I see it, I’m helping the “little guy” (whoever is selling the used book) make some bucks. Incidentally, for the commentor who mentioned shipping costs for used books on amazon — some sellers offer a free shipping option thru amazon prime.

    I recently removed my affiliate button from my blog (I gave up linking titles to amazon in blog posts a long time ago, it was more trouble than it was worth). Now I have an affiliate link button to a local indie bookstore :-).

  52. Lisa

    I definitely equate Amazon’s way of doing business to be the same as WalMart’s. There’s a company that essentially brought down Rubbermaid by insisting that they, Rubbermaid, in order to sell their products at the world’s biggest retailer of plastic storage containers, sell them at a price that was less than it cost to manufacture them. Apparently Amazon is hell bent to do the same thing to MacMillan.

    Trina Reply:

    Publishers are not angelic in all of this. You can be sure that leading publishing conglomerates, such as Macmillan have had their fair share of ill dealings in the business world. I am sure they have pushed out lesser publishing houses. And like Walmart deciding what products you see on the shelf, publishing houses decided what books they will put in the bookstores and which ones they’ll promote by book bloggers and other means. Some authors are BLAMING the publishers for the ebook price wars, not Amazon.

    As for Walmart, they aren’t the bad guy. They are meeting demand. They are a business that millions of consumers support with their money, despite anti-Walmart folks trying to get their point across because at the end of the day people want to save money, bottom line. And unless you’re living some cushy life, in which you have money to burn, it matters to a lot of people trying to keep their roofs over their heads and their kids fed. If companies need to charge higher prices, there at least needs to be a darned good reason for it that customers want and can wrap their heads around. They have a responsibility to appeal to the public demand and understanding via traditional media and cheaper new media like, Facebook, Twitter.

    pir Reply:

    such a purely quantitative worldview impoverishes us all in the long run.

    Riva Reply:

    Amazon is not now and never was trying to tell Macmillan how much they (Amazon) would pay for e-books. Traditionally, Macmillan set the MSRP on an e-book (typically $26 or so – same as the hard cover price). Amazon bought these e-books from Macmillan for half the MSRP ($13), then chose to use these books as loss leaders and sold them for $9.99. Under the new contract that Macmillan (and most other big publishers except Random House) forced on Amazon, Macmillan now sets the price the public will pay for e-books ($12.99 to $14.99). Amazon no longer “buys” these books, they simply act as agent and get 30% of the sale price. Amazon is not allowed to offer sales on these titles or provide any kind of discount for any reason.

  53. Trina

    I don’t know every single detail of the publishing industry, but I highly doubt they are angels and Amazon is the devil. My point is that they are both corporations out to make money.

  54. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I’m in the camp that believes this is a nuanced issue…here’s a good post about why:

  55. Kimmers

    ” may someday buy a Nook or an iPad, but I will never ever buy a Kindle.”

    Now come on don’t be so hypocritical. Apple isn’t the same as Amazon? Puhlease! B & N isn’t the same? Puh Lease. If you don’t like Amazon’s business practices you shouldn’t be buying books from ANYone but a mom and pop. But then you are supporting the OTHER group who could care less about books, readers, or authors… the Publishers. Face it. No one is clean in this and NO ONE in any big business cares about you except for how they can keep you buying their product.

  56. Coffee and a Book Chick

    Hooray!! Thanks for speaking the truth!! And I also don’t shop at Wal-Mart, ugh.

  57. Jessica ()

    Okay, you already know that I’m an Amazon lover. But I thought I’d chime in here and thank you for expressing your opinion. I think that public discussion and debate about a corporation’s actions is one of the only ways to hold them accountable for what they do.

  58. Jessi ()

    This is definitely something to think about. Quite sobering, actually.

  59. Shay

    I haven’t purchased from Amazon for quite away & now, I won’t buy from them again until I’ve checked them out better.

    As far as electronic readers go, they’re not for me. I prefer a real book. I love the feel & the smell. I love turning the pages & holding the book while I think about all I’ve just read. For now, I buy my books from Borders until we move at which time I can actually support a mom & pop store.

    Trina Reply:

    Here’s a very funny article from NPR that was written about the smell of books:

  60. Maree

    Great post. I refuse to buy from Amazon because their international postage rates (I’m in Australia) are exorbitant. Whatever I save in the price of the book (which is usually substantial…for reasons I must investigate most paperbacks in Australia retail between $15.00 – $20.00 Australian, so around $12.00 – $18.00 US which is much higher than what buyers pay in the US) is taken up in postage rates which can be as high as $8.50 FOR A SINGLE BOOK!

    I use the Book Depository UK or US now. They’re not as cheap, but they have free postage.

    It’s forever a battle between getting the best price and supporting independent businesses. I’ve seen independents charge $40 for the same book I can pick up at a chain for $15. That’s ridiculous to me and more fuel to the fire of the whole “independent bookstores are ripping us off.” I like the perspective of $5 being “throwaway money” because it totally is. I will give this whole thing some more thought!

  61. jackie

    I love dialogues like these that get people talking and thinking about the choices they make – especially as consumers! And I agree with one of the last people’s comments that public debate is a way of keeping companies accountable – whistle blowers help do that too! Keep up the great work!

  62. Kate ()

    I wasn’t aware of the Amazon controversy before this. I would really rather not buy from them, but I’m on a super-tight budget and couldn’t afford to buy hardly any books if it weren’t for their low prices. I don’t usually buy anything but books from them though.

    Thanks for writing this article! When/if my budget allows I will make more of an effort to support other bookstores.

  63. Caitie F ()

    I love how everyone claims so many things about the publishers and doesn’t seem to get how they work at all. Most publishers set ebook prices at a $25 discount of the cheapest version. Why 25%? Because that is the cost of printing, binding, and sending out the physical books. You know, the ONLY differences between the amount of money that goes into an ebook vs a regular book. Why should ebooks be any cheaper than that? It shouldn’t be discounted more just because people think it should be. They are priced based on ACTUAL COSTS.

    If readers are paying less than that, then agents, authors, and the people who have worked on the book are not getting their share, People seem to forget that publishing is not a very profitable business. Most of their “profits” are reinvested to pay for those books that you love but weren’t huge sellers.

    I wrote about this on my blog back in January I think with more details about it

  64. Nari @ The Novelworld ()

    I stopped buying from Amazon, as well as referencing Amazon on my reviews after the whole kerfuffle about hiding titles by and for the gay and lesbian community last year. I’m not surprised they would be such bullies, they are like the Walmart of the online world.

    I use the website to look up titles or do a spell check for an author/title for patrons at the library, but I try to avoid it as much as possible when in my personal life.

  65. Kristinaah

    I hate amazon,because theres no such thing that ships into my country, im so mad about it, because those things i wanted for my birthday u can buy only on amazon , and guess i will just have to dream about them..i dont see why they shouldnt send something to Europe :((((( ihu amazon!

  66. Snow Maysles

    I completely hate Amazon as well but mine are for different reasons. Their shipping polices are horrendous when it comes to an APO. I am working over in Japan as a civilian contract to support the US military here and Amazon doesn’t ship much to the APO. Calls and emails go unanswered or when they do get answered its only the smallest amount of empathy and empty platitudes.

    I can’t even get the mailing address, email address or phone number to someone in corporate.

    I hate Amazon.

    Buy a Nook, I love mine.

  67. Trish2

    Amazon should be band. With this disgusting news about the child Abuse Book they are selling on line that was just removed because people complained. I would be embarrassed to say I work at Amazon. It should be a banned site. No child should have to go through what they seem to be promoting in free speech. It is disgusting and I and no one should ever buy from Amazon again.

  68. song4mozart

    For all of you who are worried about Kindle monitoring what you read, wtf do you think happens when you log online? You might as well never go on the Internet again. Your argument loses all validity when you complain about something you yourselves are using to complain about it! What hypocrisy!

  69. pir

    a) there’s a difference between amazon knowing exactly what one is reading (and not just what one has bought at amazon), being able to associate that with one’s legal name, being able to delete something off one’s personal device (!), and random companies tracking site visits. much of that information is aggregate anyway, and therefore not personal.

    b) for those who are concerned about personal usage tracking in general, that which is personal can be protected by not using legal names in connection with any account, using prepaid credit cards to make purchases, sniffing network traffic to see which applications “phone home” (and denying them), and using anonymizing proxy servers to disguise from which IP address one is browsing.

    no hypocrisy involved whatsoever.

  70. Ann

    I just this week spent several days trying to get Amazon to delete all of my information. Over the holidays I order a few small things for a project that I can’t get at local stores. I made sure that they were all coming from the same vendor but the three small items came via three different shipments. The cost of the order was about $12…cost of shipping $15. I found from an internet search that Amazon insists that it’s secondary vendors use a set price for shipping (approximately $5) and that they charge it per item rather than per order. Amazon is evil….

  71. Sue M

    I am an old bibliophile and don’t use the computer and would never use a pad or electronic book due to visual disability. However, I found this site because of a horrendous problem with Amazon and it is this: they are gaining a corner on the market in so many ways that I feel they are becoming a monopoly. As an aside, I get books from Powell’s or my local independent, however today I was trying to find a kitchen appliance and EVERY single so-called independent site led back to…. Amazon. Every.One. Perhaps the indie sellers find it profitable to partner, since I don’t quite know how it operates, but good luck to entrepreneurs who actually wish to sell some THING on the internet – be ready to meet the Amazon Mafia and pay the vig, or some vision I have in my head. Thus, this led me to Google (don’t get me started
    ) “hating on Amazon” by the time I was done. Which is better than other things I may have done, such as smashing my laptop.

    But it’s just my opinion, man.

  72. Roger Enamorado

    Amazon has the worst customer service by far. They closed my seller account for being related to my sisters account who was closed in error. Hers remains open and mine was closed and i only ever sold one book. Their seller team is a nasty piece of work this is their answer to my issue “Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account will not be answered”. I WILL NEVER BUY OR SELL ON AMAZON EVER AGAIN. After this experience im selling my kindle also and investing in an iPad at least with apple you pay hefty prices but get what you deserve there never had a problem with apple. Good riddance to Amazon

  73. Felice

    If you Goolge ‘Why I Hate Amazon’, this post comes up first. Well said re: Loss Leader and so forth. Good article well (and passionately) articulated.

  74. E. Rae

    I hate Amazon. They ripped me off and as far as I can tell THERE IS NO RECOURSE! The A-Z Buyer’s Guantee Claims is a sham and a scam designed to keep the victim in limbo while your credit card pays up and the 60 days window of Credit Card recoup closes. I live in Seattle. Amazon is based in Seattle. Why do I only get to talk to folks in India who can only open yet another jive-ass claim?

  75. John

    This article was pointless. You essentially said you dislike Amazon for using loss leaders and voiding a voidable contract by not selling a publisher’s material… Guess what? Businesses do this all the time! It is good to support local companies but seriously the fact that so many people think corporations are run by the devil is sickening. Amazon is doing what all businesses aim to do, make a prophit. Study some business before you make a rant. I’m happy to say I’ve been an amazon customer since 2008. And while you geniuses can hate on them all you want truth be told, eBay is horrible. P.s. Appologizing about complaints on items sold on amazon is really all they can do. The product is sold by a private seller who pays amazon some commission to list items, private seller terms are still applicable. Also e books are pointless just be smart and use the real book, its much more natural.

  76. Richard Lewis

    I have had a very costly problem being an Amazon seller. My plan is to hit them with a class action lawsuit for 100 million dollars, and need to get 50 former sellers together. They suspend your selling priveledges without giving you any reason or chance to defend yourself. I sell $750,000.00 per year and have now been cut off. I plan on paying for the suit, but need 50 sellers that have had similair problems. We’ll put our names and stories together and make them pay. Please send your story to and I’ll then ask for your contact info and permission to be a prt of this. We have to stop the insanity right now.

  77. Richard Lewis

    Funny how most of the bloggers have had problems as a buyer. I have had the same problem as Richard while selling on Amazon. They e-mailed me after 3 years and hard work while selling, and told me that I was selling unauthorized products. I appealed the e-mail right away and was given no other defense after that. They closed my selling account and left me with a basement full of inventory and no due process to defend myself. They obviously do not believe in the democratic system of America and should be
    taken to task for what they do.
    I plan on sending you all of my information and joining your law suit.
    Thanks for helping us. Jerry

  78. Emily Gorman

    P.S. Very passionate article if I do say so myself.

  79. John

    Lady no one cares about your books, but Amazon is just awful anything you type in on google some random amazon thing comes up if I type in lax (lacrosse) pinnies it’ll come up with some book about LAX Interantional airport.

  80. Randi

    I just read your posting regarding Amazon. I don’t like them very much right now. I ordered a Kindle, but will never purchase books from them. Why purchase books I can borrow from the public library. I obtained a software that converts E-pub to kindle. I only chose the Kindle because for the price it sounded better to me then a Nook. Now my problem is the past few times I ordered something from Amazon I didn’t receive what I had ordered. I ordered a hardbound bound, I received a paperback, I ordered a set of golf clubs in pink, I got them in blue. My feelings are that:
    1) the folks in the warehouse are just stupid
    2) the folks in the warehouse don’t give a damn what they send
    The facts are that Amazon has gotten so big that true customer service has gone out the window.

  81. Gavino

    I hate Amazon with a passion now. I used to love them, I love movies and music and thought they had everything I could ever want. Well, they do but I ordered some movies and a cd and here I am 2 weeks later and still my things never arrived. I have checked my tracking number and tried to call and the response I get is “It will be there” Whatever Amazon, you suck harder than Roseanne at a Dunkin Doughnuts.

  82. WaterBearer

    Where to begin…….
    Ok well I ordered something and wanted 2 day shipping (I was a Prime member). So 2 days later it wasn’t on my doorstep. So I track the package. UPS forgot to put it on the truck for 2 day delivery. Oops. Ok but I still needed that item for that night and couldn’t get it anywhere else. Day 3 I tracked it. In transit (hasn’t left KY yet). Great. I contacted Amazon. They gave me a refund. I was like “ok but I still need the item”. It was too late for 1 day shipping so I said “just send the original package to me and I’ll repay upon receipt”. So someone at Amazon thought it was a good idea to have UPS hold the package for me to pick up. Well the one that I would have to drive to was like 2 hours away, so a 4+ hour round trip. So I told Amazon, “hey please tell UPS to deliver as I cannot travel that far”. They said ok. So day 4 it was still being held. I contacted Amazon and the lady said “well you already got a refund so what more would you want?” I said “well I still need the item…like 3 days ago.” So after a lot of polite bitching, she immediately contacted UPS to have it be delivered that day (day 4) and at 6pm it was delivered to me. Oh and I didn’t pay for it because Amazon was being bitchy…and dumb….

  83. WaterBearer

    Oh and I can’t sell on Amazon anymore either. Apparently I “failed to send out the items in a reasonable time period”. Ok first off you said you were going to let me know when my items sold. You didn’t (I checked my junk AND spam folders!). Second you didn’t say anything about them being paid for either. So after trying to be a first time seller on Amazon I failed miserably….and I cannot sell ever again…fortunately I can sell on eBay and have a perfect track record….’cause eBay cares….obviously not Amazon….

    Mary Reply:

    I had the same experience. I will never work with Amazon again.

  84. Vanessa ()

    i bought a book from amazon at $79.99 and chose a 2 night shipping. well a week past buy an no book. i called fedex, they said they hadn’t recieved anything. i called amazon, and the lady was like oh yea, ill just send another one. wtf lady! that’s not the point, i made business with you guys and chose the 2night shipping for a dam reason. (i needed it asap for school).

    thats why im never buying books from them and their website ever again. im trying to blog about my incident as much as i can.

