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Movies – What’s Scary and What’s Not

As I was working tonight, the water cooler let loose a bubble. Sometimes that happens a few minutes after getting some water. But for some reason, the sound made me jump and my heart stopped and my adrenaline started pumping. Just a second later I realized that no one was trying to break in, but the fact that a fairly regular noise in my house made me jump got me started thinking about scary movies.

I think my first exposure to a scary movie was when I was around 8 years old and my babysitter was flipping channels. She landed on Kingdom of the Spiders, a terrible B movie about tarantulas that overtake a town. Totally not scary! Unless you’re 8 years old. I begged her to change it, but she insisted it wasn’t scary. But she didn’t change the channel before they showed a scene where this guy’s face was eaten off by spiders. Again! Totally hilarious! Unless you’re 8 years old.

Then when I was in fourth grade, we saw Watcher in the Woods, a FREAKING DISNEY MOVIE that had me freaked out until my late teens. There’s a scene where a girl is washing her face, and when she looks up in the mirror, there’s someone else staring back at her! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I don’t see many scary movies, but the ones that scare me the most are the ones that are the most fake. Monsters (i.e. Freddy Krueger, whose name I’m not even sure I’m spelling right but I refuse to google it just in case his image pops up!)? Scare the crap out of me and make me want to leave all the lights on. Real human killers? HAHAHA!! No problem! That’ll never happen to me. But you never know when a monster might get you!

What are the scariest movies for you? Movies about things that could never happen or movies that are more realistic?


17 Responses to “Movies – What’s Scary and What’s Not”

  1. heidenkind ()

    The thing that really freaked me out as a kid was a documentary on Dracula that my parents were watching. I was horrified that Dracula was a real person and refused to go into any dark rooms for YEARS after that (or it felt like years anyway :P).

    And The Watcher In the Woods is pretty freaky.


  2. Jessica

    You are so right. Watcher in the Woods was almost as scary to watch as a kid as Pet Sematary was as an adult! We saw it at a slumber party and the whole room screamed at that scene.

    I’ve watched almost all the classic horror films, including the gory slasher ones, which is stupid because they always make me scream and give me nightmares. Scary scenes in books get to me more, though, like The Shining and A Good and Happy Child.


  3. Ruth @ Bookish Ruth ()

    I think you spelled Krueger correctly but I’m not going to Google it to check for the same reason you didn’t. I’m the same way…I can’t watch Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, or any film like that. If the killer is a monster and/or is wearing a mask, I’m done. My first experience with a scary film came at the video store when Silence of the Lambs came out…there was a standee of Anthony Hopkins in a straight jacket with that mask on his face and I was FREAKED. I refused to watch that film well into adulthood, and when I did I was surprised with how well I did with it. The mask scenes freaks me out well and properly, but the rest of it? Eh. Not scary. Show me Jason and I’m running for the hills.


  4. Jennifer-Girls Gone Reading ()

    Okay The Blair Witch Project threw me for a loop. I believe in ghosts, and at the time of release I was living at home with in my parents wood surrounded house.

    It was beyond creepy, and I was sure that ghosts were coming to attack me with every noise.


  5. nikki ()

    I like scary movies. What I don’t like is extremely suspenseful real-life situation type movies. I was watching this movie called Phone Booth with Colin Farrell a couple years ago and my palms were absolutely sweating. I can’t stand the thought of people terrible absolutely no-win situations. I couldn’t even watch Open Water because the trailer alone made my heart race and my palms sweat. But, I did make my husband watch it and tell me how it ended, because if he didn’t every time I thought of that movie, I’d be imagining these people still stranded in the shark-infested waters.


  6. zibilee ()

    The scariest movies for me are the more realistic ones. I actually had to stop watching horror movies after seeing Hostel, because I just couldn’t take it. There is something about realistic horror movies that makes me suspicious and paranoid about other people, and I just can’t afford to have a lot of that energy floating around in my life. I actually do love Freddy though, and will watch those movies till the cows come home! He is such a cool monster!


  7. Virginia Bonnett

    Movie that has given me the most nightmares ever?

    Fight Club.

    Not kidding. I had dreams that Brad Pitt was trying to kill me. I woke up hysterical. I think the reason that movie scared me so much was that I didn’t see the end coming, so I kept trying to figure out how this crazy was fighting himself and I fell asleep doing so. I still have never watched it again.

    Also, The Ring. Seriously, that creepy girl crawling through the tv about made me crap my pants. One time we were driving around town and there was a girl in her yard in a dress…with long black hair in her face…crawling for the street. I started screaming and my husband thought a car was hitting us. He wasn’t very happy until he saw my face and told me I had gone white as a ghost. Yeah…that girl is a scary, scary murderous freak!


  8. Janssen ()

    I am a giant wimp in general and avoid scary movies like the PLAGUE. Even suspense is hard for me.

    I’d like to wring that babysitter’s neck.


  9. Jessica G

    I watched Gremlins when I was pretty young, and it totally freaked me out. It was a long, long time before I realized its often categorized as comedy. However, I haven’t rewatched it to see if it changes my perspective!


  10. Lenore ()

    Watcher in the Woods is very scary! We should rent it tomorrow night!! See you soon!!


  11. Michelle

    I have to say that I love apocolyptic type movies but for some reason if you call something a scary movie I can’t watch it. There isn’t much difference between them but still can’t do it!


  12. Jenny ()

    I am far scareder of things that could actually happen. I can enjoy a scary movie as long as it’s something that could truly never under any circumstances no matter what ever happen (like ghosts). Serial killers scare the hell out of me. I never watch horror movies because I’m afraid they’ll turn out not to be supernatural.


  13. Frankie

    Zombies are my favorite movies (28 Days later, The Walking Dead). Stiries about real terror, stalking or serial killers are just too disturbing. The Strangers, A ClockWorks Orange, Blue Velvet,The Last House on the Left(I think that’s the title) lingers with me for years.


  14. Kelly ()

    You spelled Freddy Krueger correctly. 🙂 I love scary movies but the ones that freak me out the most are the religious-type ones (Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, The Omen).

    Blair Witch Project still creeps me out, too. That may be because I live in Maryland, though. Dumbest thing ever–some friends and I rented a cabin in the woods (in middle of nowhere, Maryland) and I brought that movie and watched it by myself and had to spend the rest of the day in the incredibly bright living room reading Marian Keyes.

    I haven’t seen Watcher in the Woods, but just reading about that scene made me gasp out loud. And I’m at work. (So thanks for that.)


  15. Karen Blake

    The Exorcist is a big NO NO NO watch it at mid-day, with the blinds open and the lights on. And then get used to the fact that you may never, ever sleep again.


  16. Jennygirl

    Well I believe pretty much anything is possible so any type of movie would make me scared. Hellraiser from back in the day really scared me. Still does. There was also an episode of the X-files that really creeped me out. The one with the inbred family it was called Home. Freaking creepy!


  17. Dreamybee

    Real-life-type movies freak me out more. I absoultely won’t watch The Strangers-the one where the family is being terrorized in their house and when they ask, “Why are you doing this to us?” the answer is “Because you were home,” or something like that. Aaaaack! My husband travels a lot, so I’m home alone a lot-I don’t need to worry about crazy people with no motive other than the sheer pleasure of terror. At least monsters can be scared out of a dark hallway by turning on the light!


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