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Festivus – I’ve got grievances to air.

I’m not the best at keeping up traditions, but one thing I’ve done for the past two years is celebrate Festivus, which starts off with the Airing of Grievances. Anyone with a blog knows that blog traffic is slow during the holidays (because people are hanging with family, whether they like it or not), so YOU CAN SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT. No one’s going to be reading this anyway. πŸ˜‰

I’ll start!

  • My local news stand closed this past year, leaving me having to hunt for cool pinup girl calendars online, and one less place to find unique cards and just about any magazine I could want. Stupid economy.
  • Pregnancy headaches. GAH! I had a lovely 80 minute pedicure (eighty minute) (EIGHTY MINUTE) a few weeks ago, only to stand up and realize I now had a raging headache. And the tylenol-type stuff I’m allowed to take? My headaches don’t even bat an eye. The headache’s all, Bitch, I’m stronger than that! And then it cackles. Or guffaws. I’m not sure.
  • People who pull out right in front of me (or anyone else, really) while driving. I don’t think people always realize how fast I’m going and how long it takes them to get up to speed. What’s most frustrating is that plenty of people have died because they pulled out in front of someone thinking they had enough room/time.
  • People who say orientate. Check out the comments on this post, but this comment is the best one ever. Frustratated! Ha!
  • The dad at the house warming party I was recently at who was all, Yeah, my 17 year old daughter told me not to come home Friday night so she and a few of her friends could try pot, so I stayed at our other house that night.
  • The girl at my work who plays Facebook games during her “break”.
  • The same girl at my work who can’t seem to make any of our one-on-one meetings on time, if at all.

Now it’s your turn. Go!

(Oh, but before you go, I want to tell you all how much I love you. It meant the world to me to have so much comment love when I announced my pregnancy. I know posting here has been sparse, and book reviews have been even sparser, and my commenting on other blogs has been non-existent, but that’ll all change when I’m back down to one job. I know I’ll then have a baby, but really, how much time can he take? πŸ˜‰ So for all of the grievances I’ve aired today, this blog is my safe haven, and you all are my warm fuzzies.)


38 Responses to “Festivus – I’ve got grievances to air.”

  1. Vania ()

    ROFL! You crack me up!

    Sorry about the headaches. I’ve been getting quite a few myself but at least I can take the strong stuff. Hope they don’t torment you for much longer!


  2. Ann Marie

    People that complain…JK!!! #1 ~ People that don’t keep their word.


  3. Teddy

    “The same girl at my work who can’t seem to make any of our one-on-one meetings on time, if at all.”

    That’s because she is playing Facebook games on her supposed “break.” LOL!

    One of mine is the Facebook Games my friends keep inviting me too. Sorry, no offense but I didn’t join Facebook to play games. I want to connect with my book blogger community and discuss books. If I wanted to play games, I would blog about them. My blog would be a book blog, not a games blog. There are the same people who keep inviting me. If I don’t accept the first time I’m not interested.


  4. Teddy

    Actually, one thing good about the holiday and less blogging is that I am finally close to catching up with my Google Reader subscriptions.


  5. heidenkind ()

    The grammar mistake that drives me CRAZY is when people confuse then and than. I don’t know why but it makes me hyperventilate.


  6. Bibliophile By the Sea

    I loved this post Trish….soon your headaches will be over and you might not have any more until that precious -baby to be becomes a teenager:)


  7. Veens

    Sorry to hear about your headaches. I remember having one of these when I was pregnant and it drove my completely crazy.
    Apart from that lol!


  8. Jenny ()

    omg about that dad!!


  9. Trish ()

    OR because no one’s posting, this is the only thing for me to read. πŸ˜› Kidding.

    No headaches for me but the heartburn? I feel like I’m breathing fire. You know what they say–hairy baby! But regardless, the 80 minute pedi sounds heavenly.

    My grievance? The other day I popped over to the grocery all excited because I’m finally looking pregnant enough (just posted picture if you’re interested) to park in the “For Expectant Mother’s” spot. Nope, all taken. So I parked my car and walked but the people in one of those sacred spots were unloading their cart. And holding…a FAKE PLASTIC BABY. I’m sure my jaw dropped to the pavement. Fake baby takes my spot. I’m sure they were high school kids doing one of those projects, but still.

    Enjoy your time off Trish. 11 days sounds heavenly. Because Easter is so late this year I won’t have another holiday until baby comes.


  10. Beth F ()

    Happy happy holidays. Bummer on the headaches, hoping they ease up. Enjoy these last few months of pregnancy . . .


  11. Sandy

    Spam. I hate spam. I turned off my word verification to make things easier for readers, and holy crap, the spam found me in 2.3 seconds. I’d also like to complain about teenagers. I am a calm person, and I understand the angst cause I was there once, but please. I almost ran away the other night. Instead I drank wine.