    Carla Reply:

    For those who can’t find the phone number, it’s 866-216-1072. Amazon is not the enemy–it’s just another big box product of our entitlement culture. People buy from Amazon because they can with less effort, thought, and money most of the time. One click and you’re done. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere. Maybe Borders and Blockbuster could team up and create the next generation in online mega-retail. Then Amazon wouldn’t be the only monster.

    Mary Reply:

    I support that 100%! How can we make that happen???

  85. Andy Wilon

    As the author of an academic book that is being sold on Amazon I have come to appreciate what an ugly face sits behind the smiley customer services. Some nutter posted an inaccurate and defamatory review of my book (being sold at a stupidly high price by Amazon – no, not just down to the publisher). I complained, they removed it for a couple of months, then it reappeared. Appealed to their good judgement – huh? So, to make my point went around the Amazon website leaving critical reviews of anything connected with the Amazon boss Jeff Bezos – okay, so they went beyond “critical” but they weren’t as bad as having someone say you were a drug dealer as my reviewer did! What happened? My reviews of Bezos were removed instantly and I received a warning that my account would be suspended… Yeah, he’s sensitive to criticism!

    My idea now is a eco-tax that takes account of the impact of having goods shipped from mail order – the detrimental impact on both the environment and neighbourhood. What do you think?

  86. Andy Wilson

    Entered my name wrong – above!

  87. Andy Wilson

    Oh, I should add I am taking legal action against Amazon and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had similar experience.

  88. Joe Dassaro ()

    And, here is another reason to hate Amazon, from a Market Place Seller’s perspective.

    In short, Jeff Bezo’s, known as a micor manager and “systems” guy has lost control of Amazon. It is being run by a bunch of incompetent fools. This is impacting every aspect of Amazon’s business. And, while they are clearly the biggest guy on the block, so were many bookstores at one point or another.

  89. Mary

    I am hating Amazon because my seller account has been blocked because a few years ago I listed 5 books for sale and 2 of the sales went bad. It was my fault and I readily admit it – I had hit a major emotional snag in my life and almost everything fell through the cracks. The problem I have is that they will not forgive me. Two sales. Two. Not 200. Two. I wasn’t out to rip anyone off. I just hit a bad patch and Amazon won’t forgive. Okay, so a representative tells me to file an appeal; I do, and no one gets back to me to let me know it has been denied. However the rep, who keeps calling me sir (I am female) tells me just to open a new account with all new information such as email account and checking/credit card information. I get denied again. WTF!
    Amazon is still more than happy to take my money for things I want to purchase though. Not anymore. Not ever again. I quit amazon. I will never support them again and I plan on telling anyone that will listen about my experience. Thank you for allowing me to sound off here on this blog.

  90. Sunny

    The basic rule is that they treat consumers like gold and sellers like garbage. We have been selling products with them for a long time and it ain’t fun. Consumers on Amazon in my opinion are thankless buying machines.

  91. Noel ()

    I have started a website for anyone having problems with this wretched company can post and share their experiences for all to see. Please feel free to visit and share your experiences. Together we can get the word out about just how terrible this company are to deal with.

  92. Mike

    Control over publishers? Are you kidding me… 99% of those publishers would never get a book deal in a million years the conventional way.

    Face it you hate Amazon because they are smart and make money… You probably also hate WalMart too?

    Instead of hiding behind your idiotic post why not face the fact that you hate people who are rich. You hate people who start a business and it becomes wildly successful. Is it Amazon’s fault they make money?


    Is it your fault for sitting on your ass complaining about it and doing nothing to make more money?


    If you were the owner of Amazon would you care about the people like you who complain about others being successful?

    We all have the same amount of time in a day in this world but you decide what you do with your time. It’s not Amazon’s fault they chose to use their time a little better than you and make a huge profit.

    Face it your a looser and always will be!

    PS. Instead of complaining about Amazon why not use them to your advantage and get published yourself. But I suspect you’ll just respond to this post with a vulgar attitude instead, which is fine… We all have a right to our opinions!

    trish Reply:

    Actually, Mike, I do hate WalMart as well.

    I don’t complain about being successful, because I’m pretty successful myself – I run a home business that allows me to stay home with my son. So please take a step back before you assume you know my work ethic.

    You’re right — we’re all entitled to our opinions, and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but please keep comments civil. Your comment here is bordering on rude.

    PS Is a looser someone who is very limber?

    HATE AMAZON 2 Reply:

    Mike is obviously another callous, Tea Party kind of character who doesn’t understand that large companies can eliminate all competition and become monopolies. Monopolies are not good for the consumer and other businesses in the long run. He’s another Trickle Down clown.

  93. Ken

    Hooray for your post. I hate amazon; their bullying of publishers; their bullying of California to avoifd ;paying local taxes; their encouragement of peope to avoid paying sales tax; their attempts to force Barnes and Noble to carry the paper versions of books they publish but their refusal tro allow Nook editions of the same titles, and so on.

    The latest? They want their customers to snoop on local booksellers and report prices so amazon can undersell them and drive them out of busioness.

    They’re nasty.

  94. Dawn Boyer ()

    I have always had the BEST customer service and history with Amazon, and if authors have their books taken down, it’s because they have done something against the Amazon publishing policies. If you don’t want to follow the rules, then don’t expect the largest bookseller in the world to help you sell the books. They are looking out for the ‘writers’ and ‘author’s’ rights, as well as the buyers when it comes to books. You can’t charge Amazon with crappy customer service is the company marketing the product (through Amazon as a middle man) is not providing the customer service – which buyers should investigate before they buy through customer reviews. The Amazon Kindle is allowing writers to publish, and the Kindle Direct Publishing, is providing a venue for first time and long-time authors to skip the expensive, money-sucking publishers hands-in-pockets, to sell their work to readers as a no-charge to the author platform! Another issue – Amazon is bringing in two huge work place in Virginia, but people are screaming that they aren’t paying state taxes – who cares? They are providing jobs for 1,300 workers in those two geographic areas and those employees are going to be paying state and federal taxes on their wages.

    So folks – get a grip!

  95. Ken

    Luv ya Dawn, but I strongly disagree.

    Why should amazon get a break on state taxes when other companies don’t?

    Barnes and Noble has to pay taxes in VA, why not amazon? They provide as many – of not more – jobs.

  96. Penny

    Well, if you don’t want to pay a high price for a book, don’t buy the book—Amazon will only corner the market and with publishers going with apple and nook instead of kindle, then because the deal is Ingram based, just the junk will be free on Kindle–besides, the kindle formatting is terrible—I am all for putting Amazon in its place–all they want to do is kill free enterprise and give books away—go to the library for a book if you want to read something for free! Amazon doesn’t listen to authors, ublishers, sellers–no one—they promise they will follow review guidelines and they dont–people come in and trash books because they aren’t what they expected in content—I am sick of it—authors and publishers cant even respond and say something isnt true–and iinstead of getting better, Amazon is getting worse!

  97. John

    I just ordered a travel power kit for my apple products from amazon as part of a larger order. They broke out the power supply order as it was coming from a seperate vendor (after the order was placed) i admit, I did not read all the emails that went out when the order was placed, I expected them all to saynthe same thing that they have always said, 5-7 business days for delivery. I should have paid attention. This item was being sold by a HONG KONG retailer and the delivery date was one and a half months. It is bad enough that WalMart and the like have driven all our manufacturing to China in a suicidal race to the cheapest price. Now Amazon is facilitating moving our retail business to China too! I did not order from

  98. Mo

    Amazon is unfair to its sellers as well as its customers. Help us out and sign our petition. Thanks.

  99. Jiashan Cui

    I think no one had bad experience than me, I have some balance in my accont, when they closed my account, I requested refund, Amazon said, they could not send refund to me, they can only send refund the the one who gave me gift certificate! I replied if I use credit card to buy from you, will you send refund to my boss because he paid me salary, Amazon became silence, big joke of this company.

  100. Barbara

    Yes….They play Dirty!

    I am the product development manager for an online company. We decided to become a seller on Amazon….BAD IDEA! The only reason that Amazon allows other sellers to participate is to steal good ideas. We have a very niche product, and as soon as Amazon saw how well we were selling, they contacted the manufacturer, and started selling our products…and undercutted our price…UNDER OUR COST from that manufacturer.

    Then they charged US fees to give them this information and steal our marketshare. All in all…we did Millions on Amazon with NO PROFIT!

    AMAZON IS EVIL…. and is the death to good businesses out there.

    Paula Reply:

    i am learning so much from the comments posted here and it makes me angry to think i’ve supported such a greedy business for many years.

  101. HATE AMAZON 2 ()

    I am a small book seller on Amazon, as well as a customer. As a customer, I like them a lot, but as a seller I loathe them. It’s become very clear to me that Amazon is trying to run everyone out of business so they might become a virtual monopoly and raise prices on consumers once there’s no competition. I recently sold a book to a customer in Australia. Amazon provides a shipping credit of $12.00. The problem is that shipping the book (8 pounds) is almost $60.00. Amazon tells me that it’s my responsibility to absorb the difference. The total sale was $72.00. I had to purchase the book for $5.00 and shipping supplies (the box, tape, label) is another $2.00. I would end up making several dollars on the deal, while Amazon would make a killing. I am convinced they are trying to drive everyone else out of business. Their new pricing mechanism is slashing margins. Many of you reading this may say so what? Here’s what. If Amazon can get every small book seller out of the market, they can own it, raise prices, and do whatever they want. There’s no practice of Fair Trade with Amazon. Jeff Bezos is a disgusting creep.

  102. HATE AMAZON 2 ()

    Oh, cares so much about their customers that they’ve now outsourced their customer service to Costa Rica. I couldn’t understand the customer service rep at all and she has no power to address any of my concerns. Good job, Jeff. It’s so good to see that you place so much importance on good customer service. Any company that outsources customer service to India, Costa Rica, Manilla, whatever, doesn’t care about you or your satisfaction, or they’d get you to someone who you can understand and can understand you.

  103. Amy

    My parents bought me a Kindle for my birthday last year, and at the time i loved it. However since then I have had trouble with it. The screen keeps freezing and the battery lasts around one hour at a time. I called to tell them the problem and their solution was to charge me £40 to have another device sent as a replacement. This is ridiculous as the problems with the device are manufacturers problems not ones i created myself. Amazon is a corporate bully with backward policies who just take the piss!!!.

  104. Nick R

    Amazon ALWAYS mess up my bank account. They take my money but email me (always late on a Saturday when I cannot do a damn thing about it), that “we are having trouble with your payment”. This happens ALL THE TIME. I use the same card/account details on other sites and they are fine, Amazon however just cannot get it right. I actually think that they do this on purpose to loads of people so that they get interest in their bank accounts and take ages to give it back!


  105. Nithin Meppurathu ()

    And this is exactly why i built, THE alternative, and give authors what they so desperately need against amazon.

    Billy Reply:

    I dig what you are doing with Authors Alley. Sure Amazon is convenient, but I think people just buy books there mostly out of habit and lack of alternatives. We as authors usually take the worst of it. We spend years writing the book, pick a printer, and if we are lucky a publisher actually opens the book up we send them in the mail and gives it a chance. We have to build a website, figure out the payment and shopping cart options, and then pay to host and find people organically. And what do we get for all of our troubles? 40% royalties and having our book hijacked through the ISBN number. Selling our book in the store/online for 12.95 and seeing it offered at Amazon for 3.99.

    I for one am ready to tell Amazon and the P.O.D’s where to go. This big monopoly game they play directing everybody to Amazon to host their book there is a freaking joke. It is refreshing to see an online book selling portal strictly designed for the authors and not just trying to make a ton of money on OUR book. You know, the one that actually wrote it. I guess my only question is do you really offer 100% royalties on each book sold from your site? I’m honestly pretty sick and tired of getting sucked in to some fine print that I didn’t see on page 37 of the contract that does not allow me to get my high res files back. Yes Lulu I’m talking to you.

  106. Nithin Meppurathu ()

    yes the author gets 100% of the sale and there is no fine print you have to worry about

  107. Paula

    I am sorry to learn that jeff bezos has decided to give $2.5 mil for a stupid political cause but will not acknowledge the small common people who have made him so wealthy. it seems it has been against amazon’s policy to help needy organizations, etc. Bill Gates is a decent guy with morals, but Bezos is filled with more greed than one could ever imagine. i am not against a person working hard and becoming wealthy and famous, but it is sad because it seems the people who truly want to help others don’t have the means to do so.
    i hope that more people will catch on and stop supporting such a selfish business. it is our own fault that we have created this monster!!!
    I used to like Amazon, but i will pay more and support the ‘little guys’ who are left from now on…… but i’m afraid it might be too late.

  108. Steven Sanders

    I was an Amazon faithful that spend money almost every week on music, books, clothes, and other items. I even sold some of my own books and things on Amazon. When I wanted to sell my laptop to help purchase myself a new one, I turn to Amazon. I received an email thinking I sold my laptop. It looked legit and everything. Long story short the Amazon email I received to ship my computer was phished and I’m out my 13′ inch Macbook. I called and emailed the brilliant customer service folks at Amazon. They couldn’t do anything for me but apologize and say what to watch for next time.
    Not even a hundred dollar gift card or nothing for my trouble. I vowed not to involve myself with anything Amazon. They are the wrong type of internet business. I rather go to the local business or big box store to purchase things. Jeff Bezos is nothing more then an internet shakedown artist.

  109. sunflower

    I recently had a dismal experience with a several-item order (it sat for seven days with no action, customer service insisted nothing was backordered, I wound up canceling it piecemeal, and when I got to the last cancellation request, the site sent an authorization to a debit card as the order was being canceled, with the result that a chunk of money is now frozen and can’t be used until the hold expires). The Pod Person response of customer service made me so very angry that I started wondering whether I’d miss Amazon if I stopped buying stuff there.

    Long story short? I wouldn’t. In fact, I went to independent online merchants for several recent office furniture and equipment purchases, almost instinctively. Why? I realized that it’s because these places have human employees attending to their customer service inquiries, not call center drones who recite from a script. Amazon reps are just a buffer against customers; they don’t resolve problems.

    Then there’s my Kindle Touch. Although I like the idea of an e-reader (I already have six full bookshelves in my home) Kindle formatted books are very poor in quality. Those artificially low prices mean that nobody checks for typos or formatting problems in their e-books either, and reporting them is worse than useless. I work as a technical editor so it is particularly frustrating to me. I have not once gotten one of their promised e-mails notifying me that errors in a book have been corrected.

    Now I’m kind of glad this happened. More and more it seems Amazon is a sham. I won’t be sorry at all to leave them behind.

    Lola Reply:

    I agree, Amazon SUCKS! I have been a customer for a long time with amazon. Just last week, I registered as a seller as I wanted to sell my Kindle Fire. It sold within 4 hrs and amazon made 19.86 off my sale of 120.00. (kind of a rip off right there) anyway, the buyer of my kindle said he received “an empty box” no kindle fire inside and said I should have insured it. Oviously he has tried this scam before, he filed a claim with amazon that he got an empty box as well as filed a claim with the postoffice that he should receive re-imbursement, as well as got a refund from amazon on my behalf. Amazon believed his story, although I supplied them with proof of shipping and proof of delivery. Where is the fairness in this? I have spent a lot of money buying books for school, pc’s, tablets, kindles and presents for xmas etc through amazon. They have lost my business for good now. I am out one kindle fire, 120.00 + shipping of 10.35. Meanwhile the guy got a free kindle fire, a refund, but I luckily stopped the post office claim by telling them he already got his refund or he would have gotten their money as well!!! Some people just make it hard for everyone else to trust….So I need a new site to shop on(like amazon) but definately not them. Any suggestions?

