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On new perspectives.

I lost my wedding ring this weekend.

Here’s what happened: I went to a wedding on Friday and wore my ring. When I got home, I took it off, but I didn’t put it where I normally (almost) always put it. I knew I had it on when we left the wedding, and I was 99.99% sure I had it on when I entered my home, but from that point forward, I couldn’t remember what I’d done. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought I drank heavily at the wedding, but I knew all I had was water.

On Saturday when I realized my ring wasn’t where it should have been, I didn’t panic. Sometimes I place it someplace else, but I’m never cavalier about it. But some casual looking didn’t turn up the ring, so casual looking turned into frantic looking by both myself and Dave. We had friends who came over that night, and it was all I could think about. I was quiet most of the night as I wracked my brain on where I might have put the ring. I looked numerous times in the same logical places. Places that my ring should have been but wasn’t. I wanted to stay home on Sunday just in case I thought of a new place to look…I’d be right here and I could look in that spot the second I thought of it.

If this ring had been something we bought prior to getting married, I wouldn’t have been quite so upset. But this ring has a diamond from my mother-in-law’s wedding ring, and two diamonds from Dave’s grandmother’s wedding ring. So every day I’m wearing what I always wanted to wear: history. And I’d lost it. How could I lose something so precious? It didn’t matter that the ring was insured because we’d never be able to replace that history.

I sobbed into Dave’s shoulder, realizing I’d lost the one thing I’d rescue from a fire.

History and the people who came before me are extremely valuable to me. The one thing I hoped to get from my grandmother was her wedding ring. Not because it’s particularly valuable (it’s not), not because it’s unique (it’s a rather common style), but because it was my grandmother’s, and she was married over 50 years. What better reminder could I have of wanting to grow old with someone, of the importance of getting through the hard times so you can enjoy the really good times?

I got lucky. We found my ring on the ear of a glass rabbit, which was why we couldn’t see it. But as important as this ring was to me before, it’s even more important now. If I really and truly lost this ring, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. But I will do everything in my power to make sure that that doesn’t happen. For just a minute on Friday night, I forgot how important this ring was to me. I won’t easily forget again.

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36 Responses to “On new perspectives.”

  1. Marg ()

    So glad you found your wedding ring! What a relief.


  2. Melody

    I’m so glad you found your ring, Trish! That was indeed a scare!


  3. Laura @ I'm Booking It ()

    I’m so glad that you found your ring! That’s also great that you’ve taken this opportunity to appreciate what it means to you.


  4. Reese M. ()

    So glad you found your ring! That happened to my husband a few years ago, so I can relate to the frantic searching. Luckily, I can also relate to the immense relief upon finding the ring. 😉


  5. Mary ()

    Whew! So glad you found it.


  6. April (Books&Wine) ()

    Thank goodness you found your ring. HIstory isn’t exactly easy to replace.


  7. Marci ()

    Oh my gosh, thankfully you found it and I so agree with what you were and are now feeling after finding it.

    Certain thing in life you sometimes take for granted, and others you don’t, not for a second. Hold them close to your heart for as long as you can.


  8. Word Lily ()

    That’s such a scary thing! Nothing like being without to bring fresh perspective, though, huh?


  9. Nely ()

    Trish – I would die from the fright myself. I would’ve been sobbing all over the place too! I’m so glad that you found it.


  10. Heather J. ()

    I’m like you – very connected to mementos of my family’s past. I’d have been heartbroken for you if you had truly lost that ring. 🙁 So glad you found it!!!


  11. Amy ()

    You must have been so relieved to have found it. It sounds like a true treasure, and for the very best reasons, and I hope that you don’t have a scare like that again.


  12. Kay

    I understand completely. The diamond in my wedding ring is the one that was in his great-grandmother’s wedding ring. Truly a family heirloom. He had it reset, but it looks exactly like his great-grand’s ring. I treasure it beyond all else. It never leaves my finger or almost never. Glad you found yours. What a scary incident. LOL


  13. Holly

    Scary! I’m so glad you found it.


  14. Terri

    Glad you found it. I do that all the time. The best thing to do is stop looking and relax. I noticed when I was taking my rings off that I didn’t have one on, but I was pretty sure I had worn it that day. I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that when I came through the front door and put all my bags down I heard a slight ping sound. Went downstairs and there it was behind the front door.


  15. zibilee

    Oh, I am so glad that this story had a happy ending! I live in fear of losing my ring as well, and try to never take it off. I am afraid that it will slip down the drain or get stuck in some unseen crevice for the brief time it is off my finger, so I just mostly keep it on. So glad that you found your ring, it sounds like it’s very special to you.


  16. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog ()

    Whew! So glad you found it.

    Also: I’m sending this to my sister, whose wedding ring first belong to our grandmother. No more sitting it by the kitchen sink!


