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I’m thankful that the women’s bathroom at my work has a good ventilation system. I was in there 30 minutes ago and had to hold my breath, and I just went in again (thank you, pregnancy bladder) and all was clear.

Why can’t all bathrooms have a good ventilation system? I’ve worked at places where if someone stunk up the bathroom, the smell would linger for hours.

Also, this post should alert you to one of the YAYs I have for having a boy: potty humor. Sorry, Dad. I still think potty humor is funny. 😉


4 Responses to “Ventillation”

  1. Michelle

    How does one even comment on this?




  2. Sandy

    You crack me up! Back when I worked, there was one particular woman who would render our bathroom unusable for at least two hours, even with ventilation. It was a mad scramble each morning to use the bathroom before she did. People who had cubicles right outside the bathroom would burn candles.


  3. zibilee ()

    I have also worked in an office that had a bathroom like this. It made me so paranoid to go in there and do anything, for fear that I would stink it up like some others, that I used to use the bathroom on another floor. I have always wondered why some places let this type of situation go on!


  4. Bookfool, aka Nancy ()

    Hahaha. I think it’s hilarious that I was stumped as to what to say and Michelle had already expressed the feeling. So . . . I’m just stopping by to say “hello”. Haven’t blog-hopped in quite a while. Nice baby belly pic (yes, I’m just reading everything at once) and I am dying to read Unbroken. I fear I may end up purchasing that one, myself.


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