  110. Lola

    as site that has everything =)

  111. Melanee Lillis

    Time for a little rant…… So I’m in the realm of “F-bomb” pissed at Amazon… I have my own “store” on Amazon that I sell my used textbooks and a few other random things at and this week I am SUPER pissed…. So here’s what happened: A guy purchased a book from me and wanted it shipped to Hawaii. No problem…. Well except for I was running a little behind in shipping (about 4 days…. yes, I know) Anyways, I let the guy know that I was shipping his item. Well I sent it USPS with a delivery conformation, as Amazon suggests. Well it seems this guy still has not gotten the book, which I would be upset too. Well instead of contacting me and saying “hey where’s my book” (even though I sent him the tracking number), He writes a scathing review on my page and then files a complaint with Amazon. Amazon sends me an email asking for shipping details and whatnot…. Now keep in mind, I have NEVER had an issue like this before. So when you look up the tracking number
    it shows the package getting to California on about the 17th of September and leaving the following day…… That’s it…. nothing else, now this item was on its way to Hawaii, but seems to be missing now. Well not only does Amazon say I am “libel” but that they are going to refund this dudes money and charge me for it and that I can contact him and “ask him to send back the book should he get it, but that he is not required to do anything” WHAT? Oh and Amazon considers this matter now CLOSED…. Well I DON’T….. I realize I would be tons of pissed too if I hadn’t gotten something I ordered, but my first complaint would have been to the POST OFFICE. and since I have absolutely zero history with something like this happening before, ZERO……. ZERO, why is AMAZON holding me responsible? They also told me that “while it’s not required, in the future I should add a delivery signature to it” Well guess what amazon, it didn’t f…… get there, a f….ing signature conformation wouldn’t matter for shi… OH and how would that help me with having to give them a refund AND potentially be out the product? If a signature slip is REQUIRED to not be charged if a package goes missing, then you damm well need to require it and say so on your page. I want answers AMAZON.
    Now the customer paid about $45 for the book and shipping, and so I am now out that money PLUS the cost of the book, so in my world that’s $90. Maybe $90 isn’t a big deal to “RUPA, from Amazon”, but to me, a college student who makes LESS than $70 a week and is doing an UNPAID civics teaching internship Monday-Friday, then working Saturday and Sunday at a bookstore in the mall-It Damm well is. I am so livid over this whole thing especially when I have sent SO MUCH business Amazon’s way, and have recommended customers look to them when I can’t find a book at work and I have also recommended my fellow college students open their own retail store with them. Maybe to RUPA and the rest of you at AMAZON, $45 or even $90 is your Friday night bar tab at Santana Row, but for me, that is almost one-third of my MONTHLY RENT, yes ONE-THIRD…….. I am seriously considering closing my seller and buyers account once this whole issue is settled, and I will stop recommending you to them and start recomending Barnes & Noble for them to sell their used books with…. they might not be a better choice, but they haven’t charged me $45 for a book that I have no way to get back. I have usually gotten great customer service from AMAZON when I have purchased items, but even as a “seller” I am still a customer. I don’t know why I am being treated differently in this capacity….

    Sam Ib Reply:


  112. – Outlawed by Amazon DRM

    […] This is another example of why you should avoid Amazon. […]

  113. Sam Ib


  114. Eric

    I will NEVER purchase anything from these dolts again! Against my better judgement I was told by co-workers to give this ‘service’ a try. My first attempt ever turned into a complete nightmare. They sent the item to an adress I lived at 3 addresses ago! They claimed they could not re-route the item and when I went to purchase the item again it had DOUBLED in price that day! When I asked for a supervisor (after 2 hours on hold) His solution was to just “go buy it at the store”! Why didn’t I think of that.?!?!

    What a fucking joke! This is why I don’t like using these over-bloated web stores. They get too big for their britches and just have no intent on pleasing the customer.

  115. Unhappy Customer


    AMAZON is a shady company. I will not be buying anything from them ever again. I have never had any problems with them before but this one is enough to make me stop.

    I purchased and item on Thanksgiving for Christmas. Because the return policy was extended until Jan 31st, I felt that there was no need to inspect the item immediately. Especially since it was a 85 lb game table and it was supposed to be a surprise for my kids.

    On Christmas Eve, I opened the box to set it up and notice the table was damaged. I immediately submitted a return request. Since the seller did not contact me within a week, I filed an A-Z claim with AMAZON.

    To my surprise, I received and email from AMAZON stating that the claim had been closed because the seller return policy of 10 days was stated on the website.

    I immediately went to the seller page where it stated that no return/refund policy had been submitted to AMAZON. When I call customer service, the representative reopened the case and also stated this same fact and included a link to the page where it showed that no return/refund policy was included. Since no return/refund policy was included it is supposed to follow AMAZON policy.

    However, I received a final email from AMAZON stating the claim was closed and they will not be responding to anymore questions regarding this claim. That is not even the worst part, now the sellers page is updated with their new return/refund policy, AMAZING!!!!

    I am very certain that I cannot file a claim with my credit card because it also belongs to AMAZON.

    Thanks a lot AMAZON for a very disappointing Christmas and unhappy New Year!

  116. derek

    I fucking hate amazon I try to buy something then it say sorry it is incompatible and signs me out then when I try to sign back and it changed my password and I am so pissed I yelled at the them on the phone

  117. Outlawed by Amazon DRM « Stuff Found

    […] This is another example of why you should avoid Amazon. […]

  118. Philipp

    Watch this documentation about amazon in Germany. You won’t belive it!

    Jessie Livermore Reply:

    is there an english translator?

  119. Davia

    Thank you for all your efforts in creating this site to inform people of what is going on with Amazon. What is happening to others affects all of us. I agree if we all support our small businesses to thrive than we all will prosper and money will flow freely for the masses.

  120. Jessie Livermore

    Amazon and Jeff Bezos are very deceptive. Amazon has become a compilation of third party vendors. They constantly engage in bait and switch offering a very cheap price only to be redirected to the site which inturn charges a higher price.
    Amazon also engages in very questionable accounting practices which grossly inflates their profits. No other company could get away with it.
    Recently, Jeff Bezos made a 5 million dollar investment with Henry Blodget. For those of you who don’t know who Henry Blodget is, he is a wall street analyst who was pumping up stocks on CNBC, etc, then secretly sending privaate emails to his better clients telling them that these same stock were garbage and to sell them. He has and is still hyping Amazon making Bezos richer. For this, Jeff Bezos has rewarded him with 5 million dollars. These two guys are crooks and should be in jail. Amazon should be boycotted to put a stop to this wall street manipulation.
    There is no reason to buy from amazon. They are usually the most expensive site on the interent. Before your next purchase, look on or even ebay. You’ll see that there are many vendors who offer better pricing than amazon with no sales tax and free shipping. I have saved thousands by avoiding amazon. The only reason to shop amazon is if you wish to royally overpay. That smiley face arrow on amazon’s boxes are symbolic of Jeff Bezos laughing all the way to the bank at all the ignorant people who overpay on his site.

  121. Robert Smith

    I also don’t use Amazon or Walmart as they abuse their employees destroy small business and as a result are bad for the world in general.

  122. Sydney ()

    I am only 17 and have been reading this page for about 2 hours now. This has majorly changed my view on amazon… I think I have ordered my last Item from there.

  123. Qril

    I buy from amazon because I have a disability that prevents me from driving. And I can read a large number of books in a month.

  124. Steph

    I found this page by googling ‘does anyone not buy from Amazon’. I’m glad to see people don’t. I have a couple of small internet businesses and I’m in competition with Amazon constantly trying to have the lowest price, etc. Although I do sell through them for some products, I only do that to make meager sales. i have two products I have them fulfill for me and they take a ridiculous amount of profit off every item I sell. Not to mention, if they damage your item and it’s their fault, they will only reimburse you what they THINK it’s worth, which is usually less than my cost. You can send them your original invoice and they come back with some excuse how they won’t use it. Although their customer service for sellers is typically good, if you have a money issue to deal with, you WILL get the short end of the stick. On top of that, they make you wait 45 days before they reimburse you for anything. AND they still keep fees from the sale you made, so you STILL lose money even on a return! I yanked a lot of inventory from their FBA program due to these problems. I hate that they take business from me and I wish more people supported small businesses instead of making the rich richer. Knowing that we live in an ‘Amazon world’ when it comes to shipping, personally I try to get the product out the door in a day or two and my service is better than theirs. If everyone helped out their fellow Americans, we might have a better economy!

    Pierre Reply:

    A 12oz can of Barkeepers Friend cleaner is $5.00 at Amazon. With a quick search on Bing, I found a 15oz can of it for $1.48. Amazon was 337% more expensive.
    Second season of Sponge Bob on DVD at Amazon is $16.73. eBay has it buy it now with no tax and free shipping for $15.40 and Barnes and Noble has it for $14.50.
    A Generac 6244 will cost you $4997,00 plus tax at Amazon. You can buy it for $4194.00 with no tax and free shipping at
    I could go on and on but the reality is that Amazon has some of the most expensive pricing on the Internet. Search bing or google or eBay or and you’ll see that there are many vendors that offer far better pricing than amazon. Most offer free shipping so why pay Amazon $79 per year for that privilege.
    If you bought it on Amazon, you grossly overpaid. The next time you see an amazon box, you can chuckle because you know that customer overpaid.
    Bezos was once overheard saying “thank god for stupid people”. That smiley face arrow on their boxes is symbolic of Bezos laughing all the way to the bank at all the stupid people who overpaid on his site.

    Sent from my iPad

  125. jason

    i have bought a phone from amazon and i’m still waiting for the phone to be dispatched it’s has been 4 weeks, so i contacted amazon when i’m going to receive the phone they told me to contact the seller so i did then i didn’t get a respond from the seller so i contacted amazon again saying that i didn’t get any respond they told me it’s between me and the seller to solve the problem so i don’t why i’m using there website to buy things off there website with my money it’s none off there business when you come a cross a problem

  126. Khammy

    Amazon really is a bully & don’t care about their sellers.
    Force their sellers to sell their items on Amazon much cheaper & still take commission & it is sooooooooo hard to speak with anyone.
    They just cancel or suspend sellers’ accounts without notice and their customer service assistants are sooooooooo rude too.
    They always infringe their own regulations too.
    So i have cancelled my account & will NEVER buy from them again.
    I would rather support smaller businesses online & local bookshops or other companies.
    They also sell products soooooo cheaply, thus ‘enticing’ users to buy from their stores making other businesses bankrupt.
    They literally go to sellers’ websites & send them emails about delivery & item prices comparing it to the uploaded details on Amazon.

    I think there should be a competition; all the businesses are now selling on amazon & ignoring their own websites & businesses.

    The company also takes sooooooo long to despatch items.
    They want everything, tablet, store, phones, shoes, cds, books… is a bit much.
    To be fair i have bought some books & cheaper cds but i will never AGAIN!

  127. Khammy

    What is this about AMAZON:
    Is it true?

  128. Pierre

    A 12oz can of Barkeepers Friend cleaner is $5.00 at Amazon. With a quick search on Bing, I found a 15oz can of it for $1.48. Amazon was 337% more expensive.
    Second season of Sponge Bob on DVD at Amazon is $16.73. eBay has it buy it now with no tax and free shipping for $15.40 and Barnes and Noble has it for $14.50.
    A Generac 6244 will cost you $4997,00 plus tax at Amazon. You can buy it for $4194.00 with no tax and free shipping at
    I could go on and on but the reality is that Amazon has some of the most expensive pricing on the Internet. Search bing or google or eBay or and you’ll see that there are many vendors that offer far better pricing than amazon. Most offer free shipping so why pay Amazon $79 per year for that privilege.
    If you bought it on Amazon, you grossly overpaid. The next time you see an amazon box, you can chuckle because you know that customer overpaid.
    Bezos was once overheard saying “thank god for stupid people”. That smiley face arrow on their boxes is symbolic of Bezos laughing all the way to the bank at all the stupid people who overpaid on his site.

    Sent from my iPad

    Jungle G Reply:

    As seller, we price our products higher on Amazon than other platforms to offset the fact that Amazon’s purported emphasis on “customer service” has created two very bad side effects for sellers: Amazon staff making frivolous harassment of sellers in the name of “customer service” which they know nothing about, and as the consequence, many bad Amazon buyers making frivolous demands abetted by Amazon staffers. “Customer Service” gone mad at Amazon is not free to sellers, and the cost has to be passed on to customers. It’s an example of just because you can does not mean you should. In terms of pricing of products, Amazon hurts its own customers by its own hubris.

  129. Sue M ()

    Dear Khammy, it is indeed true. This company, and its likely offshoring of profits, is (part of) what’s wrong with this country. Most of these “fulillment centers” work people like slaves and use temps. As a reader and a writer, I use Powell’s. I will not use Amazon or EBay, the ultimate fencing site. I will not make Bezos any freaking more wealthy than he already is. Either mom and pop web shops go out of business or survive if they knuckle under to become an Amazon shop. This jerk is the Tony Soprano of the Internet.

    -But that’s just my opinion.

  130. Alison Sorlie

    I agree, they are awful. I have been lazy and used them for convenience.

    The deciding factor for me was when I sold some items with them. They take huge fees and won’t listen if you are in dispute with a buyer. They are really mean to sellers.

    I have a low income and still need to buy some items online. I’m now using amazon as a search engine. After finding an item I seek out the website of a suitable seller and go to them direct. And I will be buying my Christmas presents at my lovely independent bookstore.

    J.J. Reply:

    Amazon has a group of over-paid, self-absorbed, entitled brats working for them who has no understanding of what hard work or customer service is, but they unscrupulously try to increase sales at any cost with no regard to any accountability. They have routinely used sellers’ money to “buy” customer satisfaction by randomly, capriciously, excessively giving out refunds using sellers’ money. They have also routinely violate their own policies by keeping sellers’ money for too long unjustifiably and without any reason. There has been at least one lawsuit by sellers over their hooligan tactics. Amazon is a group of snakes with many snake heads beginning with the always crazy Jeff “the Bozo” Bezos.

  131. Ann

    Wow, I never knew about this. Yes, I know how powerful Amazon is but never knew how mean and harsh they also were. I’m starting to realize that a lot of powerful corporations are also unthoughtful. It’s just so sad, and thank you for sharing this post with us!

    J.J. Reply:

    If you have ever met a thug a school, club, or on the streets, imagine having hundreds or them at one place–Amazon. If you have not met a thug, imagine a rude, mean, harsh, anti-social individual who care nothing above your right, your interest, your existence, nothing is of any import except what he wants–Amazon.

  132. Pjessel

    Amazon isthe best! Love u Amazon!

    Ania Reply:

    Ask them to send you to the Spelling School if you love them so much

  133. Scott Bryant

    Well, got a little surprise today from I had my identity stolen. Someone set up an account in my name and stole $54.75 out of my bank account! Amazon was able to stop 1 transaction for $15.50, but the other for $39.25 can not be stop! They refused to tell me what was ordered, who ordered it, or where it originated from. I will be visiting the bank tomorrow to dispute both charges. I told the lady by not giving me any of the information about the false account, they are protecting the thieves! DO NOT BUY FROM AMAZON.COM!!!!!

  134. allyson riley

    They take pride in how the treat their buyers… but have no customer loyalties to their sellers. I hate Amazon. Abe books is much cheaper. Ebay you can see what you are actually buying. I sold a book on Amazon. I had to refund the book to start the return policy. He got his money back. I never saw my book. Amazon never called me back when I googled their number to call them. (as a seller you can not find their number.) I tried three times to close the account and can not.