  12. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog ()

    SO with you on “orientate.” IT’S NOT A WORD, PEOPLE.

    Also: the use of an apostrophe when it is not necessary. Apostrophes show possession. Just add an “s” when you want to show that something is plural. If you have more than one apple, you don’t have “apple’s.”

    Also: bloggers who misspell authors’ names/book titles/other pertinent information that is readily available (in the correct spelling) all over the internet. They make us all look dumb, and that ain’t cool.

    Also: people who complain about their TBR lists. I get it, we all have long lists and humongous piles of books to read. But YOU get to choose what you read, and you don’t HAVE to read anything you don’t want to, so just shut up about it already and read something good.

    Also: my in-laws’ refusal to travel at the holidays (meaning: their insistence that everyone come to them even though it would save a TON of money for them to come to us). They’ll never read this, so I can thank them now for the annual fight my husband and I have about how ridiculous this is. Maybe we should send them the bill next year.

    Thanks for the venting time!


  13. Amy ()

    I love the idea of airing the grievances! I didn’t know about this day, but kind of did something similar in a guest post today. Heh. All your grievances would be quite annoying you are right – I hope they are better next year. Happy venting!


  14. JHS ()

    OK, here are a few of the things that really irk me:

    1. People who say “somewheres” or “anywheres” or “warsher” (instead of “washer”).

    2. A certain relative who, despite being told by me at least 100 times over the course of the past 25 years, insists on addressing mail to me as “Mrs. . . . ” I am NOT “Mrs. Somebody Else.” Never have been. Never will be. I am me. I am MS. I have NEVER allowed anyone to call me “Mrs.” And she persists . . . last time I told her that I would return mail unopened if she didn’t address it correctly. But I didn’t, because I’m a wuss. (And it had a gift certificate in it.) But still . . . people need to be mindful of other people’s names.

    3. My husband. He irks me in more ways than I can list, and no matter how many times I have tried to talk to him about things, it does no good. He never learns, never changes. That’s why he lives in a different house!! But it’s Christmas, and he was kind enough to come over & help put the big, heavy tree up, etc., but it got to be too much togetherness. I was SO RELIEVED when he left. I need to be away from him and all the things about him that make me wonder what I was thinking when I agreed to get married all those years ago . . . because, believe me, that’s something I will NEVER do again.

    4. Laziness. I could write a book about the lack of ambition I see in people. I just want to slap them.

    Allrighty then . . . I feel better. Thanks for the forum!

    Will be sending good vibrations for the headaches to go away & stay gone!



  15. cbjames

    People who confuse your and you’re.

    People who use alot instead of a lot. Technically, they have misspelled “a.” Come on. Learn how to spell “a.”


  16. zibilee ()

    Oh, I hate it when people do that pulling out in front of you bit as well! This year my ire is directed at people who use other people and take advantage of other people. This is happening all over my real life, and I am so sick and tired of it. If it continues after the new year, I am going to be saying something!!


  17. Elisabeth

    You are too funny!!! Of course you will have time to read after the baby is born, but you will be tired and surprised at how much time one little person can take up. Enoy your last kidless holiday!!(I know kidless is not a word, but it is my word)


  18. Christi Aldellizzi

    Pregnancy headaches are the WORST. I never in my life took regular-strength anything, so taking plain ole regular strength Tylenol for a headache during my pregnancy was similar to chomping on som M&Ms. LOL Hopefully they’ll go away soon, though!

    I don’t really have any grievances yet. But I don’t start work until 1pm LOL Perhaps I’ll come back then.


  19. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon ()

    People who talk and/or use their phone in the library really bugs me. Also people who pop their gum loudly is another annoyance. The fact that I can’t find the new C.J. Lyons book Critical Condition in any Barnes & Noble or Borders in NYC is another annoyance.


  20. Melissa ()

    haha! I’m reading this! And judging by the comments so are many others. I hope your pregnancy headaches slow down. NOT COOL. I think I would like to shout out a list of grievances as well. Basically all of it would have to do with biking through NYC, which is a pain in the a**. Happy FestivusTrish!


  21. Staci

    When my boss is talking to me and still looking/using his iPhone..makes me want to jam it in his brain! πŸ˜€


  22. Virginia Bonnett

    Christmas letters. I hate Christmas letters.

    Christmas letters about dogs. I hate Christmas letters about dogs.

    That damn new Yogi Bear movie and how much my 8 year old wants to see it and how my mom calls me ONCE A WEEK to tell me that I should take my 8 year old to see it because it’ll be so “cute”. It won’t be cute when I vomit from boredom on the people in front of me, now will it?


  23. Debbie's World of Books ()

    For the pregnancy headaches sometimes a tylenol with a diet coke helped. My doc said the occasional caffeinated drink was ok.


  24. Melissa

    Teenagers driving while on their cell phone. Grr. I hope your headaches get better. Merry Christmas!