  17. Trisha ()

    I can completely sympathize with that horrifying, heart-hurting panic. I lost a ring that had been my great-grandmother’s a while back. It was missing for three days, and for three days I could do nothing but look for it and think about it. When I finally found it, I felt like I had saved the world or something equally amazing.


  18. Alita

    I’m so glad you found your ring! How wonderful that you have one that has so much history behind it.


  19. bermudaonion (Kathy) ()

    I would have been the same way – I wouldn’t have been able to relax until I found that ring. I’m so glad you found it!


  20. Leslie ()

    Phew, a happy ending. So glad you found it.

    My ring doesn’t even have history and I’d be running around hysterical if I lost it. Hopefully that will never happen.


  21. Michelle

    I’m really glad for you, that the ring was found. You did a great job on the post – your writing is really skilled – must be all that reading you do 🙂

    I’d better go and find my ring(s) now, they are buried under some piles of paper and junk on the dining room table. Nope, I’m not kidding.


  22. Stacybuckeye ()

    I’m so glad that you found your ring! I place so much importance on personal history that I would have reacted the same way as you.


  23. Beth T.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us–so glad it had a happy ending. Like you, I am very attached to things with personal meaning to them, items that have been handed down from either side of our family. My sweetheart has heard so many times about how much this dish or that vase mean to me, and has seen my cry over a broken drinking glass–because it was something my mom chose to bring home after her own mother’s funeral. He often says, both teasingly and gently, that I have more “precious” things than anyone he has ever known. He’s right.


  24. Teddy

    OMG, I’m so glad you found it! I was just about in tears while I read about it.


  25. Karen

    Oh that must have been terrible for you! It seems to be, when you TRY to find something you can’t find it anywhere, but when you’re not thinking about it, you find what you were looking for.

    I’m so glad that you found your ring!


  26. Erica

    I am so happy your found your ring!

    Perspective sure is a strange thing; it often hits you like a ton of bricks. This past winter, we were hit with two huge snow storms within days of each other. The result of the ice and the heavy snow was record breaking outages for our customers (I work for a utility company.)

    Anyway, employees were expected to work round the clock until customers were restored. I worked through the night for 9 consecutive nights only going home for sleep and a quick shower. Exhausted and unbelievably crabby, I hated the snow. Then, on Facebook one day, I noticed a post by a friend of mine. She worked with me, but had been out for the past 8+ months battling stomach cancer. Her post simply said, “Snow for all it’s trouble… it really is beautiful.”

    That was my moment of perspective. Like a ton of bricks… Yes, the snow really was beautiful. The crazy hours were temporary and her condition was far more catastrophic and she wasn’t complaining.

    She has since lost her battle, but her fight and her spirit and that silly post on Facebook, gave me such a valuable dose of perspective and I’ll carry it with me always.


  27. Amy Holtz

    Oh Trish! So great and so tragic! I myself have done the same thing. I did not put it in the usual place and was frantic (with Todd) looking for it. He admonished me for having something that could not be replaced and that would make me so upset. My diamond is from my step-father whom I adored and is gone. I now ALWAYS place my ring in the “usual” spot so such panic and distress can be avoided! And Todd can just feel sad he dosen’t have any such item outside of classic old toys!


  28. Michelle


    I’m so glad you found it. 🙂


  29. Staci

    I understand that need to stay put because you just may remember where it is and if that’s the case you want to get right to the spot. I could feel your heartache and anxiety and am very relieved that the bunny gave up the diamonds!


  30. Aths ()

    I’m so glad you finally found the ring! Family and history are so much more important than the monetary value of something. It would give be a fright if I lost something so valuable!


  31. Robin of My Two Blessings ()

    So glad you found it. I would have been tearing up the house literally. Mine’s also a family heirloom and would be heartbroken if it were lost. Which is why I never take it off.


  32. Beth F ()

    I would have been frantic. So glad it has a happy ending. I too love wearing jewelery that belong to one of my grandmothers.


  33. Sheila DeChantal ()

    Trish so glad you found your ring! My wedding ring has diamonds from my moms set that was given to her from my dad (found after our home burned down in 1980). It has so much meaning to me and I can imagine how sad it would be too lose it.


  34. Veens

    God! I was like, I hope hope hope, she finds that ring, through most of this post. And in the end, i really did jump up with joy!

    Having something precious like that, has been my dream. But unfortunately, I do not have anything like that.

    I hope you never ever lose this piece! Would love to see a pic of it though 🙂
    That is, if you are ok on sharing it 🙂


  35. jennygirl

    Oh thank goodness! Been there and done that, and my ring has no historical legacy. Just the fact that dim witted me would have lost it. So glad crisis was averted and history was restored.
    Bad bunny! It’s all his fault.


  36. Lisa

    My house is chock full of family history and I live in fear of fire or tornado taking all that history from me. But a ring with that much history would be devastating to lose. Glad you found it.


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