  135. Rebecca

    Glad this blog is here.

    Double billed by Amazon this past November. Order shipped in two shipments. Billed on two payments – except they billed the full amount and billed again for the second shipment. Six customer service reps., two hours on the phone and eight emails later nothing is resolved. One rep states I was billed the correct amount in two payments, another rep states I was billed only once and the extra charge was only a touch on the account. One wonders if they’re working off different sets of books. I showed the emails to my bank and they rescinded the second charge.

    (One email from amazon: “Hello, This is Susie in Charge Inquiries at Amazon.
    I’m sorry that there is a problem with the charges associated with your order #xxxxxx – total amount of order is $131.68.
    Amazon shows that we have only charged you $17.96 and $113.72. You mentioned that your bank is showing transactions of $17.96 and $131.68. Amazon hasn’t received a payment for $131.68.”)

    (Another email later: “Hello, I’ve verified that we only charged you once for your item The Reference manual: For the Health Care Professional”. The additional $17.96 that you see on your bank statement other than the $131.68 on your order total is not an actual charge, that is just an authorization which your bank is holding to just validate the transaction. This amount will drop depending on your bank policy. . . . . Best regards, Ciara “)

    This was paid by check not credit or debit card. Incompetent billing has now turned into fraud and extortion. Deplorable business practices. Checks to amazon are processed through Telecheck. Telecheck’s collection department TRS has now sent a letter of demand for the bogus charge and a fee on top. Telecheck states there is a stop payment on the check, even that is incorrect, check was rescinded. I now am unable to write checks at my local merchants that use telecheck.

    A letter will go out to Jeff Bezos. amazon needs to show cause. amazon already showed the charge was bogus in their email.

    amazon is blocking me from purchases – so I’ve spent my money this past christmas season elsewhere. And will continue to do so.

    Nice part is – I’m realizing what a monopoly amazon has on the marketplace. Visions of walmart online. There are certain items I cannot buy because the seller has an exclusive agreement to sell that item only on amazon.

    Hi Jeff – look for my letter in the mail.

    Ania Reply:

    I bet your letter didn’t even reach Jeff B. Besides, their Customer Support is outsourced and is knowledgeable next to zero. Don’t rely on what they’re telling you

  136. Paul Day ()

    Thanks for this article. It backs up what I already know about how Amazon treats not only its customers, but its authors. On PiA, which I co-founded, I highlight various aspects of Amazon listing practices and the unfair way it treats indie authors. Clearly, Amazon is diseased and the disease has a name and its name is GREED.

  137. Hayden James ()

    Its use or be used. These big companies just don’t have the capability or better yet want to make the investments needed to have the capability to manage issues like these better. My biggest issue with amazon is they don’t listen to their own reviews or feedback. I’ve taken a loss here or there but overall I save every year using them and capitalizing on their oversights in the customer’ favor. At there massize size they can’t be perfect, far from it, they also know they don’t have to be, that would be worth it. Its a use or be used system so rather that avoid them completely find ways to gain from them off their own errors. I’ve found they lax in BOTH direction very often. After they first screwed me I purchased stock in AMZN back in 2010 and its tripled in value since. Try find ways to always cover your losses and gain off of these companies.

  138. Josh

    Amazon is evil you’re right. The other day I was shopping for swim goggles on there and Amazon was so desperate for me to sign up Amazon Prime they reduced the cost of my goggles to nothing! (w/ free shipping. $0 order.)

    I feel really bad shopping at Amazon, not only are all your reasons extremely valid but they treat their warehouse workers extremely poorly. I feel bad shopping there but I don’t have any money coming in and I get Amazon Gift cards. I guess I could give away the Amazon gift cards? But then it’s just somebody else using them…Oh, the tangled web we weave…

  139. Steven

    Well It seems that I cannot sell any of my used watches myself on Amazon.
    Last time I buy anything from them

  140. EWE

    Wait. Your whole point doesn’t make sense. Just as Macmillan is a business that has the freedom to set their own prices, Amazon is a business, in this case retailer, that has the freedom to set their prices. Merely because they are bigger and more successful doesn’t mean that they have lost the right to set the conditions for business relationships.

    Take the $1 store, they decide that they only want to sell items prized at $1 or less. As such anyone that wants to charge more than that amount for his products cannot sell through the $1 store. The $1 store removes the buy-buttons for those products by not featuring them in the store. It’s just the same with Amazon. They set their prizes and those that do not want or can deal with that cannot work with Amazon. As a consequence Amazon does not get to sell their products (a loss for them) and the producer does not get to sell through Amazon. What’s not fair?

    Jungle G Reply:

    Might does not make right. The government has legitimate power to tax, but if personal tax rate is 75%, would you like it? Police has legitimate power to prevent crime, but if you get stopped and searched every time they see you driving around past midnight for being suspicious, would you like it? Microsoft has overwhelming dominance in PC software, and at one time, tried to limit competition by making competitors’ products less compatible with PC OS. Were MS within their right to do so, or is it inconvenient and bad deal for consumers and hindrance to progress? If every person and corporation exercise their legal right to the max without regard to any other value or interest, it would be a unpleasant world for everyone.

    EWE Reply:

    The interchangeable use of ‘might’ as in power and ‘right’ as in moral or legal entitlement in your comment is a bit confusing. Perhaps you mean…

    (1) Having the power (might) to do something doesn’t make whatever you want to do legally or morally right. Obviously that is true. Just because I am stronger than a child doesn’t mean I can violently or by other unreasonable means subject it to my will.

    but perhaps, and more significantly, you mean,

    (2) Having the legal right to do something doesn’t mean that you have the moral right to do it. This is supported by your police example. Though this is a point people do have disputes over, it seems reasonable to agree to that given many governments over world who now and in the past have existed and made laws that were morally apprehensible, this is true.

    In any case, I was claiming that Amazon not only has the legal but also the moral right to decide whose products it wants to sell and under which conditions it intends to do so. After all, hardly anyone would find the $1 Store’s policy in that regards reprehensible. So why do you find Amazon’s wrong if it is based on the same principle? Merely because it reaches a greater audience or because you haven’t heard of anyone being turned down by the $1 Store?

    trish Reply:

    EWE, your example of the $1 store doesn’t work. The $1 store purchases overstock and random items. It’s my understanding they’re usually asked to buy things, and manufacturers, knowing the price point of the dollar store, will give them things at the right price because it’s a win / win (offloading unsellable/unwanted merchandise to a store that wants it). Conversely, Amazon is telling publishers what price point to use based on what’s good for Amazon, not what’s good for the publishing industry.

    We have laws against monopolies (anti-trust laws), which would seem to indicate we, as a society, don’t want one company dictating a whole industry. Amazon is trying to do that.

    Jungle G Reply:

    The issue here is ” ‘I’ Hate Amazon…” Therefore, each comment necessarily involves personal appraisal of Amazon based on personal values, which includes “moral” values. And moral is a subjective concept, religious doctrinaires notwithstanding–each has a belief as to whether not having beard is moral or having multiple wives or having wealth. But the issue here does not implicate attempt to determine whether Amazon has clearly defined, universally accepted “moral,” legal, and/or other right to be a bully or a monopolist or ruthless price-setter. The issue is “whatever Amazon can do, does not mean that it should or that it’s right.” The issue merely allows expressions of personal takes on the issue. My take is that from personal experience dealing with some of their people, I definitely think it’s a very bad idea to allow these psychotic jerks even more market and financial clout. And “might” here simply means the capacity or power to exert one’s will, whether that’s based on legal right, market clout, financial edge, contractual terms, strength of force, superior military, or even “moral” power. In the police example, police has both legal right and moral right (public want them to keep bad elements in check) to search people that they deem “suspicious.” Some may think anyone driving around late at night in an SUV wearing hood/suit/jeans/push-up bra to be highly suspicious, and they may have good reasons to have such suspicion. But does that make you feel better that they have every right to do so? Or 75% tax? Nothing about $1 stores pertains to the discussion here, does not translate, totally besides the point. Assume that $1 stores have every right to do whatever they do. That does not diminish the reasons why some people hate Amazon and the reasons therefore.

    EWE Reply:

    @ trish:

    I don’t want to split hairs over how the $1 Store operates. I am doubtful that it actually is the way you describe it and from what I see, they often sell items that are regularly priced lower than $1 in other stores (salt priced at $0.69 at Whole Foods costs, you guessed it, $1 at the $1 Store). In any case, how the $1 store actually works is immaterial. All that suffices for the example to work is to imagine a $1 store that only buys from sellers items it can prize at $1. In that thought experiment, the store decides which producers it wants to work with by its restriction to $1 sales. You would not find this wrong. And there isn’t the win-win in the sense you described in this thought experiment, so that’s not it (I won’t discuss why that isn’t a good point in real life).

    @ Jungle G

    I am not sure how you came to the understanding that morality is subjective… Let’s think a bit back in history and remember all the atrocities committed. Now say again that there isn’t a right and wrong in action. Also, if this is just a platform to “express personal takes” that cannot possible be of any impact or significance since they only apply to me, then why are we having a discussion? It’s like saying I like vanilla and you like chocolate. What a waste of time.

    Lastly, it seems obvious that someone having “moral” power,” assuming you mean they actually and truly know what the right thing to do is (let’s leave out the matter of certainty), they should do whatever that thing is. Why would I feel bad about them doing what is right, unless I am of course mistakingly thinking they are doing the wrong thing. If the police is actually justified in searching the car and has every reason to do so, then they must do so and if I am inconvenienced or not feeling good about it, all the worse for me. I am likely mistaken about what the right thing to do is. But then, of course, you don’t think that there is such a thing as objective morality. So all bets are off.

    It was a pleasure talking to you all! Over and out.

    Jungle G Reply:

    The issue here is ” ‘I’ Hate Amazon…” Therefore, each comment necessarily involves personal appraisal of Amazon based on personal values, which includes “moral” values. And moral is a subjective concept, religious doctrinaires notwithstanding–each has a belief as to whether not having beard is moral or having multiple wives or having wealth. But the issue here does not implicate attempt to determine whether Amazon has clearly defined, universally accepted “moral,” legal, and/or other right to be a bully or a monopolist or ruthless price-setter. The issue is “whatever Amazon can do, does not mean that it should or that it’s right.” The issue merely allows expressions of personal takes on the issue. My take is that from personal experience dealing with some of their people, I definitely think it’s a very bad idea to allow these psychotic jerks even more market and financial clout. And “might” here simply means the capacity or power to exert one’s will, whether that’s based on legal right, market clout, financial edge, contractual terms, strength of force, superior military, or even “moral” power. In the police example, police has both legal right and moral right (public want them to keep bad elements in check) to search people that they deem “suspicious.” Some may think anyone driving around late at night in an SUV wearing hood/suit/jeans/push-up bra to be highly suspicious, and they may have good reasons to have such suspicion. But does that make you feel better that they have every right to do so? Or 75% tax? Nothing about $1 stores pertains to the discussion here, does not translate, totally besides the point. Assume that $1 stores have every right to do whatever they do. That does not diminish the reasons why some people hate Amazon and the reasons therefore.

  141. EWE

    I just typed a response to those two comments and it didn’t get submitted through the form. I think you might want to fix it. It takes forever to load and then at first doesn’t show the comment. I had the problem with the other comments before, but then it displayed. Hopefully this works.

    In any case, I am too busy to re-type the stuff. Thanks for talking. Over and out.

  142. Bhenchod

    Kya Chutiya bana rahe ho bhosdiwalo.Tumhari Maa, behen ko chodu.
    Teri GAND me mera LUND.

  143. Alexander Brown

    goddammit i was just falling in love with my kindle and audible account and instant watch with all the hbo shows when i just had to find this article….why cant there be anything good in this world

  144. Hans Mouritzen

    This morning I made the terrible discovery that my much admired Amazon is not as kind and gently as I naively has believed for years.
    After reading a lot of the entries on this blog, it struck me if Amazon knows about this? If not, shouldn’t they?
    Would it be worth it to let them know that for whatever reason we no longer trust or like them?

  145. Chris

    I will never buy from Amazon, simply because I have had the misfortune to work for them. I prefer to buy from a physical store, but I am not entirely buying online, I will just avoid Amazon.

    Chris Reply:

    I meant to write that I am not entirely against buying online.

    Kerry K. Reply:

    Amazon is well known for being very abusive, unscrupulous, and harsh against their own workers, sellers, and distributors. Led by the all-psycho Jeff Bozos, Amazon put up a front to attract consumers’ money, but is rotten to the core inside. To know Amazon is to hate Amazon.

    Chris Reply:

    Yes, I had heard from friends (as well as comments on the internet) about them. I, perhaps foolishly, thought I might have a different experience there.

    hilary Reply:


  146. Em ()

    ???? I offered a wreck it journal a couple weeks ago and they said it would come Tuesday, we had a email saying it will come Thursday, it’s Thursday today and no wreck it journal came????????

  147. $vix

    Amazon has become the most expensive site on the web. Search for the next item you want to buy on bing google or eBay.

    You’ll find many vendors with far better pricing than amazon and free shipping. And, most offer free shipping…. for free. Why pay amazon $100 per year for the privilege. Best Buy, Home Depot, Target Red, Walmart etc all have better pricing.

    Just bought a 4 pack of Duracell Quantum batteries at home depot for $4.98 per pack. Amazon has the same 4 pack for $6.99 per pack.
    The only reason to shop amazon is if you wish to grossly overpay. Search before you buy on amazon, it could save you a fortune.

  148. David Ayala

    Seems to me the best way to kick Amazon in the nutz is to launch a website that sells only books (E, hard, soft, etc.) and get ALL publishers to sell via that website. It would take a lot of organization, communication and such but in 6 months I bet it could be done. I’m sure publishers are tired of Scamazons BS, too.

  149. Tomasiepants

    I think the same way you do. Good to know I’m not alone.

  150. C ()

    I have had two recent problems with Amazon. The first I ordred a small item with one click ordering that was supposed to have free shipping. They ended up charging me as much as the product to ship. When I complained they said I requested expedited shipping,which isn’t possible with one click. They refused to help in any way.

    Second, I had a “ghost” order show up in my email this morning. It had been in my cart, but I had never placed the order. It is a $5 item that they have now charged me $18 for and are shipping even though I didn’t place the order. I requested cancellation, and have gotten NO HELP.

    The first time I cancelled my PRIME membership. Now that I no longer feel safe on Amazon, I am cancelling my account all together.

  151. nea ()

    I read your post here and I guess I don’t understand what the big deal is that Amazon (a place I frequent) wants to charge less for books that are worth what Amazon is charging versus what the greedy publisher wants, thinking in my head that a $30 book is really worth $15 or so, like T-shirts made for change in Hong Kong but sold to us at Nordstrom’s at a premium. So the publisher gets one less yacht, I want my book at .99 because not a whole lot of people read physical books anymore. I read a lot from Kindle and I shop at Wal-Mart, and until one of these entities does something really terrible to me, I am going to continue to get my products dirt cheap. *besides, half the time local businesses don’t have in stock or carry what I am looking for. *

  152. PD

    I like a bargain just as much as everyone else, but I also appreciate honesty; and bogus reviews should not be allowed on any product; and writers and publishers should be allowed to set their own prices and not be bullied. In the end we are a global economy, and I pride myself in having my books printed in American and in the other countries where they are sold in order to keep people in those countries working. I pay top prices on all my printing because I want quality that will last. And when the solar flare takes out your mobile device, you won’t have that book in your hand. You will have lost it all. It is good when anyone reads, but as in all things, you do get what you pay for when you purchase anything. What people don’t get is everything works together and in the end only those who have profited at the expense of others end up surviving. We need to change the message, or we are all guilty of great wrong. We become our own enslavers as well as the enslavers of others when we only look at the sticker price.