  25. Kathleen

    Your list of grievances just had me laughing out loud in my cubicle. Now I feel a bit like the girl who is playing Facebook games on her “break”!


  26. Jeane

    I hate the gum popping thing to. My husband does it really loud while we’re watching films and it always makes me jump! It drives me crazy.


  27. Mumsy

    That. Dad. Sucks.

    Parents who can’t act like grownups, and parents who are incapable of acting in their children’s best interest, make my brain hurt. Maybe that’s where your headache came from?


  28. jennygirl

    Conversate is also not a word.

    People who pull out and do 2 miles an hour are the same people who whip the corner in front of you only to stop at the second house or go 2 miles an hour. Thought you were in a hurry mister???

    I have a coworker who is always on Facebook or organinzing and planning parties, but is too busy to work. Unfortunately she is a sacred cow at work and will never get in trouble.

    Speaking of which, my boss likes to use big words that don’t always fit the conversation, or the meaning is wrong, or he mispronounces them. When was the last time you heard someone use bailiwick? No really?

    Loved the grievances and feel free to air whatever you need to in the coming months. You’re preggers baby, so you are entitled. And post whenever. We know what’s up πŸ™‚


  29. Michelle

    UGH, I have words for the father leaving the daughter to smoke pot but will keep my comments to myself. πŸ™‚

    Hope 2011 is even better for you and your growing family than 2010!


  30. Lisa

    I’m with you on the misuse of the English language. Also about other people pulling out in front of me. But my biggest pet peeve on the road is people that drive in lanes they know are going to end and seem to think that they have the right to get in front of me just before their lane ends–even if it means I have to slam on my brakes. Also my husband’s insistence that he can’t get rid of anything!


  31. Jenny ()

    Isn’t “orientate” a British usage? I know I heard it A LOT when I was living in England, and I think that it may be a standard acceptable form there.


  32. Sheila DeChantal ()

    I like this tradition… I could get into this πŸ™‚


  33. Alyce ()

    First, let me say that I hope your headaches go away soon (and don’t return).

    Now for my list:

    Someone in my extended family always says “flusterated” instead of “frustrated.” It drives me crazy because she’s done it for years and I think she just thinks it’s a cute way to combine two words/ideas. I don’t think it’s cute!

    Oh, and the people at my kids’ grade school who park in the driveway of the school parking lot, reducing it to one lane of traffic. There’s a no parking sign that no one seems to think applies to them unless the policeman happens to be there that day – then miraculously everyone can read again.

    Certain relatives who believe every forward that arrives in their email as the “gospel truth” and feel the necessity to pass the messages on to me. Other relatives who are certain that the world is going to end in X amount of years. Different relatives have different dates, but they are so very certain of it that sometimes I wonder if I’m actually related to them.


  34. Kaye

    Hi, just popping in to wish you and your family a Happy New Year. May 2011 be filled with good books, good friends, good health and much happiness.

    One thing that annoyed me recently is having the person behind me in the grocery line start talking to the cashier. Hey, buddy, I’m trying to get out of here. Wait your turn to distract her with your yapping!


  35. Emily

    Ok, you want grievances? How much time you got?!
    #1 14 yr olds who get knocked up by their stoner boyfriends because they don’t have the dexterity to use a condom while there are thousands of wonderful of infertile couples who would kill to have a kid of their own.
    #2 Starbucks won’t make me my gingerbread latte any other time than Christmas.
    #3 You wait in the parking lot with your blinker on for a space when a person comes in the other direction and zips into the space as the person pulls out ahead of you.
    #4 Incompetance. I can accept laziness. But sheer stupidity and laziness put together are more than I can handle.
    #5 Citrus flavored dayquil. I have never had any piece of citrus that tasted as disgusting as that. Who the heck do they think they are fooling?!
    #6 I haven’t seen my childhood friend, T.L.B.C., in 10 years. And now she is having a baby boy, and I may never see him either. πŸ™


  36. Stacybuckeye ()

    Festivus is a great holiday! The pregnancy headaches do suck, but they’ll probably get better. And once the little guy is born you will have all kinds of time to read and blog. Not really, but it is something I am making time for because it provides a little sanity for me πŸ™‚


  37. Suzanne (Chick with Books) ()

    LOVE the post! Love Festivus too! Sorry about the headaches!

    My grievances? Hmmm, how about those spam emails that promise you $100,000 in Nigerian Nairas, only to find out that it’s only $600 American dollar?


  38. Tif ()

    I absolutely love reading your blog and though I probably do not comment near enough as I should, I still want you to know that! I love your honesty and humor!! Cracks me up!!

    On to my grievance . . . people who decide to steal my money! Seriously, get a job and spend your own! I don’t work my rear off so you can shop on my buck! (Can you tell I’m dealing with this recently?!?)


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