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Pregnancy Picture 19 weeks

So that’s me at 19 weeks.

Today I’m at 20.5 weeks, so I’m over half way there now. Yay!

One of the things I was most looking forward to was my boobs getting bigger. I’ve always been a B, and now I’m almost a D, so when I went bra shopping recently I was like, HELL YES! I’ll take the LARGE. I’LL EVEN TAKE THREE OF THEM. Except that no one told me that bras do not get cuter as they get bigger. So not only will I be in granny panties soon (haha! as if I don’t already own my share of THOSE), but my bras have to look like they were formed on a football helmet. How, in getting bigger boobs, did I seem to get the raw end of this deal?

Oh, and the other thing that sucks? I’ve pinpointed that I get headaches when I eat too much sugar now. Obviously this baby needs a stern talking to when he’s born. Because sugar? That’s what I like to call DINNER.


32 Responses to “Pregnancy Picture 19 weeks”

  1. Cor

    unfortunately, the trade-off to having larger boobs is that they don’t make cute stuff to support said larger boobs. At least, not until one gets into the 46DD range, and then it’s really cute again! (Lane Bryant definitely gets that the Larger Set needs cuteness. Unfortunately for those of us in between the smaller womens’ clothes and Lane Bryant, we’re stuck with boring underwear.. sadness!)


  2. Robin

    I think that’s one of the benefits I enjoyed when pregnant, the bigger boobs. The one thing I couldn’t stand the smell of when I was pregnant – coffee. Ugg! You look great!


  3. JHS ()

    You’re a very cute pg. lady and you look very happy in that photo. Ah, I remember those days. So full of promise; so many trips to the bathroom. πŸ™‚ Guess you don’t want to know that you get bigger boobs, but they’re not permanent. After you have quit nursing (if you do), they go back to their original size. My best friend is flat as a board, but had ginormous boobs when pg. and nursing. Alas, her youngest is 21 and lo these many years, she has been back to her reg. self. But her husband thought it was fun both times . . . while it lasted. πŸ™‚


  4. Bookfool, aka Nancy ()

    You look so cute!! It’s true that cute bras are hard to find in larger sizes, but if you dig like crazy you *might* get lucky and find a couple at Target. That’s where I’ve found my favorites, lately. I have huge melons. Need to lose weight so I can shrink mine.


  5. Vasilly ()

    Trish, you are so cute! And you’re tiny! Wait until after you have the baby, your breasts are going to get even bigger! Go triple Gs! πŸ˜€ LOL!

    Nancy’s right. Target is a great place for finding cute bras. They have bras from a company called Vassarette that have the cutest lace bras.


  6. Rebecca ()

    You look so cute! I didn’t even realize you were preggers I don’t think. God, I have been sooo off the charts lately. Do forgive me and congrats, sweetie!

    As a woman with a size F (yes, you read that right, F) chest, I am here to testify that bras definitely do not stay at the same level of cuteness, nor do shirts that safely house these fabulous knockers. But, I will tell you that luckily there are a few stores that have recognized this huge need in the clothing industry and have given us cuter things to wear. Even cuter lingerie! Gasp! Wonders never cease, I tell you. If you need recs, I’m your girl.


  7. Jeane

    My hubby is so thrilled that being pregnant made my boobs bigger. Because usually, they’re pretty small. I think it’s his favorite thing about me being preggers, ha ha!


  8. Michelle @ The True Book Addict ()

    Lookin’ good, girl! As far as the big boobs go, you can have them. I’ve had big ones all my life and I’d gladly trade them in for a smaller size if I could…LOL!


  9. Monica ()

    I second these bra comments. I want pretty bras that DO NOT cut into me. I need supportive bras *and* want pretty things. Is that too much to ask? DD if you have it too.


  10. Elizabeth

    Sweetheart, you are looking gorgeous. Re bras, try ‘Bravissimo’ – and ‘Figleaves’ – Both excellent companies to deal with and you may just find what you’re looking for.x


  11. Heather ()

    Yep! You’re just as cute as I knew you would be! Watch for the belly rubbers, you’re almost at the point where everyone and their mother will want to pat the belly!