  153. Connie Betzler

    You think you have it bad???? I was fired because I reported that my stalker neighbor vandalized my car. Once I reported it to security, I no longer had a job. SO, tell me about your problem!

  154. Connie Betzler

    Oh really!!! Let me tell you, I was fired because I reported that my neighbor is stalking me and had vandalized my car in the parking lot of Amazon.

  155. Connie Betzler

    I am going to make sure that these questionable employment practices are known throughout the world.

    hilary Reply:


  156. Yvonne Ricard

    I hate Amazon as well. What a way to do business! You order an item, get the confirmation online, then you find out they don’t have it, but they have already debited your account. Then its up to you to go to your bank with the cancellation number, and hope that your bank will release the funds ‘someday’, back into your account. I live in a semi-rural area with marginal shopping. From now on, I’ll just wait until I get to the ‘big city’, to get what I need, or go without.

  157. joe

    As both buyer and seller on Amazon, I have seen the very uneven way that Amazon processes A-Z claims and enforces its policies.. Amazon regularly abuses smaller seller, but protects high volume sellers by invoking it’s rules and policies. For example, Amazon would regularly grant A-Z claims and give full refund to dishonest buyers for products that they have broken after using them for more than a month. Yet, Amazon would deem it okay for a high volume seller to refuse refund or give partial refund for truly defective products. Amazon is very dishonest and corrupt in applying the very same rules that it itself has established. Fraud regularly occurs on Amazon by both buyers and sellers, and rules are regularly bent by Amazon for it’s own benefit. Thus, in effect, there is no rule on Amazon. Whatever benefits Amazon more in any given situation sets the rule. It’s total bullshit that Amazon is “customer-centric;” eBay does a far, far better job of enforcing rules evently.

    Rickcad Reply:

    Joe, what you have stated is my experience also. Being a seller on Amazon was fine for a year then all of a sudden then removed one of my products stating that it violated their policy. I’ve been trying to get the product reinstated, but their first level of seller customer service gives lip service and then state that they will send my issue higher up, but no one higher up does anything. You are just left hanging. Since the decision is simple it must be a tactic to keep putting you off.
    The really annoying thing is that Amazon ships items for AR15’s that violate it’s own policy and after repeated complaints about that they do nothing.
    I am all for corporations and capitalism, but Amazon and other corps that abuse their power are bad and should be held accountable. Once a corporation gets big enough they control politicians who in turn steal from us for the benefit of the corps. We need an untouchable oversight committee to correct injustices in our country.

  158. ChrisGX

    Amazon was created with a business model of destroying the competition not fostering growth in the marketplace (which would be good/better for our economy). They have unsafe, unfair and unethical employment practices as well as business practices. As a former independent bookstore buyer I can tell you they have all but destroyed brick and mortar business. If Baker and Taylor and Ingram (two book wholesalers) would start selling to the public they could take down Amazon, however I believe they have agreed to let Amazon control the retail market. Ingram’s founder is a buddy of Bezos (amazon founder). And yes, they do CONTROL the market. They cannot and should not set prices for publishers or manufacturers. Even Walmart can only do this for items it is getting exclusive. Books are not an exclusive. Publishers deserve autonomy because there is still a lot of intellectual content that won’t get published if the bottom line/ profit is the driving factor. When I worked for cultural institutions that published catalogs and scholarly books, we could not even sell 10 books at full price because immediately Amazon offered the item at cost plus 10cents. When you are running a small store 10 cents profit is not even worth the buy in. We would have to negotiate to get free copies from publishers so that we could offer the DEEEEP discounts Amazon offers and it was OUR intellectual property! Our curators and researchers put in all the work, yet our nonprofit institution would never see the much needed revenue (royalties are usually just 5%). The last straw for me was realizing some low wage laborer was sweating it out or freezing in some warehouse to pack my books in a box with a fake smile on it.

    If I have to order online I use B&N, if not I shop local or go to the library!

  159. rickcad

    Back in the early 90’s I wrote a book about “learning DOS” and got it accepted by Windcrest – a division of McGraw Hill for the Tab bookclub. The book was well received because it was simple and only taught the necessary commands of DOS, so it was easy.
    I was disappointed with the sales, but had no control over its sales and I could not find it in any of the large book stores. I would go into the large book stores and order the book and then when it came in I told them I already got one, so they put it on the shelf. I went to the store the next day and it was gone – sold. I did this over and over and the longest it was on the shelf was 2 days. I called Tab and asked why it was not in the stores and they said they needed it to fill a spot in their book club and the sales people pushed more profitable books to the stores. I was pissed and told them what I was doing that proved if they put the book into the stores it would sell like crazy and they blew me off. Then I called Costco and spoke with the buyers there and they contacted Tab and Tab called me and was actually nasty about me going around them to generate sales. I put them in their places real fast, but it changed nothing. The timing was right for my book, but the publishers make decisions and that is that. Also, there were some big name authors at the time that had clout with the publishers – politics I’m sure.
    Anyway, the book publishing trade sucks and it is probably worse now with the internet everywhere. Screw them!
    In 2005 I created my own “Battery Resurrection Guide” and sold it on my website and Ebay. It shows people how to Resurrect their NiCad power tool batteries, so they hold and take a charge again. Just look at all the testimonials I’ve collected on the testimonial page.
    I still have not sold it on Amazon. Amazon is greedy – just look at their charges – over 10%. I hope Alibaba competes in the USA – I’ll sell there!

  160. Troubled Density is no better either! Being a Crispin Glover fan, I decided to order two movies that Stupid West Edmonton Mall couldn’t have and one didn’t work cause it was from England, and of course, it just happened to be the cult classic “The Rivers Edge!” So frustrated and then the 2nd movie came, the rat horror called “Willard.” And thankfully it worked! But really, if your gonna be a canadian company, I assume your movies come from the same place and not fucking Europe! Of course, some time later, I ended up seeing half of “The Rivers Edge” on TV, but if they had sent me a dvd that fucking worked, Christ sakes, I could of seen the whole thing! I know Christmas is coming, but I’m not ordering anything else from this clown site, if I want to watch my beloved Crispin in a movie, I can watch it online, or just buy the goddamn thing on iTunes! Seriously, fuck Amazon!

    Pearlymae Peanuts Reply:

    I googled “Amazon hates it’s sellers” and saw this blog spot.I firmly believe Amazon hates it’s sellers and wants to get rid of the competition.After all,Amazon is in business to sell, too.Often the same stuff third party sellers are trying to sell. Obviously the way they are treated they just want you all to just go away.Look at their policies & the way they force 3 P sellers to submit to their crazy rules.
    Now I am considering the undeniable fact that they hate everyone.Look at how they treat their workers.


    Amazon is run by a bunch of delusion, shit-headed assholes. It has never been a profit machine. In fact, it has been a consistent money loser for the most part. But too many investors have bought into the idea that with ever-increasing size, Amazon will eventually become a consistent profit center. In the past two decades, that has not turn out to be true. Now, it’s stock has been heading down. With a P/E of over 800, it’s an extremely expensive stock relative to it’s earnings. For years, so many investors have been misled by the strategy of mindless pursuit of increased sales. There is the sadly mistaken notion that more money in sales must be more profits and more money in return for everyone involved. Hence, Amazon has this dysfunctional paradigm of disregard for everything in pursuit of increased sales. But in the end, stupid as stupid does. That mindset has let to it’s idiotic offerings of Prime–the money losing “free” shipping program and the Fire smartphone–now given away free with few takers. It has also led to Amazon’s insolent abuses of investors’, workers’, sellers’, publishers’, writers’ goodwill and resources. Amazon operates with casual disdain for rules, laws, and everyone else’s interest. If Amazon does not even respect the fact that it has the obligations of generating return for the stake-holders: good returns for investors, workers, sellers, as well as customers in earnings, wages, satisfaction, it can not have any real or lasting success.

  162. Khammy

    It’s getting so bad that sellers are just competing with Amazon on who can actually sell the CHEAPEST items. Smaller businesses are collapsing & bigger ones are just bullying & employing regular mediocre people to work at minimal wages.
    Also sellers in other countries with less tax & those in Asia are selling on the UK amazon with free deliveries and almost 50% price cuts deeming the sellers in UK useless & dear….
    How can one compete with a company selling direct from china/jap/kor with free shipping???
    I know support local businesses & others that aren’t doing so well since …
    (don’t get me wrong, amazon is going great but its too much, wealth must go to others too …)

  163. angel valdez

    I hate promises that are not kept.I bought something the other day and you said delivery in 2 days.I bought it on I thought it would be in by Fri or no later than Sat.
    I didn’t receive it until Tues.I had my plans set up to work with it,no later than Sat.Well my plans were all shot-out.
    You don’t have a phone to make contact with or even an e-mail address.
    Bad business.
    I might not buy from you again,if I find a better Company to deal with.

  164. Margaret F

    I’m not a seller, but Amazon has chased me away by constantly driving my searches to the highest priced items, sending me moldy weevil infested products (they need some climate control in those warehouses if they are going to sell food) and listing absolutely crappy products puffed up with fake reviews. Not to mention their privacy problems. Some of their self publishers are clearly insane and many are dangerous.
    Prime is a joke, noting ever gets here in the time indicated.

  165. Anonymous

    Selling something at a low price is not illegal. Wanting to sell lower when the person selling wants to sell higher is not illegal, if a company doesn’t want to sell something at your price and refuses to, that doesn’t make them evil. You an go somewhere else with your business, Amazon can’t, so to speak. If someone refuses to sell your product for a certain price you can go to someone else who will sell it for the price you want, just like customers can take their business elsewhere if a store doesn’t sell a product low enough. It’s not bullying when Amazon takes a product off the market because they can’t come to an agreed price. If they did continue selling MacMillan books at Amazon’s price they would have run into legal troubles, so the smart thing is to take the item off the market. Nothing about Amazon selling products mad cheap is illegal. What should be illegal is Publishers (like MacMillan) demanding an assload of money for books then turning around and giving the person who wrote the books a small fraction of the cost.

    In conclusion, you’re calling Amazon a bully for not giving MacMillan the money the demanded, meanwhile MacMillan turns around and doesn’t give the Authors the money they deserve, the Author possibly struggles to make a living while MacMillan makes millions of someone else’s work. If MacMillan is not a bully then your ideals of morality must be horribly twisted.

    anon Reply:

    The hateful quality of Amazon is its operators’ total disregard of rules, norms, laws, and everyone else’s interests–including its investors’ interests, which is suppose to be its most important mission. The corporation, as is any public held corp, exists to provide its shareholders highest return on investment. Yet, Jeff Bezos regularly laugh off at the idea that maximizing profit is an important agenda for the company. So even now it’s regularly losing money, two decades after coming to being. The company simply does not care about anyone or anything except its own blind ambition to continually expand its revenue.

  166. Ken

    The previous comment was a strawman if ever I heard one – no one claimed selling at a low price is illegal.

    The issues I have with amazon are

    a) horrendous labor practices
    b) undercutting all other sellers to drive them out of business
    c) using its vast lobbying power (and media power now that Bezos has taken over the Washington Post) to bully lawmakers into terms favorable to amazon. Why don’t they pay taxes like everyone else?

    Don’t kid yourself – prices may be low now, but if amazon has no compunction about raising prices once it drives competitors out of business.

  167. Ken

    The previous comment was a strawman if ever I heard one – no one claimed selling at a low price is illegal.

    The issues I have with amazon are

    a) horrendous labor practices
    b) undercutting all other sellers to drive them out of business
    c) using its vast lobbying power (and media power now that Bezos has taken over the Washington Post) to bully lawmakers into terms favorable to amazon. Why don’t they pay taxes like everyone else?

    Don’t kid yourself – prices may be low now, but amazon has no compunction about raising prices once it drives competitors out of business.

    lulu Reply:

    Amazon always choose to do the unscrupulous rather than what’s good and reasonable just because it can spend billions of investors’ money to bully and antagonize everyone, then have its army of conscience-less lawyers to clean up its mess.

  168. RR

    Amazon is TOTALLY about profit and exhibits minimal concern for customer service. Third party sellers are questionable and attempting to contact Amazon and/or the third party seller is nearly impossible. No feedback, no response, and no caring is a hallmark for a company that has lost contact with its customers and leaves them hanging with disputes.

  169. Jesse Livermore

    I recently purchased three items. By searching the web first and NOT blindly buying on amazon I saved several hundred dollars.

    Mario Kart ride on toy – $276.49 at amazon Its $172 at Toys r us.

    Barbie secret fairy doll- $16.99 at amazon. Its $9 at Walmart

    Ge dishwasher- $460 at amazon. Its $348 at Home Depot.

    I saved $224.48 by smarter shopping and NOT SHOPPING AMAZON .

    Nearly every vendor offers free shipping so why pay amazon $100 per year for the priviledge.

    lulu Reply:

    good job!!!

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    What? Do you mean you actually know the truth instead of believing advertisements lying to you? Shame on you! You could put that huge devil worshiper Amazon out of business.


  170. Toby sucks for a multitude of reasons, they treat their employees like shit and hardly ever promote anyone above the age of 30 and if you are black or Mexican you will never be promoted anyone working there can contest to that,that shithole of a sweat shop belongs in a 3rd world country the employees had to sue just to put A/C in their buildings, if you get sick while working for them then watch out because you will then have a target on your back and they will drum up all kinds of shit to try and fire you (I’ve seen it happen)….. You can get cheaper products from just about anyone I had worked there for 7 years and even with my employee discount (10%) I was still able to get my shoes cheaper at “Shoe Carnival”…So please do not support an Evil company like,buy from local companies who appreciate your business and you wont have to wait (and receive the wrong item) days to get your item.

    lulu Reply:

    Amazon abuses everyone and everything. The problem begins with it’s shit-head-psycho founder/chairman Jeff Bozos.

  171. Bill T

    Amazon is destroying small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. and in all other countries where it operates.

    lulu Reply:

    Hope Amazon will destroy itself soon by its own folly and hubris.

  172. Harry S.

    Amazon continues with its deceptive trade practices – Japanese style

    I live in Japan and regularly shop at That’s until they removed my product reviews!

    On Monday, they removed more than a dozen reviews, which I’d written in English, couple of them posted on their website as long as three years ago.

    The reviews were direct, but objective and meant to inform other shoppers about the quality and performance of the products. For example, a 700-dollar outdoor basketball system that developed rust after just two weeks, a 600-dollar exercise bike that was dead on arrival (the replacement was also defective), a 40-dollar locally-manufactured cast-iron omelet skillet that came with a handle so short it burned your hands, earphones that smelled like crude oil, a boombox that worked only for 8 minutes, plum juice that tasted like dishwater, a juicer that crushed carrots into a soup …

    I emailed Amazon jp’s country director [the staff refused to reveal her/his identity,] and protested the censorship, which I felt was tantamount to “deceptive trade practices.”

    The review staff replied: “We do not allow reviews in [English] language on,” but failed to specify when the ban had come into effect.

    [Amazon reply email is available for reference.]

    My knowledge of the local language is very limited and I cannot express my thoughts in Japanese. Besides, they still allow shoppers to buy in English, AND haven’t removed complimentary English reviews that were borrowed from, vetted and sanitized.

    With that being said, if they’d warned in advance that English product reviews were to be removed from Amazon jp website, I would have used an Internet translator to translate them into Japanese.

    The policy to disallow product reviews written by foreigners is discriminatory, outrageous and totally unacceptable, especially because Amazon is an American corporation.

    I’m unaware of any legal remedies that can be sought locally. It’s common knowledge that corporations can literally get away with manslaughter in Japan, with the latest example being Takata corporation, the airbag manufacturers.

    lulu Reply:

    It’s so like Amazon to make up new rules on the fly when old rules and policies are inconvenient. They’d cite “policy” when existing policies serve their purpose, ignore their very own policies when they are disadvantageous, and make up new “policy” without explaining why the new policy came into effect after a situation has arisen, or cite where the new “policy” is posted. In short, Amazon play by no rule, not even their very own.

    Harry S. Reply:

    Consumer protection laws, federal and state statutes, are meant to prohibit deceptive or “unconscionable” advertising and sales practice. Courts are supposed to disallow the perpetrator of the conduct to benefit.

    Unconscionable means “unusually harsh and shocking to the conscience; that which is so grossly unfair that a court will proscribe it,” according to the legal dictionary.

    Other synonyms for unconscionable, each one manifestly befitting unethical Amazon and its degenerate founder, include atrocious, blackguard, conniving, conscienceless, corrupt, criminal, … immoral, knavish, monstrous, outrageous, perfidious, preposterous, rascally, … reprobate, tricky, unethical, unfair, unprincipled, unscrupulous, usurious, and plain wrong.

    A class action lawsuit might, just might, work to abate the tsunami of atrocities committed by the corrupt corporation and its criminal founder(s).

  173. hmm

    I agree with everything you’ve said, however the story about Macmillian is nothing to get upset about. Price fixing along the vertical production line (EG from manufacturer to wholesaler/retailer) constitutes anti-competitive / anti-trust contract – an area of the law that attracts criminal sanctions. If Amazon agreed to Macmillian’s terms individual members of the company could become criminally liable and potentially face jail time.
    If you were at work and a client / external stakeholder kept trying to pressure you to do something illegal, you’d probably take steps to really ensure that they stopped, too. Macmillian is lucky that Amazon dealt with this internally rather than reporting them to an authority.

  174. Penny

    I am a lawyer, and if anyone is doing price fixing and price control, it is Amazon. They are out to take over al the markets, and if you look carefully you will see the prices are not that good–even high in some instances. It is not criminal for Macmillan to set its prices on its goods, and the margin of profit they want and expect is up to them. If the price isn’t right, no one will buy; and if Amazon wants to buy at the Macmillan wholesale price and undercut its own profit that is up to Amazon. s Long as I see a book has sold and I get my wholesale price, I don’t care if Amazon gave the book away. Everyone needs to clam down over this. And btw everyone out there is not a writer. When did this idea get started? Not everyone can get a rocket to the moon either,

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    I do not care what the laws are or how Amazon sets prices. I care about how the employees are treated. If CEO makes a lot of money, then all employees should have a reasonable profit share with them.

    I recognize almost all the stores I enter, including where I used to work, to sell things cheap they have half as many hours/employees as they used to. It is totally impossible to perform all duties, so they are fired to hire new people at absolute minimum wages.

    I gladly shop at family operations, not corporations. I did this even when I could only afford one dollar per meal (not including my garden) for three years.


    Ed Reply:

    You do realize, Marvin, that a lot of these hour cuts and employee turn over are the direct result of Obamacare.??

  175. Haseeb

    Amazon is a bad online shopping portal. Once you got the product its better not to return it. Because even though if you return the product they are not gonna give your money back.
    Since I was not happy with the product, I returned my product 1 month back and still I didn’t got MY MONEY.
    If you are a guy who likes to take risk in your life, then shop from amazon.

  176. jacek t

    Amazon shipped unpaid product and refered my account immidiatelly to collection company. So 5 days after receiving the $30 product I started getting phone calls from Collection Company. Learning that is unpaid I shipped it back immidiatelly. Nobody in Customer service knows what is going on.

  177. Emile Barry ()

    The people at are all mooooooooroooons! I purchased a $20 dollar item. They could not tell the difference between a 12 inch clear acrylic sphere and a 15 inch WHITE acrylic sphere. In addition they gave me an impossible time in trying to return it. They would not issue me an RMA number so I initiated a dispute with my credit card company. The credit card company said that I had to return the item at my expense. It cost me $70.73 to return the item because of the size of the box. I have since painted by truck with BIG FLUORESCENT ORANGE LETTERS “AMAZON.COM #%&$*” I goal is to take pictures of it everywhere I go and post them everywhere I can. This is the FIRST AMMENDMENT!

  178. Magillacutty

    There’s some great news ahead that I just found out about a few days ago. Mark Lore who actually sold and for over 500 million to Amazon has decided to start a competitive online marketplace. It’s not quite open yet and they’re actually trying to build a good, solid customer base by offering free 6 month memberships before Feb 6th. I’m surfing the web finding as many disgruntled people as I can and telling them about it. I’m pretty excited because both Amazon and Ebay have seemed to run their courses and don’t elicit any excitement for people anymore. I really think this new site (called Jet) is going to take off like a “jet” based on the negative experiences I’ve had with both the other sites and how expensive they’ve become just to use their services. I don’t know what Jet will ultimately be like but I’m going to remain hopeful until I see for myself. It’s free to sign up so I or anyone else have nothing to lose. Here’s a link for anyone who is interested:

  179. baitandswitch

    If you click “buy again” on a product you have just purchased, that sneaky feature inevitably takes you to a much more expensive buying choice than the initial purchase, even if the product is still available at the cheaper price you purchased it for the first time.

  180. Brad

    If you pay peanuts you only get monkeys!
    Amazon is outsourcing a large portion of its customer service activities to foreign firms, mostly in India, I’m told, to boost the bottom line.
    I, too, had a specific query concerning delivery fees and activated the chat line, but I might as well have contacted Donald Dock because the guy on Amazon side hadn’t the faintest what I was talking about.

  181. zenobia

    “The secret behind Amazon’s low prices: Study reveals how e-commerce giant fools consumers by constantly changing costs”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    And now they are hiring Woody Allen?

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    Buying things cheap is ruining our country. Customers do not care if it is made by a slave in China and sent to you by more treated like slaves in the United States who work for Amazon.

    Personally I will gladly pay double or do without.

  182. Lola

    Amazon is disgusting and has no protection to its seller, specially if you are an individual selling unwanted stuff.

    – On Ebay, you can choose if the product is refundable or not, whilst on Amazon you can’t.

    – If the buyer ask for a refund (in my case, the buyer claimed she ordered by mistake after receiving the book), expect to lose money. You will have to refund the shipping cost too, otherwise Amazon won’t refund you the full fee, so you lose money either way.

    – On Amazon, you can not change the shipping cost, even if it’s a lot higher than what Amazon “understand” is the correct cost. If you add this cost on to the final product price, it won’t sell, as it’s a very competitive marketplace, so you sell your stuff for peanuts + the hassle of packing and taking it to the nearest post office.

    – You have to wait 14 days until the payment is paid on to your bank account. There’s no wait with eBAY.

    I decided to boycott AMAZON!! I won’t buy or sell there anymore

    Tracy Smith Reply:

    You are so right. They want you to upgrade to make money off of you. They are all about the money and I hope they are shut down one day!

  183. Paula

    We live in the age of technology, and just about everyone and their aunt have access to the Internet.

    WHY is it that the ever-creative humans have to give a portion of their earning to Amazon, Ebay and the likes, instead of dealing directly with each other?

    Candice Reply:

    How do you start a system that enables direct dealing between individuals?

    Paula Reply:

    It usually begins when a small group of thoughtful, committed people who oppose corporate tyranny band together…

    In this case, a non-profit organization can be set up to oversee and even guarantee person-to-person transactions for a small fee paid by its members.

  184. Tracy Smith

    I hate that they make you pay $40 a month for an upgraded seller account, even if you don’t make that amount back, you have to pay monthly. They won’t even let you list in other categories until you upgrade making it impossible to sell on their site. They are a rip off and all about the money!!

  185. Marvin L. Zinn

    I also refuse to do business with any corporation that does not treat the employees well. First was WalMart I stopped 11 years ago, and more recently learned that Amazon is just that bad also.

    Love of money is the root of all evil!

  186. Seven Costanza

    Amazon sells white power CDs by Nazi groups so I stopped buying anything from them. If you like Nazis, then Amazon is your kind of store.

  187. gee s.

    Amazon’s evils begins with it’s psychotically abusive chief, Jeff Bozos.
    To know Jeff Bozos is to hate Amazon and have a glimpse of Nazi’s hatred against Jews. Ultra selfish, greedy, and unscrupulous, Jeff Bozos and Amazon also represent the worst of capitalism.

  188. zenobia

    The problem with very rich people is the same problem Stalin had, there is no one who dares tell them when they are going insane. The only problem is, with the internet, they are now taking the rest of us with them.

  189. P.S.

    The nefarious influence of Mr Bezos has also corrupted the journalistic integrity and quality of reporting at Washington Post.

    I submitted detailed information to the Post concerning Amazon’s tying arrangements with international freight companies, including DHL, to prevent U.S. small and medium-sized businesses from selling their products in foreign markets where Amazon has a presence.

    Needless to say, I didn’t hear back from the Post. (Reuters and San Jose Mercury News didn’t want to know, either)

    As for Amazon’s illegal activities, a top professor of business law advised:

    “None of this surprises me. Tying arrangements such as you describe are illegal under U.S. antitrust laws. Send your message to the U.S. attorney’s office (preferably in New York), to the FTC, and to the Antitrust division of the Justice department. Your single communication will have little to no effect. But when they get many of them, they will open an investigation and something will happen.”

  190. movas

    Dont buy from amazon or top10cell. They are not trusted in my book. They dont refund money and they they treat there customers like garbage. Dont buy from amazon and you will be happier in the future.

  191. Curse you Amazon. | Bannana Blog

    […] ‘Amazon is a big bully’ […]

  192. Khammy

    I am so sorry, im not the type to ‘titel tatel’ on companies but Amazon has no respect for their sellers & it is sooooooooo HARD to speak to the customer service.
    Many sellers say they couldn’t care about their needs.
    I have seller friends that have lost money & wasted their time!!!!

    The thing with businesses is that one has to make money by considering postage, taxes, purchase etc…
    So if an amazon staff doesn’t check the situation and refunds (any complaints) the seller could be at a lost.

    Some buyers (customers), will just open & use the product & complain & do this “A-Z gurantee” (so amazon will just refund the customer without checking with their sellers returns policy based in their country/continent).

    It is sooooo sad that Amazon wants to take everything…
    Even ebay & alibaba has respect for their sellers (& customers too).
    Alibaba chinese companies are so swift & polite it is unbelievable that amazon pays money for training.

    1. I only support other book shops on the net or street

    2. Even ‘bookdepository’ is owned by amazon, so i won’t buy from them anymore.

    3. Their Staff would make a cusmer happy if their seller looses money.
    Eg refund a customer without checking with the seller if the accusation is true or not?
    The customer could then keep the parcel for freeeeeeeeeee
    [their staff could just ignore the sellers request!!!]

    4. Won’t buy any product by amazon never – watched, tv, tablets etc…
    (They just want to steal other ppls businesses)

    People should support other businesses too, it is really ashame that smaller bookshops & local businesses are all losing to CHEAPER & competitive prices on AMAZON.
    Amazon Sellers sell for peanuts!!!

  193. Robert

    I made the mistake of ordering an item through for around $75.00. The price was right and the product was okay BUT, amazon tricked me into ordering three (3) of the same items by repeated email alerts that my payment method had been denied, when it hadn’t!!! This caused me to overdraft my account at my bank and cost me $64.00 worth of overdraft fees and would not refund my money until a week after the extra items were returned to them. they said that they could not stop the orders before I received them. This is BS and their admitted error of automated rejection of my payment method was my fault for not following their vague correction procedures properly. is a fraud and less than trustworthy company and I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    I understand this problem. It happened to me one time, but I know the reason. There was an option to have something I order repeating each period of time selected (or maybe just each month). It may have been required for the particular price I saw. It began automatically, but only because I missed seeing the option and did not turn it off. There are way too many things in too many places to read all about it. It is 100% wrong to have it chosen without my specific selection AND a warning to me at least after the order was completed so I could go back and turn it off.

  194. Dr. Thomas Morris

    Truth is truth whether anyone believes it or not. People in the world over, betrayed or not, recognize truth. People in the world over, especially Americans, honor integrity and honesty. Amazon in directing its hatred towards disabled citizens, has shown its true colors.

    An 85 year old totally blind, 100% disabled veteran, attempting to make a living, selling his large-long-selection-collection of rare books, vinyl-memorabilia, was erased from Amazon because he employed a thief who sabotaged his entire business. (Wilmington NC PD #2014-043791) The thief went to prison his college age assistants lost their jobs, the disabled veteran is home bound, all because Amazon cannot express empathy, pitiful PR for any corporation.

    *dictation from Dr.Morris*

  195. Matt ()

    my fucking order got paid and this asshole that was selling it canceled it and STOLE MY FUCKING MONEY!

  196. Khammy

    Your money is with amazon not the seller.
    amazon takes the money & their commission & then pays the seller in about 2 weeks into their account. So the seller can’t take your money. You paid it to amazon. amazon actually keeps the money for about 14 days – depends on whether the company or seller is in the EU, Asia or USA… etc

  197. Omeada

    I buy all my ebook from amazon, their kindle paperwhite is the BEST ebook reader i have tried and their money back policies on kindle book are just amazing.
    Sorry guy but for consumer they are great and i buy from them for many years, never had problem.

    Khammy Reply:

    @Omeada …
    of course, you would rather all the book shops were shut down.
    You are one sided, it is not just about you & your family.
    What would you do, if you had no job or career tomorrow???

    Im an entrepreneur but i still feel that everyone ought to get the chance to play fair.
    Bad customer service for sellers, zero contracts & tax issues among others isn’t something i like in a firm.

    The firm has done well…but it shouldn’t be greedy!!!

    omeada Reply:

    got to be realistic here, money rules the world (for economic) and nobody will change that. i’m here to get the best deal and not to giving money to keep stuff open around.

    i don’t mind peoples losing job as i find that peoples in the third world that die of not eating or war or slaves a lot worse

    also remember that tough economic times is the best times to reinvent yourself and at the end it will profitate everybody.

    Do one big thing, be the better in the world, say the best stories and read seth godin hehe

    SMD Reply:

    Well, first I’m not sure what “profitating” is. But it’s the teeny little thinkers of little brain who have let this country be taken over by corporations. For the likes of you, we’ve got a corporate oligarchy, not a democracy. I try to keep small book stores open or, for god’s sake, order from! And read Frank Bruni’s article in the NYTimes last weekend. You can always say it’s good for those slaves overseas – and here. Put the bar as low as you want.

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    I agree, except the United States of America was established as a REPUBLIC, never a democracy.

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    Love of money is the root of all evil. I Timothy 6:10

  198. zenobia

    I’m sure if you only buy digital content they are great. But I bought an air conditioner. It was described incorrectly and the returns policy is such that the cost to ship it back for a refund was more than the cost of the item. Customer service did take the listing down, but if it had been ebay I would’ve had a chance of getting my money back.

  199. Ted Striker

    I’ve got other reason to hate them, other than your book issue which I couldn’t care less about, as most others don’t either. Just try to empty your shopping cart.. I can’t be done. Once you add to your cart they want to force you to purchase the item. I cancelled my account with them and will never use them for anything.