    And enjoy the boobs while you can. I went from a B to a C. Twice. Now I’m barely a B again! LOL πŸ˜‰


  12. Sandy

    I already had big boobs pre-pregnancy, so it really got ugly with me. Just a word up…after you have the baby and the milk comes in, they get HUGE. You look good! This is the best time right now…you aren’t hurting yet, you aren’t as sick, and you get your energy back.


  13. Michelle

    You are too funny! There’s always Victoria’s Secret or perhaps Frederick’s of Hollywood….they have to have cute bras for the well endowed. Looking good with the baby bump!


  14. Elisabeth

    You look great!! Isn’t the grass always greener. It might be nice to have big boobs for awhile, but I think you might be happier being on the smaller side. I of course am on the bigger end. My issue is that after that baby and nursing the big SAG comes in. It really stinks. Say goodbye to perky. Not to be a debbie downer, I loved being preggers.


  15. Darlene

    Awwww Trish, you look great – you’re still so tiny. No, bras do not get more attractive as our boobs get bigger. It doesn’t seem fair.


  16. Beth Hoffman

    You look adorable!


  17. Bree ()

    You look fantastic πŸ™‚


  18. zibilee ()

    Love the baby belly! And if you are looking for some really pretty bras in a bigger size, try Layne Bryant. They have some really pretty designs and cuts and they are all made for women with larger than average ta-tas.


  19. Carina ()

    Yeah … bras definitely don’t stay pretty as they get larger. In fact, I never once had a pretty bra until after I had surgery to fit into smaller ones. πŸ˜‰


  20. Steph

    As a non-pregnant lady I have DD boobs, so I can only imagine the horror that would occur if I were to ever gestate. I have long since resigned myself to looking cute in shirts, but not under them… Sigh.


  21. Jen Forbus ()

    You are so cute. You always make me laugh. I’m glad this is such a great pregnancy for you…not counting the sugar part. πŸ™‚


  22. nikki ()

    You’re one cute pregnant lady! The boobs will get even bigger after you have the baby, and will stay that way till you wean. Also, rather than go with granny panties, go with underwear made for low rise pants (called Hipsters by some companies). They’re actually more comfortable.

    My condolences about the sugar…..


  23. Pam ()

    Awww you looks adorable!


  24. Regina

    I didn’t read your comments but in case nobody told you, don’t buy too many bras. Chances are they’ll get bigger especially right after birth and yeah big bras are ugly unless you love black, white and beige. Not to mention the back pain they add. Fun stuff.

    So excited you are over half way there! Woo hoo! Love the tummy pic.


  25. amy

    Wow, really great photo and what a cute baby bump! And also so great to hear all you larger women bemoan the big-boobs!(to some degree). Being an A cup all life long is no joy on the shopping front either though… is difficult to avoid the larg fake cups those creators seem to think a smaller size person would only HAVE to crave!


  26. Beth F ()

    YOu are positively glowing!!!! And yes, big boobs = ugly bras that offer good support.


  27. Sheila DeChantal ()

    AHHHH! How cute are you!!!! Your ugly bra conversation in this post cracks me up…..


  28. Lisa

    I loved being just this pregnant–all of that first trimester stuff is past, you don’t feel like you’re just getting fat and you’re not uncomfortable yet! BTW–for beautiful big boob bras, try Lane Bryant.


  29. Constance ()

    Congratulations on the forthcoming new arrival! I had somehow missed that exciting news. I have none of my own but love being an adoring (albeit occasionally critical) aunt of 7 1/2.


  30. Stacybuckeye ()

    The bras for D’s are terrible. I even hate them so I always feel bad for Jason πŸ˜‰


  31. Sally Rose

    Since having my daughter I am now a 36J and a size 16 and I have struggled to find clothes and bra’s to fit me.. It’s not as if my size is that un-common. Recently I have started shopping online as there are far more options available. Beau Dame lingerie is a good site, they always have my size they do underwear and womens bikini swimwear for larger sizes, I think they do up to a K cup.


  32. Sally Rose

    Since having my daughter I am now a 36J and a size 16 and I have struggled to find clothes and bra’s to fit me.. It’s not as if my size is that un-common. Recently I have started shopping online as there are far more options available. Beau Dame lingerie is a good site, they always have my size they do underwear and womens bikini swimwear for larger sizes, I think they do up to a K cup.


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