  200. Ed

    AMAZON shut my account down in May but they refuse to tell me why. I’ve gone around in circles with them but have got nowhere. My account was flagged a few years ago when I bought $1,500 of political/history books for a project I was working on. No one believed me but then it came out a few months later that AMAZON had been reporting books people bought to the IRS and if you bought certain titles you got audited. I have used AMAZON since 1998 and have bought a lot there since. On an average year I spend several thousand dollars and place over 200 orders with each other having multiple items. I buy a lot of used books and specialized books that very few retailers seem to carry let alone a library. I also happen to write and illustrate books and how can you sell your product with 70% of the market cut off to you? I’ve tried opening a new account with a new debit card, address, and a different name. I even ordered on a different computer but they’ve shut it down every time. I think they’re able to determine it’s me by the books I try to buy. It’s just VERY frustrating to be banned from AMAZON and not even know why you are….I can’t be the only one?

  201. SMD

    Whomever said that hourly cuts and turnover is a result of “Obamacare” might be watching too much Fox TV or listening to Limbaugh. Try greed, genius, pure greed.

    Ed Reply:

    Nope. It’s right in the law. When you work X amount of hours the employer has to pay for your healthcare. Right before the law went into effect hours were cut in half. I know a lot of people who work in retail who tell the same story. My job was cut from 80 hours (no over time) a week to under 20 and then eliminated and the boss outright told me it was because of Obamacare. Why not try READING the law before spouting off liberal talking points.

    SMD Reply:

    I ran my own biz for years. Insurance companies kept upping the hours an employee had to work before we could insure them. Again, it’s called greed. When it went on the big boards, then it got crazy. The concept of pooling was abandoned. It’s not liberal; it’s how much is enough at the expense of working people? As for monopolies, we’ve got plenty more than Amazon, we’ve got medical care monopolies, because even though the antitrust laws are on the books, they aren’t enforced. And please do give me the citation from Emmanuel that children and senior citizens will not be covered because they’re worthless. Personally, I believe you’re a troll, because trolls spew that crap. And the ACA was written for insurance companies so they can continue to make obscene profits. It shouldn’t be through businesses actually – it’s a right. (But trolls like you don’t even know what insurance pools are anymore.) But I’d rather talk about Amazon. The government gave Bezos ten years to build his no tax for multi-state customers to build his monolithic insane monopoly. Now I’m sure he’s got his dough offshored, of course to “reinvest”. Great guy.

    Ed Reply:

    I am not a troll. I was sent here because a friend recommended this site because he knew I was banned from AMAZON. All I meet is hostility here from supposedly tolerant people.

    Why should I provide you links when you called me a bunch of insulting names. I just did a google search and a bunch of comments he’s made about this came up, some I was even unaware of. He’s not hiding his intent at all. He says there’s a window of life when you’re a contributing member of society and once you’re out of that window you don’t receive the best care.

    I’m well aware of what corporatism is….

    Rick Reply:

    Firstly, stop calling people trolls because they have a different opinion than your corporate greed opinion. Of course one could consider a corporation greedy. The unions are corps and they are greedy too. A corporation has a responsibility to shareholders to maximize profits, and fierce competition in most climates force them to squeeze every opportunity or die. It is more about survival than greed in many circumstances. The corporate greed position exists because of the 2 party system where each party divides the public with unsolved issues, so we fight each other rather than gang up on the really greedy and bad political people in the corrupt government. Sure, Bezos could be a good guy and give his fortune to the poor, but why should he? If you don’t like his policy then don’t use Amazon. Amazon is not a monopoly – there are many places to shop. I experienced some bad stuff with Amazon, but I don’t think they are out to get me. Nothing is perfect. I lay the blame on the government because the gov is supposed to be for the benefit of the public – protect us and regulate commerce. If the gov did not allow the corps and others to buy their votes we would not have the problems that exist. You would have thought that at least 95% would have voted for Ron Paul – someone honest dedicated to fixing the corruption in our government, but the stupid public instead wanted a super liar to continue the corruption. Both political parties are loaded with hypocrisy. The 2nd amendment is the most important issue to keep intact because without it any dictator can then take over without any possibility of the public to take it back – proven by history. Other issues should take a back seat. Now, about the ACA obamacare piece of crap. Check out supplemental insurance for medicare. You will find that the gov created a set of health ins. plans (A-F) that all insurance companies must honor when offering supplemental ins. So, if you want plan F then it makes no difference what ins. company you go to, you get the same benefits. Now you only have to shop price. This is all the gov had to do to create a working insurance plan for everyone and it would have been 10 pages long. So why did they choose to make a 2500 page ACA? To create a complex system to entangle the public in a scheme where the gov can control and manipulate them and steal their money along the way. Can you imagine the overhead of the ACA? It is frustrating to know that a government plan exists that works perfectly and economically, but was purposefully not used, so they could cheat us – that is corruption. And the corruption started before the plan was even in operation – “you can keep your plan” – the big Obama lie.
    So, before you single out corps for “being bad” why not focus on government corruption because that is at the heart of all our problems and the corruption is systemic. You can’t rise in the political field unless you do favors – this is illegal in business, but accepted in government and it should not be. Hillary is so totally corrupt and yet she is running for president. I ask myself how so many people can be blind to putting a proven corrupt person in any position. She and the rest of the bad ones should be put in jail, but instead many people praise her. If you have any doubt that a dictator will be in the white house it should be erased by seeing how the public will back obvious criminals for president.

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    You made a long description I normally would not take time reading, but I agreed so much I saved a copy of it to tell others about.

  202. Ken

    Sorry Ed. You are misinformed.

    But I am calling bull on the 80 hour work week.

    Ed Reply:

    Farm labor works 12-15 hours a day, 6 days a week. Some weeks I even had in 90 hours. You only get min. wage with no raises or overtime on a farm.

    I am not misinformed. I have read the law. If you work over 28 hours you are considered full time and the employer pays for your obamacare. That’s why the hours are cut. I even had healthcare before Obamacare was passed. Now I don’t and God knows where I’ll get the nearly $800 to pay for the fine. (Are the fines a lie too?? I paid one last year…)

  203. Ken

    The Employer Mandate in the Affordable Care Act applies ONLY to companies with 50 or more employees, Ed.

    Perhaps YOU should read the law instead of spouting off right wing talking points.

    Ed Reply:

    How many employees do you think work on a farm or at your local WALMART? It’s well over 50 in each case.

    I don’t spout talking points. I speak the truth. I HAVE read the law. Have you?

  204. Ken

    Sorry Ed. I just dont believe you.

    This message board is about amazon. Not the ACA.

    Ed Reply:

    What don’t you believe that farms and WALMARTS hire more than 50 employees?? Your average retail store easily employes 100-200 people depending on the size. A decent size produce farm employs the same.

    Mark brought up Obamacare.

    Ed Reply:

    I did post that AMAZON banned me for buying “too many” of the “wrong” books, BTW….

  205. Ken

    Farms, no. Stores.. Chains yes. Huge companies yes.

    At the time the ACA passed, over 95% of companies who employed more than 50 people ALREADY offered healthcare to employees. So the mandate affected only a few companies who did not.

    The mandate went into effect Jan 1 and obviously unemployment is down.

    The right wing hacks you are quoting were wrong.

    Ed Reply:

    Why do you deny that a farm can have over 50 employees when many do?

    95% of companies did not offer healthcare before Obamacare was passed and in many cases the healthcare that was offered does not pass the Obamacare mandate. Most of the people signed up for Obamacare had healthcare under the old system and we were told it was just to help those who didn’t have healthcare. Those are the facts.

    Unemployment isn’t down. They no longer calculate the employment rates in the same way they did under Bush. Also, if you work multiple part time jobs to make up for your hours being cut you count as multiple employed people when you’re really 1 person struggling to make ends meet. Those are the facts. The numbers are misleading because of it.

    I’m not quoting anyone. I’m stating the facts.

  206. Ken

    I’m sure such farms exist. I just don’t believe tou work on one of them.

    And yes unemployment is down. Here in the real world. Maybe not in RightWingistan where you apparently live.

    Ed Reply:

    Why don’t you believe I worked on such a farm? I’ve been working on such farms all my life.

    Nope. Unemployment is higher today than it was under Bush if we counted the rates the same way that we did when he was President. A lot of the jobs that have been created have been min. wage jobs. Remember the democrats bashed those jobs when they were created under Bush? If you don’t tally the rates consistently the numbers mean nothing.

    I actually live in one of the most democrat parts of the nation….

  207. Ken

    There’s been no change in the way BLS computes unemployment Ed. That is a fact. So if you’re really eorking 20 hrs a week now, you should be getting a subsidy for your health insurance. How much is your subsidy Ed?

    Ed Reply:

    Yes, the employment numbers are calculated differently than they were under Bush and they’ve changed the way they’re calculated like 3 times since then.

    I don’t have Obamacare or health insurance. I pay the fine. I don’t qualify for anything. I looked at the Obamacare site to avoid the fine but I can’t afford any of the plans. Several people I know got the subsidy but then had to pay it back. I guess they’re making that up too??

    If you had read my post I lost my farm job in Dec. because of Obamacare. I’ve been unemployed since then but I don’t get unemployment. I’ve been actively seeking a new job right along. It’s also 7 PM where I live, not 3:30….

  208. Ken

    BTW what kind of farm worker is posting on the web at 3:30 in the afternoon in the summer?

  209. Ken

    Sorry. I’m not buying your story.

    The BLS did change the way the unemployment rate is calculated. In 1994.

    So knowing you are insisting something that is true destroys your credibility on everything else.

    I think you just don’t like the guy in the White House. Everything else is spin to support tgat hatred.


    Ed Reply:

    Yes. I’m so sure I’d want to make up that ever since college I’ve only worked a job most Americans wont do for low wages….This is why I needed AMAZON to shop from. I couldn’t afford anywhere else. Now, thanks to Obamacare I won’t even get a tax return ever again….

    The way the unemployment rate is calculated has been changed multiple times under Obama. The way economic growth is calculated each quarter has also been changed as well. And they STILL quietly revise the numbers of previous quarters after several months.

    I’m telling you the 100% absolute truth. Sorry.

    I don’t like his policies. I hate no one and spin nothing. Sorry.

  210. Marvin L. Zinn

    I understand this!
    Fortunately I found I was entitled to Veterans Administration health care, so I do not need to pay for insurance. Otherwise with any insurance pay I would have to choose selling my property to meet expenses, or stop eating.

    Ed Reply:

    The VA is even worse. Look at all of the vet who die waiting for treatment. The VA is the model for where we’re heading with civilian healthcare…

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    VA is my only option without going further in debt if I have to pay for any other. Yes, I know the complicated problems caused by any government agency, but I do appreciate information and tests I can have. No I do not need to believe doctors; If I did, I would have been already dead four times. I usually refuse their prescriptions and advice and take alternatives that work safely. (The last was refusing surgery and radiation for prostate cancer. It took three weeks to stop the symptoms with two herbs, and I was expected dead by the end of last year.)

    What does this have to do with Amazon? That corporation is just as bad as any government agency, except they make money instead of wasting mine. But I totally despise how they operate and what they do with the money they earn.

    Ed Reply:

    The issue with the VA is how they put vets on a waiting list and many die as they wait. Have you not heard the horror stories. You brought up Obamacare earlier, Marvin.

    I was banned from AMAZON for buying “too many” of the “wrong books”. What is your issue with how they spend their money? Are you aware that AMAZON reports your purchases to the IRS and if you buy certain books like the 5,000 YEAR LEAP (a textbook Ronald Reagan wanted taught in public schools but Ted Kennedy blocked him…) you get audited?? I guess that’s just fine with Ken because he hates conservatives….

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    I never had any complaint about VA, and never had to wait, but also rarely need any appointment. I was well cared for with what I choose, and just ignore the rest of it.
    I recognize the facility is so busy that mistakes have to be made, so that is probably the source of most errors. Where I volunteer at a nursing home is the same. There are never enough nurses available to all the calls. I expect the load of Obamacare (whatever you want to call it) further expanded the problem.

    But this is the same effect of retail business. (I expect this also applies to Amazon warehouses.) A Walgreens store where I worked has half as many employee hours than when I worked there. I see the same problem in almost any store I enter. Unless they have less customers and make less profits, it it totally impossible to keep things straight and organized. Fewer register locations active also increases theft (as proven in a JC Penny store near me).

  211. Ken

    Ed, still not buying it. Since the max fine (if you’re telling the truth about your income) was $95 for tax year 2014, your complaint seems extremely exaggerated.

    And buying ftom a monopoly like Amazon will only exacerbate your alleged economic plight.

    Ed Reply:

    If I earned $6,000 in a year it was a VERY good year. My fine was $200 and next year it will be $700-900 depending on who you talk to. Why should I be fined for what I can’t afford??

    I bought a lot of used books on AMAZON for a penny. $4 a book is a great deal. Where can I get books that cheap elsewhere? I was also doing my own books and now it will be impossible for me to earn a living at it with 70% of the market shut out to me. (I have the emails from AMAZON proving I was banned if you doubt me…)

    As for the mandate starting in Jan, maybe that’s why I was let go in Dec….

    You really should trust what people say when they’re being honest with you….

  212. Ken

    Not to mention the employer mandate did not start until 1/1/2015.

  213. Penny

    The person who is spamming this site about Obamacare should stop it! This is about Amazon. And when you have a terminally ill child and can’t get care because you can’t get insurance due to a pre-existing condition or you have run out the insurance max, maybe you will appreciate being able to get insurance for your child. It really does take a village.

    Ed Reply:

    I’m not spamming, Penny. I am informing. Obamacare is unaffordable and the deductibles are through the roof. I had health insurance before they passed that monstrosity. and BTW, under Obamacare the terminally ill child doesn’t get care. Did you not hear what the Dr. Emmanuel, the architect of it, said? The young and the elderly are not going to receive care because their lives aren’t as important to the collective. It doesn’t take a village but responsible people. Marvin brought up Obamacare BTW….

  214. Graham Collins

    I’d like to propose a worldwide boycott of Amazon. Hear me out…

    Pope Francis in his recent ENCYCLICAL LETTER LAUDATO SI’ says:

    Quote{Human beings, while capable of the worst, are also capable of rising above themselves, choosing again what is good, and making a new start, despite their mental and social conditioning. }Unquote.

    Quote{ 206. A change in lifestyle could bring healthy pressure to bear on those who wield political, economic and social power. This is what consumer movements accomplish by boycotting certain products. They prove successful in changing the way businesses operate, forcing them to consider their environmental footprint and their patterns of production. When social pressure affects their earnings, businesses clearly have to find ways to produce differently. This shows us the great need for a sense of social responsibility on the part of consumers. “Purchasing is always a moral – and not simply economic – act”.[146] …}Unquote.

    If we succeed, then humanity has a chance. Otherwise…

    Pope’s letter to everyone is posted at

    Ed Reply:

    In the same letter the Pop bashes abortion too…

    Dan Reply:

    You’re not just a troll; you are an old hand at trolling.
    Attempting to dismiss the content of a valuable document with a one-liner ad hominem shows your true colors.
    Pope’s 94-page letter mentions “abortion” once. He adheres to Catholic teachings, whether we like it or not.
    But his views on the environmental catastrophe caused by corporate greed, he mentions “greed” and “evil” seven times each, are 100 percent accurate, regardless of religious confines.
    Amazon easily personifies corporate greed and evil.
    Do not bother replying to this comments because you have nothing honest or intelligent to say. And if I were to engage you further on this forum, I’d be helping to fulfill your mission.

    Ed Reply:

    Nope. Not a troll. I only state the facts.

    The Pope mentioned abortion more than once. “Like it or not”?? Abortion isn’t just murder. It’s the SLAUGHTER of INNOCENT HUMAN life!!

    Man made global warming is a HOAX!!

    betterboy Reply:

    You are not stating facts – just opinion.
    Abortion should be the decision of the mother, not you. It is killing a life, but it is the life she created and is the host to. Your belief system is irrelevant and should have no effect on her anymore than her belief system should be imposed on you. Put your efforts into the killing of 18 year old men in war. After all, they have 18 years of training and parenting invested and you say nothing about them getting blown up to support money making military complex.
    So, when you are willing to put your money where your mouth is and support and raise all those crack babies then you might have a say in the life of the unborn that someone else is carrying.
    I agree that man made global warming is a hoax – it was obvious when they wanted a global energy tax. They being the IMF – the only solvent entity with real money, not just fiat money. The IMF is what we need to watch out for.
    And do some fighting to keep the dummies from trying to gut the 2nd amendment. Without guns your rights will vanish before you eyes in no time.

    Ed Reply:

    Nope. I deal in facts, not opinions.

    If the unborn are human then it is ALWAYS morally wrong to murder them. When we devalue human life in the womb then it’s no surprise when all human life is devalued no matter the stage or development.

    Mommy had a choice when she took off her clothes and spread her legs.

    How do you know if I support the military or not? How do you know what charities I support?? Typical liberal tricks….AMAZON bans you when you buy “too many” pro-life books BTW…

  215. Dan

    Definition of Trolling (from Wikipedia)

    “In Internet slang, a troll (/?tro?l/, /?tr?l/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

  216. Roger

    AMAZON…used to love the company, but now…hmmmmm. I just received notice two days ago that I am banned for life…sounds horrible, doesn’t it!?! The reason – too many returns. Once banned…that’s it. It’s immediate and they refuse to speak to you about it…just form email responses. I admit to return things, but only defective items, or items that were not as advertised. I have also purchases hundreds of items over the past decade…from soup to nuts. There must be a magic number when it comes to returns…you hit it and pow – – that’s all she wrote. Oh well, I managed to live ok prior to shopping on Amazon, I guess I will just have to get use to a life with it…and I do not think that will take much, especially after reading about some of the company’s practices. If anything, this blog and many of the entries have made me feel “not so bad” about things. I am not sure I wish to support any Amazon or Wal-Mart-like companies.

    Ed Reply:

    This is what happened to me except they gave me no reason. I was flagged when I bought $1,500 conservative books the same week as the Sandy Hook Massacre. I bought some books this May and they shut me down as soon as I checked out. I do my own books. How can I make a living when AMAZON controls 70% of the market??

  217. Marvin L. Zinn

    I quit buying from WalMart 11 years ago because of how they treated their employees. I would rather pay double the price to a small family operated organization. The larger the corporation the less I trust.

    Ed Reply:

    Some of us can’t afford to pay double…

    When I worked at WALMART I only worked weekends when I was in college. After 3 years of it they told me I had to drop out of college or work at WALMART because it was unfair to the other employees I only worked weekends. I only had 2 months of college left so I refused to quit. So they fired me. I sent a letter to the home office and now I’m on their no hire list. Nice company…

  218. Ted

    Wow! I’ve never seen so many corporate shills working together. Amazon must be very desperate.

  219. Ken

    Here’s another reason to hate them. Walmart, Sears, eBay and Kmart have stopped selling confederate flags and clothing, but Bezos? Nope. Traitor flags can still be purchased at


    Ed Reply:

    AMAZON did ban the flag you liar. And why should ANYONE ban a flag that has historical and cultural significance? It has NOTHING to do with that kid shooting up the church….

  220. Ken

    Yes Ed you pathetic fumb troll.

    Amazon caved and banned the flag of traitors – but not until this about an hour after I posted my comment.

    Or are you too stupid to understand how time works?

  221. Ken

    Yes Ed you pathetic dumb troll.

    Amazon caved and banned the flag of traitors – but not until this about an hour after I posted my comment.

    Or are you too stupid to understand how time works?

    Ed Reply:

    Silly, Ken. Don’t you know how a posting works??

    Should we remove all confederate flags from confederate soldier memorials? There’s talk of removing statues of other confederate figures and soldiers. Why should we erase history??

    That flag had NOTHING To do with that church shooting. Never let a good crisis go to waste, ay, Ken??

  222. Ken

    And here’s proof

    My post was at 11:58 Pacific

    Dailykos announced at 1:30 Pacific

    So my post was absolutely true when I wrote it Dead Head Ed.

  223. Ken

    Oh Ed, you pathetic little man. Since your questions have nothing to do with Amazon, I shan’t answer them here (you are clearly trolling).

    But yesterday’s events prove that Amazon will fold pretty quickly if enough people complain on-line. Useful info.

    Ed Reply:

    You’re the one who brought up the confederate flag, Ken. The complaining people are manufactured and uninformed.

  224. Ken

    Oh Ed, you stupid troll.

    I brought up merchandise Amazon was selling. Your question had nothing to do with that.

    Take your ignorant, racist-supporting comments somewhere else.

    Ed Reply:

    Dude, I’m black! Hardly a racist. Your statements about banning a product ties directly into my question. Why ban the flag in the first place??

    Ken Reply:

    I said racist-supportive. If you support the flag of slavery and traitors to the USA you support racists.

    Amazon realized this, which is why they bowed to the marketplace and dropped the merchandise.

    Now go away troll. Your hatred is tiresome.

    Ed Reply:

    That flag was never the flag of racism or slavery. It was the flag of state’s rights. The KKK never carried it either, they carried the American flag (The KKK was the militant arm of the democratic party that lynched republicans of all races.) Slavery was never about race, it was about convenience. There were several black slave owners who owned other black people and there were white slave owners who owned white slaves. Educate yourself. That flag had NOTHING to do with the mass shooting at that church and it’s only a red herring (Never let a good crisis go to waste…) This flag was flying over a memorial for Confederate soldiers. Should we rip out all of those memorials too??

    The only one who’s bigoted, filled with hate, or trolling is YOU!

    Ken Reply:

    In Ed’s hate-filled world, reporting that Amazon was selling traitor flags, then stopped, is somehow racist.

    Stupid troll

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    Since you refer too yourself black you should know where the words changed from negro/caucasian to black/white. I was in SC when there was still segregation. It was a branch of KKK who changed the words. Black means dirty, evil, inferior. White means pure, bright, superior. Black and white was used for those definitions for many years, so all KKK had to do was persuade other people it matched the races. I refuse to call anyone black or white no matter what the reason!

    Ed Reply:

    It’s up to the person what they want to be called whether it be black, white, colored, or negro. Even negro means black. You’re reading meanings into terms that were never there. The KKK had nothing to do with popularizing the term “black” either.

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    I understand the espanol meaning, but you cannot convince me I did not know what I saw and heard when I lived there.

    We are all various shades of brown; why would anyone want to stretch that description to the limits?

    Ed Reply:

    It’s not only spanish by several other cultures. You’re lying about the origins of the term “black” because it predates the KKK by centuries.

  225. Gasa Surabaya

    My associates account was banned too. I promise never buy anything from amazon

  226. Logan Holladay

    I will never buy another video from Amazon ever again

  227. Greg Anderson

    I’ll never buy anything from Amazon or Apple ever again. Some day, those of us that feel the same way will be proven right!

  228. Vicki

    I am so angry with Amazon right now. PLEASE tell me who is equivalent that I can shop with so I NEVER have to use them again….I’m serious, PLEASE help…

  229. Marvin L. Zinn

    I use mostly VitaCost. They do not have such a variety of products, but provide excellent customer service and quick delivery and free shipment if over $49. If they do not have what I want, I can easily search for another supplier. It is a lot better to shop a few places or go to a store than doing business with Amazon.


  230. zenobia

    The fake reviews of commercial products are my beef, not book reviews. Amazon moved beyond being a bookstore over a decade ago.
    People are manipulating reviews to push product sales. Vendors vote down accurate product reviews.

  231. Sally

    Amazon rip ppl off.

  232. want the music I bought

    how about not letting you download music you bought by superimposing an ad to download their app every time you choose to do download music to your computer (the way you’ve done it before)

  233. pressure

    Amazon takes advantage of publishers the way publishers exploit writers so everything ends up going in a full circle. Please check out this excellent piece by Thomas Hauser explaining the exploitation of authors by publishing houses. I’m sure it will open your eyes.

  234. Simon

    Wow, I just googled issues with amazon & ran across this site. I thought I was alone, but I see that this is an all too common issue. But comment #233-Pressure is right. It’s both amazon & the publishers. The publisher will brag about how they represent independents to major retail stores in getting our books, etc to them, but in reality they are in bed together. (Of course, there may be an exception.) Some call it karma & others “you reap what you sow”. Either way, they will get theirs & sooner than you think. Whether it’s rapid decline in business or class action suit, it will happen. We need more people like Taylor Swift to take a stand. I’d rather pay $10 for an item that will enrich all members of the economical system, than pay $5 that will enrich 1%..

  235. Jan

    Amazon tried to up sell me with 24 hour shipping only to shift to a product 50% higher. FTC fraudulent advertising and the stockholders are going to be liable for millions of dollars in lawsuits. Good luck stockholders.

  236. Jan

    And if you want the laugh of your life regarding customer service, just try and call their corporate website at (206) 266-1000 and attempt to get any issues resolved. Stockholders beware.

  237. Adrian

    I shopped with amazon for a long time but now have cancelled my account with them because their customer service has declined a great deal. I’ve been treated rudely and when I needed to return an item (bought new dvd and received a used nonworking dvd), I got an email from their ‘cis’ department which is like their kgb/cia threatening to close my account because I insisted on a replacement. Even their automated phone answer has changed to a much more unfriendly version. I think they now believe that they have achieved the critical mass they were shooting for and now can start treated customers worse because they think there is nowhere as cheap and inclusive for them to go. Newsflash, there are. I’m done with amazon because they’re not nice anymore. They’re mean!

    zenobia Reply:

    Orders keep coming wrong, with small items missing, Larger products arrive broken to impossible teeny tiny bits .How they managed to completely destroy a metal space heater, to the point it was actually unrecognizable as the object in question without running it through some sort of hydraulic press still confounds me. What is going on in Amazon warehouses that results in what I am getting-armed warfare on horseback? Do the products have to come through a wormhole?

  238. Erick Setiawan Amazon | Todays Smiling Experts

    […] Why I Hate Amazon and Will Never Ever Ever Buy From … – 418 Responses to “Why I Hate Amazon and Will Never Ever Ever Buy From Them Again” […]

  239. Evan

    I am done selling on Amazon and I am done buying on Amazon, too, because I don’t want to ever give them another penny. I am always very careful and meticulous when I describe the books I sell. A buyer said he or she received the wrong book… it was the wrong edition of the book. I know 100% that this was not possible as I sell in such a low volume (and I only had the one copy of this textbook). I replied and told the buyer I was certain I sent them what was described, but I said I’d be happy to help and have it back. Days passed without response and they filed A-to-Z claim. I responded that it was correct and I described a very clear case to the buyer and to the Amazon team. They refunded the money anyhow and didn’t even make any requirements or even suggestions for the buyer to return my book. I did some searches and found a BBB complaint against the buyer for a similar scam and I found records of account suspensions for the buyer. Even calls and explanations until I was blue in the face did not help. Anyhow, if you get this buyer, do NOT send the item out unless you want to be scammed:

    Lookout Wholesale, LLC
    1712 Church Street, Chattanooga, TN 37421

    I should have been suspicious even based on the name “Lookout.”

    Can I contact law enforcement or any other organizations that might be able to help? Anyone have luck with this?

  240. annoyedslowcookerreturner

    Amazon’s lawsuit over misleading reviews is certainly a step in the right direction. Buying absolute garbage after reading dozens of glowing reviews makes for long term irate customers:

  241. Michelle

    I am so upset with Amazon at this time. I am not a seller but have purchased over 8000.00 of items in the last 6 months for our new business
    My issue is unauthorized charges/ in app purchases by a child. Amazon claims they only have one exception or refund experience per person
    I have 1800.00 of charges that I am unable to obtain back from Amazon
    I have contacted my bank and am hoping this will work…..
    I even contacted the CEO of Amazon and was directed to his assistant who stuck the one exception policy 🙂

  242. Naz

    Amazon is not a philanthropic company. They are conniving and I would never buy anything from them.

    Marvin L. Zinn Reply:

    That was a good simple explanation about the evil operation. Unfortunately the United States is full of stupid ignorant citizens who want things cheap, ignoring quality and honesty to get it.

  243. Tom

    I live in Europe (sometimes UK, sometimes Netherlands). I used to buy a lot of second hand books from Amazon merchants in the USA. At a low price and shipping cost of around 4 pounds sterling per book I usually got a bargain.

    A few months ago I bought 4 photography books on those kinds of terms from an Amazon merchant.

    Today I tried to buy a book from independent merchants on the Amazon USA site and found that everyone is now charging an amount that converts 17.06 pounds sterling (about $24) per book for shipping.

    Who sets these fees? Who in their right mind thinks that anyone would pay so much to ship a book fro the USA to Europe except for the occasional rare book that they simply must have.

    There is no way that I am going to pay that much. Such a ridiculously high fee must have destroyed international trade in used books … at least from the Amazon site.

    Is that deliberate? Is it Amazon’s intention?

  244. Chris ()

    The complaints against Amazon are legion. I just spent two minutes scrolling…and finally reached today’s complaints.
    Here is mine. I’ve ordered many times from Amazon with no problems. Today I noticed a $99 charge on my card after I made one of my normal occasional orders… their response was ‘we’ll reverse your charge’.
    Why was I charged? Silence…

    “Your account will be credited within two to five days.”
    NEVER will I give Amazon my business again. Bezos seems to be a crook who has contempt for his both employees and customers as well…

    Powells from now on.

  245. chrissy


    I had ordered two items and before shipment asked for separate shipping since I paid 5 bucks a piece anyways, the seller sent wrong items, damaged items and spit snot wads in the packaging. I contact amazon, they could have cared less I filed a claim all to have him bully me and verbally abuse me for his mistake and finally after 23 messages of name calling from him, send one back standing up for myself, well hes still selling! amazon could careless about anything but money, without customers there would be no amazon!

  246. Ken

    Ah the old “Everyone else does it argument”

    Refresh my memory.. which of the other companies you mentioned went to the Supreme Court to cheat their own employees out of their wages? Which of those companies has fought to cheat taxpayers out of paying their fair share of taxes? Which of those uses the USPS as their private delivery service for exclusive Sunday delivery?

    None. Only amazon.

  247. Jason Cooke

    I sent in a serious complaint to Amazon by letter (tracked) addressed to “complaints” and didn’t even get a response. I’ve been a loyal customers since 1999 with over 1500 orders placed. I’ve now closed my account.

  248. Champlain College Publishing Initiative Amazon Moves into Their Own Space - CCPI

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  249. Otavio


    I tryed to contact Amazon to have my money back, the seller tried to sell an broken iten and Amazon have done nothing to keep this kind of seller away from us, customers.
    He (MichaelShawJr) sold me an very broken (the robot could not move and do not be on for more than a minute) iRobot (iRobot 530 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, White), but in the description the iten was “Condition: Used – Very Good – The device is in pretty good condition. Has an extended battery installed for longer use”. I will post a video to show how the product really works (it doesn’t work).
    I printed the label and tried to send the product to have a return, but I DISCOVERED THAT I HAVE TO PAY U$ 37,00 FOR A PRODUCT I DO NOT USED, I WAS CHEATED for the seller and in addition for AMAZON.
    Do I have any right in Amazon? I see you do not respect the customers allowing things like that happening.

    Amazon, Never Again!
    The next idiot could be you!

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